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A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Your favorite character is the crying dictator who keeps up a human zoo and wanted to shatter ruby?.... please elaborate

i dont like your attitude. but u gave me an option to talk about my fav, so don’t say u didn’t ask for it.

i’m not gonna defend anything she did, cause i think bd suffers a great deal of ignorance. and i dont mean it as ‘she doesnt know what she’s doing’ kind of ignorance. it’s more of a ‘doesn’t really care’ kind of ignorance. here’s what bd cares about (deeply): Pink diamond and her legacy, yellow diamond and herself. she’s still a villain.

what makes her interesting as a villain is why i like her:

1. her emotions are genuine- she doesnt fake being emotional as a part of conning the hero or anything, which is what you usually see with villains in children’s media- especially when showing ‘sympathetic’ emotions such as sadness and mercy.

2. that still doesnt make her a very noble person. some parts of tumblr, the part that sees black and white, might choose to ignore it, but at no point BD does anything that shows she actually cares for anyone other than Pink diamond (and yellow diamond). 

3. she’s not the type of character that usually is given the title villain. and yet she is. and it’s interesting to me.

4. the sharp contrast between her actual personality and the face she’s putting in front of her subjects is amusing to me. 

5. she made me go back full force into the show, and the fandom, after slowly losing interest in it since the ‘In Too Deep’ event.

6. aesthetically speaking- her design, her voice, and everything surrounding her scenes are pleasing to me.

7. she inspires me to make fanart and is the reason im back to uploading art almost consistently now. 

8. i love the dynamic she and YD share.

9. This face: 

10. even if i didnt have all these reasons, im allowed to like whatever character i want.

never can fill the void - listen

it’s time - imagine dragons | highway unicorn (road to love) - lady gaga | no promises - san fermin | ghost town - adam lambert | gypsy - lady gaga | I was me - imagine dragons | emily - san fermin | carry you - kaye | green light - lorde | no devil - san fermin | water under the bridge - adele | something just like this - the chainsmokers & coldplay | come on - a great big world | I lived - onerepublic | midnight city - m83

an alternate playlist for love is a polaroid - read

sorry i literally had to upload this with a bunch of empty space around it cause tumblr wanted to resize it rly big and low quality. s i g h

but so uh,, i guess this could be classed as a doodle that went further than expected? lmao its still not like super detailed tho, i didnt bother with a dynamic pose and heck where even are his shoes but. i like it??

☆ deviantART is sh4dzi (i dont link anymore bc of another thing tumblr does)
☆ 18/05/2017

Christmas Surprise (Sam Drake x Reader) SFW

Originally posted by iwasborntobereal

A/N-I was wanting this to be uploaded yesterday but I was away all day at a Christmas dinner/party and didnt get back till 1am…but here you go!

Description: Sam is away on another job, you don’t know how long for, so you spend some of the christmas period with the rest of your new family. You get a call from Sam and he says he will still be away over Christmas, maybe even the new year, but little did you know that he has a surprise for you on Christmas day!

Stepping out of the car, you open the trunk and grab a bunch of bags; Christmas presents for Nate, Elena and Cassie, mainly Cassie.

You have traveled to Nate and Elena’s for Christmas, alone. Sam is away on a job, which he has needed up being away longer than expected, but you are expecting to have a Skype call with him later tonight, which you are excited for; having not heard his voice in nearly a month.

You reach the front door and knock.

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this one has bg music fyi. the camera stopped recording before i finished, so this is what got saved :/ just like the previous video, i only used 2 pens and water

(dont let me fool you drawing without a sketch it’s hard)

(i give up with tumblr)

more videos like these here !  

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I missed the live stream of them opening all their mail today and that kinda fucked me over all day long to the point where i didnt want to watch the uploaded stream (im gunna watch it tommorrow any way)

I only caught some of it. I didn’t even know they uploaded it. It was cute watching them get presents though i recommend

dO iT

Korean EXO-L Actually Win Against Chanyeol&Sehun

With the caption

External image

However time passed by and no one came to find them. Chanyeol thought people didnt come because he and Sehun already gone, so he uploaded another picture.

External image

No, I’m still at Han River tho?????

Even after sometime, Chanyeol didnt meet anyone. Noone came to find them. So he proudly uploaded a video with the caption “You’ve failed” because no fans can find their picnic spot.

External image

Sehun joins Chanyeol celebrating their victory

External image

Actually, the truth is………

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aesthetic: hakyeon surrounded by flowers as beautiful as he is (i didnt know he made candles as a hobby, thats so cool!)

he really is something, isn’t he… :) #happynday

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You're really pretty wow. Also are you aware you could cosplay River Song perfectly? (If you watch doctor who at least)

Anon is lost and very confused

HHH well okay you’re super sweet ^^ (99% of my selfies are trash I avoid uploading those it’s all a mind game really…)

I do not watch Doctor Who, but after some internet sleuthing I believe I’ve thrown together a most accurate cosplay

I don’t know what kind of aliens you’d slay with a banana but I’m gonna assume she knows what she’s doing and go along with it.

It’s potassium time you extra terrestrial bastards

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i just started shipping tao and sehun not too long ago, so i want to ask, what are your favorite moments??? moments that i should definitely see? :)

anon do you realize what you did just now…… do you really want me to do this, are you really ready for this… well you asked for it so

  • okay so where do i even start, what angers me lately is when ppl think taohun is a new trend and they are a new ship but you have to know that this is definitely not true, they have been around from the beginning

the first two selcas are like first i touch bae’s dick then i touch mine, and the third one„„„ i don’t even have words tbh what were they even thinking 

sehun definitely had a crush on tao that time i mean just look at his face„„„ ;;

  • okay ill try to make this as short as possible, i’m trying really hard not to upload my whole taohun folder because seriously everything they do is cute and screams “we are dating” so, yea
  • idol sport championship 2013, or whatever you call that thing„„„„„ THE ULTIMATE TAOHUN DAY TBH, may i recommend you a video, that isnt even the complete collection because they forgot someof the cutest moments, like the one in this fancam, or this or the cuddling but literally they were all over each other that day.

i thought maybe you wanted some gifs and photos so here you are and you are welcome

 <- tao’s jacket

can you tell that sehun is a bit obsessed with tao i’m not sure anymore if it’s healthy or not

look at their legs all tangled i’m about to die here

 i am sad sehun is so cute :—((


then he did it again and im rly about to cry right now

i’m, goodbye :—))

did you just put your hand-

calm down boyS

sehun seem sto be enjoying this quite a lot

are you really sad by now cause i sure am

okay literally just go through this tag and you will die

okay let’s move on (HOW CA N I MOVE ON THEY ARE SO CUTE)

  • there was another idol sport championship fyi, but there werent that many moments, but don’t forget these:

when they were fighting like 2 completely normal straight boys

and sehun did the let-me-bury-my-shy-face-in-your-shoulder-thing again and man, hold me because i’m about to pass out

  • okay so have you seen exo showtime? more like taohun time

stop it that’s gay

tao’s hand

my cute little peaches look at them

yes sehun is very pretty we noticed too but can you pls concentrate

lol fuck teams?


god damn it you had one job tao and that was to stay in your fucking room

we get it bro just calm down


there are more just watch showtime

  • sehun went to quingdao, tao’s hometown. and don’t forget when chen and xiumin said they wanted to go, tao said they can’t. but he brought sehun there because “sehun wanted to come” ah okay tao your logic is lacking and you are gay
  • oh and tao said he’d wanna bring his girlfriend to the sea in quingdao and you have 3 guesses where they first went with sehun

 (just look at his face umm)

you guessed right

tao even introduced sehun to his family (tao’s dad in the pic)

and chose wedding rings for tao and sehun

do they look like a couple to you because to me they do

  • oh and remember when they were walking at the airport while holding hands more like fuck my life:-)

  • they keep hanging out together all the fucking time like can they make it even more obvious that they are dating

and believe me there are many more, (and even more to come) but i didnt save everything, and sometimes there are fanaccs saying that they went out together but there are no photos, and i’m 100% sure there are days when fans just don’t notice them

  • okya so my taohun folder is really messy so i’ll just upload some more gifs and photos that you definitely hav to see 

have i mentioned that sehun is obsessed with tao, i probably have

sehu looks like he wanted to kiss tao here bu t that could be my delusional self talking

sorry what did you just say i couldnt hear you over the sound of my brain exploding

  • i’ll stop now cause i’m about to set my hair on fire
  • credit to the owners
  • hope you enjoyed this because i enjoyed making it

  • good fucking bye

got this signed for madithefreckled !! aka “freckles” uvu

rebecca doodled a connie!! ian doodled a lion!! everyone was so nice and seemed to actually want to talk like i was surprised they didnt seem rushed or bored of talking to fans

i went in with inbetweenthelineart in her pearl cosplay and she buttered them ALL up and rebecca wanted a pic with her, people took so many photos of her, even deedee got her brother to take pics of sarah omg even crewniverse ppl were asking for pictures of sarah

i cry

michaela went for a hand shake slap and estelle high fived me

/still high on steven universe this video is gonna take forever to upload sorry