i didnt even try with this

i was kinda bored and also frustrated with my art development so i made a compilation of some tobios ive drawn since i got into haikyuu to see if i improved and well 

i kinda feel like i did but maybe my style isnt rly what i wanted….ill call 2017 a more experimental year since im trying to play with my style

btw…getting obssesed with something does rly help you improve at least a little

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personal opinion that you don't have to agree with but i really don't think you owe these people who clearly got banned for a reason all this effort to get them their accounts back when they did something they know and always knew isn't allowed

some of them didnt know and that really isnt an excuse, i know, but all this drama was caused from people losing their accounts not from me trying to get my art removed

my only concern is the extent of instagrams agreement to restore images granted an account and i work things out. Instagram states it will disable accounts who repeatedly post copyrighted material: 


meaning instagram might straight up refuse to restore these accounts even if an agreement is met because their policy is something outside of my control

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i hate that people try to use lolita to justify their disgustingness tbh. that book is one of my favorites because, as i said in the replies of the more recent lolita ask, the book is NOT there to justify pedophilia. it's there to condemn it, explicitly. even with humbert trying to obscure the truth, it still comes out in everything that he does. it really pisses me off that people use it as justification because it just shows that they either didnt read the book or missed the point entirely.

I’m getting so many asks literally using this book as a parallel to a/m fanfiction under our first amendment rights. Freedom of speech is protected, but here’s the thing they don’t seem to understand about our first amendment: 

Our rights end where another’s begins. What freedom of speech means is against the government. By this argument that they use of freedom of speech, someone is allowed to say grossly sexual, unwanted, comments in a workplace environment. Which they’re not.

If your freedom of speech infringes upon the rights of another human’s, like minor’s rights to not be depicted in a pornographic way, you are not capable to use the excuse of freedom of speech. If a work of fictional text is not considered a real work of literature you are subject to be prosecuted under the laws of obscenity. Freedom of speech tends to run very blurred with this law and is often used as an argument point for people who have written novels involving a minor in a sexual situation. It has happened before and will likely happen again, especially with the popularity of fandom culture in our generation.

Not only this but:

Freedom of speech was meant for protesters. It was meant for people to say what they want about the government without worrying about the government trying to kill them for criticizing their policies.

If anyone is still confused and needs examples:

You cannot say you are going to detonate a bomb somewhere. (Yurlgers and others, please don’t tell me I have to source this). Like, don’t be that way. Lol.

You cannot threaten to murder or severely injure another. 

Freedom of speech does not mean you can say whatever you want to if it is harmful to others. In this case explicit rated fanfiction involving a minor is harmful towards minors and is obscene.

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ok maybe this has been talked about before but about even being annoyed by sonya, ppl usually think of that as him being pissed off about her trying to take care of him when he didnt feel like he needed that, but to me it also seemed that he was having a bit of a delusion about the situation cuz he maybe interpreted her caring and trying, to her wanting to overpower him or manipulate him (which she probably wasnt doing at all, he just thought that) its not uncommon to have delusions so idk haha

no dude that’s exactly how i interpret it!!! i also think you could argue that that’s one of the big reasons their relationship eventually fizzled and didn’t work out -  even sees her at the end of the relationship no matter what she does - controlling and manipulative, not someone who’s just being cautious or trying to help him. yeah i agree with you completely!!

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hdksjdd i tried to follow your recipe to get the purple slime but i didnt have foaming hand soap OR cornstarch so i just did everything else and despite it looking rly stringy when i was mixing it, it turned out SUPER fluffy and soft!! it doesnt stretch too well but its rly thick and its nice to play with :3

Whooooa! :O That sounds really cool! I gotta try that myself sometime, fluffiness is always great!!

I wonder if you try adding some lotion if it would make it stretchier? (Even if it wouldn’t help, it still sounds like it feels wonderful! :D)

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Hello I want to create a web comic but with my current style, it'll take ages to finish a page. What should I do to save more time? Simplify my style? I adore your art btw, you can see me as your stalker Noel Vol II :3

I actually had this difficulty at the start of my comic too, i wanted to make a fully coloured webtoon style comic and so i didnt want to take ages drawing everything single panel but i also didn’t want to over simplify my style either.
What i did was i actually spent a lot of time just experimenting with different colouring techniques and timing myself on how long they’d take and even drawing a page and doing several test colorings of it until i found a style that didn’t take long and was detailed enough for me so maybe try doing that? You might find something you like, experiment with colouring, lines, etc and especially with techniques you’ve never tried before.
I think there will always be a level of “simplification” in making comics vs regular art but you need to see how much you’d want to simplify, in my comic the lines are much sketchyer and the colouring is messier than my regular art for example and that imperfection really saves so much time.

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I just told my best friend ever(whos gay) that i like her and im literally 99% straight except for her and she has a girlfriend Recently we got into a fight bc i was super jealous of them and so after a week we made up and i told her and she hasnt been awkward about it(which is great) but when i told her she didnt tell me about her feelings and when i say about it she just says she likes the attention and that it will only cause me pain and that shes selfish. Idk what to do bc i love her so much

Ohh that’s so sad! Do you really love her that much that you’re ready for pain? If so, you can try to be with her but I don’t think it will work even if she says so.. I know it would be hard but just try to forget about your feelings, you know some of them are going with time, I personally had a crush on a person I couldn’t be with and I thought that I won’t forget about it ever, but I did and now I’m happy as never. That’s all I can advise, sorry :( I hope everything will be good for you soon!

glitch pokemon ratings

h POKé

a very very tall boy and a good friend!!! likes to sing a lot! they have many different songs! has crashed my game trying to sing before but THATS OK IM PROUD OF THEM ANYWAY!!!! 10/10

ゥL ゥM 4

ANOTHER GREAT AND VERY TALENTED SINGER!! only has one song but seems very excited to share it with you!! keeps singing for u even when u close the menu! i love them. 10/10


I Feel Like They Are Threatening Me. they are VERY bright red they look angry. I think they have a superglitch move. Still a great pal tho im sure they are doing their best. 8/10

♀ .

a great and talented friend! her favorite color is dark purple so she covers ur whole screen with it! she wants to sing for u but sometimes she sings infinitely and u cant do anything about it. i am still proud of her. 10/10

ゥ .4

very small? what are u doing all the way up there. please come down. 8/10


a very special and VERY hard to obtain friend! looks like a magnemite! can evolve into 6 different pokemon!!! i would love to meet one someday!! 10/10


they do not want to see u they dont like battles. i would appreciate if they just asked me to leave instead of crashing the game. 7/10

’M (FF variant)

a mischievous and cool boy! they look like a charizard! likes to pretend to be ur cancel button and HATES pokemon centers. 10/10

4 4

YELLS. very LOUD. gets too excited for ur battle they bring too many friends and fill ur screen with them and crash ur game. i have never had a successful battle with them. sometimes makes pikachu noises? 9/10


the classic! a wonderful friend!! always so happy to see u that they give u items as a thanks!! 10/10


she guessed my favorite color first try..but between me and u……. i didnt even have a favorite color until she yelled out yellow!! she was hella excited n smiling like a little kid. so i told her she was right and i havent seen yellow the same since, its in everything. i could probably live in it now. 

Everytime I read this ^^^ text post I imagine Nino texting it to Adrien. 

little isak and even things

  • even surprising isak with little kisses and isak doing that Face where he’s shocked for a second and his face slowly breaks out into a big smile
  • isak purposefully being stupid about movies just so even gets Upset and Passionate
    • “what?? you’re telling me Shrek isn’t one of the top 100 films in film history??”
    • “what the hell is a Kubrik. is that a genre or ?”
    • “didnt you know i only like Transformers movies?? isn’t that the peak of cinema??”
    • the whole time even’s just doing that oh god i have to break up with you how is this even possible
  • speaking of break ups
  • they fake break up over stupid reasons all the time. just for the Banter. its so flirty its embarrassing.
  • cuddles!! all the cuddles all the time!!!! isak always asking for big, warm, long hugs from even and whenever they’re sitting down together, even literally cannot  keep his hands from fiddling with isak’s hair or fingers or clothes
  • even laying in bed with isak, and just pointing to the things he really loves about him.
    • “i love it when your hair goes curly in the back.”
    • “i love it when your brow scrunches right…there when you’re mad at me.”
    • ‘i love that mole, and that freckle, and recently that pimple has been really growing on me.“
    • and isak gets all embarassed because my Boy does not have the best self-esteem and he tends to automatically assume people hate these things about him, and even knows this, so even just like to shower isak with little compliments all the time.
    • and now isak is hyperconscious of these things and every time he notices them, he thinks even loves that about me and it makes him feel a bit better about himself.