i didnt even notice that uh

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Hey I just wanted to inform you of an artist that I found recently. They have an Oc named Lukas whos a demon and looks like a version of Luca with horns. I wasnt sure if that was a coincidence before they posted a picture of Lukas and his first human who is a replica of Papaya. The person is a user on Tapastic named Mint-Tea and they also made a drawing thats similar to the gif you made of Lucas 'Its just a bad dream' They may be referencing, but theres no credit and its very very similar.

IM CRYING no no their character isnt named Lukas it’s LUKA haha they just changed the c to a k and he definitely looks heavily uh….”inspired” by Luca.

She even has a picture titled “Luka’s first human” and it’s a character that looks exactly like Papaya!!! yall need to put some effort. (Didnt notice u mentioned this in ur ask OOPS) 

YKNOW. Sometimes people like other people’s characters A LOT and instead of drawing fanart or whatever theyre like “…what if…this character….was MY character…>:3c” LMAOOOO 

It doesnt look like they’re tracing my art or anything just uh…taking….A LOT of inspiration. There’s nothing I can do I guess. BUT HEY as long as people like you can easily be like “wait a minute this is Leslie’s shit” then I guess that’s good enough for me! I’m super happy people know my art style/characters enough to tell when other people are taking it haha!! 


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hey uh ik this might be dumb but i didnt know this: adhd isnt curable? i was always told it was. i know being autistic isnt curable but i thought adhd was (even if we ARE brain cousins). like, if you dont mind of course, could you provide some links or resources. if you dont have any on hand thats understandable ;; have a good day !!!

the NIMH describes it as a condition for which there is no cure. according to their research, medication helps to get the symptoms under control and for some people the disorder is hardly noticeable anymore once they reach adulthood. but for others, like me, it’s a lifelong thing.

and while we’re at it… the whole thing of “outgrowing” ADHD is mostly a myth anyway. in reality, the majority of people still exhibit symptoms later in life. usually, people just get better at dealing with them. 

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one time i accidentally shit my pants while farting at a sleepover and it was so small i didnt even notice until my friends and i decided to take pics of each other's asses and there was a fucking brown spot on my ass and nobody even cared they just took a pic with their 3ds and edited it to make it look like bluestar warrior cats

i blacked out after reading the first line of this

  • me: I'm so glad I have this book. i got it at B&N and its called 'the boy who was raised as a dog',
  • me: and its a childrens psychiatric specialists notes on cases he's done, and theyre all true stories and stuff, and in the introduction he's talking about how in the early 1980s people actually believed that psych trauma didnt effect children
  • me: cause they were known to be 'naturally resilient' and 'bounce back' and hes talking about how he noticed with animals, if a form of trauma - even slight- happened durig infancy it completely rewired their brains in adult hood. so he decided to go in with human children and
  • me: "I soon found that the vast majority of my patients had lives filled with neglect, chaos, and/or violence. Clearly this kids werent 'bouncing back' - otherwise they would't be in a PSYCHIATRIC CLINIC"
  • friend: omg
  • me: im just
  • me: I LOVE THIS
  • me: 'REALLY??'
  • friend: but can he see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch
  • me: get out