i didnt even know he was in this video

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Tbh, I'm surprised you revealed Paula's death so casually on an Akinator video. If I were you, I'd probably edit out the part where Akinator asked that question so nobody would even know it asked about his death, then I would publish the news in an official video. It probably would have been more heartbreaking, and you seemed to love making us hurt as much as possible, why not them? You didn't even show the pic of Luca crying over his corpse! What gives!?

i was confused at first because i didnt know who paula was lmao

i was originally gonna do that, make an entire video dedicated to it. but then i realized i dont have fucking time to do that lmao no time to dedicate videos to that. 

plus i thought mentioning it so casually would be hilarious like a “oh yeah hes dead btw lmao” kinda of way. i still got a good reaction nonetheless. 

I’m sorry, but why does no one ever TALK ABOUT THIS

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Is Phil prettier in real life?

well, i sat in VIP section at tatinof (so i got to see him very close up & upfront) but tbh, i dont think im qualified to answer this question because i cant say i 100% know what he looks like in real life since i didnt get to meet him so…. i wasnt like UP to his face?? *sobs*

BUT ill tell you how he looked from where i sat & he was standing SO CLOSE right above me & on the edge of the stage..¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

  • he looks like what he looks like in his videos& at that time (tatinof) he was very very very very thin
  • his skin is porcelain or even ghost white
  • he’s all LEGS!!!
  • his voice isnt that low (couldve been the microphones?)
  • his skin is nOT perfect!!! (couldve been stress related?)
  • his eyes are super duper duper crystal blue (i legit thought he had no pupils) 
  • his nose is a BEAKKKK 
  • the shakira hips are HUGEEE!!
  • he wears his underwear up to his waist, cause he reached out infront of us and yeah, everyone saw it…….we all saw the calvin klein phil im sooo sorry

in conclusion, he’s the same as in his videos

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hello don't u people care that 2012 casey will hold a grudge on 2012 april and donnie causes instagram video and also don't u people care about 2012 casey feelings

I honestly dont think Casey will hold a grudge. Sure he’d have a WTF moment, but I see him as the kinda guy who would be happy for April, and even Donnie. Because those two are his friends and he’d give the world to them. Now if he didnt know Donnie as well as he does now? Then yeah he’d be that miffed off Rival.

And we do care about Casey’s feelings. But to be honest, he wont be THAT crushed. He kinda didnt seem to be THAT into her. NOT like Donnie has been for the past 6 months to a year. Frankly as I said before, Casey would just be happy for the two, because he seems that mature now. He only shits with Donnie just to get under his shell, he’s amused by it. It hardly ever had to do with April. And he cares about April a lot, so I imagine him just being happy for her?

Kinda like how Donnie would of been if it were Casey. Donnie and Casey want only one thing from April….her love. Friend or as a lover. They really dont care. As long as they are with her, near her, sees her everyday, then they are at their happiest. At least thats how I see it. :P

my first special interest was astrophysics. i remember how i would sit in my rolly chair with my knees in front of my chest as a pressure stim (thought i didnt know what i was doing at the time) and watch videos on youtube about blackholes and stars.

by the time i was 10, i was explaining the basics of stellar motion to anyone willing to listen. even today, if someone abliges me, i can rant and rant and rant.

when i lived with my dad, he would sit in the driveway with me and i would tell him the stories of the constellations, or how “no dad, the sun doesnt revolve around the earth…” (he didnt get a good education).

now that i have my liscense, i drive up on the mountain with my friends and, if they let me, nerd out over the stars.

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Since there is much suspicion about his ethnic background,,, especially his mom, I have to ask this. Was he really adopted? Idk what to even believe anymore

i honestly dont know

i dont trust literally anything hes said tbh like if i didnt fuckin video chat with him id probably doubt any pictures of him were real


Zhang Yixing’s 2015 

Thank you for another amazing year ♥

So I was going through my camera roll, deleting pics to make space for more, as I always do…

and I come across my Fly in LA pics/videos, even coming across videos I didn’t know I took or ones I forgot I took…

and if you’ve seen my insta, I really like taking ending stage pics for the aesthetic of my instagram

so I came across this picture and was about to hit delete when something caught my eye…

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Korean EXO-L Actually Win Against Chanyeol&Sehun

With the caption

External image

However time passed by and no one came to find them. Chanyeol thought people didnt come because he and Sehun already gone, so he uploaded another picture.

External image

No, I’m still at Han River tho?????

Even after sometime, Chanyeol didnt meet anyone. Noone came to find them. So he proudly uploaded a video with the caption “You’ve failed” because no fans can find their picnic spot.

External image

Sehun joins Chanyeol celebrating their victory

External image

Actually, the truth is………

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Mini's Arm;

So apparently Minis arm is injured, or broken (I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS PLEASE FUCKINT PROTECT HIM)

And I saw his video, the comments werent really showing concern for him

Like what, are you for real this is probably someones hero and theyd feel down you didnt even show concern,

like okay maybe they were just lightening the mood, cause they know they dont really wanna cause much sadness but can you please just show a lil bit of “I hope you feel better though” for him

I know no one would read this at all, or probably they dont really feel this how i feel it, but its just me, wishing he gets well soon

youtuber!bokuaka hcs

bc i’m a slut for youtubers and what better way than to compare them to my fav hq pairing!!! m suffering :-) (also, this is like inspired from @akaashikelji ‘s hqtube post bc i loved it so much aaa) oK

  • so whenever i look at akaashi, i just see marzia?? like he’s so the type to just talk about his fave book or movies and probably post a baking video (Akaashi Makes: Owl Cupcakes)
  • anD BOKUTO . i bet it’s just random stuff like?? it’s so random you don’t know his genre (Why Owls are Great! , Help With Mood Swings!! , Why is kuroo Such a Big Ass Nerd) buT THEYRE ALL CUTE AND FUNNY SO U JUS LOVE HIM
  • they both have separate accs and no one didnt even knew they were Best Friends after a meet up bc bokuto hugged akaashi and carried him and both of their fans are just ??? what
  • so after that , the Shipping started and all of the fans just demanded them to have a collab video 
  • of course they do a simple q&a where bokuto has started the infamous hashtag #askbokuaka !!! (@bokutowl: hey guys!! me and @AkaashiKeiji are gonna have a q&a!!! send us q’s! #askbokuaka) (m sufferin)
  • and its probably so Awkward at first but then we all see Akaashi Keiji laugh so hard after bokuto tells an embarrassing story and everyone, plus bokuto, is heart eyes emoji
  • ok so they came out with akaashi posting a video titled Boyfriend Tag (ft. Koutarou) and everyones like!!!!!!!!!!!! whO THE FUK–itS YOUTUBER BOKUTOTHEGREATHORNEDOWL (actually no thats not bokuto’s name its too long and im too lazy to think up of something)
  • and omg its probablu so cute like akaashi has this soft smile in his face and a small blush and theyre both so lovesick and :”””))) stop me from writing a fic right here right now
  • AND HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ?? PHOTOBOOTH CHALLENGE?? their video is kinda like melix’s video n i cry every time i watch this an fuckk its so bokuaka i ju .(watch the video pls)
  • AND THEIR COLLAB VIDS?? akaashi would probably help in bokuto’s videos where they talk about mood swings or gay rights and just basically helping their fans out jashdkjds 
  • they makea vlog where they just play volleyball with their friends

OK THATS IT – this is gettng Too Long and i have unleashed my gay now so if ur also suffering youtubers!haikyuu just send me a message so u can let me suffer too(: 

Let me get this straight...

Bea didn’t like Ben’s gift because it was too little and not good enough.

Kit didn’t like Freddie’s gift because it was too much and over the top.

All of them (excluding Balth because he wasn’t in the video) disliked Peter’s gift  because it was “so last year” and how DARE Peter share his feelings and try to express his love in a medium that others have used (including Balthazar, who uses songs/videos all the time to express his love for Pete)

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she really means: Why didn't they show the actual video of Zoey talking about Chase in the time capsule video? Why did Michael have to transcribe it? Why did Michael even write the whole thing down in the first place, unless he knew that there wouldn't be a DVD player? Why didn't he bring a DVD player in that case? If Chase had already watched the video, then we know that he could've brought a DVD player, so why didnt he? Why did Chase call Alyssa Zoey if they had known each other for several years? Why did Michael even dig up the video? How long was he waiting? Why didn't he age? Did Michael ever leave PCA? Where's Zoey? If Chase called Alyssa 'Zoey' wouldn't he have also remembered about the time capsule and the ten year rule? Why does Chase still have a text mate 2? If he still has the same phone from ten years ago, wouldn't be stuck in the past long enough to remember about Zoey's message?
me to my friends
  • me: have you watched tyler's latest video, it's hilarious
  • me: did you know that tyler was on ellen? yea he was. you should watch the episode, it's amazing
  • me: there was a new psychobabble episode yesterday, tyler and korey talked about clubbing boys with club sandwiches, I nearly got kicked out of class for laughing too much while i was listening to it
  • me: guess what? tyler wrote a book, it's called Binge, I can't wait to read it, you can preorder it at tyleroakleybook.com
  • me: tyler's coming here in september, on his tour, you've gotten tickets right, you can book them at tyleroakleytour.com so we can go together
  • me: tyler got a snapchat, it's hilarious, make sure you're following him okay
  • me: tyler was on ellen, he was on ellen, did I say that he was on ellen, i can't believe it, he was on ellen
  • me: tyler-
  • friends: okay thats enough

I screamed so loud at 1:20