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Buenos Aires is cinematographer Christopher Doyle’s visual and narrative diary of his participation in the making of Wong Kar Wai’s film Happy Together.

The cars, the colours, the isolation, the trains, the (same) cast, the (same) crew, the weather and the unfamiliar language.We start to have a deja vu feeling. It seems that unconsciously, we’re finally making that ‘Days of Being Wild Part II’ that so many have expected of us for so long.Leslie even started humming the theme from 'Days’ as he prepared for a shot today. Checking his costume and make-up in a wall mirror, he turned very Carina Lau-ish and mimicked her glorious 'How do I look?’ line from 'Days I.

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Falling in love starts with, “Who the fuck is this?” - Louis CK

Okay I fucking hate making call out posts but this has gone too far now. There is an instagram account that has reblogged hundreds of edits and art that doesnt belong to them.

This instagram account is Antimystical.


I wouldn’t have even known about this account at all but a friend of mine told me that one of my tweets from the egos posts had been reposted. Now I dont post them on instagram. My tweet edits stay on tumblr as well as my gifs and my art goes on my tumblr, deviantart, twitter and instagram.

They posted it with the caption credit to septicstacheedits. Like that is not acceptable but they didnt even ask either which is even worse. Anyway I messaged them at 3pm GMT to delete the post and im just waiting for a reply.

As i was going through their instagram, i saw very familar art styles. A lot of the artists also post that same art on instagram and most of the art hasn’t been credited. There are a bunch of edits as well especially from my friends that have been posted and if its like me, they aren’t aware.

Im going to try and tag everyone whose art and edits ive seen posted but unfortunately theey aren’t crediting people properly, if at all so i am really sorry if your art is there and i haven’t let you know, i cant recognise everyones art style and rn i really wish I could.


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Here’s a story for you.

Last April I co-founded a sorority with a few girls that, then, were people I loved and trusted. I never saw myself joining a sorority, but we all wanted to create an organization that gave girls like us that weren’t too keen on Greek life a sisterhood. A group that you could rely on in times of trouble. A group to have fun with. A group to share your dreams with.

In November, I was suspended for a semester because I started dating Nick–the President-at-the-time’s ex. It was written NOWHERE in the bylaws that this was not allowed, and yet I was suspended anyways, because they called it “unsisterlike conduct” after preaching to all of the pledges that the organization would never dictate who you date. This has nothing to do with third-wave feminists and I certainly don’t blame the movement for this, however, I thought it would be important to mention that there was already some conflict between me and the org.

Fast forward to a month and a half ago. Two semesters worth of new pledges had joined. New blood is always healthy in any organization. We were growing, and it appeared we were happy. I was supposed to be let back into the sorority this coming August. And then, this happened.

The first two pictures are me complaining about aspects in the third wave feminism movement. The next six are my “sisters” subtweeting me because they’re all feminists. Women that I thought were my friends. The ninth picture is the current president messaging me about a meeting.

In this meeting, I was told to delete my Twitter and everything in it or else I would be expelled from the sorority. I simply did not allow that to happen. I would not be silenced for having an opinion. So I left. And I posted the last picture to let my friends and family on Twitter know about my decision.

I’ll continue shortly in a separate post.

EDIT: Link to part two here: https://vivairi.tumblr.com/post/161402713572/part-two-but-even-after-i-left-they-didnt-stop

A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Danganronpa Re:Birth Updates

Miwashiba has updated each individual tumblr post to include every Danganronpa Re:Birth character’s design as seen from the back, as well as additional clothing reference/body references.

Such as the Gourmet whenever she’s eaten her full, the Poet’s sailor uniform and hidden bandages under her jacket, the Dancer’s shorts, etc. I doubt I’d reblog them again because it seems too…. repetitive if I do so. Unless major changes occur and I’ll reblog it again.

Furthermore, they have added a new page to the blog containing icons they have made per character, as well as enlarged pixel artwork of each characters.

Which you can use freely as long as it is for personal use, and you state that they are not official, but rather, Miwashiba’s fancreation instead. (Do not make profit out of them nor claim that they are yours.)

Important Announcement that regards the use of their works.

This one is the latest post in Miwashiba’s april fool’s blog, @eipronpa. This is written in both japanese, english, and chinese. Posting it here as well, in english:

Terms of use regarding Cosplay, Fanarts, and other related terms:

  • Make sure to state that Danganronpa Re:Birth is a fancreation of Miwashiba (it is NOT an official work of Spike Chunsoft)

As such, please refrain from using tags and such that includes the official title of ‘Danganronpa’. Instead, we highly recommend you to use the tag #DRRB.

  • Do not use with the purpose of slander in mind
  • Do not significantly edit with the images to such extent that it causes trouble with the official franchise.

Please avoid using them along with the official franchise because this will lead to troubles.

  • Reposting and editing the images, even those using them for fancreations based off Miwashiba’s work, are strictly prohibited.

For icons for tumblr blogs, sprites for roleplay blogs, etc.

Please use the images Miwashiba have made available instead.

If you are to follow the rules mentioned above, then you are free to do what you wish.

Since this is a fancreation (a sensitive topic), please make sure to handle it with care.

The last rule Miwashiba added is the most important rule in my opinion, this is what most people do by accident, because this generally states that the use of their designs to make icons, edits, etc. and then you SHARE THEM PUBLICLY is prohibited. You can make edits and use them but only PERSONALLY (make edits and then use them as your phone background, desktop background, etc., just… for you, and you do not share them online.)

This is because by taking their creations, editing them, and then sharing them to an unspecified amount of audience, then most likely there will be people to mistake them as official characters. This could lead to trouble, so please do not do this.

I sent them an example of an edit, one you would usually find if you search DRRB icons, and they have deemed it to be prohibited.

So from now on, please do not make edits and share them publicly. If sharing of icons/sprites are necessary, please only make use of the original ones Miwashiba has created and make note to mention that it is from a fancreation, and not officially made by SC.

 So here’s my first request ! I hope you enjoy it and it’s not too terrible ! I put it under the cut bc it turned out a little longer than expected ???

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potential wc super edition ideas that we’ll probably never get
  • a mothwing super edition that either deals with her dealing with hawkfrost’s death and attempting and struggling to fit into riverclan while keeping her brothers’ secrets safe, or a super edition dealing with her after the battle between the clans and starclan v the dark forest; how her beliefs have changed, etc
  • a goldenflower super edition talking about her relationship w/ tigerstar, her reaction to swiftpaw’s death, her slowly coming to terms with moving on and wanting to protect her kittens and give them a better life [this might work better as an ebook, but regardless it’d be nice]
  • a stormfur super edition about his first few months in the tribe and how he tries to fit in after feathertail’s death; dealing w/ the tribe trying to do right by him now that his twin is gone, with stormfur grieving for feathertail, with brook and stormfur’s budding relationship
  • a hawkfrost super edition dealing with his days in riverclan after finally meeting tigerstar; about how he slowly begins to detach from his clan in an attempt to learn more about his father, about his perspective of brambleclaw, maybe even some post-death things w/ him dealing w/ the dark forest
  • a longtail super edition about him trying to gain support in the clan again and doing right by his clan; about him and fireheart working past their differences to try and protect thunderclan, about him grieving for swiftpaw and trying to protect fernpaw/make sure she’s safe, about him finally getting some heroic scenes and fireheart n him coming to terms w/ one another
  •  A TAWNYPELT SUPER EDITION about her first days in shadowclan and her relationship w/ tigerstar, like??? they were in the same clan, we could see what their relationship was like, about tawnypelt after her fathers death and her choosing to stay in shadowclan, wanting to be the best she could be while missing her brother and mother
  • a sol super edition?? like why havent??? we gotten?? one??? about him coming to the lake every time, about why he chose shadowclan specifically to latch onto, he and blackstar’s relationship, etc
  • a boulder super edition??? about his time in bloodclan, why he never took a clan name, his friendship w/ russetfur, about boulder fitting in to shadowclan despite his bloodclan history [might work better as an ebook but ye]
  • a breezepelt super edition about his relationship w/ his parents and about his life after omen of the stars; how he went from being viewed as a traitor to now having a mate and kittens, about he and heathertail’s relationship, about how he is w/ his own daughters
  • maybe a dark forest cat super edition??? ppl talk about snowtuft so just - the idea of a super edition for a dark forest cat, figuring out how the dark forest works, how everything is handled, etc
  • an antpelt super edition dealing w/ the time between his two deaths and how he was in the dark forest; how he was treated, if he was angry, etc etc, his relationship w/ breezepelt

as u can tell there’s SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!! and i didnt even list ALL of the ideas i had like c’mon erin hunter

anonymous asked:

What about dai romanced companions finding out that Varric wrote smut about them and the inquisitor?

  • Sera would be tickled pink. She’s already elated after the Inquisitor ran around asking everybody about what gift she would like, and now there’s a book? a smutty book?! Nobody would hear the end of it.
  • Cassandra would nearly break Varrics arm from how voilently she’d rip it out of his hand, her face a brilliant crimson as she skimmed the pages. At first, she’d be extremily embarrassed, ‘how could Varric write such a thing about us?!’ Until she actually began to read it. She finished it within the hour and demanded more be written.
  • The Iron Bull wouldn’t believe it at first, but when Varric hands him the hard cover copy, he’s howling with laughter. Of course, he’d only be ok with it if his Kadan was ok with their private times being turned into a book. Now, every night, Bull would flip through the pages, insisting to try out whatever crazy thing Varric has them doing.
  • Blackwall would be a kinda put off, but would read it anyway and would love it. He’d never admit it though. He’d never admit he went back to Varric and asked if he could add more, either.
  • Dorian would critiqe the hell out of it, ‘”Varric, this is wrong, you wrote, ‘golden skin,’ when I am so obviously in the bronze skin tone family. I insist it be re-written. I will not be having false information about my skin be spread in this manner.” Eventually, after 2857928 edits, Dorian is pleased. Even before the edits, he found it flattering. He knew it’d be a best seller if Varric printed more.
  • Solas, when asked about it, would say he didnt read it, and that it was a huge invasion of his, and Lavellan’s privacy, and once Varric left after aoplogizing, Solas would have the book in his lap, reading it while blushing from ear to ear. “say what you will…the dwarf is talented.”