i didnt draw this until after he left this morning though

Movie Night

Warf and Dark are very different people. Especially when they’re tired. The pair have known eachother as long as they can remember, and their extremely close at that. They know everything about eachother. Theyve been hand in hand through the best and the worst. And neither would have it any other way.

Except Dark. On movie night.

Bim started it. He picked up a movie a friday night, then invited every ego. There was rarely times when everyone showed. At least one person would always be missing. Tonight, was an unusual night. Everyone showed up. But they began dropping like flies.

The Host and Bim fell asleep quite quickly, Doctor Iplier picking them up one at a time and brining them to their rooms to sleep. He didnt return. Ed and Silver left about halfway through to go to bed. Google followed after them, complaining his charge was low. The other three Googles agreed and followed. Now, it was just Warf and Dark.

They know the signs that the other is getting tired.

Dark gets kinda…out of it. He answers questions lazily, and slurrs ever so slightly with his speech. His eyes remain half-open, closing for about 5 seconds, then opening again. Like he’s been put in slow motion.

Warf is the opposite. He gets this final burst of energy, then crashes. In his little energy burst, his speech speeds up a bit, and he gets more jumpy and fidgity. He gets ridiculously giggly, laughing at practically anything. He gets much more physical aswell. Like now.

Dark was leaning back on Warf’s bed, his arms behind his head. He half-heartedly watched the tv-screen, swearing he would doze off any moment. However, the slap-happy man at his side kept him from doing so. Warf, calming down from one of his giggle-fits, rolled onto his side, pushing himself closer to Dark.

“Hi Darky.” Warf remarked with a large smile. Dark smiled every so softly.

“Hey Wilfy.” He responded, ruffling the others hair. He wasn’t surprised at the bubble of tiny giggling beside him. Warf wrapped an arm around Dark’s waist, to which Dark softly pushed him off. This cycle repeated about 4 times before Warf excepted defeat.

“Daaark why don’t you loove meeee?” Warf whined playfully. Dark rolled his eyes.

“You’re so affectionate. Are you not tired?” Dark questioned, eyebrow raising in curiosity. Warf grinned, making hand motions in the air.

“You are? Laaaaame.” He giggled, his hand falling onto the bed. Dark sighed.

“Come here.”

Warf didn’t hesitate in the slightest, rolling closer to Dark and wrapping his arms around his waist. He nuzzled his head into Darks ribs, turning his attention back to the movie.

It was peaceful. Well, for Warf it was.

With his face half-pressed into Dark’s ribs, whenever Warf would laugh or say something, it sent a momentary shock through Dark’s ribs. It tickled.

Warf, usually, would notice immediatly. However, in his state, he payed no mind. Unfortunately, Dark’s state was no better for his predicament.

He was to tired to have the strength to hold back his laughing…so when he had peace for a minute, Warf took him off gaurd.

Dark didn’t even realize he had started laughing softly, until he saw Warf look up at him, wide-eyed and grinning.

Their eyes met, nervous to mischevious.

“Will…lets not be so dramatic…” Dark muttered warily, backing up a bit.

“Me? Dramatic? Dramatic is my middle name, Darkiplier!” Warf chuckled darkly. Something about it was offputting. Dark only knew one thing for sure, though.

He was dead.

Before Dark could even respond, he felt hands, moving like spiders, begin to crawl up his sides.

With a growl of slight concern, Dark weakly shoved Warf’s hands off.

“Don’t.” He warned. Warf smiled innocently, looking down at his hands. Dark had a firm hold on his wrist. Warf blew a raspberry in the air.

“Lemme gooo!” Warf whined, narrowing his eyes. Dark sighed.

“Sware to me, you won’t tickle me?”

“Swaring is a bit extreme, don’t you think?”

“Warfstache. I sware over your dead body. If you try and tickle me, ill get you back 100 times as hard. Understood?”

Warf groaned dramatically, moaning a ‘Fiiiiiiiine!’. Dark released his wrist, and lay an arm to his side for Warf to cuddle into him. As the movie resumed, Warf started getting ideas.

Okay, so. He could tottally tickle Dark to death right now…or, alternitively, he could fall asleep peacefully with no revenge…or both, if he does good enough. He’ll be to tired then, right?

Yeah, Warf was gonna regret this.

Dark had began dozing off. Warf set his plan into motion.

He wrapped his arms around both of Darks, still hugging him close. Smiling, he began softly nuzzling the skin of his sides.

Dark opened one eye. That pink idiot was asking for it!

“Wihilford.” Dark said warily, avoiding eye contact.
“Wehe talked abohout this.”

“I know, I know!” Warf hummed into Dark’s skin, causing him to flinch.
“Can’t I have a little fun?”



Warf slowly began crawling his fingers up Darks sides again.

“Wihihill I will anihilate you!” Dark shoved pointlessly at the others hands, though he couldn’t stop them from trailing upwards.

“Phht, right.” Warf scoffed, drawing light shapes. He was stalling, and Dark knew it.

“Go ahahany closeher to my rihibs ahahand ill slihice your hahands off!”

Dark’s threats did nothing to stop the hands, how resting still atop Darks ribs.

“Not if you dont have the energy!”

“Wilford. Do not.”

“Don’t what?”

“Tickle me!”

Silence hung in the air, Dark pausing as he realised how he had been set up…He was to tired to deal with him right now. And, hey, how bad could this-



Oh. Much worse than he thought.

“Yes?” Warf asked mockingly, nearly drowned out by Dark’s laughter.


“No! Wheres the fun in that?!”

It only took a minute for Dark to grab Warf’s wrists again, forcing them away and allowing himself to catch his breath. Warf froze. Warf didn’t know what he was going to do, but he knew one thing for sure.

He was dead.

Bim found the two the text morning, Warf pressed against Dark’s chest, and Darks arms resting at his sides. Bim smiled softly. Sure, they were loud the night before. But they were happy, and thats what mattered. At least, thats what mattered to Bim.

Juvia is the TRUE villain of FT

Yeah, that’s right, I said what everyone else was thinking, but didn’t have the guts to say. You’re welcome.

Maybe you didn’t even know you were thinking it, like I didn’t until today. I just woke up this morning, and had this epiphany (or maybe it was gas, it’s hard to tell). I didn’t even have to think too hard about it, to know it was true.

Juvia is evil incarnate. That just sounds right, doesn’t it? It makes sense.

Let’s face it, she stalks, she threatens, she’s violent, aggressive, harassing, obsessive, and extremely selfish. How anyone could not see her for the awful character she is, is beyond me.

Now, I’m sure those naive few (you poor, poor souls) who would take issue with my immensely factual statements, would like to see me clarify my claims. No problem. I don’t usual go looking for facts to back up my truths, because my gut tells me they are undeniable, and completely supported by manga events. But for you? I’ll make an exception, because unlike Juvia? I’m a good person.

Man, where to even start, right? There are so many incidents involving the awfulness of this character. 

I know! Let’s start with the Avatar arc. That arc was basically an advertisement for how problematic Juvia truly is. Thanks for that, Mashima. ^__~

So, Juvia was living with Gray. And we all found out the truth of that little scenario:

EXPOSED JUVIA. That’s right, this little stalking, obsessive brat actually forced herself into Gray’s home and refused to leave! And then you expect us to feel bad for her when Gray goes off for six months? Please. So deserved. HE DIDNT EVEN WANT HER THERE. Look at her face in the background. She’s LAUGHING at Gray’s suffering!

Despicable! People try and brush this off as Gray being embarrassed about the public teasing, but we ALL know the tru-

Ok, well that? Means nothing. We all know how nice of a guy Gray is. He probably felt SORRY for her ( I don’t know why, though. She deserves none of your pity, Gray!!!). It’s obvious this moment is incredibly forced and completely OOC! I’m sure Mashima was holding an illustrated gun to Gray’s head to get that bit of dialogue out of him. As for that “answer,” IF it’s about Juvia’s feelings (which I DOUBT), we all know what he’ll say already, because he’s said it once before (and of course the ball of crazy ignored him):

That’s right! So I personally look forward to his “answer.” Bring on the Juvia tears mwahahaha!

Anyway, back to Avatar, where Gray left Juvia behind for 6 months without a word (LOL!).

So now she’s all depressed, and making it rain all over the village, driving everybody else away. So typical. So selfish. Thanks for ruining everyone else’s lives as usual, Juvia! Just cause you have an unhealthy obsession with some guy, doesn’t mean everyone else around you needs to suffer for it, jeeze.

And what did Juvia do during this time Gray was away? Absolutely nothing, obviously, which just goes to show how unhealthy this “relationship” is. Juvia became a depressed mess, and a shell of herself. Clearly she wasn’t working, let alone eating for those six months, and how she survived is anybody’s guess (ZombieJuvia?!). But what’s worst, is that she claims to “love” Gray, but she just sat around waiting for him! What a joke! If you’re really so worried, like you claim, why don’t you go out and sear-

Oh… so she wasn’t just waiting around, and wasting away, but actually looking, but this just goes on to prove my next point instead! If Juvia had been searching for him every day, surely once Gray finally pops up, she will be FURIOUS. Because as we all know, Juvia’s biggest weapon is INTIMIDATION.

Ah ha! What did I tell you?! Look at Gray’s face! He’s terrified! And as usual, what does Juvia do?! That’s right, ATTACKS a woman for DARING to get near Gray. No love rivals allowed!!! She is so insane! Surely Gray will be devastated that Juvia hurt this new friend and potential lover-

Ok, so she was a villain, who Gray also attacked. BUT! My point still stands, as we are about to see here, where Juvia is aggressively keeping Lucy away from Gray:

I know that it looks like they are just chatting normally, but that’s just Juvia being shrewder than usual in her approach. Besides, even the arrow is pointing at the next victim of her madness!

We still don’t know if Frosch is a girl or a boy, but it makes no difference! Juvia hates all love rivals equally! Gray hugging Frosch? No way is Juvia going to put up with that, and of course she doesn’t! She has already declared it a love rival! So typical, so Juvia. But now we must fear for poor Frosch!

Look how genuinely terrified Frosch is at Juvia’s reaction. Look as the little exceed flees from Gray at Juvia’s intimidating stare-

Oh… well, I’m sure both Frosch and Gray felt Juvia’s wrath in the very next panel that Mashima forgot to draw in his haste. It’s a weekly series after all. Things get mistakenly left out all the time. We forgive you, Mashima!

In any case, the moment of truth is upon us. So, what did Juvia do when she found out Gray left her for 6 months on a secret mission under Erza’s orders? Surely she was furious! Surely she was declaring Erza as her love rival! Surely she was forbidding Gray to ever leave her side agai-


Huh… W-well, it doesn’t matter! I’m sure Juvia gave Gray an earful when they got back to their home!  That’ll teach Gray from daring to ever leave Juvia’s side  to go off with other females without Juvia’s permission! Not that he has any other female friends left, of course. Juvia saw to that ohohoho…

WHAT ARE YOU DOING GRAY?!!!!!!! Leaving again with your team?! With Erza, Lucy, and Wendy in company?! You should know better than that!!!!!

You can even see Juvia’s anger is boiling just below the surface at being stuck with people who aren’t Gray!

I don’t even know why Juvia logically reacts like this. I guess it’s just her crazy obsession that makes her so possessive! Otherwise I see no other reason why she would want to be near Gra-

Ok, so what if Gray’s father wanted Juvia to take care of Gray?! And so what if that’s hard to do if Gray keeps mysteriously disappearing under dangerous circumstances! That means NOTHING! Juvia doesn’t think about anyone but HERSELF. That’s a FACT.  

And Juvia will surely terrorize all those girls, and give Gray a piece of her mind when he gets back-

Mashima, why must you off-panel all of the things that prove my points?! This is very vexing!!!! >_<

No matter! Juvia has forced herself on Gray LOADS of times before. Gray has his own team, sure, but Juvia is a stalker, remember? She doesn’t need to join Gray’s team to keep an eye on him. Not that she lets Gray go on missions with his team anymore, of course. That’s the whole point of Juvia isolating Gray from all of his female friends. He’s not allowed to be alone with any of them ever since Juvia joined the guil-

Gray is away on another mission without Juvia, surrounded by his team of potential love rivals, and people Juvia has surely already isolated Gray from?! What is this sorcery?!  I’m sure we will see Juvia following closely behind at some point. Hold on while I peruse the manga so that I can find those panels of Juvia stalking Gray, that so often appear….

*five minutes later*

Oh, they are in here. That arc went on for over three months. I’m pretty sure she popped up at some point…

*ten minutes later*

Ok, I see the arc is winding down… where are you hiding, Juvia?!

*15 minutes later*

Ah ha! A hot springs scene with Gray surrounded by naked love rivals?! I don’t think so! Bitches about to get water sliced. Where you be, Juvia?!

*arc finishes*

…. That’s fine. You know why? Because I’m sure I remember that when Gray got back to the guild, Juvia went off on all of them! That’s what it was! Just you wait-

Doesn’t matter. considering how flushed Gray is I bet those breads were poisoned (Juvia has tried to drug Gray before. Remember that very canon love potion episode? BECAUSEI DO). I’d be worried if I were you, Elfman. Just saying…

In any case, forget about Juvia not letting Gray socialize with other women, and no longer having any female friends. We know that’s true, because I said so.

(And Cana doesn’t count. With all those boobs she gropes she’s practically one of the guys.)

Also, can we talk about Juvia’s selfishness. because she IS. Incredibly so. Especially when it comes to Gray. She constantly dismisses his feelings time and time again. Remember that creepy 413 Days Omake? *shiver* That was a prime example of Juvia’s selfish behavior. Gray is feeling down on the anniversary of Ur’s death, and Juvia DARES trying to impose some bullshit anniversary on him, and expecting him to be happy? WOW. And then when she found out why Gray rejected her stupid gift (a scarf? For an ice mage? Seriously? As if anyone would ever give an ice mage a gift like tha-

The point is. Juvia clearly didn’t care the least about Gray’s own feelings, as we can see he-

I’m sure that was just her trying to save face. That’s all! Can’t look bad in front of Erza. Juvia is so two-faced. Anyway, the fact is, Juvia ruined Gray’s day. Thanks, Juvia, for making Gray even more miserabl-

Well…He’s FROWNING, isn’t he?! And I’m sure that smile afterwards is just to cover up his frown on the inside. Poor Gray. You’re not even allowed to be sad when in mourning because of Juvia.

And this wasn’t the last time Juvia tried to rain on Gray’s sadness parties. Oh no, because after the GMG, when Gray was upset about Ultear, guess who had a problem with it again? Oh that’s right. JUVIA. 

And of course she didn’t care how he was feeling. I’m sure her worried expression is just her frustration over Gray not speaking to her OBVIOUSLY.

Sorry we all can’t be happy in other people’s misery like you, Juvia! Thankfully, Gray gave her a piece of his mind this time…

Man, Gray is such a nice guy. Putting a smile on his face, and lying to spare Juvia’s feelings like that.You are so lucky, Juvia. No one else would put up with your crap!

And Gray has put his life on the line multiple times for Juvia! And how has she repaid him? By being horribly selfish, of course. that’s the point I’m making, after all. It’s not like she’s ever really done anything of value for him-

Ok, so she may have protected him/saved his life a couple of times. But big deal? Who hasn’t saved lives in this series? That’s nothing special!

The point is, Juvia doesn’t really care about Gray. As we saw at the end of the Tartarus arc. She knows Gray just lost his dad. And she knows it’s her fault (MURDERER). And yet, she follows (stalks, stalks, stalks) him all the way to his parents grave, where he’s in mourning, and tries to saddle him with her guilt. How self-absorbed can one person get, I ask you?! She doesn’t care that he’s hurting. All she thinks about is her own feelings for him -

Ok, so she’s giving up on him because she feels she has no right to love him any more after the pain she just caused him. And that’s supposed to make me feel what, exactly? Please. Spare me, Juvia. And yeah, she killed off Keith, thinking Gray will hate her forever for doing it, but she did it anyway because Silver assured her it was what was best for Gray. But so what? 

You can keep your “sorries” Juvia, we know you don’t really mean it! At the end of the day, she still hurt Gray knowingly. Thankfully Gray is about to go off on her AT LAST.

Poor Gray, he’s far too upset to even think straight! Don’t stick your face there (the phrase is a shoulder to cry on, not a boob!)! You were almost rid of her forever!!!! Ugh! >_<

Whatever, she’s so selfish that she doesn’t even attempt to console Gr-

Ok, that scene doesn’t really give the full effect of how terrible Juvia can be. Let me go back to Juvia’s jealousy. As I said, Gray is not allowed to be in contact with other females, but having PHYSICAL CONTACT with another girl is ESPECIALLY PROHIBITE-

Gray is carrying Erza ( a woman who Gray is clearly no longer friends with thanks to Juvia isolating him from the female population) on his back?! Unforgivable! Juvia will surely never allow that!!! Watch as she… 

…does …


Oh. Well, I mean, surely she has already expressed her extreme displeasure, and threatened her unconscious figure with retribution, wishing her wounds never heal in a panel that Mashima forgot to include. No matter! We know the truth!!!

Plus, there were plenty of other moments where Juvia showed her violent anger over Gray touching another female that wasn’t her.

Gray dove to catch Lucy?! How dare he!!!! How dare he put his hands on her?! Oh, we are about to see some intense Juvia anger oho! Lucy better watch out, because she thinks she’s in pain now, but wait until Juvia gets done with h-

Well, I’m sure Juvia’s look of concern, and being one of the first people trying to run to Lucy’s aid means nothing! It’s just for show! We know the true feelings lying just below the surface! She was seething with jealousy on the INSIDE Surely Juvia spent the rest of the day privately celebrating Lucy’s misfortune, and wishing her further ill. I bet she didn’t even go visi-

That’s fine. Juvia being the first from Team B to rush into Lucy’s hospital room is MEANINGLESS, do you hear?! She was probably laughing raucously at Lucy’s suffering moments before she rushed inside! You are not fooling anyone, Juvia!!!

Lucy and Gajeel about to be attacked by Keith. Yes! two false friends, and her greatest love rival about to get taken out in one fell swoop. Excellent! Juvia will be celebrating to-

NO!!! What are you doing?! Juvia!!! 

Ugh, honestly, Juvia doesn’t have friendships, ok? I get she wants to look good to manga readers, but this is just too hard to swallow. As if Juvia would show any care, connection or try and protect someone that’s not Gra-

Ok… you know what? Who cares if Juvia’s done the most unison raids, which is a magic attack that is supposed to show a close bond between two people? Who cares if she’s had important “moments” with other people? Plus, a lot of those things happened a LONG time ago, so obviously they don’t matter any more.  If it didn’t happen in the most recent chapters, it’s null and void. Simple as that! Everyone knows character development has an expiration date. She obviously hates these people now, and is no longer friends with any of them. DUH! 

Anyway, Mashima, you can keep trying to make us believe Juvia isn’t a heartless, selfish stalker, who’s goal in life isn’t to isolate Gray from all of his friends, and heap harm upon all love rivals. But I’m not buying it.





Because I, and MANY others, know the truth. It doesn’t matter if the actual manga doesn’t support my claims, because I think it’s obvious what Juvia’s true character really is. So, no matter how many times you show Juvia “caring” about other people, and no matter how often we see her “selflessly” sacrificing her own well being and interests for the good of others, I know how things TRULY are.

There’s a darkness lurking just below the surface.

We’re all on to you, Juvia.

Zeref? Acnologia? You ain’t got NOTHING on Juvia, The True Face of Darkness (forget E.N.D., it’s all about T.F.D.).

Taking down Fairy Tail from the inside, one love rival at a time.

Anything to make you happy (Jack Barakat imagine)

~Request: Jack imagine where he is clingy out of nowhere like he wants to do everything with you, hugs & kisses you all the time. When you ask him why he is acting like that he confesses that he had a dream about losing you & since then he is afraid of this?~

~This is such a cute request~

You woke up this morning all alone in your bed, which was abnormal. “Jack?” You called out. “In the kitchen” You heard your boyfriend call from downstairs. You got up and put some socks on since the floor was cold, and headed downstairs. You went into the kitchen to see Jack making breakfast. Wait.. Jack? Making breakfast? How unusual. The man rarely is up before 11 and by then he just grabs a bag of chips and calls it lunch. The only time he has ever made anything was on your birthday or some holiday, but today was all normal. “Who are you and what have you done with Jack Barakat?” You laughed, surprising him. He jumped a bit and laughed. “I cant make breakfast for my beautiful girlfriend?” He smiled at you. You were a bit confused. He was normally very sarcastic and silly and more of a best friend towards you, with cuddling and sex included. He was being very romantic though. You just nodded a bit and went to the livingroom, turning the TV on and watching Adventure Time (Yes youre an adult but who cares). You watched and Jack came in with a plate and placed it on the table. “For you” He said and went to grab something else from the kitchen. You looked down and it was three tiny stacks of pancakes. Each stack was shaped as ‘I’ ‘<3′ and ‘U’. You smiled like an idiot at how cute that was, but it was kinda weird. This wasnt like Jack. Youve known him since you were both kids, and youve been dating for over a year now. Its not like him. Jack walked back in with a glass of orange juice, placed it next to the plate and sat down next to you. He placed his arm around you and kissed your cheek, starting to watch. 

Once you were done, you and Jack just cuddled and watched Adventure Time. He kept nuzzling and kissing your shoulder which was kinda weird. You loved when Jack was cute and cuddly but hes been like this since you woke up. Suddenly his phone rang in the kitchen. He kissed your cheek and sprung up running to the kitchen. He answered his phone, and started talking. You werent paying attention until he called your name. “Hey babe! Rian and Cass are going roller skating later today, they invited us on a double date. You wanna?” You looked over. Usually when it comes to stuff like this, Jack would be like “Hey babe were going rollerskating later with Rian and Cass” And you just went along with it. Why was he asking for your permission? This was starting to get a bit weird. You just nodded and Jack told Rian you guys would meet them there around 4. You got up to take a shower but before you could even make it up the second flight on the stairs Jack grabbed you and pulled you up, spinning you around a bit. You laughed and looked down “Jack put me down” He finally put you down and pecked your lips. “Sorry babe I just love you ok?” You smiled a nodded, going to take a shower. This was really getting weird.

After your shower, you got dressed in your favorite All Time Low shirt and favorite jeans, put on some shoes and headed downstairs. Jack was dressed in his “Who the fuck is Jack Barakat’ shirt. He smiled at you when he saw you and said “I love when you wear ATL merch” You smiled back and he grabbed your hand, pulling you to the car.

When you guys made it to the skate place, you bought skates and walked over to Rian and Cassadee who were sitting around eating greasy roller rink pizza. You guys sat down in front of them and said your hellos, hugging Cass from across the table. As you all talked and ate pizza, Jack noticed something that you didnt. A guy was obviously checking you out as he walked by, and after he did, Jack pulled you closer to him and smiled at you. After pizza, you Jack Rian and Cass went onto the floor and started skating around. Jack kept glaring at someone, but you didnt know why, and he wouldnt let go of your hand. Every few moments he hugged you tight while skating and kissing you. You thought it was cute but you were kinda annoyed by now. “Hey uhh I have to pee. Ill be back” Jack said and kissed you on the nose before skating towards the bathroom. You skated with Rian and Cass, even if you felt kinda third wheeled by their holding hands. “Jack is acting really cuddly with you. Its unusual of him” Rian said. “I know” You responded. “He made me breakfast this morning too” “What??” Rian exclaimed. “He never makes anything. He rarely makes anything for himself on tour, he just asks someone to get something for him or hell throw something in the microwave.” You looked at the ground. and shrugged. “I mean I like cute cuddly Jack but this is a bit too much for me..” “Sounds like it” An unfamiliar voice said behind all of you. You turned around, skating backwards, and Rian and Cass just turned their heads. “I honestly dont see why you stick with that guy” The guy smiled. You glared a bit “Well first of all hes my boyfriend, and second who are you to criticize my relationship?” The guy snickered. He was about Alexs height, and he had messy red hair. “Im just agreeing with you, and Im Travis” He held out his hand. You shrugged and shook it, but he pulled you to him and wrapped his arm around you. Rian and Cass stopped and turned towards you and this guy. Travis smiled “Well your boyfriend isnt here right now. Lets say we ditch him. Can go see a movie.” Rian and Cass stood there shocked. You pushed yourself off him. “Who do you think you are??” You raised your voice. He smirked and said “I believe Im-””About to get your fucking ass kicked” Travis was interrupted by that familiar voice. Travis turned around and next thing everyone knew he was on the ground from getting Jacks fist slammed into his nose. You could tell Jack was about to start kicking him so you went over to him and pulled him back a bit. “Jack stop you already broke his nose no need to punch his ribs.” He turned to you, obviously red with anger and jealousy. “Why are you defending him?” He raised his voice a bit. “Jack youre drawing a crowd” Rian said  but Jack wasnt listening “I saw the way he was looking at you earlier. I shouldnt have left you alone. I should have stayed and just held it in.” You kinda giggled at that and Jacks anger diminished only a little bit. He sighed and went to kiss you but you stopped him. “Ok Jack we need to talk.” You grabbed his hand and started to pull him away from the floor, not knowing that behind you Jack looked unbelievably heartbroken. You both took your skates off and you brought him outside the building. You turned to him and didnt bother asking why he looked so upset, assuming he was just still upset about what happened inside. “Ok what is up with you? Youve been unbelievably clingy all day. Its cute but its not like you” You said. Jacks face turned from heartbreak to surprise. “I-I.. Ok I had a dream last night..” He started. You crossed your arms and waited for him to continue “I had a dream last night.. You left… You told me you were leaving because you found someone who loved you better. You said I didnt love you enough… You didnt want to be with me anymore, and I was begging for you to stay and that Id change but.. you left..” By the end, Jack was in tears and you were surprised. “I thought it might happen if I didnt do something about it… I was scared that you were going to leave me.. Its why I was so upset when you said we needed to talk..” You looked at him in shock. You jumped up and hugged him tight. Jack sighed deeply in relief and hugged you back. You pulled away and frowned at him “How could you ever think Id leave you? Im sorry Jack but… youre stuck with me” You smiled at him. He grinned and pulled you in for another hug, kissing you a bunch. “You can be clingy sometimes but I was perfectly content with how we have been since you asked me to be your girlfriend.” Jack blushed a bit and rested his forehead against yours. “Anything to make you happy”