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Tony and Peter sharing the same sentiment on why they do what they do, which is to protect the people and the world they love and care about
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anonymous asked: sugar vs thnks fr th mmrs


Starry Boy | Wen Junhui icons

read terms before using

“Throw a steak off the yacht
To a pool full of sharks, 

she’ll take it

Leave her in the wilderness
With a sworn nemesis, 

she’ll make it”


April 15th 2016;
One year since NCT U’s debut stage

Total: 10 papers, 71 frames, lost track of time but probably all day


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happy birthday my beautiful ten, please continue to keep on smiling that bright shining smile; it makes all of us feel bright and warm on the inside– you’re an absolute light in our lives, we love you so much 

 well, you know the drill: no reposting/claiming as yours/etc. please and thank you!

deadinaminute  asked:

Tbh, I'm surprised you revealed Paula's death so casually on an Akinator video. If I were you, I'd probably edit out the part where Akinator asked that question so nobody would even know it asked about his death, then I would publish the news in an official video. It probably would have been more heartbreaking, and you seemed to love making us hurt as much as possible, why not them? You didn't even show the pic of Luca crying over his corpse! What gives!?

i was confused at first because i didnt know who paula was lmao

i was originally gonna do that, make an entire video dedicated to it. but then i realized i dont have fucking time to do that lmao no time to dedicate videos to that. 

plus i thought mentioning it so casually would be hilarious like a “oh yeah hes dead btw lmao” kinda of way. i still got a good reaction nonetheless. 


Haikyuu!! Shiratorizawa’s #5 Tendou Satori!

can you understand how sweet and down to earth mark lee is??? mnet can give up trying to evil edit him bc even in his interview he kept praising others, saying that he can do well (but never mentioned being better than others) and even mentioned he couldnt believe he got 2nd place. saying that he’s thankful for it. not to mention bowing to every compliment he gets.
tbh the rest of the students are super sweet and encouraging too. i havent heard anyone diss any other contestant. someone admitted he didnt expect much from an idol but was surprised and learnt that mark was also just like them, another student that likes rap. and mnet’s dramatic ass cant do anything to stop these wonderful students. bless their teenage hearts.


seven friendships [2/7] jem carstairs & will herondale, the infernal devices

Jem’s eyes had widened, and then he’d laughed, a soft laugh. “Did you think I did not know you had a secret?” he’d said. “Did you think I walked into my friendship with you with my eyes shut? I did not know the nature of the burden you carried. But I knew there was a burden.” He’d stood up. “I knew you thought yourself poison to all those around you,” he’d added. “I knew you thought there to be some corruptive force about you that would break me. I meant to show you that I would not break, that love was not so fragile. Did I do that?”
Will had shrugged once, helplessly. He had almost wished Jem would be angry with him. It would have been easier. He’d never felt so small within himself as he did when he faced Jem’s expansive kindness. He thought of Milton’s Satan. Abashed the Devil stood, / And felt how awful goodness is. “You saved my life,” Will had said.


You, at least, made an effort. You got up in the morning, tried to be normal for Charlie, followed the pattern of your life. When I wasn’t actively tracking, I was… totally useless. I couldn’t be around my family — I couldn’t be around anyone. I’m embarrassed to admit that I more or less curled up into a ball and let the misery have me. It was much more pathetic than hearing voices. And, of course, you know I do that, too.

Kaneki Ken | Tokyo Ghoul → Tokyo Ghoul √A

deadly-women  asked:

I plan on filming a documentary/short film by the end of the year. But, I'm lacking funds and experience in film production or editing. Nonetheless, I have so many creative ideas. How did you manifest your ideas with obstacles set in your path?

I have so much experience working with no resources and no experience and making something beautiful I think I could write a book about it. Most of what I do and have done in life I was never trained or taught by anyone. I didnt study any of it in school and I never had any kind of mentor for it. Even designing 000sportwear — especially designing 000sportwear — everything that I do with this brand is literally over 10 years in the making. I’ve been sewing and designing ever since I was
about 13, I’ve had about 10 million different clothing lines and it took me that long and that many mistakes to get to where I am now.

And even with that, i still work from that place even to this day. I think that’s the greatest test of creativity and innovation, having to create wonderful things from little to no resources and experience, that is place is where true creative geniuses are born because it takes a certain kind of mind to be able to find a way to create no matter what.
It is not easy, it might be the most difficult and frustrating thing you ever attempt to do in life, BUT… The point and focus is that: There is a way. There is ALWAYS a way. No matter what your trying to do and no matter how many obstacles you face.

And it might take you 2 years to be able to do what someone with the resources would do in 2 weeks but you will and can find a way. Thats what I keep in mind, on those frustrating nights when I feel like I’m in over my head and have taken on more than I bargained for, those nights when I question my abilities as a creative, my skills as a designer or writer or artist or whatever… I remember that I can.

I remind myself that there is nothing in the world that can stop me and if I’m diligent enough to search for it: I will find a way to manifest what I’ve envisioned in my mind and create something beautiful to share with the world.

@the anon who has been sending @d–oki all these messages about me ‘reblogging my own caps’, let me make one thing clear. Never in my life have I reblogged anything of mine. I would’ve ended this here but you apparently sent two messages to her (this and this) and it pisses me off so fucking much to see this. it’s embarrassing and humiliating, and it’s hurting my pride and I’m unfortunately a very prideful person. I don’t care if I sound like an asshole rn, cuz I am and Im going to stick up for myself before anyone actually misinterprets this. plus im glad Lyric is so understanding and she handled it so well so screw you for trying to tarnish my name because I’ve got wonderful people around me, and everything she said was so genuine and true and there is no reason for me to write this post except for the fact that I am a disgustingly prideful being and I do not like the idea of being mistaken.

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