i didnt come up with this idea

where there was once one, there are now two

How Hogwart’s see’s the Marauders vs how they see themselves:

  • Peter and Remus are the most emotional ones. How on earth anyone in school managed to come to this conclusion they have no idea because Peter is stronger than people give him credit for and Remus tends to bottle things up to an unhealthy extent. They can guarantee with almost 100% success rate that if one of them is crying, it’s mister-wears-his-heart-on-his-sleeve Sirius.
  • Remus is tidy. This drives Sirius and Peter insane because Remus is incredibly, ridiculously, horrendously messy and they’re always picking up after him. He’s rivaled in untidiness only by James, though people do rightly assume that he is a slob. 
  • Remus is the mother of the group. Where anyone got this notion from they have no idea. He might be the voice of reason but James is the biggest mother-hen of the four of them without a doubt. He’s always the one reminding Sirius to take his cloak, telling Peter to get enough sleep and making sure Remus eats proper meals in the run up to full moon. 
  • Sirius is a womaniser. This cracks them up because he’s snogged maybe two at most of the thirty girls that claim they’ve dated him. And, though it’s not common knowledge, as Peter likes to say, Sirius is as bent as a butchers hook. (Or as James less eloquently puts it, he’s gay as fuck)
  • James is the epitome of cool. This makes Sirius laugh and Remus and Peter roll their eyes because James is the biggest dork they know, cool as he fancies himself. Remus and Peter would also have to (grudgingly) admit that Sirius pulls off being cool effortlessly, and, as Remus would point out to James, effortless is the key point there. 
  • Remus and Peter are innocent. This is the biggest pile of crap James and Sirius have ever heard, it’s simply unfortunate that they are involved in pranks slightly less frequently and have damn good poker faces. Sirius has the worst poker face of all.
  • Remus is a polite and humourless. Heard from people do not know Remus Lupin well enough, because Remus is very capable of being an absolute tosser when it suits him, as the other three well know. He’s also got a fantastic, dry sense of humour and utilises sarcasm in a way that has them all clutching their stomachs.
Came Back Wrong (didnt come back at all) - An Elsewhere U Tale

Hey all! As always, many thanks to @charminglyantiquated for the wonderful sandbox that is @elsewhereuniversity.

I’m still working on Feathers, by the by,  just… not in chronological order. I now know exactly how it ends, and a pretty solid idea of how to get there though!

In the mean time, have this. …Directly related to working on Feathers and this at the same time: it is fricken hard to keep switching back and forth between past and present tense. I think I caught all my slip ups in this, but let me know if you guys catch anything!

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“My name’s Flowerpower. Well. Ok, yeah, no, it’s not. You know I mean my name, not my Name. My mom was a hippie, yeah, but not that much of one.” The girl sat leaning against a cave wall, knees bent nearly to her chest, elbows resting upon them. She didn’t care that the moss was leaching water into her clothes where she leaned against it, and though her flesh goose-pimpled she didn’t feel cold.

“Back when I first got to Elsewhere, I’d just been getting over the last gasp of a truly nasty case of mono, so I ended up missing orientation. I had to make an appointment in the administrative building to fill out the paperwork I missed, and introduced myself to the counselor who was guiding me through it all.” She paused, as if waiting for a reaction. After a second longer, she went on.

“I introduced myself by Name.  Which. Yeah. I know now, but like I said: I missed orientation. Looking back, I was so friggin lucky that my counselor is the one who’s married to the monster-hunter librarian.  She didn’t even think of taking advantage. Still hasn’t, may whatever she believes in bless her.” The girl- Flowerpower- sighed, let her head loll back against the stone, idly twisted her ring.

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just a few minutes ago i saw my cat outside with something in his mouth. i ran out to get it because i dont want him eating things like that and i yelled at him to drop it and he did and ran off. and i come up and its this little vole. and it looks dead as fuck like 

its not breathing it’s released it’s bowls etc etc and im rlly sad. but then i get the bright idea to do

tiny chest compressions with a little blunt stick. and i do it really fast cause i have no idea how fast vole hearts beat but definitely a lot faster than ours. and i do this for like… a good 30 seconds. and then it starts breathing!! and im like holy shit i knew this cat didnt actually kill this thing hes too mean for that.

so.. i get the bright idea to treat it like it’s in shock, i bring it to a warm sunny place and rest it there in my glove that i’d taken off. im examining it with more tiny sticks, seeing if i can find any obvious injuries and i cant so im like.. hey! maybe it really is just in shock! and so i start like.. bothering it. poking its ears and belly and face trying to get it to rouse. and it jerks really hard on one of them so at that point im like

super fucking pumped so i run off to get it a better place to lay down and a basket to leave over it to stop cats from getting it. and when i come back! it had moved a few inches away from my glove!! and when i took the glove away it started struggling to roll over so i picked it back up and sure enough it started squeaking at me (heart breakingly adorable) and wiggling a little. 

i fucking… revived this vole from the brink of death. i know it may seem silly or even counter intuitive because voles are pests but i think if i can save any life from a needless gory demise its my duty to try my best. i put him in some straw in the field in the sun and even though he was too scared to go anywhere i could tell that he could move. 

everybody wish him luck on his second chance 

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do you think that alex used to dream of liking getting married but she never pictured like the perfect groom cause she didnt know what guys she liked then when she came out she started picturing maggie in either a suit or dress at their wedding

I feel like alex tried being like all the other girls, who dreamed about the perfect wedding and the perfect husband, but as she got older, she decided that maybe love wasn’t for her, and that she would never get married or find love, then maggie comes and fucks up that whole idea, because now all she can think about is walking down the aisle, maggie in a suit, all her family and friends around her

so i got a grand total of less than 5 hours of sleep last night because i decided to draw until one in the morning instead of going to bed on time
and i didnt realize that it’s saturday and that i didnt have to get up at 6:30 and that i could just go back to sleep. i get up, realize that its the weekend, and go back to sleep
about one or two hours later, my mom comes into my room telling me to keep an eye on my brother (aka wake up) while she goes to run errands
and now im wide awake because im one of those people who has trouble falling back asleep after waking up. woops.

so, vent comic/doodle. though really im not salty at all, this idea just popped in my head after my lack of sleep, so its silly to call it a vent doodle.
so just for fun, imagine that Mettaton sleeps to charge his batteries
and he’ll sleep like a rock until he’s fully charged, where he’ll just burst out of bed full of energy
While Frisk just wants to sleep for another six hours

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as if the mockumentary didnt ruined me,the idea of Ivar and his siter killed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!How you come up with that?please tell me it'll happe!!!!

I just feel that because Ivar doesn’t have very many females in his life if he had a sister who was in between him and Sigurd that she would be really close to him. Aslaug probably would have stuck her on Ivar duty at a young age. They would’ve grown close and i think that the lines between brother and sister would have been a bit blurred as time went on to the point that when season 4b started they probably would have been having those feelings for each other for a long time. Aslaug would frown upon it but she just wants Ivar to be happy, so she doesn’t say anything.

And it will probably be written up later but as of now requests are still closed.

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do you think you'll ever do a continuation of that Mitjo fic? of like the next day? (asking cause Im a thirsty hoe for your fic)


uhh I DUNNO MAN i didnt have any plans for it but maybe if mars comes up with an idea and begs nicely enough ;^)

but for real i’ll be honest though it’s really surreal to get this ask because i wrote that fic for her as a friend way before she even had a fandom so now im like… the Grandfather of the mitjo fics and i think everyone knows that one… feels weird man

Reylo Modern AU idea: Rey and Ben are both unaccompanied minors at the airport.  Rey is on her way to another new foster home, Ben is coming back from visiting Han, who moved across the country after he and Leia split up.  Both of their flights out of the transferring airport get cancelled, and the flight attendants stick them both in the dreaded ‘unaccompanied minors’ room while they find new flights for them to get on.  They introduce the two, thinking that because they’re both the only unaccompanied minors stuck at the airport, they’ll get along.  Not so: almost as soon as they are left alone, Rey and Ben get into a fight, and the younger Rey runs off.  Ben then has to hunt through the airport to find Rey, who has all but disappeared.

Bonus: Once Ben finds Rey and they make up, they become fast friends, and spend most of the next twelve hours or so together until a flight becomes available for one of them.  When he gets home, he demands that Leia find and adopt a girl he met named Rey.  Leia is mostly very confused.

A day in the life of a smol trans dude

I made my mom salty because I brought up testosterone. She was talking about how it would be okay with her for me to go on birth control to stop periods except its like taking hormones to trick your body into thinking its pregnant and it can feminize your features and how she knew I didnt want that. so it wasnt a good idea. ANd i was like yo how come i cant start T? and she was like thats an adult decision that I dont want to make for you. and i was like why cant i make it? and she was like cause youre not an adult. And I was like how come it would be okay for me to take hormones to feminize my body but not to masculinize it. she didnt answer. and then we were both salty. lololololol

one of my favorite like, small moments in trc is when gansey just points to adam like “adam! give me an idea!” and adam just fuckin DOES like. like he could have come up with an idea at any time but it?? didnt occur to him until gansey was like hey adam i just remembered youre like a genius and adams like oh right! i forgot that too! 

hey question re: multiclassing

we’re playing 5e, currently im a level 2 rogue, and in all honesty i think ill enjoy the game a lot more if i multiclass as a sorcerer. ive talked to the dm abt it and he said go for it if i can come up w an in-game justification for it (obvs. it might be a bit complicated to justify me suddenly being a sorcerer in-game but i think i can work w the dm on that i have a decent idea)

the question is, is it worth waiting to get 4 rogue levels (for that extra ability score improvement)? i wouldnt have access to 9th level spells if i did (plus id lose that last metamagic feature), and i would only get 4 ability score improvements if i didnt

the only rogue feature im really disappointed i wouldnt get at this point is uncanny dodge but like. i lose BOTH those things if i take 5 rogue levels so its not worth it to me lmao. so like theres nothing i actually want at level 3 or 4, i just want the extra ability score improvement lmao

i shouldve just played a sorcerer from the beginning and took like. a level in fighter later or something to get some armor proficiency????? but NAH apparently im a FUCKIN LOSER who DIDNT THINK OF THAT

anyway my question is should i just quit taking rogue levels now and end up with 2 rogue levels / x sorcerer levels or should i end up with 4 rogue levels / x sorcerer levels

i think ill prob. just stop now and take more rogue levels if i change my mind before level 16 but yea

KAGEHINA fic prompt

I desperately need someone to write this Kagehina fanfiction idea I have had in mind for a while now ;_;

So like, Kageyama realizes he has a huge crush on Hinata but he is confused and of course he doesn’t tell Hinata. (The usual sauce). How Kageyama comes to this conclusion is up to the writer.

There’s the school festival then. Each class has to prepare something for it and Hinata’s class is doing a small recital. Hinata just so happens to be chosen as the main female lead (bc he’s the cutest one) and against his will his classmates dress him as a girl.

During one of his “infinite” trips to the toilets, dressed as a girl, Hinata is “molested” by other male students who believe he is a cute girl and want to exchange phone numbers with him. Hinata is unbelievingly furious and about to blurt out is not a girl when Kageyama saves him from them. Of course Kags doesn’t recognize him, so Hinata decides to go with the flow and plays a prank on him, altering his voice as he thanks him, and making him believe he really is a girl. Eventually after some flirting the two start going out on dates. Hinata is very surprised that Kageyama, so dedicated to volleyball, accepts to date him (as a girl) but he goes along with it. (It’s all a joke for him at the beginning then things gradually start to change). It’s awkward as hell when Kageyama tries to kiss him while dressed as a girl for the first time, and Hinata searches of excuses not to but he eventually gives in and starts to like it. When Hinata meets Kageyama as himself though and Kageyama tells him all about the girl he’s dating he gets jealous (of himself) even though he doesn’t understand why.

Things go on like that for a while until one day, Hinata tired of the charade (bc he’s started to feel weird towards his teammate) is about to tell everything to Kageyama. But there’s something Hinata ignores. Kageyama has a secret of his own, he knows Hinata’s secret since the very beginning. (Plot twist, well, kind of). So you will have to play this one carefully and choose how to make Kageyama respond to anything Hinata does in this kind of circumstance. It also would be intense if at one point Hinata (jealous of himself) creates a situation where he says to Kags he’s envious because he has never kissed anyone and  that he needs to practice because he’s got a date with a girl ( he lies) and Kags (jealous) promptly kisses him. To get out of the embarrassing situation, Kageyama tells him is just kissing practice. They eventually fall into this routine with Hinata wrecking his brain about Kageyama being a two timer and viceversa xD Hinata is wary of Kageyama touching him anywhere when dressed as a girl because he is scared of him finding out. (but Kags knows better so he’ll be careful himself).

Needs to be fluffy, funny and a bit angsty. Lots of thinking on both parties, (they both don’t know how to tell the thruth to the other). Lots of kissing, touching, blushing, bickering, and ofc lots of feels and oh well, you are the writer so you should know how to write it, how to develop, it and how to end it xD
You can add nsfw too but this is Kagehina so idk. They are mainly just dorks in love~

Can be a one shot or multi chaptered, you can include as many characters as you like but keep it Kagehina~  Also happy ending please~

Bonus point: Kageyama likes very short skirts (Hinata in a very short skirt to be clear xD)

If anyone ever writes this I’ll be grateful forever♡ and if you do and need more details tell me c:


concept: the entity that is HABIT but with a humanoid form

the wolf spider thing is nice but i also wanted to design something somewhat more practical so here’s what i came up with. i feel if it were up to habit he’d probably keep his hair really long. or maybe he just doesnt care enough to cut it. as for the tail thing, i included that because i still wanted him to look beastly, same idea goes for the claws too. i didnt feel like drawing his feet but pretty much the same goes there.

he probably would wear clothes too, but i wanted to show off what’d be underneath. left is just come color edit while the right is the actual colors i used, for reference sake i guess

I know where I stand

Pairing ; reader X liam
Prompt ; can i get a liam imagine when your stiles little sister and your dating liam and he keeps standing you up for hayden and one day he was going to pick you up but hayden called so he didnt come and you walk home by yourself and got hurt so the pack gets mad at liam
Your older brother Stiles didn’t exactly worship the idea of you and Liam dating . Ever since he became Scott’s little I.E.D beta , he’s been crazy over protective and paranoid about you being near him and now that you were dating , you were surprised Stiles hadn’t gone mentally insane .

However , recently Stiles had gotten over the I.E.D thing since Liam was improving BUT he had found something else that made him angrier ; Liam’s new blossoming friendship with his enemy Hayden Romero .

Why does this bother Stiles so much? Because every time he see’s his sister’s disappointment or hurting over each promise Liam broke when he blew her off to rush to Hayden’s aid , Stiles was like a bomb ready to explode but he kept it in for (Y/N)’s sake .

~ 🎀 ~

Working at the cafe close to your school had its perks but it also came with a price . Your dad was the only one in the household that worked and you hated the idea of having him pay for everything you need like the basics and schooling so you got a job to help out.

It paid good enough and your tips were a bonus but you were often given the later shifts after school . Since some college students liked working in the cafe late at night to use the free wifi offered and to get their dose of caffeine you were often left to lock up when it was dark out.

Usually your dad or Stiles would pick you up but they were both busy with the recent murders and on a hunt for new chimeras . Liam had promised to meet you and walk you home but like every other promise he made , he broke .

He didn’t exactly say why he couldn’t make it , he just said that something important came up and he would make it up. You didn’t protest , just hung up and started walking home by yourself .

You’d be lying if you said being out by yourself wasn’t freaking you out , especially when you started hearing some footsteps behind you.

Someone was definitely following you . Quickening your pace you began running when you heard a growl and you were slammed into a nearby tree trunk . “Where is she?” A woman with long wavy hair growled at you , gripping you by your throat and raising you up against the trunk “Where is Malia” she snarled

You squirmed under her grasp , gasping for air “I don’t … Know” you cried grabbing at her hand trying to pry her away from you, of course it was no use .

She chuckled and dropped you making you fall to your knees “I know your lying” she chuckled “Let that be a warning to her. I’m coming to kill her and you’ll be after if you try to save her ” she threatened before running away and vanishing into the night .

Grabbing your cell you dialed the familiar number “Stiles…” You cried “I need you.”

Your head was throbbing and from looking at the front camera on your phone there was a red mark on your throat. A handprint from where she choked you .


“WHERE IS SHE ” Liam’s voice growled as he entered the living room. It woke you from your sleep and when you heard your brother yelling after him, it got you out of bed and on your feet .

“ Hurt because of your ass” Stiles snapped getting up from the couch where he was bouncing his foot up and down until you were awake and fine .

“How is this my fault? ” Liam asked annoyed meeting the elder Stilinski child halfway “You” Stiles spoke lowly and dangerously poking him in the chest “Were supposed to pick her up . Where were you huh? I STAYED QUIET FOR HER SAKE EVERY TIME YOU BLEW HER OFF BUT I’M READY TO KILL YOUR LITTLE WEREWOLF ASS BECAUSE SHE WAS ALMOST KILLED BECAUSE YOU CAN’T KEEP A PROMISE”

Scott, Stiles and Malia flinched when Stiles began yelling . It wasn’t him. “So tell me oh dear Liam Dunbar . What was so important that because of you, my sister almost died tonight. ”

“ I had to help Hayden.. The doctors came after h-”
“OHHH , i get it you had to save Hayden .. That totally makes everything so much .. Worse” Stiles growled punching Liam right in the face. He was about to hit him when a small figure appeared behind him and held him back “Stiles don’t. It’s not worth it. I know where I stand between myself and Hayden. It’s okay.” You glared at Liam and he looked at you sadly seeing the bruise on your throat “(Y/N) - ” “Save it.” You took Stiles to the kitchen to wrap his knuckles which were bleeding from hitting a werewolf In the face .

Liam stood in the living room where he got disappointing looks from Lydia, Malia and Scott “I think it’s best you go Liam.. ” Scott said softly and he nodded heading out the door . He didn’t want her getting hurt, he knew he messed up big time .