i didnt blur out the policeman because look at his face

Nino Appreciation Week: Favorite Ship (Day 3)

Ao3 / FF.net

Nino had always been a man for rules.

He didn’t like breaking them. It gave him a weird feeling.

Okay, well, staying out for longer than he was supposed to, sometimes not following the school code to the book, testing out his limits in family and school rules, that of course. That was normal.

But as soon as it became legally conflicting, he had never tried circumventing them.

Not even when he got to know Alya closer.

She had never really cared for all that. Her principles said that if there was the right will, there would be a way, with or without rules. She did have a point sometimes. For example, the French revolution would’ve never taken place if everybody had followed the rules.

But Nino’s life had never been a French revolution. He had always been more of a calm guy.

Alya’s life had always been a French revolution and yes, pun intended. In fact, that was her name in his contacts. She always went up against her parents if she didn’t see any sense in their opinions but was easily convinced when she got a few logical reasons. Must’ve been the reporter in her.

She also didn’t really care whether there was a stop sign, a threat that parents were responsible for their children or a policeman telling her to stay back.

When she wanted something, she got wound up in it until she got it. If that included sneaking around an obstacle, running head first against it or climb or convince or anything, she was all for it.

A fire escape ladder, marked with a sign that she definitely shouldn’t climb up? Nino, c’mere and help me up. A policeman standing behind a road block to keep citizens safe from the Akuma attack? Nino, go over there and distract them. Both of Paris’ superheroes telling her to stay safe, stay away, stay out of the line and for the love of god, do not run right in, okay? Eh, they don’t mean it like that.

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