i didnt ask for these emotions

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hey so this is kind of embarrassing to ask but you grew up speaking French right? u blog and do a bunch of stuff in English and well you're "plolyglotplatypus" so Idk how many languages you know but.. basically I was wondering if you ever find it easier to talk about certain things in one language (say emotions or some shit) but that you can't always talk to the people you need to in that language. Do you have any advice for something like that?If you don't it's fine really don't sweat it,thanks

oh man, all the time. its not really for a thing as broad as entire themes, but very often i find myself frustrated because theres a concept in one language that perfectly reflects what im trying to say but it doesnt exist in the language im speaking at the time, so i have to use something else to say it. funniest of all, my biggest frustration with the english language isnt about its lack of nuance and depth in emotions or insults (because believe me french has it and its like WOW), its that it doesnt have an actual word for ‘tartine’. so i decided id cope by making up a word for it myself (it’s ‘spreadling’ and i love it)

cengiz podcast part two!

sorry for the delay! here are some highlights from the second part of cengiz’ podcast with morten.

first a little side note about part 1: i saw someone wonder why cengiz didn’t get the choice to not kiss when iman had. julie immediately told him to give him that choice. he said yes to it knowing that condition, he didn’t discuss it with anyone but agreed right away.

moving on:

- when it comes to ‘feelings’ on screen, julie tries to get them to improvise a lot to create something more natural. this became easier as time went by for cengiz and iman.
- the swan scene was not yousef but completely cengiz. he hadnt seen it and they were splashing water like ‘yousef and sana’ when suddenly the swan was 2 meters away. the comment about them biting your finger off was natural as well, it was his own scared reaction.
- morten asks him if he knows about “the look”, william and even had it. he asks him if julie had him audition for “the look”. she didnt but she did ask him to express really random emotions “be embarrased, but not too strong”.
- he agrees that in 2017 it sounds weird that a muslim like iman girl cant marry a non-muslim, but he can be together with a christian girl. he doesn’t want to speak on behalf of all muslims so he thinks it’s hard to really comment on it being right or wrong.
- he believes s4 has taught norwegians a lot about islam and that they understand muslim youth better now. he uses the first clip as an example where sana says “i can have sex etc, i just choose not to”.
- if julie had written sana as a muslim who threw away her hijab, got drunk and had sex with yousef he doesnt think it had gone down well. even though he knows there are plenty of muslims who do, it would still seem offensive. he thinks the season wouldve received more hate than love then.
- he’s reveived only postive feedback from religious people, others as well
- nrk got everyone to go see a psychologist. julie was also always there for him in the first few days after he first appeared and he thanks her a lot for that.
- julie could be scary to others sometimes, but to him she was nothing but sweet.
- yousef went on holiday to turkey, he never “left/traveled away from” sana.
- he likes how they ended sana and yousef and thinks it created “after talk”, what could have happened after he got back. skam’s never over. (not a hint to it coming back, keep on dreaming)
- even though yousef wasn’t in the final scene, cengiz went to the filming. the final filming was difficult and people cried.
- “skam is over, but life isn’t”
- morten can’t get over how pretty he is and says he’s even prettier in real life than on camera.
- people havent found his home address somehow so they sent letters etc to his brother. he’s wondered if he should give it so they can send it directly to him (bless this child) and morten goes: some advice, don’t give out your home address
- he’s gotten a lot of marriage proposals on instagram, he sometimes likes those comments and then people go: (cengiz in a high pitched english voice) ahhhh he liked my comment!!!
- he started dancing when he was 12. dancing means so much to him. creativity, motivation, postivity, love, it’s all to do with dance where he can completely be himself.
- he’s 'tasted’ alcohol but has never been drunk.
-he wants to use his social media platform to inspire people.


This is breaking my heart

Roughly roughly translated (my Japanese is so bad and so basic), basically Lucy is asking Happy about “that something they wanted to do after the war” and Happy turns around to ask Natsu “have you announced it yet?” Only to discover that HES GONE ALONG WITH MY HEART

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and "the tie is blue and i love you" is new years so they say i love you before that so a few days later even's cooking for him and they're talking and isak realizes it and when even finally goes home he falls on eskilds bed and groans out "eskild we have a problem" "what's the problem isak" "i might love even. and i cant love even, we've only just gotten together, only just met!" and eskild talks to him about if it is love, or just the high of a first gay relationship (hint its the 1st one)

he realises it when theyre talking about what isak is doing for christmas day - even knows its not yet great with his family, and so he asks what isak’s plans are. isak is going home for christmas dinner but says he’s not sure for the rest of the day, and when even immediately invites him to spend the day with him and his family, the thought “i love you” just appears in his head, and it takes everything he has not to say it out loud (so what he does instead is pull even into a kiss so that he doesn’t have to talk)

he thinks about it nonstop for the remainder of the time that even is there, but keeps it quiet until even has gone home, at which point he enlists the help of his guru.

eskild is very excited by this development, though, and so he sits himself down next to isak who is lying face down on his bed, and works through it slowly.

the first thing he asks is “were you having sex at the time?” and isak rolls his eyes at eskild, but then it turrns out he wasnt joking with the question, and isak explains that, no, they weren’t having sex, they weren’t even making out. even was cooking them some food and they were just talking (okay, maybe a little making out was involved)

“okay, so we can rule out sex high, then. have you changed your mind about it after you thought it?” and isak says “no!” and turns his head to look up at eskild with the look on his face suggesting that thats the most offensive thing he’s ever heard, and then he realises how that reaction makes it sound and starts to mumble “i mean - i don’t think so - but it’s - i’ve only known him a couple of months!”

eskild nods slowly and isak looks away so he doesn’t have to see his sly grin, and he says “so you don’t want to be in love with him, then?”

“that’s ridiculous, of course i want to be - fuck.” eskild just raises his eyebrows “i just don’t want to ruin it!”

eskild thinks for a moment, because he’s not sure how to tell isak he has literally no chance of ruining it with even, has he seen how in love even is? he chooses instead to ask “has he said it?” and in answer to this he just gets a very jumbled explanation of how he kind of did but it didn’t really count and it was over text and it wasnt really saying it, and things were confusing then anyway, and it takes quite a lot of brain power for eskild to keep up with the story, but by the end he’s pretty aware that these two silly boys are definitely in love.

it takes a while to convince isak that its okay, that he’s not going to ruin anything by saying it, in fact he’ll probably make it better, and anyway, even’s probably just waiting for isak to say it so that he can say it back.

it turns out eskild is right about that. the next day when even is back again, isak opens the door, and after his talk with eskild last night, he can’t hold back from saying a breathless “i love you” instead of the usual “halla”

if isak thought that seeing even’s usual grin was like looking at the sun, the one he gets now is like looking straight into the centre of a galaxy, with thousands and thousands of suns, all at once. it takes all of three seconds before even replies “i love you too” and then they’re kissing like they never have before

they don’t stop saying it all day. they watch (”watch”) a film together, and instead of even’s usual commentary all he says is “i love you” every five seconds. and then afterwards, when they’d usually just lie there and talk about something random, the only words out of their mouths are “i love you” back and forth, in between kisses. isak is fully aware that they’re being ridiculous, but he’s also not going to stop any time soon.

they go and make food (read: even makes food and isak watches him) and while they do that they manage a semi-normal conversation, only every few minutes when theres a lull, even will speak up “hey isak” “yeah” “i love you” “i love you too”

“so i didn’t say it too soon, then?” isak asks later and even shakes his head, grinning. “i was just waiting for you to say it first.”

there’s silence for a minute, then -

“fuck, i love you”

ok so reasons why you should remember that kevin day is more than exy and drinking himself to death with vodka take notes 

  • um?? he suffered years of trauma and abuse and has anxiety attacks which is WHY he feels he needs the vodka
  • he loves history so much that he actually wanted to open up to his team about it and then his team told him to shut up about it so kevin felt bad and never talked about that passion of his ever again like :)) im bitter as fuck
  • he literally hates the music at eden’s twilight, but tolerates it for andrew. like!! my boy loves classical music!! but he goes where his friends ask him to go and doesnt complain about the music probably because he knows how he feels to have someone shit on something he loves and doesnt want to do that to others :)))
  • my boy didnt even drink before he met the monsters so consider that as well like :) anyway im emotional about that
  • he loves the color red so much even though it doesnt look good on him like he probably doesnt care and i just love it??
  • suffered under the weight of knowing he had a father, and just did not know how to reach out? imagine the fucking pain of dealing with that!!! and how he learns to reach out, and how he makes an effort to have a relationship with him. kevin actually finds the time to be happy with wymack!! a concept!!
  • also kevin day is desperate for friendship dont tell me otherwise and i bet after the trilogy he and nicky become a lot closer now that andrew has neil and theyre kind of separate from the rest of the group. kevin craves affection 
  • anyway i love kevin day

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Okay we all know the balloon squad would make yousef and sana video as a wedding present including all the clips where yousef talks about sana ending with quote "sana if you finished this video and dont want a divorce then im sure you will survive everything in this marriage"

omg,,,,, that video would be so embarrassing but so adorable like we all know yousef talks a loOOOOOT about sana so the boys when they got the idea to make the video casually left their camera on or smtg and asked him about sana (which would result on him talking about her for one hour) and he would say things so cringey but also so adorable :’‘‘‘) and they would include lil clips of yousef being a complete dork and so stupid and basically himself anD ALSO HIM DANCING,,,,, it would be the best video ever sana would love it so much and laugh at the end bc of that sentence and would rewatch it so many times and here u go settle in kids 

basically we all know yousef would always stay awake till sana gets home from work late (even if sana said that he shouldn’t he would do it anyway) but one day he’s really tired and is in bed reading or smtg waiting for her and falls asleep, when sana gets home from a really hard day at work she’s a little down and really tired so she goes to their room and sees the lights on as always and yousef is with a book in his lap and he’s peacefully sleeping and he looks so beautiful and soft and sana’s heart warms up and she smiles and honestly gets so emotional just by seeing the love of her life like that and decides to go see that video because she just really needs to feel that love strike her you know because shes already so emotional that she just needs to see that video again and so she turns off the lights and takes the book off yousef’s laps and covers him a little more and goes to their living room to see the video and she just sits on the couch laughing and crying and smiling and feeling full of love and all emotions. after some minutes yousef goes downstairs and finds his beautiful wife crying and his heart literally breaks and runs to her and holds her and asks whats wrong and she laughs softly (he’s so confused) and just says “i love you so much” and he smiles and hugs her then gently cups her face and wipes her tears away and kisses the top of her head and says “sana, i love you, i love you so so much” and smiles and she smiles and holds him closer and kisses him and they stay there for a good few minutes just cuddling till he asks her again what happened and she tells him about her day and that when she got home and saw him sleeping decided to watch their video and he laughs and is like “you started sobbing because of that? sana thats such an embarrassing video that its funny” and she gently slaps his arm and tries to act offended and goes “don’t laugh! i was emotional!” and ends up laughing and he joins her and then they get quiet again and yousef goes “being pregnant makes you emotional i see” 

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My cousin and her boyfriend, who's last name is Wheaton, just moved in with me. I jokingly asked said boyfriend if he was related to any famous Wheatons - hint hint, nudge nudge - He said he didnt know what I was talking about. I kicked him out.

This was quite an emotional journey for me.

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Cyborg 76 is what jack would be if you didnt save him, reaper. Lost both arms, the majority his legs, along with serious eye damage and presumably other damage not visible (i.e. possible brain damage)

(ohhhhh! sorry XD my mistake, never really connected ‘cyborg 76′ with soldier’s new skin! -s)




Sombra: I think he’s crying.

Reaper: fuck off

Doomfist: Is that tears? I think that’s tears

Reaper: fuck off

Widowmaker: You make me wish I could feel emotions.

Reaper: fuck off

Sombra: He is crying though.


Reaper: fuck off

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so - wait, i've been off the tungle for a while and somehow didn't piece this together, you're marrying the author of dragonoak?! :O :O that is so cool! i just started the first book because of your recommendations and gorgeous fanart and holy crap i'm so happy for both of you!!!!

hahaha i KNOW right its so crazy!!!! 

we were acquaintances on the internet for a While until i reached out to them about reading the novels they had been working on for a few years…which is the story of how we became friends bc i read dragonoak in its earlier stages! and everything just escalated from there and well. now!!! we are here!!!!!

i cant believe how LUCKY i am to be marrying (?!!??!?!) someone who i not only love but ADMIRE so much. its so wild to me that anyone i look up to as much as them would choose me of all people…theyve helped me become more of myself and really start to value myself more as a person, which is so much considering my ex did a really good job of breaking that all out of me before. 

lmao im getting sappy i just. im very lucky and very grateful and very in love and its very nice haha

Kim Yongguk's character

“Poor Yongguk and Hyunbin,they got robbed because the pd wanted to make use of Guan Lin ranking as noice marketing and given that both Guan Lin and Yongguk are foreigners/chinese speaking kids, that totally bring in extra buzzs to the show. Btw,yongguk was being so nice to Mnet. He stayed at his home this whole week in order to not spoil the show and just now fans asked him in Vapp how he was chosen to be the center but he said he could not tell unless he got the permission from Mnet. Up until now,he still choose to be this nice and loyal to them. AJY is disgusting af for playing with the trainee dreams and emotion, I would rather to see Yongguk went around taking pictures and giving signature like Hyunbin who didnt give a fuck after being cut like that”

  • me: why aren't we getting enough evak content like i need this in my life
  • even: celebrates isak in the best way possible, has isak as "mannen i mitt liv" in his phone, calms isak down when he gets mad about someone being homophobic, gives isak lots of hugs and kisses, makes a movie for him

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give me five reasons why jihope is the best ship ever

1. they’re very much supportive of each other. well, they both pointed at each other when asked which member they need when relieving their stress. jimin has said in the past that looking at hobi gives him strength, and that he hates being teased but when it’s hobi he feels happy. jimin “wrote” j-hope with his body and sent a supportive message for hobi who was practicing late at night (this also happened when some malicious/hateful hashtags about hobi started to trend). hoseok has said that when he’s worried about something, he goes to jimin for advice. when one of them is crying, they practically always start to cry as well. hoseok supporting jimin when he was filming for the mv. hoseok cheering for jimin when he was performing at gayo daejun’s opening last year. them taking care of each other. not to mention the amount of times hobi tried to make jimin laugh (and succeeded).

2. massage partners !! so this is. one of my favorite things they do. it first caught my attention on bon voyage season 1 where they kept giving each other massages and i just died every time.

3. they are rEALLY comfortable around each other. i mean they have been roommates for a while now and they’re both pretty extra but they do tHESE kind of stuff like they ABout to KISS!!!…….whY…..pLS!!! i honestly don’t think any other pairing is comfortable enough to do this.

4. the dancing duo!!! pls this just always makes me cry bc like…they share the same passion and its so beautiful to see them dancing together. they usually fool around a lot too which is so ejdfj funny and aDorable i love these !!

5. honestly when i thought about answering this i had so many stuff i wanted to say but as i kept writing i just…..got lost in so many little things that makes me love jihope even more everyday. i love their chemistry. i lvoe thIS when hobi took care of a sick jimin. i lvoe this day when they went to an art gallery together and then hobi wrote “thanks for taking the pictures my love jiminnie” and said that “he thought he was one of the artworks”. i love the day hobi said this and jimin got shfkj fluttered. and some more of jimin being supportive towards hobi. alSo all the cute pics/videos jimin posts of him with hoseok and there is a lot of them!!!!! but to be completely honest with you, they just make me really happy and that’s the main reason why they are the best ship ever, at least for me.

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Could you define what you mean by calling Vriska "hyper-empathetic"?

sure! im using the term in the same way its used to describe people with borderline personality disorder (not necessarily that i think vriska has bpd, although theres a lot of evidence supporting that):

[…] people with BPD exhibit varying degrees of apparent distortion in the way they interpret the verbal and nonverbal communications of others. This often takes the form of ascribing hurtful intentions to others based on limited, selective, or ambiguous cues. (source)

vriska is just as bad at reading other people as dirk is. but unlike dirk, who struggles to pick up on others negative emotions, vriska perceives EVERYTHING as a negative. and a lot of the time, shes right! but even when shes not, it leads to her being petty, vindictive, defensive, and ultimately blowing up in what she perceives as perfectly justified retribution for others slighting her (retribution which, by the way, is always encouraged by doc scratch, and i cant believe i havent yet mentioned his manipulation or abuse of vriska this late in the discussion). and then, after the rage passes, she realizes what shes done. she realizes that shes hurt people, and maybe she even realizes that her backlash was disproportionate. but vriska refuses to concede or show weakness, so instead of apologizing, she doubles down. she insists that she was in the right.

and its patently obvious to us, as readers, that shes full of shit - that when she tells terezi that one day shes going to do something terrible to somebody that she wishes she could take back, shes talking about herself; or that when she has what might very well be a panic attack over aradia saying she doesnt want revenge, shes redirecting all of her self-loathing and guilt outward. (by the way - someone responded to my post trying to use that very pesterlog as evidence that vriska didnt care about her friends, or that she hated aradia, and im not even going to respond because i cannot fucking fathom being that bad at reading homestuck.)

tl;dr vriska feels her emotions VERY intensely, and she feels the emotions of others very intensely too - but she doesnt necessarily feel them correctly


Look, Ben didn't care, and I don’t, either.

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Oh my god the way you stood up to that anon??? B l e s s i wouldnt have ever been able to say that or been able to respond at all because i wouldnt have known how to react but you did it so calmly without yelling or lashing out bless you as a person who's been told i make too many lgbt+ characters, many people dont understand that even though theres been an almost uprising with lgbt into society, most of them are portrayed horribly or not at all Anyway this is long just bless your soul have a gd

I LOVE YOU??? im glad the message got across clearly bc i was so furious before i started typing it like i needed two hours to collect my thoughts bc my mind was all over the place and i didnt know how to word it since i got so emotional lmao. BUT YES i agree completely! i’m super ecstatic about the tentative influx of lgbt stuff being brought to light, even if it’s barely by much……it’s a start at least hjghg


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Can we talk about Stiles' face after the kiss? He is SO full of emotion, and it's a beautiful mix of many. He looks a little tired (maybe it was Dylan? But in my head it's because he got too exhausted from being in the Wild Hunt, which is beautiful for me cause now he's home, and safe, and with his baby) and also you can see relief in his face. But what gets me the most is that he really looks like he's about to cry. I mean, he finally has Lydia. The girl he has loved selflessly for 10 years.

YES!!! his face after they kiss to me just looked like overwhelmed with happiness and disbelief??? like he looks like he’s been crying because he obviously thought he might never see lydia again and he did and she just kissed him and was gonna tell him she loved him BUT IN THAT MOMENT HE JUST KNEW AND DIDNT NEED TO HEAR IT i have never seen stiles look so emotional in my life except maybe when he thought lydia was dead in 5x16 its always about lydia :’)