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Soulmates - Calum Hood [au]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Can you please do a soulmate!Calum imagine? You can decide which soulmate thing you want to use though :) I.e. soulmate tattoos or hearing your soulmates thoughts etc. I love your writing btw :) x”

A/N: I’ve heard of loads of soulmate aus the tattoo one, one about scars and then there’s the countdown one, I’ve never seen the thoughts one before so that’s what I chose

Word Count - 868

If he’s hurt, you know. If he’s happy, you know. And if he’s sad, you know. In fact, you know pretty much his every thought, that’s just how it works. It starts from about the age of 3, just voices in your head, and by the age of 7 it’s overpowering, you hear every single thing they think but by 10 you learn to control it, you’re able to tune in and out of their thoughts unless they’re like the skilled few who learn how to lock their thoughts away, like you. There are a few theories about who’s thoughts you hear, some say it’s some long lost relative, others say they’re people in other worlds but most common is the idea that they’re your soulmate’s, that’s the one you’ve been told for years. ‘Soulmates’ are also the most believable theory considering there are a good 100 people on earth that claim to have found their thought partners or whatever you want to call them, and all of them have fallen in love. Thing is you’re not sure you believe in soulmates but that doesn’t mean you don’t care about this guy on the other end of your thought waves.

Over the past few weeks things have been getting tough for you, losing friends, being bullied, not to mention your 'soulmate’ constantly bragging their perfect friendships. It’s surprising how much you know about this guy without even knowing his name, people don’t often think in third person. He has a sister called Mali, friends called Luke, Michael and Ashton and he seems to have some kind of obsession with music.

“How’s today going?” your mum asks when she get’s home from work.

You sigh, “Like usual, he won’t shut up,” you tap the side of your head.

“You can shut him off honey,” she laughs lightly.

“It’s not as easy as that, my default is set so I hear him and I’ve not got enough energy to keep him quiet all the time,” you tell her.

She pats your shoulder reassuringly, “Just remember, careful what you think”

You go to bed that night with his words flooding your ears so you put all of your left over energy into building a wall blocking thoughts from both sides.

The next morning you’re ill, very ill in fact, so much so that you can’t move from your bed, you’re sweating and physically sick. Your mum makes a home doctor’s appointment and, while your safely asleep, he checks you over to give you a diagnosis.

“She’s mentally strained,” the doctor says just as you wake up.

“What does that mean?” your mum questions.

“Has she been blocking out… the thoughts?” the doctor asks.

“Yes I told her to,” she adds.

“No, like stopped person b from listening to her?” he continues.

“Yes, I have, he’s exhausting me,” you groan.

“There’s your problem, her body doesn’t want her to be blocking like this, every now and then fair enough, but so extremely it’s unhealthy, if you want to get better [Y/N] you have to stop,” he turns to you.

“He’s nosy, I don’t want to,” you debate.

“I understand that,” he proceeds. “but from a medical stand point… turn off the safety barriers”

You are left alone after that, with your guards up, but after one particularly violent puking spell you lower your defence and allow yourself a rest, that’s when the voices come in a little differently.

'Let me in, I know you’re hurting’

He’s talking to you and so you talk back, 'How do you know I’m hurting? You couldn’t hear me’

'Exactly how I know you’re hurt. Are we talking?’ he responds.

'I guess so, I didn’t know this was possible, I’m [Y/N],’ you tell him, overcome by a relief and relaxation.

'I’m Calum’

You talk to him for a while learning the basic information that you missed out on in the time that you were getting to know every intimate detail of each others’ lives, hell he even knows your time of the month.

'I’m scared to ask this,’ you begin to think, 'since there’s a perfectly good chance that we’re a million miles away from each other but, where do you live?’

'Sydney, Australia’

You let out a loud sigh, 'That is a just a little out of my reach’ a good few plane journeys across the country to be exact.

'Not to worry, one day we will be together, we are supposedly soulmates afteral’ you can practically hear him chuckle.

'Keep in touch, Cal’

That’s all you can do from that point onwards, keep in touch, though it’s not like you really get the choice, you two just possess the ability to converse through your thoughts. All your problems seem to melt away when you talk to Calum, he just understands everything in a way no one else does and it makes nothing but him matter.

'Still want to meet up?’ Calum asks one unexpected afternoon.

You jump, thinking he’s in the room, recently your connection has been stronger, he’s been able to get through to you even when you chose not to listen.

'What do you mean?’ you respond.

'I have a plan’


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Everything I Didn't Say (Calum Hood Smut)

This is my first smut on this page! I have more on my other writing page! imagining5sosinmeoops. I hope you like this! Btw it’s like 5:30am and I have not been to sleep yet so don;t hate me if there are a few mistakes. 

- Becks 💕💕

Request: You’re like good friends with Calum and you’re having really deep conversation on a couch one night and things somehow turn into you doing the thing hehe

Word Count: 2.2 K



I can’t believe it. Why wasn’t I enough?

I made my way over to my best friend, Calum’s, house while continuing to ponder what I had done wrong. At first, I was only mad at him, but then I figured something out. It was my fault that I couldn’t keep him. I must have done something wrong. I had tear stains on my cheeks, but I think I finally ran out of tears to cry. The memory of it all played over and over in my head.

*2 Days Ago*

“Y/N, I am so sorry.” My boyfriend, Justin, looked into my tear filled eyes. “I never wanted to hurt you.” He tried to grab my cheek, but I flinched away from his touch.

“Don’t touch me.” I bit back at him. “How could you do this to me? Was I not good enough for you?” I choked on my own tears as I broke down. I was away at college, but I continued to keep up a long distance relationship with my boyfriend of two years. I thought things were okay between us. Sure, I had noticed he was beginning to seem a little distant, but I expected it since we were apart all of the time. I never expected this.

“It was never supposed to happen like this.” He said softly and I turned towards the door. I couldn’t take any more of his lies. I have had enough of those to last a lifetime. “Princess, wait!” he called out for me and I stopped in my tracks at the sound of my nickname he gave me. “Please, baby, I love you.” His voice cracked as though he was about to cry. I cringed at the sound of those three words escaping his lips. He didn’t know what love meant. He couldn’t.

“Really?” I responded in a raised voice. “Did you love me when you were sleeping with her? Did you love me when you decided to go behind my back and sleep with my BEST FRIEND? You never loved me. The only person you love is yourself.” I gripped the door handle and stepped out into the brisk winter air. “Oh, and tell that little bitch of yours that I am done with her too. I don’t need you, any of you.” As I slammed the door behind me, tears were freely falling down my face. I ran to my car and jumped in the front seat. The second I hit the leather, a loud sob escaped my throat. I had never cried so hard in my life.

I sighed and tried to push the memory to the back of my mind. I pulled into Calum’s driveway and dragged myself out of the driver’s seat. The cold air was harsh against my skin, but I was used to pain by now. I didn’t think anything could compare to the last few days I had. I approached the door and pushed it open slowly. “Calum?” I yelled out into the empty home.

“Upstairs!” I heard his voice faintly and I trudged up the steps to his bedroom. I pushed open the door to find him sitting on his bed, reading through his famous song book. Calum and I met when we were twelve years old. He had been there through it all. Every girl fight, every failed test grade, and every heartbreak, but nothing compared to this. Nothing compared to the sting of betrayal by my first love and my former best friend.

“Hey.” I said softly and he looked up at me with sadness in his eyes. I guess he could see that I had been crying because the first thing he did was jump off his bed and pull me into a hug.

“How are you doing, beautiful?” He whispered into my hair and I just buried my head into his chest. Oh no. The tears were returning. I let out a soft sob and he squeezed me tighter. I whimpered when he pulled his head away from me and looked down. “Hey now, none of that.” He smiled wiping the tears from my cheeks. He grabbed my hand and led me over to the bed. He laid down first and patted the space next to him. I crawled under the blanket and moved to bury my head in his chest again. A few moments of precious silence passed before he spoke again. “A penny for your thoughts?” He said softly stroking my hair.

“It’s all my fault.” I let out softly.

“What?” He seemed shocked at my assumption. “Why would you even think that?” His brow was furrowed and he looked down at me, expecting an answer.

“I-I must have done something…I couldn’t make him stay.” I stuttered a bit, trying to hold back the tears again.

“Y/N, that is ridiculous. I can’t think of any reason that he would do this to someone as perfect as you. He had everything when he had you.” Calum was still stroking my hair and I pulled my face away from his chest to look him in the face. His big brown eyes were glancing between mine and my mouth and before I knew what happened, our lips were together. This kiss was different than all the ones I had shared with Justin in the past two years. This kiss was filled with more love than I could comprehend. His hand came up and cupped my cheek as he kissed me deeply and my mind was filled with thoughts of his lips. His soft, perfect lips that molded with mine like puzzle pieces. After a few moments, he pulled back and rested his forehead on mine. “Y/N, you are loved. More than you know.” He said lowly and I moaned softly before reattaching our lips.

I don’t know why I couldn’t see it before. He was there for me when no one else was. He protected me from myself when I was broken. He did love me. And I love him. I moved my body up and over so I was now mostly on top of him. His hands traveled down to my waist and held my body as close to his as possible. This time, I was the one to pull away.

“Cal,” I panted, “make love to me.” I whispered and I could hear his breath hitch in his throat.

“Are you sure?” he answered, softly moving a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“Please, Cal.” I whimpered and he reached up and put his hand on the back of neck to pull my lips back to his. This kiss was even more passionate than the last one which I didn’t think was possible. I reached between our mingled bodies and tugged on his dark band tee. It was pretty obvious that I wanted it off so he turned me over so I was on my back and he was hovering above me. Before he reconnected our lips, he tore the shirt from his body. I studied his fit torso and used my hand to trace his multiple tattoos. He sighed when my hand grazed the MXII tattoo on his collarbone. I smiled at how his skin seemed to heat up wherever I touched. He leaned back down, but this time, he connected his lips to my neck. He started to lightly nip and suck at the sensitive skin under my ear. I moaned at the sensation of his lips on my skin and when his tongue grazed over the new bruise, I was done for. His hands that were previously holding my hips in place now moved under my shirt. He was softly rubbing circles on my skin with his thumbs, and before he gripped the material, he looked up into my eyes to make sure it was alright. I nodded and lifted my body off the bed so he could pull the fabric over my head. I heard a groan erupt from his throat when he realized I didn’t wear a bra to his house.

“God, you are so beautiful.” He whispered before attacking my exposed torso with kisses. He started near my belly button and slowly moved upwards. I gasped when one of his hands reached for my right breast and his mouth moved to the other. I moaned his name softly and his eyes met mine while his lips still worked my nipple. I could feel myself forgetting why I came here in the first place. It feels like this was meant to happen, Calum and I were meant to happen. I missed his lips on mine so I ran my fingers threw his hair and pulled lightly causing his head to move back up my body. Once his lips were in kissing range, I reconnected them and placed one hand on the side of his neck. My hands moved down to his gym shorts that he was wearing. I could feel him straining against them and it excited me that I could still have that effect on someone. I ran my hand lightly over the material and he moaned into my mouth before pulling himself up again. “You first, pretty girl.” He snickered while he pulled down my gray sweat pants and panties in one swift movement. I was now lying fully exposed to him. His hands ran the length of my body, obviously savoring me in this state. He leaned to the side and pushed off his own shorts and boxers so we were now both completely naked, physically and emotionally. Calum replaced himself over me and leaned down so his lips were next to my ear. “Let me show you how much I love you.” He whispered and I shuddered with excitement. I started to kiss the tanned skin of his neck while his fingers grazed over my center. I sucked in a deep breath and I could feel Calum chuckle lightly. “So wet for me pretty girl.” He cooed and I whimpered at his words.

“Calum, I need you.” I whispered and I felt his hard member twitch against my leg.

“Patience love. I want to make sure you are ready for me.” He whispered lowly. I bucked my hips up against his and he bit his lip. One of his large hands reached down between us and grabbed his member in his hand. He ran the tip against my slit and I yelped when he grazed my clit. “Ready baby girl?” he studied my face for any signs of stopping, but there were none. I just nodded my head and reached a hand up to pull at his hair. He pecked my lips quickly before slowly entering me. A throaty groan left his mouth as I pulled at his hair.

“God, Cal.” I whimpered as he pushed all the way in.

“You’re so tight. Jesus.” He sighed and moved his head to the crook of my neck. He stopped for a moment to let both of us get used to the feeling of each other. This was another aspect of us that fit like puzzle pieces, another reason I was in love with him. Before he began moving, he moved his head up so we were face to face. He looked into my eyes before connecting our lips softly while at the same time starting to thrust softly. I moaned into his mouth and gripped at his biceps while he hit every part of me. He was so good at finding the spots that made me go weak in the knees, then there is that one spot that makes me see stars. He found that only minutes after we started and I was already about to fall apart.

“Calum, baby. Oh, God.” I moaned out and he moved his hands to mine and intertwined our fingers over my head.

“I love you so much Y/n. So so much.” He sighed into my neck as his pace picked up. I teetering on the edge for what seemed like hours. I could feel that burn in the pit of my stomach that was telling me to let go, but I wanted to wait for him. I wanted to wait for him to utter those words.

“I’m so close baby girl.” He panted. There they are. I grip onto him tightly and whisper things that I think will push him over the edge.

“Come for me Cal. I love you, Calum.” I whined and I could see his face contort in pleasure as it hit him. He groaned as he released into me and the feeling of that part of him pushed me over the edge as well. My legs started to shake and I had the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. As I came down from my high, I repeat Calum’s name and finally release my monster grip on his biceps. He collapses onto me in exhaustion, but continues to place soft, whole-hearted kisses over my skin. I was still seeing stars, but I felt him move over to the side and pull my warm body into his. His hands wrap around my waist and his lips continue to place kisses on the back of my neck as I drift off to sleep. “I love you Calum.” I whisper, half asleep.

“I love you too, Y/N. You’re my everything.” Is the last thing I remember hearing. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I sent this before but it must've got lost, can you maybe do a blurb where you have an older brother, not one of the guys, and he can be really protective over you and at first he didn't approve of your friendship with the guys (and the guys know this) so Luke asks his permission to go out with you and he gives Luke the big brother 'if you break her heart' talk or something :) you're bulbs are amazing btw :D

(ahh, I don’t even remember this request, i’m so sorry! things get ready hectic in my ask so I may have missed it? but doing this first thing tonight, so here you go babe! sorry again!)

you always joked you were born with your own personal bodyguard. your older brother, as much as he meant well, had a tendency to be kind of overprotective of you. okay, very. that in itself had it’s perks; he was always there to scare off any creeps trying to get into your pants, but on the downside, he was always there to scare off your best guy friends. or, at least he tried.

“can you please not be a dick today?” you begged, leaning over the counter top as your brother sat on the opposite side, devouring his cereal.

“can’t promise,” he mumbled as he chewed, shooting you a smirk. you rolled your eyes and and looked past him out the window, seeing ashton’s car pull up, all four boys visible inside.

“we’ll probably just hang out downstairs so don’t bother us, okay?” you called over your shoulder as you made your way to the door, pulling it open as the boys made their way up your front steps. you all exchanged greetings, if you could call it that. ashton pulled at your ponytail while michael made some crude joke about your cleavage and calum hugged you from behind, squeezing you almost too tight. luke stood before you with that cute little smile of his, biting on his lip ring as he shoved his hands into his pockets, teetering a bit from his toes to his heels. he was fucking adorable and part of you thought maybe he liked you. just maybe. you suddenly realized just how loud the boys were though and you hushed them, chuckling lightly when they obeyed.

“my brother’s home and you know how he gets,” you explained, leading them to the basement door.

“oh, fuck that,” michael whined, trudging down the stairs first.

“we were never here!” calum half whispered and him and ashton followed michael down. you waited for luke but he stopped in front of you, eying the entrance to the kitchen.

“uhh, I just have to use the bathroom, i’ll be right down,” he stuttered, wiping his palms on his thighs.

“sure,” you nodded and headed downstairs with the others. luke watched you and when he was sure you were at the bottom of the stairs, he took a deep breath and stepped into the kitchen. your bother was still sitting at the counter and his head snapped up, leaving him and luke in an awkward silence.

“uhh, hey,” luke said, clearing his throat and biting on his lip ring again. nervous habit.

“why aren’t you with the rest of those hooligans, hemmings?” your brother sort of half-smiled and luke walked closer to the counter, hanging his head slightly.

“I uh, I actually wanted to talk to you about something,” he admitted and rubbed the back of his neck. your brother gave him an amused look and leaned back in his chair.

“i’m not giving you sex tips, go watch porn like the rest of society,” he snapped and luke’s face turned red.

“no, no, no, I wasn’t going to…fuck, no, I just wanted to, uh, I wanted to…” he got all flustered and your brother rolled his eyes. “I just wanted to ask if it’d be alright if I asked (y/n) out…you know, like…on a date…” he trailed off, letting out a breath of relief, now that he finally got it out. you brother stared at luke for what seemed like an eternity, before raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms over his chest.

“I don’t know, hemmings…you seem like a heartbreaker. I don’t want my little sister getting caught up with shitheads like that, you know?” and luke nodded profusely.

“no, of course not, I mean, me neither, but I’m not like that, I swear,” he promised, holding his hands up. “I really like her. I have for a long time,” he confessed, his voice getting quiet at the last part. your brother finally cracked a bit of a grin.

“you’re not going to break her heart then are you? because you’ll be a dead man, I swear to god,” he promised, leaning forward.

“no, of course not. I’d never hurt her,” luke said wholeheartedly, and just then you’d walk into the kitchen.

“what the fuck is going on? is he bugging you, luke?” you asked luke, resting a hand on his arm and your brother just chuckled and gave luke a nod toward you, giving you the official ‘okay’.

“uh, no, everything’s fine,” luke assured you, giving you a smile and grabbing your hand. “can we, uh, talk?” he asked and you eyed your brother before turning back to luke.

“sure, what’s up?” you asked and luke led you outside, ready to pour his heart out to you.