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I know … last night was unexpected. If you regret it –


au where they are happy and the only thing they have to worry abt is corrin stepping on her partner’s feet when she dances so azura tries to help her


HERO AU IS HERE!!  I swear their names are supposed to be tacky and their powers run deeper than what’s simply listed

Possible fic and/or sloppy comic to come in the future? I’m not sure but I’m definitely going to elaborate on this AU since I have a considerably solid plotline for it already

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In the summer months, 16 year old Mike Wheeler typically had the house to himself during the days. Free to do anything he wanted to do, of course he didn’t do anything too wild. Ate snacks his mother would scold him for later, walked around in his shirt and boxers because why wear pants if you’re by yourself? Oh and he listened to music. 

 Very loudly, sang and danced throughout his house without a care in the world. 

 On this particular day, he decided to go through his parent’s music collection. After moments of searching, he pulled out a cassette labeled, Supertramp. He had heard a lot of this band, his mother played it around the house when he was younger. He popped it in and a familiar tune that he knew as, ‘The Logical Song’ began to flow through the house. 

 ‘And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable, clinical, intellectual, cynical-’

 The lyrics reminded him of school, how it often stifled him, feeling as if he could not be the imaginative person he so wanted to be. 

 He continued to dance through the kitchen, dramatically throwing himself from place to place. 

 ‘At night, when all the world’s asleep, the questions run so deep 

 For such a simple man 

 Won’t you please, please tell me what we’ve learned 

 I know it sounds absurd-’

 Mike prepared himself for the next part of the song, how the end of the line repeats and raises an octave each time. He had sung this line a million times, even after his voice dropping some, he could still manage to stay in key with the singer. 

 ‘But please tell me who I am’ 

 He grabbed a spoon that had been laying on the table, hoisting himself up onto the smooth surface of the table. 

 On the last and final who I am, he was singing upwards to the ceiling, his makeshift microphone and arms flung outward. His voice matching the singer, but in his moment of victory, he hadn’t heard the door open. 

 So as the note ended, he had lowered his head and arms and was surprised to see El standing there with a hint of a smirk on her face.

 Oh, and very very embarrassed.

 Immediately he felt his face go hot, hopping down from his ‘stage’ and moved to the side of the room where she was standing.

 "Um, how long have you been here?“ Mike asked, nervously scratching the back of his neck, avoiding looking at her. 

 "Long enough.”

 "So you heard that last part, didn’t you?“ 

 "I did.” She replied, before laughing. “Nice boxers by the way.“ 

 "I um, I-“ 

 He had forgot about his outfit choice and turned a shade of red that El didn’t think was humanly possible. 

 She started the tape over, grabbing his hand as the song started to play again, but he stood frozen in his place. 

 "Sing with me, Mike.“ 

 And so he did, the two of them dancing and singing together.

 It was fun, he had to admit. 

 But still, Mike learned to lock the front door after that day.

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Hi, so I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw someone post some of your art but at the time they didn't have credit so I didn't know it was yours.Then I got a burst of Inspiration and wrote a short story based off of the art and put it on archive of our own. I just went back to the post and saw that you were credited so if you want me to take it down, I will, no problem! 

We’re really appreciative you wrote something for our AU ^^ But next time if you see our work posted somewhere please ask the user to remove it because we don’t give permission for our work to be reposted; credit or no credit regardless :( (Says in our description in bold not to repost our work)

Also we would love to have a link to your fic if that’s okay! :)

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harry styles gif icons.

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‘Red Meat’ Observation: Sam tried so hard to hide the pain from Dean...

After he was shot, he was as positive as he could be and using a very clear voice even though he had to be in agony.  

I noticed, especially in the scene in the ranger’s cabin, that Sam would visibly fold, grimace or cough when Dean’s back was to him or he was distracted. He was trying to stay strong for Dean. 

When he couldn’t hide the pain, he covered with humor.   Sam needs to be swaddled in the softest blankets and read to until he’s better.  That little observation just killed me.   

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