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apparently some special new episode of bbc sherlock aired the other day and i didn’t hear or see anything about it and i just want to thank all of you. u kept that shit off my dash and out of my life, a dream i could not have even imagined was possible a mere two years ago. im sure there were people blogging about it, but none of u posted a single thing. i trusted u and u came through. “when there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you” - winston churchill

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Hey, can you not reblog the non HP stuff? Start a personal blog or something, but I didn't follow you for any of the other stuff

then no offence but if you want you can UNFOLLOW us for that?? like… both of the people running this blog have personal blogs, but we reblog things that we think deserve attention (usually to do with fundraising/awareness-raising) from 100,000 people (which is how many followers we have)

like.. no offence but this isn’t a service we provide. you don’t pay us. we can stop posting content whenever we like. i’m not trying to be like “haha you’re lucky you get anything at all” because for reals we really enjoy this blog but we think it is our responsibility to signal boost things that require attention. we’re trying to make the world a slightly better place.

looking for blogs to follow

hello everyone! I created my hockey blog about three months ago but I’m just recently starting to use it. Although, I love the content I see and people I follow, I want to branch out to other teams/players. So I would love to find more hockey blogs to follow.

below is a list of teams/players i like and blog a lot about and some i want to get into more. please reblog if you post about any of them so i can check out your blog and maybe (probably) follow you.

teams i love

  • toronto maple leafs
  • edmonton oilers
  • boston bruins

other players i love

  • taylor hall
  • sean monahan
  • claude giroux
  • nico hischier
  • dylan strome

teams i would like to see more of

  • philadelphia flyers
  • new jersey devils
  • calgary flames

I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing any other teams expect the hawks so feel free to reblog if you post about hockey or about any of the other team i didn't previously mention.

I also am slowly getting into the ohl and the qmjhl so if you post about any of those teams/players please reblog also. Thank you for reading everyone :-)

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Hi! So... can you explain why you don't ship Creek? (It sounds bad. I didn't intended it tho. I love your blog, and basically everything that u're posting! I just want to know what you don't like about this ship, because I'm theirs trash lmao)

no worries, i dont mind explaining!

there’s a lot of things that bug me about creek? first off its origins because it all started with Tweek vs Craig back in 1999 which was literally their only interaction ever. and they were pitted against each other and fought the entire time. but somehow it became one of the most popular ships in the fandom and rivaled style for years. 

and like, i get rival ships, i do, because i love staig LOL and thats what youd expect to come out from that episode, right? but with tweek and craig no one really ships them as rivals? they ship them as like…cute and soft and gentle and loving and it just seems really out of character to me. i dont think id hate creek as much as i do if it was like, done right, you know? ive just never seen someone handle it in a way that appeals to me. (and a lot of the time people dont even get staig right… maybe im just really nitpicky mndfmsdfn)

and the whole Tweek x Craig episode really bothered me, too. i mean the episode was really funny but the thing that didnt sit right with me was…how they were basically forced together. and they kept claiming they weren’t gay, but everyone else was pushing that on to them. and even if they were gay, you should never force someone to come out? like…id want craig and tweek to come out and say it when they were ready not because they wanted to make everyone else happy. like it just made me uncomfortable because…theyre literally only together because of pressure and guilt. 

and even then, the only time they enjoy eachother’s company it seems is when theyre away from everyone else and. you know. being friends. but as soon as they have to act like a couple they just….have a blank expression and arent that into it. i just dont like that LOL

i love craig and tweek as their own characters but, when paired together i just…i dont know. its not something i can get behind, so im sorry creek shippers. 

I’m So Sorry

Hey. So I recently reblogged a post about an alternative cover of tower of Dawn featuring Chaol in a wheelchair and reblogs with some comments about how to “ride” him still. It has come to my attention that this post was actually very ableist and derogatory and for my participation and part in promoting something so terrible I want to apologize. It has been deleted from my blog, and I encourage others to do the same. Thank you @throne-of-omg-the-feels and @cresseida for bringing this to my attention. Again, to all those that this offended, I am so sorry, and I’m trying hard to improve.

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Well, you wanted to be left alone forever then, since you never messaged back AND you created this other blog and never told me. If you didn't wanted to talk to me anymore you should just have said what did I do wrong.

Ok first of all can you please message me privately because i dont like to post this on this blog because this really has nothing to do with BTS. Also I want to solve this problem, if you want to then private message me, otherwise nothing will change.
I am reaaally bad at texting so yes I forget to answer a lot because sometimes I just want to not talk to anyone but then when I’m in a better mood I just forget to answer. This has nothing to do with you or something that you did, it’s just about me.
Then last year, on my main blog I just talked about this new blog for at least 3 weeks, it was a big thing since a lot of people helped me to create this blog. So I made a lot of posts telling that I moved there. I never messaged anyone personally to tell that I was being more active on this blog because I said it so many times publicly on my main and just thought that everyone saw it.
Now can you please message so we can have a conversation because this makes me really uncomfortable, thank you

Seriously, this has to stop.

Stop stealing and reposting others’ works without giving them proper credit or asking for their permission. People took the time and effort to make it. 

I’ve seen some people who reposted my gifs without crediting me and it sucks. It’s not very nice at all. Recently, I saw a blog edited and added a filter or something to one of my gifs (again, no credit). Wow, just wow. Gif making takes time, especially mine (topaz + coloring takes the cake). I really don’t want to put my url/icon on any of my works. It’s gonna mess up the size and image. 

If you see others’ works being reposted, please let the original owner know.

+ Also, reposting with just “credit to the owner" (no owner’s name or link) is not actually giving credit to the owner.

Just reblog or put the link of the image, then put it in the post.


K/S AU (sort of) requested by anon on my other blog.

In the Universe where Spock would never go to Gol and Kirk would never accept Admiralty, K/S are building their love relationship step by step. The Enterprise is orbiting a planet far away from Federation space to take a part in scientific conference. The race on the planet is well known for their knowledge of Alternative Universes and highly telepathic minds. While Spock is on the planet below, Jim sees the dream of Spock dying and returning back to life. He is shocked to the core. He can’t even think about it happening in any timeline. It makes him realize he was a fool to afraid of asking the most important question… When Spock returns Jim Proposes.      

So it’s a “yes”?

It is a “Yes” from the very begining, T'hy'la.

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The anon that sent in that 'fandom destroying' ask here. I want nothing more to do with this blog or fandom. The other mod and other anon's following response are only serving to justify my unease and discomfort in this fandom, and further excluding and dissuading those who are also detested by the nsfw content to speak out. Also, I am not the one responsible for 'dragging' those other blogs into this. Someone else did. Please delete my ask from your blog.

I mean, I felt as though I was being pretty darn rational with how I was responding to your ask and to this situation in general, like yeah I seriously get it you don’t like the direction this blog took for a second, that’s perfectly fine, don’t blame the entire fandom for one blog’s actions though, especially when it’s just mostly a small handful of people joking around. I promise you not everyone is seriously into this shit and most people are just playing along for shits and giggles.

I’ll delete the post at your request ofc, because it’d make me kind of a dick if I didn’t. But I still want it known it seems to me that any alienation on the fandom at this point is your hyperbolic assumption that way more people are legit into this shit then there actually are.

I’m sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable with my own honest take on the matter. However at the same time it’s just kind of a fact of life at this point that I know I can’t please everyone, so after an honest attempt to explain and tone things down? I’m not gonna bother trying to please ya here.

Have a nice day anon.

-Other Mod

CONFIRMATION - Robbie & Kerry

Since running this blog, I’ve kept my word and said that I (and none of the other members) will not confirm dating rumours unless announced by Robbie or his partner. 

And so, I’m here to bring you confirmation:

Yes, from the recent pictures, comments etc., it seemed obvious, but I wanted to post this to stay true to my word. I would appreciate it if (as usual) no asks are sent to me about this. I hope this clears up some confusion + rumours. 

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WOW, you like Sherlock less than GoT? Maybe it's that I hate it too much, but I don't see how is Sherlock worse? Not saying it isn't, just didn't give it much tought/analysis, could you explain why?

Sure thing! (Sherlock fans who read my blog, this post may not be for you. You carry on enjoying your stuff.) Cut for extensive ranting about a show I really, really dislike.

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I was inspired by some other peeps who submitted their bird stories, so here we go: The other day, I was hiking in the mountains, when all of a sudden a red-breasted robin swooped down and landed on a nearby rock. I didn't want to scare it, so I started singing the first song that came to mind. Then the little guy joined in! I felt like a Disney princess singing with her woodland friends or something. PS Love the blog <3

aww that’s adorable! and thank you!!

hi babes! so recently someone asked me if I had any good 5sos fic recommendations and I realized I haven’t made a follow forever in a really long time (I think the last time I made one was a year ago yikes). I hit 9k a while back but I never did a proper thank you sort of thing, so I’ll do that now: honestly I am so blessed that so many of you deem my shitty blog worthy enough to follow and actually enjoy reading my writing. Thank you so so so much to those of you who take the time to send in requests or nice messages it really does mean a lot:-) I also figured it would be a good opportunity to share some of my fave writers and fics with you guys because there are tons of super talented writers here and I want to share them with you guys! 

some shout outs (as per usual):

@pfftclifford Lauren! Girl I love you and I’m so sad that we live on opposite sides of the world from each other. But you’ll always hold a special little place in my heart because you were my first internet friend ever, you’re rad dude!

@vaporofficial Cass, you’re so incredibly talented and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met through 5sos. keep on being amazing, I love you!

@vegemitexmike / @gabidaile of course I have to give a shoutout to my best friend in the entire world. Gabs your friendship is one of the biggest blessings in my life, thank you for always being there for me and always being the person who catches my references lol

@5sos-official obviously I can’t make a follow forever on my 5sos blog without tagging the band themselves, so special shout out to 5sos for being a band I have been able to spend my teen years growing up with. You guys rock and words won’t ever be able to express how much your music has helped me. much love xx

my current reading list:

@anarchyaustralia Calum Hood / Firsts Series / Calum Hood

@bananashemmo Luke Hemmings / The Math Teacher 

@pfftclifford Calum Hood / Empty 

(it’s quite short at the moment I know, but I’m a busy bee. I’ll update this as I find more series to read!)

talented af writers:
(all these babes have their masterlist linked in their bio)

@0kbutmichaelclifford  @2k15luke  @alreadymissings  @anarchyaustralia  @assholemalums  @aussiekinks @bananashemmo  @broadassluke  @cal-baby  @calsthunder @calumtrashofficial  @classifiedluke  @cliffwoes  @clummyhood  @complicashton  @hemmingsalmightty  @huggingcalum  @jigglypufftribe  @lsotboy  @malumshighlight  @malumsnudes @michaelgclifford  @mukegrinding  @navylukes  @peaceof5sos  @pfftclifford  @pretendtobepunkrock  @slflucas  @tadpolehemmings  @vaporofficial  

some other rad 5sos blogs: 

@2k16michael  @5sos-official  @5sosashton  @5sosimilar  @5sossexblog  @90sglow  @aboutthemusic  @aesthetich00d  @bangmelikey0urdrums  @besdeyou  @blessedirwin   @blurbood  @blushingluke  @boytoynamedcalum @calpalsbutt   @calums  @calumsapparel  @calumtrashtm  @cashtonbros  @chillcal  @deadassluke  @disneycalum  @disneyprincelrh  @fightlashton  @fletcheristrash  @goldenhemmings  @heartacheotbs  @hemmocurls  @hoodzer  @inlovewithmuke  @lipringsandsnapbacks  @lovinghemmings  @lovingluke  @lukebug  @lukesalternative  @lukeswhitetee  @maineshirtcalum  @maoriboy  @metallichael  @michaelsoutfits  @mtvcalum  @overandoutashton  @poppunkblogger  @pornhubhood  @post-concert-depressions  @runcth  @simmerdwn  @smolclifford  @soundslivefeelslive  @statecal  @stereomuke  @teenluke  @tokyoluke  @vangoghcalum  @vegemitexmike  @wastedoncake  

just a couple of update blogs who are the real mvps:

@bri3395  @hotdamn5sos  @irwinsource  

ATTENTION: I will be making another follow forever / recs that will have all of the non-5sos blogs that I follow on it, otherwise this post will be twelve miles long and nobody wants that

don’t just take my word for it, go check all these fabulous blogs out!

feel free to message me anytime if you ever need anything I’m always here for you!

~if you want you can follow me on my other social media~
instagram: sophieisabelle98
twitter: sophieisabelle_
snapchat: sophielove16
5sos twitter: bandgirlsclub

Huh, I don’t follow hp blogs on instagram so I guess I never realized people were reposting my art. At least most of them are considerate and credit me. Still in my FAQ that it’s 100% not okay. I’m tempted to post all of my art on my instagram so maybe it would stop.*old person grumbling* Hah, I meant why as in I’m confused as to why people look up to me? I’ve spent my entire art life (still do) looking up to other people while also trying not to, I guess it’s strange to know someone looks at me the way I look at some other artists? Feels weird, flattering, but weird. 


hey guys!! for 2017, I decided I wanted to get to know more of you guys and become more involved!! So if you blog about pentagon, sf9, Astro, victon, knk, seventeen, got7, BTS, twice, blackpink, Laboum, red velvet, mamamoo, or ANY other group (im always ready to get into more groups) Like/Reblog/Send me a message and I’ll check your blog out 😊