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BTS FIC REC (Hobi focused)

This is mainly for @puzzlepeace, enjoy c:

(I add fics every week or so, come back to check the new ones~)

(update! added fics in every category)

Canon verse (idols) :

Take My Hand (We’re Off To Never-Neverland) by lulublue1234 [yoonseok, they keep taking naps together, so soft] ♥

just a little, oh, a little bit by alexisfairos [OT7, Hobi-centric, unfinished, lots of platonic massages] ♥

Hivemind by popliar(littlerhymes) [OT7 dynamic, yoonseok, they’re all connected by a brain implant, kinda like a soulmate bond?, it’s amazing]

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tessysart  asked:

Hello! Could you give me some bokuaka fic recomendations? Would love if you brought some of your own in the list 😋 I know you are busy so don't sweat it, your school work takes priorety 🙌🏼 Have a really good day and hope you smile loads! *huggies* 💕

Thanks love <3

And sure! (Time to raid the ao3 tag lol) 

I’m warning you, almost every fic in the ao3 tag might be here (BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH)

I’m going to put this under the read more because it’ll be long. This is now my official bokuaka fic rec list because damn I’m not up for making a separate post after that XD

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anonymous asked:

hi! i know, i saw some really gross comments about julie which ??? i feel like people sometimes forget that she's a person and not just this entity whose only purpose is to write this show? i'm not saying you can't criticize her writing or directing or whatever but not like that. i used to watch a show that i really loved and then it stopped making me happy, and i would dread the moment a new episode came out. then i realized i didn't HAVE to watch it anymore? and it was so freeing!

hi love! such good words, I wholly agree! calling people names is not criticism and it completely undermines the point you’re trying to make. and I truly do believe that on our death bed no one will wish they’d spent more time hate watching a tv show. not to mention that there are still three episodes left, so some of the complaining feels a bit premature to me. I love Even, he is my fave and I want him to have the moon and the stars, but just because he hasn’t had his scene yet doesn’t necessarily mean that he never will. don’t write a book report without finishing the book! 

Lets Destroy It


note : luke is the name of your boyfriend not sure why just the name i came up with at the time 


i was walking home from my job i only work five minutes walk down the road from the flat i share with my boyfriend, luke as i get to our apartment block i see he’s already home as his car a range rover TD6 vogue is in the usual place i don’t have a car i don’t mind walking to town for work and shopping anything else luke does i slowly but surely get to our apartment on the 13th floor and stand just about to unlock the door when i hear the voice of a woman giggling and the voice of luke i slowly open the door and i can definitely hear voices more clearly 

“come on mary” luke says

“i don't know if we should today, y/n could be home soon” the female voice replies 

“oh who cares about her” luke replies i then walk further into our apartment to see our bedroom door is open and lights coming from it i walk to it silently and look through the opening to see some girl i don't know sat on our bed in her underwear and luke sat just beside her the two of them snogging looking like any second about to have sex i can feel the tears welling up in my eyes but i dont want to burst in and make a scene so i just go to the front door again and take his car keys and leave without making at sound i run down all 13 floors to get to the ground floor i then collapse and start crying my eyes out against the wall i don't know what to do i dont even have anywhere to go,

scratch that i do have somewhere to go i then storm out the apartment block and get in his car still crying and start driving  to the only place i know i can go i get my phone and put it on the dashboard and call up my best friend thomas i know he’s back from work at the moment as i was going to see him tomorrow anyway after three rings he answers

“hey love” he says with his always sweet sounding voice

“hey tommy, i have to ask a favour” i reply still crying

“sure what” he asks sound a bit concerned 

“can i come and stay with you tonight something’s happened with me and luke” i say crying my eyes out again 

“course you walking or driving” he asks

“driving i stole his car” i reply 

“quite the criminal aren't you love its fine i'll open on the the garage doors and you can park the car there” he says

“thanks tommy see you in a sec” i say

“see you love” he replies before hanging up i then just keep driving luckily thomas doesnt live that far away from me now i know what you're thinking how the hell do i know him simple really he was my next door neighbor growing up and i've always been friends with him i have even visited him on sets before when i get to his house its huge and he has opened one of the garage doors so i just park the car in the one that's open and get out with in seconds he’s there looking as he often does when i see him not really awake in skinny jeans and a light blue button shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows looking if in honest like a teenager but when doesnt he honestly he looks me up and down noticing im crying “what the bloody hell happened” he asks stepping closer to me  looking very worried

i don't reply just burst out crying again he just takes me in his arms and hugs me tightly so im crying on his shoulder he moves his hand up and down my back to calm me down whispering calming sweet things in my ear as well till he pulls away from me as i stop crying and he takes me into the living room a large room with bookcases of games and films everywhere he sits me on the sofa then goes off into the kitchen i just sit trying to hold back my tears till he comes back with a mug of something and puts it on the table in front of me “hot chocolate, the only truly good drink for sadness” he says making me laugh before i drink some noticing its (whatever you fave sort of hot chocolate is)

“seriously” i ask

“yeah, its always here for if this was gonna happen…..on that not what exactly has happened” he asks carefully

“i got home and found luke in the arms of some girl called mary” i say “they were sat on the bed close to snogging each others faces of when i got there and i overheard him say he didn't care if i was gonna be home he was too wrapped up in her arms to care” i say starting to cry again but thomas just hugs me tightly again 

“hey it’s okay, i bet that mary wasn't half as lovely as you” he says

“she looked pretty good from what i saw” i say still crying from what i sore though the door she was beautiful much prettier and thinner than me

“well i bet you're still better than her, and lukes and idiot if he cant see that, he must be blind to want to be fooling around with some other girl when he has you” he says to me 

“awe you always know the right things to say” i reply hugging him even tighter 

“its true thought hes an idiot to think any girl is better then you, i mean if i was your boyfriend i would be begging to get home to be with you i wouldn't even look at another girl if i had you” he says to me pulling away so he says it to my face 

“awe thank you tommy, but no one has me now luke can go fuck himself for all i care, he can go have a threesum with my boss and the queen of england and i still wouldn't care” i say trying to be all brave and stuff even though i know i don't have to be with thomas

“what you gonna do with his car though” thomas asks

“i dont know maybe dump it in a ditch and text him directions to the ditch i left it in” i say drinking some more hot chocolate 

“well if you want i have an idea” he says getting up and taking my hand dragging me back to the garage when we get there he looks around some benches and stuff he has for working on cars and bikes and gives me a huge bit f metal no clue what its for in car terms he then gets something similar “Lets Destroy It” he says

“what” i ask

“lets destroy it wreck it then dump it in a ditch on fire and tell him he wants his car its on fire at where ever we dump it” he says making me laugh 

“are you sure” i ask

“sure just don't hit me in your anger” he says

“i wont” i say fluffing his hair out its normal place something he hates me doing but because he hates it that i do it at any opportunity 

“Y/N” he complains like a child “you're worse then ava for doing that” he says

“i know well ava got it from me” i smirk walking to the side of the car and hitting the mirror right off well that felt good so i continued hitting the car smashing various things and thomas has joined me now both of us destroying his car till these not much on the outside not yet destroyed so i yell stop and sit on the bonnet a bit not completely wrecked and thomas sits beside me “you all don't destroying” he asks

“for a sec” i say a bit tired after destroying his car to this extent “did you mean that” i ask him 

“mean what” he asks

“if you were my boyfriend you wouldn't do anything like that to me” i ask

“i swear by that” he says

“i bet your girlfriend wont be happy with that, then again she doesnt like me very much does she old isabel she don't much like me, thats gonna be another argument i can see when she finds out you have allowed me to stay here and you're helping me wreck my ex’s car” i say

“well i imagine she wouldn't but it doesnt involve isabel she’s my ex now” he answers 

“when did that happen tommy and why wasn’t i informed” i ask 

“happened three weeks back y/n and you went informed simply because you were working when it happened and i didn't want to bother you” he says

“it wouldn't have been a bother tommy, i like to know these things what happened” i ask

“she left me because she doesnt like you” he says quietly 

“what” i ask

“she left me because she doesnt like you” he repeats 

“what the hell thats stupid im your bestfriend what the hell does it matter if she doesnt like me if she loves you” i ask

“loved me past tense y/n if she loved me, she doesnt like the fact i have a friend that i constantly talk to thats a girl she doesnt like she just assumes i would cheat on her at any moment” he says

“awe poor you” i say putting my arm around him “well what do you need girlfriends for tommy we're two of a kind” i say laying back on the bonnet 

“yeah we are just two kids that can't hold down lovers” he laughs laying beside me 

“yeah we are, but if i was your girlfriend i would care who your friends are if there girls, boys, rodents or ghosts there your friends and if they make you happy it would make me happy to make sure you're happy” i say 

“awe thanks love” he says turning to face me i just turn to face him two looking into his deep brown eyes a second but before i've really noticed we were both stareing at each other he leaned forward and kissed me a way i have never been kissed before a little kiss sparking butterflies, fireworks and all manner of lovely things as we moved our mouths in perfect sync with each other a while almost fully making out on the bonnet of my ex boyfriends car till we both pull away “wow” he says

“yeah wow” i reply 

“why the hell did i wait this long to do that” he says

“i dont know why i waited so long either” i reply before we both re connect our lips with much more passion than before till we both pull away again “i just wanted to say” he says

“what” i ask

“this friendship of ours Lets Destroy It” he laughs

“better Lets Destroy It and taint my ex’s car” i giggle 

“you are so a little criminal” he laughs at me 

“and proud of it” i say  as we both get of the bonnet and go into the back seats the second we both sit down we are making out again my arms around his neck his around my waist but slowly moving down to my thighs in response i begin to lay back and he just crawls on top of me fiddling with my skirt before returning to kissing me i quickly move my hands from around his neck to start undoing his shirt he moans into my mouth as i do till i completely take his shirt off of him the second i do he moves away from me and pulls my shirt of tossing it away into the front seats of the car before scanning me over with his eyes but i just pull him back to kissing me he then moves to start kissing my neck and i twist a hand in his hair as he sucks on a sweet spot on my neck and i moan as he does till his hands move to my skirt again and gently pull it off me completely adding it to the pile of our clothes on the front seats before scanning me again and reconnecting our lips and i move my hands down his chest feeling his toned chest the whole way down just pausing at the top of his jeans “what you waiting for love” he asks between kisses 

“nothing” i reply letting my hand undo his jeans and pull them down slightly revealing his boxers before i gently palm him and he moans into my mouth moving his hands to my chest feeling me even though my bra making me moan as well till i let my curious hand slip under the waistband of his boxers taking hold of him in my hand “ah fucking hell” he says in response before undoing my bra and removing it with his teeth making me laugh before he reconnects our lips yet continuing all the way down my chest to the bottom of my stomach just above my knickers  before i grip his hair pulling his lips back to mine and use my other hand to completely remove his trousers and boxers leaving him naked in front of me i can't help but sit there gobsmacked i have never seen him naked before, well i say never once after the last day of school all our friends went skinny dipping in the dark lake and we hwee amongst them but it wasn't for long and dark at the time i wasn't really paying much attention but now i am “what” he asks 

“nothing just wow” i say making him laugh before he slips his hand in my knickers and slips them off throwing them with the rest of my clothes “i could say the same to you” he says making me laugh “now are you sure” he asks me

“fucking positive tommy” i giggle he just nods before kissing me again and slowly but surely pushing into me filling me up completely almost making me scream there and then before he begins thrusting into me with as much force as possible both of us screaming and shouting for a while till i can feel my climax in the pit of my stomach and i know he’s not far off either by the noises he’s making and the fact his thrusts have gotten much slower and sloppier till i climax screaming his name at the top of my voice we are so lucky he doesnt have neighbours with in seconds he comes into me mixing our juices together  and he collapses on top of me “you think we destroyed our friendship now” he asks between his breaths

“yeah thats gone” i laugh

“what about the car” he asks

“one more thing” i say sitting up pushing him off me and moving into the front seat and he sits in the other seat i get my bag from the footwell and get a pack of cigarettes as both me and thomas smoke i take one and bass the pack to him as i get my lighter and light mine and pass him the lighter as he gives me back the pack and we both sit naked and have a smoke making the car smell of both sex and smoke “well that was brilliant in my opinion” he says

“right back at you tommy” i smirk

“so what is this” he asks

“well i don't know, whatever we both want i guess” i reply

“how about boyfriend and girlfriend” he asks

“fine with me” i answer

“how about date for dinner tomorrow night” he asks

“fine with me” i answer

“and how about you pack your stuff at lukes and come here” he asks

“fine with me” i answer leaning over to kiss him again we both then finish our smoke and get dressed again and get out the car “tomorrow we drive it into a ditch and text him where it is and while he’s out we pack your stuff up okay” he says 

“okay” i reply letting him wrap his arm around me and lead me to his room i just sleep in my underwear as i don't have any other option.

when we both get up we dress and take the car out i drive the car even though its destroyed and thomas follows me in his car so we can go to lukes and get my stuff when i find a long deserted road quiet far away and stop the car by the side of the road right next to a ditch i  get out the car and thomas gets out his car and stands with me “i say don't light it on fire actually” he says

“i agree, but can we put it it facing out so the windshield faces the road” i say

“okay” i answers 

“wait” i say just getting an idea and getting back into my ex’s car and sitting on the driver seat thomas then sits on the passenger seat to see what im doing  i get my lipstick out my bag and write on the windshield

 “i know about mary arse hole

 piss of luke 

x y/n” 

“brilliant love” he says beside me “but if i may add something” he asks so i hand him the lipstick and he writes 

“p.s. we did it on the back seat

you cheating lying bastard

x thomas”

making me laugh “brilliant tommy” i say we both then get out the car checking anything we wants out of it and pushing it into the ditch and standing on the road looking at it as he wrapped an arm around me “that is how you get back at your ex” he says we then use my phone to send an exact map reference to luke as to where is car is and a text that says pick me up on it then get back into thomas’s car and drive to my old apartment and wait till we see luke leave out for his car then rush up to the apartment and pack up all my stuff and load it into his car rushing off before luke shows up returning to thomas’s “so lukes gonna let him fuck his little mary, now i've got his y/n” he laughs hugging me

“not his y/n, your y/n now” i giggle 

“yeah” he says

“we really destroy everything don't we” i laugh

“yep” he says

Jily Fic Masterpost

personal favorites:

  • prank master extraordinaire - “imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food, but then person A proposes for real and person B thinks it’s another ploy”
  • in that moment we’re lost (and found) - Asha is born in late December, 1982. James remembers how loud everything was, how tightly Lily had gripped his hand, how terror had tasted all too familiar in the back of his throat when she had opened her mouth to scream.
  • of sickles and snogging - quote heard on campus: “it was the most sexually charged pie throwing i’ve ever seen.” (hogwarts fic)
  • these bones are made of breakable things - lily learns that sometimes, love is strong enough to break your spirit (and put it back together again) (hogwarts fic)
  • (delusions of) grandeur - “how many times do you get up to pee in the middle of the night, I think you should see a doctor about that”; alternatively, lily is pregnant and james is a true (rambling, tired) gryffindor (post-hogwarts fic)
  • be strong, saith my heart - this war will take everything they have, but minerva mcgonagall holds fast (post-hogwarts fic)
  • marauding - jily lives; james takes harry on an adventure (based on this post) (au fic)
  • light through yonder window - “you have five smiles, James, and none of them are for me”; alternatively, Lily remembers Hogwarts by the shape of James Potter’s smiles (hogwarts fic)
  • the wiser fool - “James is ring shopping and Sirius is being Sirius” (post-hogwarts fic)
  • censored - “Sirius is on babysitting duty while James and Lily get some well-deserved sleep” (post-hogwarts fic)
  • taking care of business - in sirius’s opinion, there is no need for wishy-washy, hazy, what-if scenarios (post-hogwarts fic)

prompt requests:

  • prank master extraordinaire - “imagine your OTP proposing repeatedly at different restaurants to get free food, but then person A proposes for real and person B thinks it’s another ploy”
  • snowflake kisses - “we’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in omg we’re gonna have to repopulate the earth”
  • shivering hearts - “what happens to jily the night after snape calls lily a mudblood”
  • slumber party - “you took all the blankets, so I gave up and got another one”; alternatively, Remus’ dry humor makes a guest appearance
  • camp hogwarts - “we’re both ‘team leaders’ at a summer camp for little people and you may be hot but goddammit my collection of twelve-year-olds are going to beat yours into the dust”
  • that damn baby bowser - “did you actually just blue shell me on our date you fucker”
  • the last enemy that shall be destroyed - “Person B knowing they’re about to die in the next few minutes due to their gaping wound and calling Person A to carry on a casual conversation, making sure to mention they love them before they hang up” 
  • details - “he found it incredibly difficult to focus”
  • (delusions of) grandeur - “how many times do you get up to pee in the middle of the night, I think you should see a doctor about that”; alternatively, lily is pregnant and james is a true (rambling, tired) gryffindor
  • those left at home - “how long has it been?” “i’ll be right over”; alternatively, lily misses a check in during a mission
  • foolish - “do you ever think we should just stop this?”; alternatively, the war is determined to take everything from everyone but lily is more determined to hold on
  • doctor knows best - “James and Lily have their first major post-marriage fight and Sirius has to play love doctor”
  • faking it - “Harry takes Ginny to visit his parents as his girlfriend for the first time and James and Lily pretend to be surprised”
  • chances are - “Ginny and Harry finally end up together and James is collecting bets”
  • all it takes is once - “Sirius’ best man speech is a list of all the different ways Lily rejected him but ends with the time she said yes”
  • the eye of the storm - “James is on an Order mission and Sirius is left to care for terrified newly pregnant Lily”
  • some sort of comfort - “stop trying to cheer me up!”; alternatively, lily evans just really sucks at comforting james potter
  • domesticity - “have you seen the…? oh.”
  • sports talk - “are you flirting with me?”
  • these corrupted lungs - “Lily and James have a fight so Lily goes to Marlene’s place and James ends up at the front door in the middle of the night”
  • little talks - “Sirius and James talk about their crushes on Marlene and Lily”
  • light through yonder window - “you have five smiles, James, and none of them are for me”; alternatively, Lily remembers Hogwarts by the shape of James Potter’s smiles
  • impossibly in love - “Lily and Ginny talk, one redheaded Potter to another”
  • the mourning song - “Lily takes James to meet her parents”
  • the wiser fool - “James is ring shopping and Sirius is being Sirius”
  • censored - “Sirius is on babysitting duty while James and Lily get some well-deserved sleep”
  • flirting: a how-to manual for the next generation - “Harry asks James for dating advice; Sirius puts in his two cents too”
  • this lullaby - “James and Lily never died and get to see their first grandson and James tears up when Ginny tells him what they named the baby”
  • the years that pass - “October 31 never happened and James and Lily are at Harry and Ginny’s wedding”
  • playing games - “James is a famous sports player and meets Lily during a press conference”
  • stolen moments - “Jily + sexy times but they’re older with kids in the house;” alternatively, Harry has three minutes to evade death by Lily.

au fics:

  • any reason to see james in a tux - AKA my ill-advised secret spy AU! part one is here, and part two is here
  • in that moment we’re lost (and found) - Asha is born in late December, 1982. James remembers how loud everything was, how tightly Lily had gripped his hand, how terror had tasted all too familiar in the back of his throat when she had opened her mouth to scream.
  • the things we bleed, the oceans we cry - jily pacific rim pt. 1
  • another taste of heavenly rush - jily pacific rim pt. 2
  • marauding - jily lives; james takes harry on an adventure (based on this post)
  • of legacy - jily lives; lily and james rush to hogwarts after harry’s first encounter with voldemort
  • comfort zone - ooc, no war; they cannot help but crash into each other, cutting deep beneath skin to find warmth

post-hogwarts fics:

hogwarts fics:

Not Gonna Waste A Moment  (Sam Wilkinson)

Hii, so I’m British and I literally never see imagines about one of my faves dating a British girl! So could you do an imagine with Sammy, like he meets the girl when she was on holiday in LA at the beach or something and make it cute, maybe a little smutty?😏 please, thank you! Ps, I love all of your imagines👏🏼💘

– I am by no means British, or even close, is Australian counted close? Probably not. Anyway I’m more American than anything so I can’t pretend I’m British so if stereotypes occur I’m super sorry! ALTHOUGH when I moved to Australia I watched like all of Geordie Shore, not gonna lie.It was amazing, I love Gaz that fuckboy oh god - Bri x 

It was an extremely hot day in Los Angeles, and you and your friends decided it was the perfect day for the beach. You dress in your favorite bikini, with a pair of shorts and a cute singlet over the top. Upon arriving at the beach, your friends and you come across a few American guys playing volleyball with midwestern accents and killer smiles. 

Immediately, your group of friends start to mingle, you end up talking to the thin framed yet muscular brunette who had his ears pierced and was named Sam but his friends called him Sammy, “so how long are you going to be in the U.S?” He questions curiously. 

You shrug, “about another two weeks.” 

He tilts his head to the side and holds his hand out for you, “I guess I better start wooing you over quick then.” 

You laugh and take his hand, he intertwines fingers with you and gestures with his head towards a more private part of the beach, “you wanna go over there?” 

You nod, “I’d love to.” Your friends were preoccupied with the other boys that were his friends, so they didn't miss you at all, “so this is an American summer?” 

He looks around the beach and grins, “definitely a California summer, do you like it?” 

You nod repeatedly, “I love it…I mean, Britain is home, but it’s nice here as well.” He watched you speak, loving your accent and how you smiled as you spoke. You spoke for about an hour, on and off speaking about Britain and America and the differences. He’d rest his hand on your back and rub it, all while toying with your bikini tie. 

“What do people eat and stuff over there?” 

You laugh, “everything! I mean we love our pies, and sausage rolls, not to mention fish and chips but it’s nothing too exciting.” 

Sam tilts his head to the side, “not once have I had a sausage roll…what the fuck.” 

You shrug, “they're pretty great.” Sam smiles and snakes an arm around your waist, pulling you close. Things were moving too fast, but even if you wanted to take things slow you only had two weeks and Sam was such a good looking guy. 

“Would it be bad if I leaned in to kiss you?” 

You shake your head, leaning up as well, just as his lips are about to touch yours you break away, smirk and begin to run towards the water stripping from your shorts and singlet. Sam follows and together you enter the surf, laughing, you splash him with the salt-water and squeal when he throws you over his shoulder. You can feel Sam’s muscles tense as he holds you, his biceps pressing into your waist you hit his defined back, “don’t make me bite you!” You warn and he immediately puts you down, not wasting a moment to smash his lips against yours. 

You sigh against his lips, draping your arms around his neck as he holds you by your waist. Sam’s hands slide down to your thighs and you jump up wrapping your legs around his waist to deepen to the kiss. You play with his hair, which is damp from you splashing him, and his lips taste of salt-water. His skin is warm from the sun, and slightly sun-burned from many hours of playing beach volleyball. His biceps are tense, and firm and you can tell he’s quite vain about his body and worked out a lot. You loved everything about the way he kissed you, and the way he felt, and how he made you feel. 

“Babygirl,” Sam breathes, breaking away for a moment, “I’m not gonna waste a moment with you.” 

This is probably really bad, and not at all how you wanted it and is quite short, it has a little bit of everything you asked…I hope you enjoyed it regardless! Thank you for waiting! - Bri x 

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but I no longer believe that Sam and Cait are together. I believe that's why Sam has been acting so unlike himself, almost lasting out like a child. Think about it, Cait took Tony to Cannes when Sam clearly wanted to be there by her side and his tweets were so odd around that time and then you have Paley when Sam would barely look at her and you could tell he didn't even want to be there. Now all this hate towards shippers? He's resentful and acting like a jilted ex boyfriend.

I don’t agree, sorry. I’m not going to sit here and force you to come ship or agree w me that they’re together but instead I’ll say what I think the 2 events you highlighted were about. Please be aware, this is my point of view as a super hardy shipper so all of these opinions are based around the fact that I think Sam and Cait are very much together. 

Cannes-  I firmly believe Sam wanted to be with Cait at Cannes. Why wouldn’t he? It was a huge moment for her career, of course as her boyfriend, he would want to be by her side supporting her. That being said, they told the world they weren’t together in January for whatever reasons - I think money was mostly to blame - and Cannes, one of the highlights of Cait’s career, is not the time to announce you’re dating your co-star. Therefore, of course Sam couldn’t be there but he was supporting her from afar. He faved tweets about how gorgeous she looked and seemed honestly miserable, just based on his replies to people about it. I don’t think Cait took Tony by choice. I think he’s being paid to follow her around in some capacity, maybe as an assistant, maybe as her stand in boyfriend (who she ignores and tosses her sunglasses to), who knows. 

Paley- I agree Sam was a bit awkward. But let’s put it into context. Earlier that day, him and Cait, by themselves, did the LA Times live stream where they were just as flirty and giggly and blushing and full of sexual innuendos as ever. A few hours later, they’re in different outfits at a fancier event surrounded by TPTB, their bosses, who in my opinion, were the reason behind Sam and Cait denying their relationship. So of course they’re going to be a bit off and have their guards up. I think it’s just more obvious with Sam since he’s usually the grinning, blushing, can’t keep his hands off her fool of the two of them. Cait was still as flirty as ever and Sam winked at her, for crying out loud!!!

(and his tie matched the polka dots on her dress ok THEY’RE FUCKIN MARRIED)

anyway, I don’t really have any answer for you as to why he suddenly thinks shippers are bullies and the worst fans in the fandom. I’m just as confused as you. But I don’t think it has anything to do w his relationship w Cait. 

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Fatima! I've been meaning to get into Drake's music but I didn't know where to start! Do you have any suggestions, like you're fav album/songs of his?


-find your loVe
-shut it DOWN
-show me a good time fuCk
-the whole album honestly WORK!
-marvins room…. can’t even say anything it TEW much…..
-cameras ong…..
-The motto he says aventura *deletes*
-underground kiNgs
-hyfr when u feel fukin GOOD
-all of take care it won a Grammy n everything I love my papi so much….
-come thru…. I….. *deletes*
-started from the bottom when u wanna feel fuking GOOD
-furthest thing is so good….. fuckin on the low! schemin on the low! YAS!
-wu-tang forever…. BABY ITS YOUrs!!
-own it fuCk

-from time…. *deleltlelelsls*
-worst behavior when u wanna fight someone….
-all of nwts honestly I love him so much…
OK ! other songs like ,

-successful when u FEELIN a lil low n u wAnna motivate ya self……
-heat of the moment omg…. I lov it so much…
-6 God 🙏🙏🙏 YAS
-0 to 100….
-how bout now
-caberet with Justin timberlake
-mine with BEY!!
damn… I love drake I hope u do too omg… also watch his interviews he’s such a sweet humble guy i love him so much 8(