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rules: list ten of your favourite female characters in ten different fandoms and then tag ten people

  1. laurel lance (arrow)
  2. daisy johnson (agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.)
  3. juliet burke (lost)
  4. naomi campbell (skins)
  5. anne bonny (black sails)
  6. kimberly hart (power rangers 2017)
  7. ahsoka tano (star wars)
  8. sansa stark (asoiaf)
  9. lexa (the 100)
  10. ramona flowers (scott pilgrim)

I’ll tag: @histcria @spectralarchers @isjustprogress @softmcgraw @starisation @mxrkwatney (that’s not ten people but whatever. Only if you want to of course!)

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I can't believe people say that Shay Cormac is a traitor to the assassins. I mean he destroyed a city and blamed himself for it and Achilles told him to brush it off and didn't listen to what Shay had to say. And he didn't run off to the templars; Monro let him choose to be a templar or not. People don't even want to play the game, but it had such a great story, and people aren't even giving it a chance. And the modern plot was more relevant than Unity's modern plot. I mean what was Ubisoft thinking ? They should have put as much advertising into Rogue as they did Unity. And Shay was such a good character and there was a lot of nostalgia in the game. Remember the homestead from ACIII? You can run around it again, all while it's in its prime as an assassin headquarters. Plus, it has Haytham Kenway, so that's a plus. I just don't get why people didn't give Rogue a chance. Hey, has it been about 10 seconds since we talked about Rogue? It has been about 10 seconds till we talked about Rogue. Hey what the fuck

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Oh, a second round of choose your legends? Cool. 

I’ve been wanting another round, given that the first one ended before Echoes was released. I can’t wait to see which characters from that game will make the top 100. Besides Alm and Celica at least.

priestbf  asked:

congrats on 700!! would you consider writing about dostoyevsky and/or hawthorne? something inspired by the last scene with them in the last episode maybe!

[Make Me Choose: A 700 Celebration!] 

Thanks!! Heck yeah, Hawthorne is my DUDE. He’s my fav, but I ended up writing something with at least an appearance from all the Rats…I hope I’m not forgetting anyone. ^^’ But mostly Hawthorne. 

[Read on ao3] | [Send me two characters]

Quiet beeps from the monitor and the soft hiss of Margaret’s oxygen mask seemed to fill the small medical room that had been set up for her. Fyodor had been gracious in accepting Hawthorne’s demands for how she should be set up. Not that he’d left much room for it. The deal had been her complete comfort and eventual healing, in exchange for his help and unquestioning obedience.

Hawthorne sat next to her side, eyes on his bible. It sat closed between his hands, as if he were going to open it any second. He hadn’t been able to open it for days. Not since he’d left the Guild. No, before that. The last time he’d opened a bible had been on the deck of the Zelda. He’d bought another one, of course, because he was a priest, but reading it…That proved harder. God seemed to be awfully distant these days.

He sighed softly and looked at Margaret. She was as still and lifeless as the book he held in his hands. She would remain that way until he fulfilled his end of the bargain and helped Fyodor with whatever scheme he’d concocted - the scheme that would help him do what Fitzgerald had failed to do: Find the book.

That damn book and that damn Fitzgerald had taken Margaret’s dreams from her. Hawthorne hated the book with a burning passion.

Hawthorne stood up, so suddenly his chair screeched back a step. It wasn’t going to help anyone to sit here and let his mind run around in circles. He left the small room and Margaret, quick, sure steps taking him further and further away.

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Interested in learning Chinese?

Of course you are. Whether you want to impress a Chinese friend, travelling to China, or just want to learn Chinese for the sake of learning Chinese, here’s an app for you!

It’s called ChineseSkill and it’s basically a duolingo style app for (Mandarin) Chinese. 

It includes speaking practice

and writing practice! (In the correct sequence too)

They teach both characters (traditional or simplified, you can choose in your settings) and pinyin (or you can choose to use one over the other, again, you can choose in your settings) 


Lord Tywin Lannister ruled the Seven Kingdoms, but Lady Joanna ruled Lord Tywin. 

gif request meme // jacaerys asked: asoiaf + favorite minor character or favorite minor house

(thanks to bethwoodvilles for coming up with this wonderful fancast)

Get to know me: Favourite Female Characters [1/?]

Fuu (Samurai Champloo, 2004)

There were two useless bodyguards travelling with me. Well it doesn’t matter anymore. Now I’m as alone as can be. So it doesn’t matter where i die, but… I didn’t want to drown. Because, you know, your body size doubles. I’m not joking. I want to die beautiful, you know?

Oh look! It’s transparent

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I meant to send this to you earlier, but for the OC questions !!! I want to learn about ALL your OCs and questions 2, 3, 5, and 10! If that's too much, then maybe 1-2 characters of your choosing for those questions? ; v ;

Yay thank youuu!!! and omg no I am always down to just over talk and over share about ALL my OCs :’D (though true doing actually all of them would be…a task, but I’ll do the main ones I had in the tags for this set of asks ;3c ) Though also whoops I apologize in advance if some of this is vague/confusing since like, I’m only answering the question and not giving full backstories, hopefully things still make sense !! ;;v;; (and putting this under a read more because it GETS LONG)

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Tell us Corrin who is your favorite sister ☺ ( feature Camilla, elise,hinoko, Sakura)

Corrin sweated over the fact that his sisters all asked him who was her favorite sister. He loved them all equally for one thing, why does she have to choose? If she picked Camilla, she wouldn’t be able to breath again and do anything by herself. If Hinoka, well, that wouldn’t be too bad, she wouldn’t overbear her or anything, she would try to spend all her time fixating on her. If Elise, she would do the same, only playing childish games at every point in time. If Sakura, well, Sakura wouldn’t do anything. She would just be happy that Corrin refers to her as a sister. She slowly backed away from them, wanting some time to avoid all of this. The four of them were concerned, but Camilla was a little pissed that she didn’t pick her. 

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  • Light: Why did you choose me?
  • Ryuk: I didn't choose you, you egomaniac!
  • Light: Oh... Wait a minute! This is our first time meeting and you already know I’m "so smart?"? So either you were stalking me or my GPA is so famous it's posted in the Shinigami Realm. Either way that sounds like you chose me. You knew where I lived. If it really was just an accident wouldn't you have searched for your notebook at the school rather than following me home?
  • Ryuk: ...
  • Light: And you just HAPPENED to fling this notebook, written in English, right outside the window of my English class. Riiiight. But even if you didn't choose me specifically that suggests at the very least you wanted a high school student to pick it up... because a high school student would be more likely to use it. This wasn't an accident. You want this notebook to be used. Why?
  • Ryuk: Alright, I was bored, you're hot, and I just wanted to hang out with the cool kids, alright?

Just like a preemptive thing.

Mutsuki saying Saiko noticed he was “a girl” has no real standing on Mutsuki’s gender identity.

Just think of it like this it would be absurd to think Saiko randomly discovered some magical psychological tell that told her Mutsuki was lying about his gender and emotions toward it. It makes perfect sense for the words to mean, “you found out I have a female sexed body.”

It has no real standing in gender much less Mutsuki’s feelings towards it. And that’s all I have to say about that…

You can choose to take it to mean something else if you want but don’t go trying to shove it down people’s throats as “proof” of anything.

universe-user  asked:

Hi, I'm writing a story set in the medieval era in (mostly) a single country. However I'm not bothering to be globally accurate since fauns and centaurs also didn't have some sort of global spread back then, if you catch my drift. I want to be able to add enough PoC characters but I want all of them to be native european. So far I've been having trouble choosing European countries where people weren't all white back in the day. Any idea what I can do to fix this? It sounded easier than it is &gt

Uuuuh, I know next to nothing about this subject… No, that’s a lie. I know absolutely nothing about it.

By “native”, do you mean indigenous peoples, or just people born and raised in Europe?

[This wiki page] has a list of indigenous European groups. I didn’t read through all the linked articles, but for the few that I did read, a lot of the people seem to be in or near parts of Russia. You’ll probably wanna take a more thorough look, though.

As for the “born and raised” variety, you might want to look into the [Moors]. They were people of Arab and African decent (and/or Muslims) who mainly settled in areas of Spain, Portugal and Italy… so, “southern Europe”, I guess. Though they could also be found in other areas as well. Honestly, people of all skin tones existed all over Europe, even during the medieval era. I don’t know how common they were, but they did exist.

Setting that aside for a moment… It’s fantasy. You’ve already got fae roaming about; you’re allowed to mix things up. Just ask yourself if it’s going to break the story.

See that’s what makes fantasy so great… You can put whoever you want wherever you want and no one can tell you it’s wrong because you just went and created your own world/AU.

xeadas said:

the [writingwithcolor tumblr] should also have some stuff on this

ic-greek said:

There is a tumblr dedicated to this topic. [medievalpoc.tumblr]

How to Hatch your Dragon


“What do you mean I have to take care of it!?” Arthur hissed at Mystery. A few sparks managed to lick their way out between his clenched teeth.

The insane not-a-dog up and left for three days after he got a random letter in the mail, didn’t let anyone see it, disappeared without a word, came back and dropped a rather large jeweled egg in his lap and told him that it was his now. And that he needed to hatch and take care of the baby dragon inside.

First off, he wasn’t even ready to think about having kids, let alone a pet. He could barely take care of himself without the support of Vivi and Lewis. And now Mystery wanted him to raise a baby dragon from birth! Or was it hatching? He’d have to ask Lewis later …

Secondly, he was new to the whole dragon thing. He was only part-dragon and that didn’t come with any paternal or parental instincts! Or an instruction manual for that matter. He still didn’t know what he did or ate that let him breathe fire, unintentionally, when he yells or sighs too heavily. At least Vivi called it cute when little sparks came out when he sighs, or when it looked like he was seeing his breath regardless of the temperature. 

anonymous asked:

I'm curious, do you have any other thoughts on the 3x07 Hook and Neal scene? I never knew what to think of it myself. I mean, on the one hand, he does seem genuine in his thanks. But on the other hand, his little smile that he can't seem to hold back (in the second to last gif) makes me think that he might have not been so oblivious to the fact that Neal didn't know, and might have told him on purpose. I mean, trying to be the bigger person or not, jealousy sucks.

See the full gifset from Dark Hollow Hookfire!Anon is referencing by @someone-like-robsten 

I don’t see that at all Hookfire!Anon. You are implying that Hook deliberately set out to hurt Neal or that he wanted to stake his claim on Emma  and neither of those things are in character to me. 

Hook cares about Neal. He came to Neverland in large part because of him. When Pan gives Hook the option he chooses Neal without hesitation. But his feelings for Neal live in the abstract. All his emotions are tied to the boy he knew not the man Neal became. And yes that man happens to by vying for the same woman he is…so that makes it even more complicated. But that doesn’t equal a desire to hurt Neal.

Hook struggles with jealousy from the moment he overhears Neal promising that he will never stop fighting for Emma. Certainly he wants to be the one Emma chooses. But he knows it’s Emma’s choice so staking a claim or warning Neal off by bringing up The Kiss doesn’t fit either. So what is going on?  

Let’s break down the scene

They go back to Neal’s cave where Hook probably feels a ton of guilt because it’s where Bae spent centuries alone because of Hook. The second they are alone Hook starts the conversation with an air of reluctance–he can’t even look at Neal. He was waiting for an opportunity for this conversation but he doesn’t want to have it. He thinks Neal already knows about the kiss and likely wants to clear the awkwardness away since they all have to work together. 

Why is he thanking Neal for being understanding? Because he assumes Neal knows about the kiss and that Neal would be hurt by it. I think he is trying to tell Neal that he respects him for the way he is handling the situation. He is trying to be an adult about it all. 

Neal is clueless and so Hook spells it out for him. He is all “our dalliance” aka The Kiss, the most life changing lip-lock in all fairytale-dom. 

LOOK at his face! He looks offended that Neal hasn’t heard about this earth shattering event. Later when Emma’s asks Hook why he told Neal about The Kiss he says it’s because he “hoped it meant something”. Neal not knowing about The Kiss tells Hook that it really was “just a kiss” Which can’t have felt great. Even though he isn’t entirely sure he is worthy of Emma Hook wants her to want him, to choose him. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm trying to reevaluate my opinion on zayn because I think I've been following biased blogs and I want to be fair. I've seen people talking about zayn being misogynistic, aphoboic and fatphobic? Some said he was ableist too. apparently he has said the n word and has a tweet with the n word in it on his twitter. Some others also said he appropriates black culture and didn't deny it? I'm really confused about what to believe. Help?

Well, first of all, I think it’s very telling of your character that you’re choosing to get more sides of the story so as to not follow the crowd. Kudos on that – not many people think to stray from the herd. As usual, this answer is probably going to be very long and spaced out for easier readability, despite my expected rambling. I’m not going to absolve Zayn of anything; I’m simply going to give my two cents on the situation and leave others to think for themselves as I have done. My word is not final or law, and I won’t act like it is. 

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