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did you like mick? i was actually starting to enjoy him but then.... *cries*


i didn’t

BUT I’LL EXPLAIN WHY because after his demise, a lot of people asked if i liked him, and i remained completely unphased by him SO!! here you go

  • he’s with the BMoL. already not a good thing BECAUSE
    • i don’t care for this group……….they are SO CLEAN. and i think of clean as boring, unless proven otherwise. (which, within spn, i often am, which is nice!) i talked about this with a friend in seattle–this storyline strikes no chords with me because there’s 0 personality or gritty americana at all ;o;
  • the way they introduced his character made him seem like he’d be a lot more badass! but he was a pencil pusher so i mean alright
  • he said he’d never killed, but as a kid just to advance his position he killed one of his only friends?? so we don’t actually know anything he’s done ever except for so far kill 2 kids for his job that he doesn’t really like that much
  • i want SOME SORT of mythological creature to be working with them regularly, and mick………….dressed…………lIKE CAS….i mean if i have the choice between the two i’m gonna choose an angel child
  • his character never made too much sense to me?? and again. too clean without getting the hands dirty:

in comparison, look at my favorite character. look at him. he’s the most powerful being in the universe and he’s a damn slob

i think i might’ve just been spoiled too much last season

curse you robbie thompson

ok so I’m really into my rvb Voltron au. here are some concepts for carolina, the director/og Leonard Church, and Tex. I guess I’ll just type out some of my notes since my handwriting is indecipherable. lmao I’ve taken some liberties with the plot/character aspects because a lot stuff in VLD hasn’t really been explained yet. 

Carolina: Red Paladin

height: 5′7″

age: 18

general bio: from Texas, Carolina is the daughter of Leonard Church, the director of the Galaxy Garrison. She used to be pretty close to her father until recently (she never knew her mother). She was a top student, athlete, and pilot at the Garrison until she learned more about her father and his true actions and the secret experiments conducted by the military/garrison. The director is a corrupt leader of the Garrison; he is quiet yet menacing. When he met Galra Allison/Tex he learned about Aliens, the Galra threat, and their advanced weapons/abilities. After Tex/Allison left he became obsessed with enhancing the military, specifically through human experimentation/ enhancements. Carolina was actually one of the experiments, but she was unaware of any experiments on herself or others; due to the experiments Carolina has enhanced strength and agility. At some point Carolina finds out about the experiments and her father’s involvement and runs away to the shack in the desert. After becoming a paladin she becomes close with Wash and surprisingly, Grif.

Ok so this is all I have for now. I find Carolina and Keith’s personalities to be very similar so it was easy enough to make some connections. I decided to add on some Garrison conflicts because I feel like it adds another interesting dynamic to the original VLD plot, also I think we can all agree that the Garrison is kinda sketchy anyway… I really didn't want to choose between Hargrove and the director for the big bad so why not have both! (Hargrove is Zarkon’s counterpart). If anyone is willing to collaborate for a fic or want’s to add any input I’ll be glad to share ideas!!! There should be more concepts and notes for the other characters that I can squeeze into this au.

Fic by @renaroo

Grif and Kai




“I sat with the director, Nicolas Winding Refn, at the Noho Star for four hours and told him why I wasn’t going to do his movie. I think that made him like me. As it was written, I hated the character. In the script, he was a Mexican, tatted-up guy who beat and gave alcohol to his infant son. When you saw this guy, you wanted the blond people—Carey Mulligan, who played my wife, and Ryan Gosling, who played my rival for her affections—to get together. I absolutely did not want to play that role. So Refn said, ‘Make him anything you want him to be.’ And I rewrote my character.” — Oscar Isaac.

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Sense8 fans are putting up an amazing fight but I was thinking what if Max didn't want to renew his contract anyway? I doubt it as it gives him international recognition and I assume a higher pay than German films. Still,he did mention the difficulty of being away from his daughter for long lengths of time. Also Sense8 is different from the normal scripts he chooses. Just a thought really. I think the shooting of scenes all over the world etc made the budget too high to make Sense8 profitable 😟

I HIGHLY doubt that Max refused to renew his contract. He did say that he misses his daughter, yes. But he also repeatedly said that he loves the character of Wolfgang and that he would continue playing him for as long as possible. I know that Max loves travelling and exploring new cultures etc. and that he loves the cast and crew. He also said he considers Lana a close friend now.  Max is not the kind of guy who says these things if he doesn’t mean it. I actually think Sense8 was the perfect project for him.

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: I can't believe people say that Shay Cormac is a traitor to the assassins. I mean he destroyed a city and blamed himself for it and Achilles told him to brush it off and didn't listen to what Shay had to say. And he didn't run off to the templars; Monro let him choose to be a templar or not. People don't even want to play the game, but it had such a great story, and people aren't even giving it a chance. And the modern plot was more relevant than Unity's modern plot. I mean what was Ubisoft thinking ? They should have put as much advertising into Rogue as they did Unity. And Shay was such a good character and there was a lot of nostalgia in the game. Remember the homestead from ACIII? You can run around it again, all while it's in its prime as an assassin headquarters. Plus, it has Haytham Kenway, so that's a plus. I just don't get why people didn't give Rogue a chance. Hey, has it been about 10 seconds since we talked about Rogue? It has been about 10 seconds till we talked about Rogue. Hey what the fuck

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I find it funny that people are rushing to defend Lance right now. If I had to choose one character in the V0ltr0n fandom that didn't need defending, it'd be Lance. I have grown to thoroughly dislike his character because of this fandom. His personality makes him lovable, makes you want to know more about him. And then you meet his Stans that make you want to run for the hills and never come back.. And people wonder why I never go into the actual character tags..

Literally people act like Lance is so victimised like Lance is deadass the centre of fandom 24/7 I saw a post earlier basically saying if you don’t prioritise your Lance HC’s over other HC’s you’re racist bc “Lance’s representation is more important than the representation of the other characters who are POC like Hunk and Allura and Shiro” and I s2g I wanted to fucking die

@galaxyfuyukiokami Could you do a haikyuu Tsukishima x Kageyama with either 32, 34, or 38?

Alright it has been awhile for me with this anime/manga so I am sorry if this seems OOC and very short to try to keep it in character (also I choose 32 since I’ve been wanting to do that one for awhile now) Need to get back into this show honestly…it was such a fun time and pure highschool sports anime

Also I had no idea this was a pairing and I am intrigued. (I ignored everyone that isn’t tiny or Tanaka)

Characters: Kegayama Tobio and Tsukishima Kei
Word Count: 133
32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
Prompt List.

Kageyama leaned against Tsukishima after everyone left the court. Everything quiet after the practice that just seemed like yelling, but he was getting use to all the noises that the team produced during it. 

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

The comment made Kageyama jump slightly as he stared at the only other player in the room.

“Ugh, to think I have this much emotion for someone, especially you. Gross.” Tsukishima stuck out his tongue in disgust as he tried not to think more about it. 

“Well that’s a good thing to say to someone.” Kageyama stood up brushing himself off and grabbing his bag to leave.

Tsukishima just groaned and fell backwards as the other left the court. He covered his eyes with his arm. “I hate this.”

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So for this milestone I’ve decided to quiz you guys with three different questions (which are open-ended). Each question will have one winner. The prize is art based off the question. The winner may choose their OC or a canon character as the subject of their prize (doesn’t have to be MCL specific either). You can only win once, to be fair for everyone. I will give a couple days for answers to be sent to me through asks, as no one will be able to see anyone else’s answers (muhuhahaha). No anon answers will be taken because how can I let you win if I don’t even know who you are, yeah? And obviously this is for followers only as I am making it especially for them.
The first question will be posted separately with the time restrictions and whatnot.


Lord Tywin Lannister ruled the Seven Kingdoms, but Lady Joanna ruled Lord Tywin. 

gif request meme // jacaerys asked: asoiaf + favorite minor character or favorite minor house

(thanks to bethwoodvilles for coming up with this wonderful fancast)

Interested in learning Chinese?

Of course you are. Whether you want to impress a Chinese friend, travelling to China, or just want to learn Chinese for the sake of learning Chinese, here’s an app for you!

It’s called ChineseSkill and it’s basically a duolingo style app for (Mandarin) Chinese. 

It includes speaking practice

and writing practice! (In the correct sequence too)

They teach both characters (traditional or simplified, you can choose in your settings) and pinyin (or you can choose to use one over the other, again, you can choose in your settings) 

Get to know me: Favourite Female Characters [1/?]

Fuu (Samurai Champloo, 2004)

There were two useless bodyguards travelling with me. Well it doesn’t matter anymore. Now I’m as alone as can be. So it doesn’t matter where i die, but… I didn’t want to drown. Because, you know, your body size doubles. I’m not joking. I want to die beautiful, you know?

Oh look! It’s transparent

Just like a preemptive thing.

Mutsuki saying Saiko noticed he was “a girl” has no real standing on Mutsuki’s gender identity.

Just think of it like this it would be absurd to think Saiko randomly discovered some magical psychological tell that told her Mutsuki was lying about his gender and emotions toward it. It makes perfect sense for the words to mean, “you found out I have a female sexed body.”

It has no real standing in gender much less Mutsuki’s feelings towards it. And that’s all I have to say about that…

You can choose to take it to mean something else if you want but don’t go trying to shove it down people’s throats as “proof” of anything.

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Hi, I'm writing a story set in the medieval era in (mostly) a single country. However I'm not bothering to be globally accurate since fauns and centaurs also didn't have some sort of global spread back then, if you catch my drift. I want to be able to add enough PoC characters but I want all of them to be native european. So far I've been having trouble choosing European countries where people weren't all white back in the day. Any idea what I can do to fix this? It sounded easier than it is &gt

Uuuuh, I know next to nothing about this subject… No, that’s a lie. I know absolutely nothing about it.

By “native”, do you mean indigenous peoples, or just people born and raised in Europe?

[This wiki page] has a list of indigenous European groups. I didn’t read through all the linked articles, but for the few that I did read, a lot of the people seem to be in or near parts of Russia. You’ll probably wanna take a more thorough look, though.

As for the “born and raised” variety, you might want to look into the [Moors]. They were people of Arab and African decent (and/or Muslims) who mainly settled in areas of Spain, Portugal and Italy… so, “southern Europe”, I guess. Though they could also be found in other areas as well. Honestly, people of all skin tones existed all over Europe, even during the medieval era. I don’t know how common they were, but they did exist.

Setting that aside for a moment… It’s fantasy. You’ve already got fae roaming about; you’re allowed to mix things up. Just ask yourself if it’s going to break the story.

See that’s what makes fantasy so great… You can put whoever you want wherever you want and no one can tell you it’s wrong because you just went and created your own world/AU.

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the [writingwithcolor tumblr] should also have some stuff on this

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There is a tumblr dedicated to this topic. [medievalpoc.tumblr]


Interviewer: Why did you choose this [I Wanna Hold Your Hand] one?

Tessa: Well I think the song kind of speaks for itself. It’s um, a change of characters for us because I’m really pursuing Scott and I think that’s fun to explore

Interviewer: Yeah that’s crazy, who would wanna pursue this guy, I mean really


“Do this little thing for me, and you can be my dog and eat meat every day,” Lord Ramsay promised. “(…) A man would turn against me in your place, but we know what you are, don’t we? Betray me if you want, it makes no matter … but count your fingers first and know the cost.” Reek knew the cost.