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HARVEY DENT IN LIVE-ACTION: [2/4] » Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever (1995)

You have broken into our hideout. You have violated the sanctity of our lair. For this, we should crush your bones into powder! However, you do pose a very interesting proposition: therefore, heads, we accept, or tails, we blow your damned head off!


—favourite character development

right now, you are still only a sprout of a great big eye-catching flower. that flower is small for now, but very strong. what kind of flower will bloom in the future is up to you.

“Well, love is insanity. The ancient Greeks knew that. It is the taking over of a rational and lucid mind by delusion and self-destruction. You lose yourself, you have no power over yourself, you can’t even think straight.”
—Marilyn French


“When I say I love you more, I don’t just mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us. I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us. I love you the most.” (insp.)   [x]

Who Broke It?
  • Nadia: Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
  • MC: I broke it-
  • Nadia: No, no you didn't. Asra?
  • Asra: Don't look at me, look at Julian.
  • Julian: What?! I didn't break it!
  • Asra: Then how'd you even know it was broken?
  • Julian: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.
  • Asra: Suspicious...

can we talk about youngmin’s handwriting for a sec?? the fact that he draws little boxes for his exclamation points and each one has two dashes on it ?? he pays attention to so little detail it’s so cute. his question marks and emoticons are cute too, especially the (^^;;?) like i’m actually crying that’s my favorite emoticon from now on. and the way he wrote IM ! YOUNG ! MIN ! is adorable not to mention the way he quoted and bolded the word “slightly” i just…….. the heart at the end is perfect he is so precious ;;;; he wrote that him and donghyun will work hard while woojin and daehwi are in wanna one, he’s telling us he’s going to stay with bnm so we don’t have to worry guys ;;; 

Fake Chats #101
  • Jimin: *should I ask Kookie if he wants anything?
  • Taehyung: why? This is our hangout.
  • Jimin: I don't wanna exclude him.
  • Taehyung: he's perfectly happy playing games on his phone. Leave him.
  • Jimin: you're right. I'll get my coat.
  • Taehyung: good.*
  • Seokjin: I thought I told you two not to use best friend telepathy in front of Jungkook?
  • Vmin: no, you didn't.
  • Seokjin: *I so totally did.
  • Namjoon: you didn't, hyung.*
  • Taehyung: wow, hypocritical much?
  • Jimin: Jungkookie, are you really bothered by it?
  • Jungkook: bothered by what? And why does Jin-hyung look like he's about to explode?
  • Prussia: hey guys, wanna see me with awesome yet terrifying Halloween make-up~?
  • Hungary: oh really, let me see- GAAAAAAAHHH!!! OH MY GOD ITS TERRIFYING!!
  • Austria: THATS HORRIFYING!! Why didn't you warn us beforehand, geez!!
  • Prussia: ... I haven't put on the fucking make-up yet you assholes.

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<quote>Seriously, isn’t it true that the t*lc haters have consistently given Sherlollians some of the best crack memes in our fandom???? Every time they try to ruin us they just end up giving us the best shit. </quote>

So far I can think of:

Bingo cards

A shit ton of 8-minute fics

A bunch of Sherlock saying “I’m someone” after Moffatt said Molly went and shagged someone fics

Johntent (including a fic involving a literal tent)

The Wallpaper Conspiracy, including art, fics,and an actual blog devoted to it

Feel free to add your own

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Not a question but I guess I can tell it here. I legit don't know anything about Tumblr and how to use it. I'm barely here. But I just found your page by another page on Fb and I love your posts so much! ❤🙏🏻 Thank you for doing what you do and pls keep doing it. Love you.

lol nice thank you!!!! what facebook account did you see it on? i’ve never used fb so i wanna see whos posting it

  • Muse members as pick up lines:
  • Honoka: You can't spell Honoka without Ho.
  • Kotori: Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back!
  • Umi: Are you drinking Hennessy? Cause you're the only hens I see. Wait, shit that's not right.
  • Hanayo: You look rice tonight! What? No I didn't mean nice.
  • Rin: I wanna spend all my nine lives with you!
  • Maki: Did it hurt when I fell from heaven?
  • Nico: Did it hurt when I fell from heaven? What do you mean Maki just used that one?!
  • Eli : I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated by you. Also vodka.
  • Nozomi: Sit on my face.
Broken coffee machine, part 1
  • Coach Q: Okay, who broke the coffee machine? I'm not mad, I just wanna know
  • *silence*
  • Teuvo: It's me, I did it
  • Coach Q: No, no you didn't. Andy?
  • Shawzy: Don't look at me, look at Jonny
  • Jonny: What? I didn't break it
  • Shawzy: Huh, that's weird. How did you even know it was broken?
  • Jonny: Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken!
  • Shawzy: *narrows his eyes at Jonny* Suspicious

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     "Yeah, and they all look fuckin’ stupid.“ Snickering, Raph flicked Mikey’s beak and crossed his arms. ”…I mean. At best, they look stupid.“

🐢 ❝                 now c’mon take that back ——- not ALL of ‘em look stupid.             ❞ he snipped back, covering his beak as he flicked his beak, half - glaring at his elder brother.  ❝                 this one has a use, keeps my head warm. now maybe the chef’s hat is stupid but .. i don’t call your stupid pants you wear stupid. i don’t know why you wear ‘em when we don’t gotta but i don’t call your CHOICE IN CLOTHING stupid ..             ❞