i didn't wanna make it b&w :(

alright  W H E R E is my star wars les amis au though like
  • look me in the eyes and tell me enj and cosette wouldnt be our token Space Twins
  • enj recklessly shoves the plans for the deathstar into a small droid before being taken, kicking and hollering the whole time, by the evil empire
  • cosette secluded on some sandy desert planet, being distantly watched over by jean valjean, who knows her true potential but hides himself from her to save her
  • before jhe dies valjean finds the time to tell cosette about her powerful jedi mother who was murdered by a sith lord who- spoiler alert! ends up being her shitty father felix tholomyes
  • except, uh oh! now they’ve gotta escape. who better than t h e eponine thernardier, expert smuggler, to get them out on her ship. beautiful and suave, with a cool attitude, she doesnt believe in many things, especially not the force, but hey, this small blonde kid is cute
  • and right by her side, slightly harrier-than-average Grantaire whos n o t a wookie shut your damn mouth ‘ponine who’s a legend with a cross-bow
  • the second enjolras meets r and ep hes fighting a constant battle to get them on their side bc dammit they are talented and would be invaluable to the cause
  • no he doesnt think grantaire the actual literal criminal smuggler is cute
  • theyve got a rag-tag crew on board to help with cargo and so we meet joly, bossuet, musichetta, and bahorel who come from planets with nothing and are willing to believe in anything
  • when they rescue enjolras and are taken to the rebellion, well. it feels like they finally have a family and a cause worth fighting for. they want roots here.
  • bahorel immediately offers engineer services to the pilots who are so relieved to have someone actually able to do heavy lifting
  • feuilly, one of the best pilots they have, offers to help show him the ins and outs of certain models he hasn’t worked with. feuilly is also the one who showed enjolras how to send hologram messages on a droid and enj has just the tiniest smidge of a crush on him
  • j/b/m all specialized in droid care, adn make a fantastic team. chetta in particular figured out this little trick in programming and now they can repurpose empire droids no problem
  • combeferre is one of the chief strategists of the rebellion and it’s his plan to have the charismatic son of a former senator serve as a diplomat between planets, while really recruiting people for the rebellion
  • this, of course, is courfeyrac, the most charming man in the galaxy. it’s no small feat operating under the eye of the empire but if anyone can handle it, it’s obviously courf and n o he doenst flirt with Important Rebellion Leader combeferre how d a r e you
  • of course theyre not thousands of years old nor small and green but saying confusing mystical shit in the middle of a swamp? that’s got jehan prouvaire written all over it. and of course they’re a jedi master and their lightsaber is purple thankyouverymuch
  • and holy f u c k cosette is the most powerful jedi they’ve seen in a long time
  • please bear with me but imagine an incredibly awkward yet charming marius pontmercy living in a city of clouds and declaring it a neutral zone
  • eponine is more than a little smitten with him and cosette cant decide if she finds ponine or pontmercy more endearing so they all three decide to just give it a go
  • and at the end of the day, they’re all a rebellion and a family fighting to bring justice to the galaxy

listen it’s not a perfect fit but dangit i just want my space revolutionaries let me have them

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I prefer a dorky, nervous, flustered, tsundere ichigo confessing over a serious, boring, dead-inside ichigo confessing.

it’s too obvious that k*bo spent 2 minutes on those messy as hell sketches. but since that novel is dead to me consider this. look at ichigo kurosaki in his full glory

a beautiful ray of sunshine. he is calm happy nd w a smile on his face. this is the content i signed up for!!! (and before some says “b-b-but you’re comparing an anime to a manga that’s unfair!!!1!”, ichigo looked exactly like this in the manga before 680+ fuck off)

now look at this mess

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I pick him. I pick Larry.

does his love make your head spin?

For o-i-t-n-b