i didn't used to ship them as hard as i do now

Ok I'm upset

Yet another amazing artist got their tumblr account deleted for no fucking reason. Matsutrash. Apparently there’s some false accusations of them posting underage porn but obviously they never did that. And right now I’m just so upset.
This needs to fucking stop. Anti’s are acting like children and accusing people of fake shit. They’ve already gotten more than a few artists’ account deleted and that’s not cool man. These people work hard, using up their time and energy to provide something for their followers and theirselves. It’s their happiness. Why would anyone want to take that away. Cut all this bullshit about what you can and cannot ship, mind your own fucking business and let people do what makes them happy.
People are actually afraid to do art and be on social media because they’re afraid of harassment and being deleted. Leave the fandom if it upsets you so damn much. Jesus Christ like seriously I’m so upset right now.