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Trini's Birthday Surprise
  • Kimberly: You said you wanted your birthday present to be a surprise. You've helped me decide the past few years.
  • Trini: ...
  • Kimberly: *traces the lace around her hip* Not the surprise you wanted?
  • Trini: *opens mouth then closes it*
  • Kimberly: I'll just go change. *moves towards the bathroom*
  • Trini: *grabs Kim by the wrist to stop her*
  • Kimberly: *turns around* Speechless?
  • Trini: You're... *squeaks* so... *runs her hands over Kim's sides tracing the lingerie*
  • Kimberly: Mmmm, Speechless. *smiles* I didn't think you'd break so easily.
  • Trini: *laughs* You make me weak.
  • Kimberly: *smirks and leans into Trini* I do have an actual present for you I just figured you'd want this one first.

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I have a question that is really bugging me. You may not know the answer, but in the 3rd movie when he is doing the "Lumos maxima" spell. Why didn't the ministry care. In the "Chamber Of Secrets" they said he would be expelled. I know this question has probably been asked before, but I want to know.

I think it’s probably one of those “it looks cool, but they didn’t really think it through things”. It was a pretty neat opening shot. I guess the movie could argue that he’s not being punished because no muggles saw it, even if that’s not how the Trace actually works.  Harry should get in trouble for doing magic outside of school, and it doesn’t really make any sense that he’d be risking that.

I was actually telling Lauren about another of those “doing it for the #aesthetic, even if it doesn’t make sense” moments the other day. You remember that scene in the Half-Blood Prince movie where some Death Eaters destroy a bridge? The scene takes place in the summer of 1996, construction on the bridge they destroyed (the Millennium Bridge, London) started in 1998. So, the movie had Death Eaters destroy a bridge that wasn’t going to exist for at least another 2 years. 



After seeing sashamutch’s animation progress deelie I thought I’d have a try too :O albeit a bit messy…and with less examples for each year…also apologies for this wall of gifs. Each year is captioned with stuff.

I slightly altered the 2006 gif, somehow 12 year old me managed to animate the legs forward but the hair backwards…so I just reversed the hair…

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Re teleported in and carefully approached the skeleton in front of him. "...Vibe? Are you okay?" He had heard some worrying things about what was going on and he didn't like the sound of it at all. Although, now that he actually knew about Bystander, he didn't think he'd make the same mistake again in mistaking his lover for that maniac. "I...heard some things..."

Bystander played idly with the soul in his hand, tracing thin lines into the surface with the knife he held. It wasn’t enough to kill Vibe, but he did enjoy the way the soul shuddered with pain, Vibe’s mental presence too worn down to react much. Souls were always so delicate, yet this patchwork of one could withstand a great deal of damage. Necessary, he supposed, since the verse had a habit of nibbling on it.

He blinked when he noticed someone approaching, a grin spreading across his face once he turned and saw who it was. “Hello again, Re.”