i didn't think we'd end it at there

Main takeaway from Rogue One: the people in a galaxy far, far away did some amazing work on spaceships and sentient droids, but if they’d just thrown in decent wifi and better file zipping software the whole Star Wars story would go very differently

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Tbh I used to have hope Kagami would make mikayuu canon when I first entered the fandom but after about a year, I realized there was no way it'd happen and we'd only get an open ending. Now? I'm convinced he's going to make Yuu and Shinoa canon and in the worst way possible by fucking up Shinoa's character with the sex for power thing and making Yuu have feelings for her out of nowhere. I wish I didn't care so much, but it makes me feel really nauseous when I think about it...

(same person) I know not being canon isn’t the end of the world, but it still hurts. Sorry for dumping this on you, you don’t have to answer. Hope you have a good day and I really like your posts 

I didn’t expect my response to get this long but

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will you please explain the end of "the least satisfying explanation"? I think I remember you saying before that you didn't think we'd be too satisfied if you did tell us or something to that extent, I don't remember the exact words. But it's really bugging me- I understand if you still don't want to, I just thought I'd ask off anon so you don't have to post the answer

Hi Margot! Sorry for my obnoxious answer last time. Basically, the father was abusing his daughter knowing that, with her condition, no one would believe her if she realized it was him and said something about it. They would just think it was another hallucination brought on by her schizophrenia.

The story, for those interested, can be found here.

a one time thing (and other untruths) (23/24)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: I submitted my grad school app and finished this fic so it’s been a pretty good week, I’d say? One chapter after this, then the epilogue. Probably be posting that stuff within the next couple of days? Endings are a Big Deal so I might sorta stare at it for a bit and move around commas and parentheses before posting, so I dunno when, exactly, it’ll be up. But I hope you guys like this chapter, at least. (Side note: I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time researching baby development, reading articles like ‘your baby at 6 weeks’ and whatever, but I know there are possibly, probably some inaccuracies and I apologize.)

(Shout out to swallowedsong for looking over this and stuff.)

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            She thinks she forgot this part.

            No, scratch that. She didn’t forget.

            It’s just that last time, she was so worried about everything else when it came to having a newborn that his not sleeping through the night was hardly the largest of her concerns.

            And boy does Aidan hate sleep.

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Oh Ana, THAT GIF. Everything just flop, flop, flopping around.... ! I didn't think we'd be able to top a picture of him crouching with the shape of his testicles totally visible. But you've done it. Happy Monday to all! ;)

Look at those skills … Nico, what a star!!!

Today has been great, Michael Phelps ending his retirement and Lil’ N making the rounds… Happy Monday indeed!