i didn't think they would win either

I love nigahiga so much and I’ve been watching him for years but I’m not gonna lie. I hate that BGA is at number one and number three on the kpop iTunes chart. Monsta x has been working so hard towards their first win and they were number one until this fake kpop group someone made for fun came in and pushed them out. I think BGA is a great idea and hilarious and I love that Ryan made this, but they’re taking away something from people who have worked their asses off and gone through so much towards a certain goal.

Which Satan and Me character should you fight
  • Satan: What are you thinking. Why would you fight the fucking devil himself. You saw what he did on that bridge. Damn scary shit. He blew up a fucking forest. Don't fight Satan.
  • Natalie: I mean you could, but what are you accomplishing here? She fucked up the archangel Michael. But shit, have you seen what she can do with a pinecone? Little red has the fucking devil on her side. DO NOT FIGHT NATALIE.
  • Archangel Michael: Should you fight him? No. Could you? Sure. Punch him. Punch his pretty face. How dare he be pretty. Will you get your ass roasted? Yes. You probably shouldn't fight Michael.
  • Archangel Gabriel: What did this poor man do to you? Don't add stress to his life. He already deals with Michael all the time. Don't fight Gabe.
  • Kristi: You could fight Kristi. You could probably beat her. But at what cost? Michael will fuck you up. You probably shouldn't fight Kristi.
  • Festus/Felix: Don't be fooled by the height of this fucking gremlin he will most likely wreck you. But then again he is 5'2" of all bark and no bite. You could fight Felix.
  • Anthea: But why. She's such a doll. Don't fight Anthea.
  • Archangel Raphael: This man aspires to fight bears. Unless you are a bear, you should not fight Raphael. Why the fuck would you even fight a man in a wheelchair. You sick fuck.
  • Archangel Zadkiel: R.I.P. in fucking pieces. Don't fight Zadkiel
  • Archangel Chamuel: What is wrong with you. Leave this precious cinnamon bun out of this. Don't fight Chamuel.
  • Archangel Jophiel: Would you punch a drunk man? Didn't think so. You could fight a sober Jophiel, but he'd probably either wreck your shit or back out.
  • Laila: I bet she could fuck a man up. You would also have to deal with Felix. Don't fight Laila
  • Death: Walk away. WALK AWAY YOU CAN'T WIN
  • Ipos: Yo he fucked Uriel up man. He was so chill and he just fucked that little shit up. Don't fight Ipos.
  • Pax: Do you have a death wish? Don't fight Pax.
  • Sheila: She may be blind but she'll stab a bitch. If she doesn't get you Ipos will. Don't fight Sheila.
  • Titus: Please fuck him up.

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i once sent a pic of a bumper sticker that said "all i do is nguyen nguyen nguyen" to my vietnamese friend as that is her last name - she didn't get it either.

There is a HOT DEBATE raging now over how Nguyen is pronounced, I must say. One of the reasons I didn’t get it at first is that I haven’t been pronouncing it “Win”; I had a friend in high school who had that surname and she pronounced it closer to “h’wen” so it didn’t occur to me. 

The whole thing made me think of another friend I had whose last name was Giang and when our teachers asked her “How do you pronounce this?” she would reply “I don’t.” She had three older siblings all of whom said it differently, so she refused to give anyone a “proper” pronunciation of her name. (Most teachers chose to say it “Yang” but our Econ teacher, beloved by all, called her “Ms. Gee-ang” in the most affectedly White Guy Voice possible, which she seemed to especially enjoy.) 

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i was watching the last dem debate with my parents & they said that while they really like bernie & his politics, the amount of anti-semitism they've experienced in america within their own lives makes them doubt bernie's ability to be elected. what would you say to that? i didn't know how to respond, partially bc i haven't faced a lot of anti-semitism, either bc generational differences, of where i live or being fair-skinned/fair-haired, idk. my parents are very proud jews, so i was surprised.

I don’t think anti-semitism alone will be enough to stop Bernie Sanders from winning the presidency. Keep in mind that he’s the farthest left mainstream presidential candidate in a long, long time, possibly since FDR or even Lincoln. Now he’s a Social Democrat, not a Socialist in the Marxist sense, but he supports a number of initiatives that would radically upend the current class structure in short order. If he’s going to lose, I think the “Socialist” label is going to hurt him more than the “Jewish” label.

What I’m more worried about are the fringe anti-semites who are going to come to the surface. We’ve already started to see them. Consider the way that Bernie Sanders is held further to account for his position on Israel than Hillary Clinton who is far less critical and accepts large monetary support from wealthy pro-Israel Jews like Chaim Saban while Sanders only relies on small donors. Sanders has publicly repudiated Netanyahu while Clinton has promised to be a better friend to him than Obama. These differences get ignored because Sanders is Jewish and his Israel litmus test is different.

I’m also worried about right wing anti-semites who believe in ZOG bullshit and might actually try to assassinate him. So much anti-semitism arises from a belief that Jews have too much power and a Jew running for president only feeds that belief. In the anti-semitic mind, gentile achievements and success are deserved, but Jewish success is always a result of underhanded corruption and secret conspiratorial power. For example, instead of Jews being celebrated for our major positive contributions to American culture, we are instead criticized for controlling it. A Jewish person successfully running for the Presidency cannot have won it fairly, in this kind of imagination. It’s more proof that the Zionist Occupational Government has successfully infiltrated and overthrown American democracy for the purposes of committing “White Genocide.” That sounds ludicrous, and it is, but enough people believe it that it represents a real threat to him and other American Jews who might be attacked for our seeming connection to Jewish Power. To these people, a Jewish president would represent the final defeat of the White Race. We haven’t heard much about this yet, but I guarantee you we’ll hear a lot more if he gets the nomination.