i didn't think she would find out this soon

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Do you think Harry would care if the missus didn't want to breastfeed?

I don’t think he would mind at all, no. It’s whatever and however the missus feels comfortable; if she wants to bottle-feed their babies, he’s all for supporting that and finding out what the best formulas are. Asking the midwife, as soon as she suggests about going on to feeding

I kind of have a huge soft spot for the idea of Harry getting caught in a supermarket, late at night, with arms filled with baby formula tins and powders that he knows he’s buying too much of but goes ahead and buys more than necessary. Disheveled with knotted and greasy hair, sunglasses on his face, with tracksuit bottoms on his legs and boots on his feet, in t-shirts that are probably stained with spit-up and sick and a little wee and dinner that had missed his mouth. And he’s getting stares and glances from people he passes, and he knows he probably smells like a bin left in the heat, but he really doesn’t care because he’s been up looking after his baby and his missus and didn’t feel the need to doll himself up to go to supermarket. 

And when the cashier sees him struggling, he’s instantly rushing over to help. Picking up tins he’s dropped or grabbing him a basket to set everything in, before he’s congratulating Harry on his new baby and sending him on his way with his purchases. xx

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I definitely think he noticed the ring either when he first saw her in the locker room (we know from HLV that she does wear it while she's working) or would have at least noticed the line left from wearing it and made a good deduction. And if he didn't then he would have noticed it straight away when he saw her, nervous or not. We know he can still deduce under stress so this wouldn't be any different.

soyeahso asked oddly-sherlockian: Oops that should be we know from TSoT that she wears it to work.

I agree, he had to see it as soon as her hands were uncovered and he was in a room with her. I just really don’t think Sherlock would ever miss a detail like that.

I find it fascinating though, that even after seeing the ring, he still asked her out on a “date,” even knowing she was engaged… almost like he was still hoping he could change her mind and “win her back.” Because yes, he could have really just been saying thanks for all she’d done two years ago… But if that was really all there was to it, and if there really was absolutely nothing romantic behind his actions, then why all the cute smirks when she wasn’t looking, and the eye-screwin’ when she was looking, and the asking her out to dinner after they were done investigating for the day? And why, why, why couldn’t she “do this again” if their relationship was strictly professional and platonic? John’s engaged and he can still solve crimes, so why not Molly?

Because it wasn’t platonic. And Sherlock basically admitted that by pointing out her engagement right then. Because he loves her so much.

*dreamy sigh*

Sorry, I just… this ship really brings the feels.