i didn't think it was awkward at all

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I think you might enjoy this story? In class I sit next to a (pretty socially awkward) dude and I've been nice to him the few times I've seen him around campus, since he doesn't seem to have many friends. He's nice enough but I'm not interested. Today he asked me out to to dinner. DURING class. Using a note. It opened up and on inside it basically said "will you go to dinner with me yes/no." I just honest to god didn't think people ACTUALLY did that. I said I worked all weekend instead...

It will probably be easier for both of you if you find down way to say, “Uh, so, if you meant this as a date thing, I’m flattered, but my feelings towards you are friendly and platonic”. He probably won’t think you’ve rejected him if your reason for turning him down is because you’re busy rather than uninterested, and he will likely keep trying…

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I feel like I'm alone in thinking that that Bellarke scene was (no sarcasm this time!) actually pretty platonic. I know that it's a big trope to have an aborted love confession, and I'm sure the writers wanted us to speculate that it was romantic. But the "special" line was kind of awkward, and I didn't feel anything romantic from how Bob was reading the line. I consider him the best actor on the show, so I feel like he would have made it more emotional if that were the case.

See, here’s the thing. I think from Bellamy, this scene IS platonic. I don’t think Bellamy has ever thought he had a chance with Clarke. Not before. Not after L. He probably knows about Niylah and he’s just not going there. He has no idea that Clarke is falling all over herself and salivating over him. He might be pining for her, but he knows how to keep it locked down. He’s steering away from love and focused on the mission and his sister. 

Clarke was in no way, shape or form, being platonic. You don’t rake your eyes over your platonic friend’s body and then gasp and turn away sadly, hiding your face, if you don’t want to turn that platonic friend into a NON platonic friend.

They’ve spent the last few episodes trying to prove to us that Clarke is totally devoted to Bellamy. That she thinks he’s special. That he is special to her. Not as a partner or buddy. As That One Person. “I was willing to risk my mother” she says. SHE IS NOT WILLING TO RISK BELLAMY. what? Gosh people were so upset last season when there was the speculation that she would not have sacrificed Bellamy the way she did Abby, and here she is, in canon, saying she WON’T sacrifice Bellamy. Wow. Platonic? Okay.

And how about they way she kept checking out his body. 

How is that conceivably platonic? This is the one I don’t get. She’s been doing it forever, but it’s getting more obvious. Like MULTIPLE times she’s looking him up and down. How is that not sexual or romantic or lust or longing any word which would make it NOT PLATONIC?

What was he going to say? I don’t know. It could have been a love confession, or it could have been something about how special SHE was. 

Because it was absolutely triggered by that word to HIM. She called him special and he looked at her as if it meant something. It was personal. It was not for the mission or the partnership. It was him. How she felt about him.

And I think what felt forced about it was that she wasn’t talking about Octavia’s feelings for Bellamy, but for her OWN feelings about Bellamy. She sees him as special and she wants O to value him the way she does. 

And I think HE noticed that. 

Clarke is a puddle of unrequited love and longing. Bellamy is STEERING AWAY. (Bob I love you for giving me that key to his behavior in season 4 and then trying to pretend you were joking. Nope. This is it.)

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I am personally not worried about Touka, but I am a little intrigued by Mutsuki's jealousy towards her. Also, I love the fact Haise was so attracted by Touka even if he didn't remember her. I think that at this point it's obvious the two of them have a strong attraction for each other and it's interesting how despite this they can't communicate properly.

Hey Anon! Thanks for reading :) 

And yeah, I was a bit caught off guard that it seemed Haise actually went more than twice to :Re while in fact it’s not that surprising (considering that he thought about her in ch31.5 during Christmas, way after the last time we saw him going to :Re). 

Anyway, I also agree that the difference between Haise’s behavior and Kaneki’s current awkwardness is a bit funny, but all in all that’s not so surprising either :) 

Kaneki really went through a lot during the last arc: between Arima’s death, Eto’s proposal of becoming the OEK… And as I said once, he probably hasn’t showed an actual smile ever since Arima died, so since he’s focusing on “having to fight” (like after the Aogiri arc in TG), a lot of things are put on hold for the time being.

That being said…

…Touka’s punch didn’t really help the fact that things between them are awkward and that they need to talk. But I’m hopeful…

‘Cause Touka asked for a talk and Kaneki’s comrades are aware that he’s having a few difficulties processing what the role of the OEK means. 

So don’t worry Anon, I’m sure they will be able to start communicating properly once they get to talk! 

Have a nice weekend and thanks again for reading! :)

Well, Anon, from the moment this…

happens just before they started the investigation for the auction arc, I think that means that Sasako making this compliment to Mutsuki didn’t make them uncomfortable. On they contrary they were rather flustered and happy (because they already had this obsessive crush on Haise back then). 

Basically just consider that at the moment of :Re ch1, Mutsuki already was starting to be “in love” with Haise, okay? This will make things easier xD

I hope it helps, have a nice weekend!

Hey Anon! Well, between her obvious crush on Saiko in ch112 and this omake, yeah probably. :)

The point is, she’s interested in Saiko: she could be a lesbian, bi or pan, it’s all that matters ‘cause her crush is super cute.

Pass it on.

Haha, have a nice weekend Anon!

Hey Anon! 

Well, in my opinion, it should probably be either…



Not so different from the fandom as a whole, hahah xDD Have a nice weekend Anon!

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(1/2) Thanks for responding! I absolutely agree; writing Keith as someone uncaring just never sits well with me, because it conflates social awkwardness with not caring. The same goes for conflating "doesn't have romantic interest" with "doesn't care about Allura at all"; it's yikes to suggest a guy has to be attracted to a girl to care about her. I think he definitely sees her as a teammate, leader, and potential sibling figure like Shiro, and was anxious she'd decide he didn't belong.

(2/2) So from there, I also read “we can’t leave people to die even if they are Galra” as not only heroic development, but a reflection of Keith’s own fears about whether he’d be deserted because of who he is. I really love the weblum episode for Keith because there’s an interesting play of Keith being with a quiet scene partner and having to communicate verbally more, on top of with Hunk. I think both the animation and his VA infuse a lot of great subtext for unpacking.

Oh I’d say it’s pretty clear that one of the big scary things about Keith turning out to be an alien isn’t that he’s “technically a bad guy”- since Ulaz and the Blade were firmly established to the team before it was confirmed- as much as there’s this suddenly very scary idea that he doesn’t ‘belong’ in the same context as all the people he cares about.

Part of him taking a chance on WG and really wanting it to work out- his little “so you’re just like the rest of them,” after the fact is, Keith really wants to be able to connect emotionally with someone else who’s a galra and have that be okay and safe and comfortable. The Blade are Voltron’s allies, but they also made, basically, a very scary first impression- and Keith really isn’t sure what to make of them, I think.

Keith really wants to feel connected to the rest of the team, and that connection is what he was looking for when he went to find out the story behind the knife. But what’s coming up so far… a connection to a planet that was destroyed a long time ago, and now a connection to a rather cold, distant rebel group that risks his standing with the rest of the team.

And I’m absolutely with you, anon, I don’t see Keith and Allura as a ship personally, but I think it’s a crying shame for people who aren’t fans of the ship to insist that these people don’t care about each other at all to try and “take that shippers.” Space family loves each other dammit. You really can’t overstate how important it was for Keith to hear Allura specifically tell him that whatever else make it back home.

Also, there’s just so much potential with Keith and Allura. Like- they’re both very driven high-energy people who try to take things Very Seriously, but they’re also kind of… they’re endearing dorks who are easily roped into ridiculous things. Like. Ark of Taujeer is a little hearbreaking in many regards but the fact that Keith and Allura independently came to the exact same conclusion of “clearly the way to solve this problem is to run away from home” and then immediately teamed up when they realized the other person had the same plan.

There is beautiful potential here for these guys to be in a ridiculous situation, decide the only logical way out is an even more ridiculous solution, and then set to it completely seriously. 

Okay but imagine this in the Underworld
  • Emma: Oh my gosh guys we have to see Hades in order to get Hook back?! Don't worry! Hero power will save everything!!
  • Group: getting ready for a fight and so such
  • Door to Hades: *opens with a ton of dramatic fog and mystery*
  • Hades: *walks out all dramatic and stuff*
  • Hades: *slowly takes hood off robe*
  • Group: *ready to fight*
  • Emma: We're here for-
  • Hades: yes I know, your here for the pirate, well Savior-
  • Hades: catches a glimpse of Rumple and Regina
  • Hades: wait wait
  • Hades: *pushes past Emma to get a better look*
  • Hades: Rumple? Ginna?
  • Snow, Charming, Robin, Emma, Henry: *all thinking* 'oh god what did those two do to him'
  • Rumple and Regina: ????
  • Hades: *gives awkward group hug* oh my gosh it's so great to see you two. You both brought up so much business in the past, just wow, it's such a pleasure to finally meet the both of you.
  • Regina: Well you see I don't actually-
  • Hades: Yes, I'm aware you stopped murdering people, such a pity, but you're here now! And Rumple! I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to see you when you were here before but I didn't actually know you were here.
  • Rumple:
  • Hades: Oh you two simply must come in for tea, you two like tea right.
  • Emma: *cough*
  • Hades: What?! Oh right, the pirate thing, well you can have him later but I need to catch up with these two.
  • Rumple and Regina: ?????
  • Hades: Hey Rumple do you want your son back? Ginna, Daniel? I can arrange some things if you'd like. Oh! REgina I've started dating your mother by the way, lovely woman Cora, she was almost as productive as you were back in her day.
  • Regina and Rumple: *stuck in state of awkwardness*
  • Hades: Oh and Malcom, or Pan, whatever, anyway your father was also great, not at killing per say but I've heard a lot about him Rumple.
  • Hades: Oh my it's just so great to meet you guys, can I have autographs?
  • (based on my experiences meeting different armys)
  • Seokjin Stans: Can I call you all soccer moms with a dark side?..well I will. Most caring fans - will most likely go outta their way to make sure your happy, will share their things with you and will ALWAYS make sure your well fed. But once they get past talking about how much of a princess their jinie is, they will be hardcore debating how dominate Jin would be in bed, and how he would put those shoulders to use. Also probably were once namjoon biased but switched which boyfriend they biased at one point(most likey due to seeing seokjin on AHL cause well..yeah;)
  • Yoongi Stans: Don't you DARE cross them cause they can cut you down - really tough when it comes to standing up for what is right and for their friends - like they can handle their own in a fight(DO NOT ATTEMPT MEETING THEM IN THE PIT!) but actually are the nicest people once you get to know them (please approach and become friends with a yoongi stan - ignore the resting bitch face - THEY ARE LITERAL ANGELS). They are gifted by the god of sarcasm.
  • Hoseok Stans: THEY SHIT RAINBOWS OUT OF THEIR ASS/MOUTH/EYES/EARS - really thats the best description its literally matches every hobi stan I have ever met(and if they don't shit and puke rainbows while riding an unicorn they are probably jungkook stans). Extremly nice and open. But a waterfall couldn't quench their thirst - for hobi's ass/thighs/smile/abs/selfies while in america/.
  • Namjoon Stans: BABY PROFF EVERYTHING PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES ! and carry extra badges for us(yes i'm a namjoon stan). They may not seem it cause they all tend to be klutzes and they probably come across like a young children that you wanna protect - but they are probably the most dirty minded out of all the stans (like namjoon stans discuss namjoons "automatic dick" like they're discussing the weather, but they're all extremely pure hearted children/and how those two opposite exist in the same personality i do not know/. Actually brilliant and extremely witty individuals. Best way I think I can describe Namjoon stans are; Awkward Artistic Individuals. Usually both extremely proud and low-key embarrassed by namjoon at the same time.
  • Jimin stans: OH DEAR GOD ALL THESE CHILDREN NEED COUNSELING - IF A WATERFALL CAN'T QUENCH HOBI STANS THIST THE ENTIRE MASS OF THE WORLDS OCEANS COULDN'T QUENCH A JIMIN STANS THIRST. THIGHS, ASS, ABS, SMILE, TOUNGE, CUTENESS, ARM GUNS, DID I MENTION ASS??? they drool over this boy 29/7(i didn't typo that, they have created extra hours to drool over this boy). They are the sweetest cinnamon rolls with the hormones of a teenage boy going through puberty with exploding ovaries all over the place. Jimin protection squad is strong - DO NOT screw with a jimin stan - DO NOT interfere when jimin stans are fighting each other (its scary).
  • Taehyung stans: Maybe the scariest out of all the fans - possession issues over tae are a high possibility. Other then that they are extremely fun and say shit that will at first shock the hell outta you(cause they look like like cute muffin babies)but will make you crack up laughing - not cause they are trying to crack a joke but them just being them and the shit they say is downright hilarious. Mood makers, every group of friends need a tae stan.
  • Jungkook stans: Kinda just like jungkook themselves. Cause they seems sweet, innocent and quite - but omg once they get comfortable with you their true FANTASTICALLY DORK WEIRD ASS PERSONALITIES SHINES. Most are going through a extremely delicate phase in life because of the jungkook transformation (or as I like to call it the KOOKIE transformation into MR. JEON) most haven't learned to cope with the HOLY FUCKING HELL ATTRACTIVENESS that has seemed to slapped Jeon Jungkook into the face and overall body aesthetics over the past 9-12 months add that ontop of the resent legal bday - i suggest not engaging in a conversation with a jungkook stan about jungkooks handsomeness, most stans will temporally lose their minds as they jump in a trashcan yelling at the top of their lungs I AM JEON KOOIE TRASH!!~~. Also the kinkiest of all the stans(yes even more then namjoon stans). Cute emo hipsters.

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Peridot crying :0c

why is she crying…someone give her a hug and a spoon to play with…

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that sounds like a really cool anime! where is it available? (sorry if i'm sending like too many asks) -awkward asatru anon

!!! :D It’s called Macross Delta, it’s available on most anime streaming sites, I watched it here on kissanime myself!

It’s sort of a mecha/space drama mixed with an idol anime, which sounds kinda strange? But they make it all fit together really well!! If any of y’all have seen any of the other Macross series, you know what I mean! ^^

You don’t have to watch any previous Macross series first, either! It sort of helps if you’ve seen the other ones, but it’s definitely not necessary and still easy to understand what’s going on!

  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock: *working*
  • Molly: *working*
  • John: *leaning on a bench; bored*
  • Sherlock: *glances at Molly; smirking* So, what did you get up to this weekend, Molly?
  • Molly: *shrugs* Nothing much. Just stayed in.
  • Sherlock: *gestures at her neck* Dracula pay a visit?
  • John: *hisses* Not good, mate.
  • Molly: *confused* What? *peers into her compact mirror and sees the large lovebite; gasps* Oh my God!
  • John: *awkward* You, um, didn't...notice?
  • Sherlock: *tutting* Really, Molly, that was quite careless of you.
  • Molly: *glaring at Sherlock* Yeah, what was I thinking?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* At least the delivery driver won't flirt with you anymore.
  • Molly: *groans* That's what this is about? All he said was 'that's a lot of food for one person'.
  • Sherlock: Meaning, 'you're all alone with extra food. Maybe I should-'
  • John: *confused* Hang on! Why did you give Molly a lovebite?
  • Sherlock: *stares at him* Flirtatious takeaway drivers.
  • John: Why were you having takeaway?
  • Sherlock: *waves a hand* Molly gets hungry after a shag.
  • Molly: *blushes* Sherlock!
  • John: *grimases* So it's true? You two are... *gestures* and you did... *gestures towards Molly's neck*
  • Sherlock: *smirks* I gave as good as I got.
  • John: *looking at his neck* You don't have a lovebite.
  • Sherlock: Not on my neck, no.
  • John: ...
  • John: *leaves*
Non-island, Slightly OOC Jalph AU

The first thing Jack was aware of was that he was suddenly awake at sometime within the asscrack of dawn, which was unacceptable and downright fury inducing. He sucked in a sharp, irritated breath, ready to snap at whoever was responsible for this. It was dark though, and he didn’t actually see anyone. Surely he hadn’t woken himself up, or he wouldn’t be this angry.

There was shifting on the other side of the bed, followed by a sniffle and a pained whine. Jack felt his annoyance rapidly subside, leaving him with a cold knot in his stomach. It was Ralph then, and by the sounds of it, he was having a nightmare.

Jack sat up and looked over, just making out the figure of his boyfriend. Ralph’s back was to him, but he could see him writhing against the sheets. He was still asleep. The fair boy cried out another time, and Jack decided that enough was enough. He scooted over and pressed a hand to Ralph’s shoulder, giving him a shake.

“Wake up,” he demanded, although his voice was uncharacteristically gentle. A tone he saved only for him, “Come on. You need to wake up.”

Jack gave him a harder shake and Ralph jerked into consciousness, a sharp gasp leaving him and followed by what sounded like repressed sobs. He was trembling, and when Jack tried to touch him, he curled himself into a tight ball. Again, unacceptable.

Jack lowered himself down until he was the big spoon to Ralph’s little, though not quite touching yet. This time, when he moved to rest a hand on his back, he kept it there even as Ralph flinched.

“It’s me,” the redhead assured, just in case Ralph’s sleep altered mind was mistaking him for someone else. He doubted it.

Slowly, Jack started to rub the blond’s back in large, uneven circles. He could feel the tension in Ralph’s muscles this way, and vaguely wondered what he’d been dreaming about. Not that that mattered right now. No, right now he was more focused on calming him down so that perhaps they could get back to sleep at some point before daylight.

It was when Jack started pressing soft kisses to the back of his neck that Ralph finally brought himself to speak.

“I-” Ralph started, but another little sob tried to climb up his throat again, making him stop as he attempted to swallow it back down. The crying only got worse when he felt lips at his neck again and a soothing hand on his back. He knew that Jack didn’t like to be woken up, and here he was, causing a fuss in the middle of the night. “I-I’m sorry.”

“No use apologizing, Ralph,” was Jack’s murmured response, but it didn’t sound angry or irritated or even smug. He just sounded…concerned, which was a strange emotion for someone like Jack Merridew. He slipped his other arm underneath Ralph’s head and was rewarded with the blond turning his head and burying his face against the crook of his elbow. Jack could feel Ralph’s tears on his skin, and his chest clenched from an emotion that he couldn’t quite identify. “It’s alright.”

That, of course, sent Ralph into another set of barely concealed sobs, and Jack wanted to tell him that it was okay, that he could let himself properly cry if he needed. It was fine. It was all fine.

Alright, perhaps he had said some of that out loud, because then Ralph was dragging in what was obviously meant to be several calming breaths and started blabbering out apologies in a barely comprehensible voice.

And then he started to cry. Great, shuddering sobs that rocked the both of them. Jack moved the arm that had been rubbing his back, instead wrapping it around Ralph’s waist and pulling him close, until his back was flush against the redhead’s front. He didn’t have words to say, and trying to shush him would be useless, so Jack just held him. Held Ralph as he bawled out from his nightmare. Kissed his neck and what he could reach of his face.

The fit didn’t last too long, and eventually, finally, Ralph started to calm down. His crying turned from hysterical sobs to snivels. Without thinking about it, Jack wiped some of the tears away and Ralph tried speaking again.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up,” he said in a horribly hoarse voice.

“I know.”

“I didn't….I mean..I thought,” he stammered, then pulled in another shaky breath. The rigid anxiety in his muscles started to melt away, replaced by awkwardness. “I thought that you would be angry.  Or make fun of me,” he finally mumbled out.

Jack sighed from behind him.

“I’m an arse, Ralph, we all know that. I make fun of you for how bad you are at swimming, and for hanging out with Piggy, and for your ridiculous hair,” he murmured, resting his cheek against said hair. “But not this. I’d never make fun of you for this.”

“You didn’t love me,” Ralph suddenly muttered after many moments of silence. “That’s what I was dreaming about. You started treating me worse than you treat everyone else, and you didn’t want me anymore.” He sucked in another shuddery breath, but there were no more tears to cry.

This was what had caused such a bad nightmare? Ralph had cried because he hated the idea of Jack not loving him anymore that much? Jack felt his stomach drop and his chest hollow out a little, as if he’d been the one to directly cause Ralph such pain.

Jack was never one for over-romantics. He didn’t like soft words, or even talking about relationships. And yet, he still treasured what he and Ralph had, even if he didn’t say it often. Even if he sometimes(admittedly, a lot of times) forgot to say ‘I love you’ or neglected to show him affection for days, he loved Ralph. Jack loved him even when he’d been so sure that he wasn’t capable of love. How terrible that he’d caused this fair, beautiful boy to doubt that.

He held Ralph closer, marveling in the way that the blond melted into the embrace. Jack’s reply was with absolute surety.


[If someone drew this, I would love you forever.  Please.]

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Okay I'm new to chanbaek so I've recently been watching a lot of moments of theirs. I was wondering when sehun made them hug on stage why was chanyeol not wanting to? Like baek literally fell into it and looked all small and shy. Do you think chanyeol just didn't want to because of everyone watching or do you have another opinion on it? Also love your blog:)

owh that hug.. hehehe.. 

actually i dont get why people said Chanyeol don’t want to hug Baekhyun - or he looks like he is rejecting the hug.. have you really watch the hug is 100 diff angles (coz i did.. lol..), Chanyeol looks so nervous tho.. he doesn’t show any awkwardness or show that he is uncomfortable… he is nervous.. thats shows so clearly on his face.. he tried to dodge the supposed “kiss” by tiptoe-ing.. bcoz theres no way Baekhyun can reached his face if he tiptoe.. but towards the actual hug, you can see that actually, Chanyeol lower his tiptoe and Baekhyun tiptoe instead.. 

Chanyeol does not hating it.. he doesn’t look like he is hating it.. from what i saw, he is actually nervous.. he have the same expression with the one moment they had on MAMA era..

this one..

i just realized i have videos on it saved but none of the gifs.. omg.. T_T

you can basically see that Chanyeol is smiling and nervous af, but how hating it.. he is - dumbfounded(?).. hahaha.. 

Baek is totally into it tho.. he shy smile, his satisfied face, his hand placement.. all are perfect.. Chanyeol probably don’t want to make it too obvious that he is also liking it, maybe thats why people look at him and say “he hates it”.. he definitely not.. hahaha..

well at least thats what i saw.. lol…

btw.. Welcome to the family..!!! Firelight family always welcome new member ^_^.. lets get stronger for this ship, and when the time comes, lets go down with it.. ^_^ hehehe… 

and thank you ^_^

love -Ai-


Hopefully Tumblr won’t fuck this up

I’m still not over yesterday lmao, I’m so glad they’re okay again! I am a bit salty at the lack of dialogue- I was looking forward to the awkward (?), but anyways that’s that and now everyone’s happy and it’s all I ask for ; v ;/ 

I also realized that all my animations on tumblr follow the awkward HS theme for some reason lmao (x)(x)

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To keep thinking back to s4 particularly the loft scene between Braedon derek and the Stilinski's. I know that derek has feeling for stiles and it's so god damn obvious. But what I didn't understand is why in the loft scene derek was acting all shady-awkward and his body language was screaming awkward! What the hell?

I posted some gifs and some initial reactions to that scene just after it aired. Here’s a link. 

What I try to ask myself when I look a scene are the following: a) what is the purpose of the scene? Why is it included? and b) what is the relevance of the people present - why them?

The first question is obvious. The scene is included to clue our gang into Scott and Kira’s kidnapping. It’s the culmination of three parties zeroing in on the same conclusion - Stiles and Liam have noticed that Scott is missing from the Lacrosse game and are starting to worry when they can’t get hold of him. Deaton has been poking around at Eichen House and getting Dr Valack to show him stuff with his eye, and Lydia saved him. Derek and Braeden arrive back to the loft to find it in shambles after Derek let Scott use it for a date. 

So the primary purpose is clear. But this could’ve been shown us in a myriad of ways. Yet Jeff & co chose this one.

Stiles: What the hell happened? 
Derek: It was supposed to be a date. 
Sheriff: They were both here? 
Braeden: And they’re both gone.

First of all - Stiles did not know that Scott and Kira had been at the loft for a date. He clearly knew they were going on a date. Kira had even borrowed Star Wars from Stiles, but it’s clear by his confusion and the sheriff’s question that he wasn’t aware of the location. 

So why did they go to Derek’s loft? One guess is that both Stiles and the sheriff agreed to ask for help from someone they by now both trust - Derek. 

Derek is acting awkward. Even Stiles is a bit shifty. The sheriff is in fact the only one acting more or less normal, because Braeden is looking hostile and a bit standoffish. 

The upcoming episode, 4x12, has a lot of sterek. Both in the van and after when Derek is mortally wounded and it all ends with this heartbreaking moment

So why did Jeff decide that this scene should be about Stiles, sheriff, Derek and Braeden? Why this combo? What did this scene achieve aside from learning that Kira and Scott was taken?

To me the answer is: sterek

Stiles and Derek have  not crossed paths much this season. The only other interaction at the time of the loft scene was at Deaton’s when they were holding down Brett. 

This is the first time Stiles sees Derek with Braeden. He probably doesn’t know that they’re seeing each other. Scott has seen them together, but only in situations where guns were blazing. Lydia has been to the loft in the middle of the night in banshee mode and screamed at them. Neither is likely to have told Stiles about this. Lydia seldom remembers her fugue states at any rate, and Scott probably didn’t pick up on anything “romantic” in those situations.

Assuming that Derek has feelings for Stiles, and Stiles then comes running into the loft while Braeden is there, acting as if she owns the place, it’s bound to be a bit awkward. Anyone who’s ever been in a situation like that, knows how utterly embarrassing it is. 

If you haven’t yet read cupid’s summary of how Derek came to have Stiles as his anchor and realize he cared, then you should definitely set aside some time to do so. Here’s a handy link. Derek spent all of 3b running around making sure no one killed Stiles even if he was out of his mind at the time. 

Stiles is also a bit shifty in the scene and they keep looking at each other out of the corner of their eyes when talking. The sheriff is the only one acting more or less normal. Including him here sends a message of him trusting Derek since he’s agreed to come here with Stiles. Derek and the sheriff has worked together a lot the last couple of seasons. 

Now let’s look at some screen caps and some gifs. 

The stilinskis enter and remember Derek doesn’t have his usually werewolfy senses, so he’s probably taken aback by their arrival. But he turns around, both he and his mirror image, spins around to fully face Stiles. 

Braeden is crouching down, stands up and takes a deliberate step back. She completely blocks out Stiles. 

We get our first closeup of Stiles, looking a bit confused. But he’s addressing Derek, wondering what’s up

Then we get a shot from Stiles’ POV and Braeden is deliberately obscuring his view of Derek. 

She turns around reluctantly, arms crossed, pout in place. She’s got a very sour expression the entire scene. 

I view the light right above Derek’s head as they enter and right next to him in the shots above as a sign that he’s “seen the light”, he knows what he feels. Since the light is between him and Braeden when she’s looking a bit annoyed might mean that she’s seen the light too…

Stiles however is still in the dark. All the light bulbs around him are dark.

There you have it - my very stereky interpretation of this scene and their reactions :) 

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Did Amy ever talk about sex?

1.) Do you have a rampant rabbit?

Amy: Yeah!

2.) Where do you keep it?

Amy: I’ve got it in my little Chinese box next to my bed.

3.) Any other sex toys?

Amy: I used to have loads but when I moved I only kept my essential things and my rabbit is essential.

4.) How often do you use it?

Amy: It really varies from week to week. I did make myself cum this morning.

5.) Do you ever incorporate the rabbit in your sex-life with your boyfriend?

Amy: It’s very rare for me not to cum, but on the odd occasion I do get it out.

6.) Are boys any good with them?

Amy: A lot of boys are clumsy with it and don’t know what to do. They can be rough. You have to guide them.

7.) Do you have any tricks that are guaranteed to make you cum?

Amy: Oh god yeah. There’s this spot between your belly-button and your noony [points to vagina], if you press in there, while you’re having sex, that’s where your G-spot is. When you press there, it pushes your g-spot out and you’re more likely to cum.

8.) Do you have a favourite sexual position?

Amy: No! I love ‘em all. Depends how submissive I’m feeling or how tired your boyfriend is.

9.) Any bondage exist in Amy Winehouse’s life?

Amy: NO! I think you have to be quite bored in a relationship to do all that.

10.) Sex or music?

Amy: Music. Definitely. Sex is a primal thing. Music is a mind stimulator.

Saigenosweek: Day 6, March 25
  • Title: Mommy & Daddy's First Kiss
  • Author: housewaifutoaster
  • Rating: G
  • Warnings: -
  • Summary: While watching a movie on TV with the Minis, they grow curious of when their Daddy first kissed Mommy.;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -Watching a movie with the Minis, King, and Mumen Rider, the kids watch with interest as the Prince shares his first kiss with the girl he fell for in the end.-
  • Gou: Hey, Daddy, when did you first kiss Mommy? [-he asks why sitting on his lap-]
  • -All the little ones chimed in 'yeah' as they turned to him curiously, causing him to grow flustered.-
  • Saitama: ...Ah, well actually..../////...
  • -Flash back-
  • -During one of his casual questions on how his body worked, Genos was showing Saitama how his mouth functioned practically in the same manner as a normal person's did.-
  • Genos: Usually such a feat in the field of science or medicine is difficult to achieve, therefore many see such experiments as nothing more than madcap notions of fools. But Dr. Kuseno has proven that untrue. [-He said with great pride.-]
  • Saitama: Huh, is that a fact? He must be pretty damn smart.
  • Genos: [-Smiles-] He is. And I am always impressed by how he is able to come up with various setups to ensure that I maintain these functions with very little assistance or adjustments. Though of course I still have to visit him for my usual checkups to ensure there are no major dysfunctions.
  • Saitama: Mind if I see it again?
  • Genos: Of course, Sensei. [-sticks his tongue out for him to look closer at the tastebuds on his tongue.-]
  • Saitama: Wow, even up close it looks like the real thing. And it's synthetic? [-marvelling at the texture and color-]
  • Genos: [-slides it back in with a smile-] Yes. He must have researched quite a bit in the physiology of the digestive system and the chemical functions of taste necessary for him to build mine from scratch...? [-notices Saitama is staring intently at him.-]...I..Is something the matter, Sensei?
  • -When Genos had pulled his tongue back into his mouth, his eyes had fallen on his plush lips that were now moist and shiny. Kuseno was definitely good at what he did...too good.-
  • Saitama: ...Uhm, y-yeah.////....S...So uh...your lips...w-were they also made to allow you to eat properly?
  • -Genos smiled, not noting the fact that Saitama's face was a bit pink.-
  • Genos: Yes. Dr. Kuseno took everything into consideration, including my lips which are filled with wire-like nerves so I can sense hot and cold foods. Would you like to feel them, perhaps? [-Asking him eagerly-]
  • Saitama: Eh..!?/////[-jumps from the sudden offer-]
  • Genos: [-Looks down as he realizes he might have made him upset, looking like a puppy-]...I'm sorry. Was I mistaken?
  • Saitama: [-His heart clenched at the sight-] N-No of course not. I was just surprised....S-Sure, I'd like to feel them.
  • -This brighten his mood right away as he closed his eyes to let him touch them.-
  • Saitama: [-gulps as he nervous brushes his thumb softly against his bottom lip-]....////...Er...W-Wow...they....they're pretty soft...////...
  • -And they were so warm....still lightly damp from his saliva earlier, which made Saitama shiver. Lately he'd been feeling some strange urge whenever he was around Genos, and he'd been getting more nervous that it would become glaringly obvious to his Cyborg student one day. At first he was just the weird kid who suddenly barged into his life begging him to be his disciple, then a roommate who he started to hit off with as a rare close friend....and then after that....he wasn't sure. And it was making him feel anxious of where this relationship was going in the future.-
  • Genos: ...Uhm...S-Sensei.../////....You're a bit close.../////...
  • -He hadn't realized that he'd moved his body in so much that their mouths were barely an inch apart. Genos' aureate and black eyes were wide with curiosity, his gold lashes fanning up and down as he blinked.-
  • Saitama: .../////...[-before he could even stop himself or say another word.-] Mmmn~...////...
  • Genos: Mm...!?..////..
  • -his eyes that were filled with nervous curiosity quickly went haywire with bewilderment as Saitama pressed his chapped soft ones against his without warning. It was a good minute or some before Saitama realized what he'd done and pulled off quickly as he laughed nervously.-
  • Saitama: Hahahaha, W-Well that should be a good lesson for you, Genos. You shouldn't let your guard down so easily, otherwise some weirdo might end up taking advantage of you.
  • Genos: [-Though still a bit taken aback he nodded at the surprise "lesson" his teacher just gave him.-]...I...I understand, Sensei. I'll be more careful in the future...[-trembles as he looks for his notebook and pen to write this down.-]
  • -Flash back ends-
  • Minis: Heeeh~[-they all groaned with disappointment as Saitama finishes telling them about their clumsy sort-of first kiss.-]
  • Saitama: H-Hey now, back then our relationship was still in that awkward transition, alright? It wasn't like I was rejecting him or anything at the time. And you two aren't helping by giving those judgy faces!
  • Mumen Rider: Poor Genos-kun. I didn't think he'd be played with in such a manner.
  • King: To be trapped in such an old trope back then by his Sensei. I pity Genos-shi.
  • Saitama: Stop making me look like the bad guy here! /////
"You didn't forget my birthday, did you?" - The Signs
  • Aries: Of course not...hahahahahah..ha..ha..
  • Taurus: *grabs purse* So um...do you like pencils?
  • Gemini: What It was your b--- I mean HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  • Cancer: *awkward laughter* ...sorry.
  • Leo: *apologizes 1000 times*
  • Virgo: *silence*
  • Libra: Today's your birthday?? *tries to distract you*
  • Scorpio: I did.
  • Capricorn: I did but birthdays are not THAT important.
  • Aquarius: *changes topic immediately* How's your dog?
  • Pisces: Oops *thinks about how to save the situation* um

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Did you like Dan's hunger games interview? People seem to love it, but it felt so awkward to me. Like, as if he wasn't even trying to be relatable awkward, but he was actually awkward. Do I make sense? I didn't enjoy it at all.

I actually didn’t think it was really too awkward. And I’m abnormally sensitive to any kind of second-hand embarrassment. Yes, there were some awkward moments (and I agree actual unintended awkwardness) and yes he did look nervous at times, but I thought he handled it very well overall. I would have never been able to appear as collected so I give him major props. I’ve seen a lot of interviews over the years and I kind of dislike celebrity press junkets in general. The actors are usually bored to tears by the end of the day and have constantly had to repeat the same rehearsed answer over and over and the interviewers are always so routine. I thought it was great that Dan stood out by playing the 7SC and I enjoyed the way he edited it to be a bit more DINOF and made light of the more tense moments. It’s refreshing and endearing to see a slightly awkward interviewer ramble a bit too much about his own thoughts on the film, bring in a favorite candle, and give them a homemade muffin he baked and decorated himself. I love him for that.

I thought it was interesting how he didn’t seem all that fazed by Jennifer. I would never have sensed his crush if he hadn’t said it before. I thought he had better chemistry with the other two. I was happy for him when he got the high-five though lmao.

Overall, I don’t wish this to become the usual type content on his channel nor do I think he wants it to be. So I view it as a great opportunity for him, but maybe it’s not something that I will be re-watching over and over again.

Luke meeting Rey's friends
  • Rey: this is my boyfriend Finn
  • Luke: he seems nice
  • Finn: *internal fangirling*
  • Rey: and this is Finn's boyfriend Poe
  • Poe: *expects awkward moment*
  • Luke: nice to see you are all good people
  • Poe: wait you don't think it's weird?
  • Luke: I made out with my sister in front of her future husband. I mean I didn't know she was my sister at the time but I am not in any position to judge so...
  • Rey, Finn and Poe: *awkward silence*...