i didn't think it was awkward at all

honestly though?? i wish that robbie had gotten character development because like.,.. we all know that he isn’t really evil, he’s just socially awkward and needs some sleep! it was revealed the episode the first day of summer that he really loves everyone, and in the greatest gift when he’s so happy to be at the party and he’s so happy people invited him and he was so nervous…. robbie just needs someone *cough*sportacus*cough* in his life to help reassure him that he means something to people. i just wanted to see robbie become more happy and become nicer to everyone in town, he can be as lazy as he wants either way.

I need the beginnings of the jacklardo friendship

like. I remember first reading year 1 and jack looked so Soft and Happy to see lardo when she got back from kenya and it was so surprising?? bc he was such a grumpy bastard back then and really didn’t smile at all

how did they get there? was it natural, just two quiet practical people bonding amongst the mayhem of a college sports team? or did jack annoy the fuck out of lardo when he tried to micromanage everything, completely lacking faith in a freshman (undeclared) art major to know how to manage hockey?? did shitty start dragging them both along to parties and dinner and Annie’s? DID THEY MAKE AWKWARD ACQUAINTANCE SMALLTALK? Enquiring minds need to know


If only DA characters interacted with you if you were literally staring at their faces for more than one minute. -sighs forever- 

sad abt the fact that I could never relate to shepards personalities whereas Ryder’s fucking painful awkwardness is probably something I could push myself on but me:a is…just

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Osomatsu! Choromatsu and Ichimatsu confessed to you at the same time. What would be your reply to both of them?

Well… uh… this has become awkward hasn’t it, haha… Um…

Wait a minute, why are you two confessing at the same time?! This is too much for your poor onii-chan!!! Ah… what to do…………

okay I always see so much shit about how the dialogue in Life Is Strange is sometimes really awkward and yes yes Max is a total dork sometimes and the writers probably thought this is how “us young folks” talk.

but have you seen Until Dawn, the game everyone is obsessed with atm? The dialogue there is at least equally cringe worthy but somehow no one seems annoyed at that? Is it because it’s an “adult horror game” with a huge budget instead of an indie game aimed at a younger (and arguably female) audience? Is it because it’s mostly young men saying those ridiculous things (which instantly makes them dorky and funny) instead of teenage girls (which instantly makes them ridiculous)? I don’t know tbh but why does this happen???


I CAN MOVE AGAIN!!! so here’s a super quick look at yesterday’s Awesome Con–

mark p’s stuff was all hilarious. and he got an exciting update via the audience concerning all of the first blade/mark of cain stuff and it’s relation to lucifer. someone gave him the first blade and he was like “well this wasn’t very practical of me, was it? i don’t look at this and think it can do much damage. oh, it’s for stabbing? i thought it was for sawing!” the way this guy handles questions on his own is excellent. i’ve only ever seen him do panels with mark s, but you can tell how spn cons have changed the way he does panels. they gave him a comiccon-like table setup, which he immediately declared it to be too formal, got out from behind the table and had people come up to him for questions. and completely answered some without answering them, in true spn actor fashion

then i had my photo op, in which i suggested us doing bunny ears with devil horns instead! he asked me if i was going to do them behind him as well, and i told him i would try, but that i was way too short and he was a giant–as i was laughing about that and trying to get above his head, i’m like 97% sure he decided to keep lifting his arm that far above my dumb head to make fun of me. he is the meanest dad

AND LAST! the picture next to that is the one irresponsible purchase i was supposed to make for the day. it took me until the last hour my ticket was permitted for me to be there, but the FLiPSiDE Creations booth was too cool for me to pass it up. after talking to the vendors for a while, one told me if i came back for the piece she would cut 15% off of it, which was really great of her!! they had amazing handmade pieces and preserved animals; just some incredible stuff that was cool to hear about.

so this was nice! dagger32 graciously let me borrow her Carry On shirt, as i did not expect to be anywhere that i’d need business cards for;;; her fiance cosplayed dean which was hilarious, and this all helped slightly quell my con fever!!