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A Cinderella Story AU with Viktor as Chad Michael Murray and Yuuri as Hilary Duff


  • It has always been Yuuri’s dream to go into professional figure skating but it’s a risky career choice and he’s not sure about it
  • He’s shy in school and Victor Nikiforov is a popular jock, always surrounded by friends at the cafeteria
  • Yuuri becomes friends with a boy who goes by the name poodle-lover and they agree to meet at a dance and get to know each other
    • It’s a masquerade and Yuuri discovers that poodle-lover is, in fact, Victor Nikiforov!! They dance and are completely enamored with each other but Yuuri is scared that Victor will judge him since he’s ‘ordinary’ and ‘not popular’
  • Yuuri’s phone goes off just a little bit before midnight and, scared, he runs home. His phone falls on the ground and Victor picks it up, shocked
  • Victor tries to figure out whose phone it was but every other boy in school is trying to convince him that it was theirs
  • Victor comes to the restaurant that Yuuri works at and ends up telling him everything–not knowing that it was him the entire time
    • Yuuri is about to reveal himself when everything goes wrong,,, JJ Leroy comes over and makes a joke that the guy at the ball had just been trying to seduce Victor and obviously hadn’t cared enough about him to stick around
    • Victor is outraged by this but also believes it and is distraught, Yuuri doesn’t have time to reveal his secret
  • Yuuri decides that he wants to do something about this after a talk with his friend Phichit and he declares to his family that he’s going to go into figure skating, then he marches to Victor’s house and reveals everything
  • They fall in love and become rival figure skaters & husbands

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Buggu, I have an idea for a fic/ficlet but it needs some ironing out. What do you think Sidon would do if someone put a potion in Link's food or put it in a drink that would cause Link to start changing into a Zora and learn that it is permanent?

HMMMMM. I think Sidon would be very concerned that Link was changed against his will and do everything in his power to help Link revert back! There would be some more bonding as Sidon helps Link learn to utilize Zora abilities, but at the same time I believe he would restrain in being too forward. He cares for Link and doesn’t want him to think he’s only interested now that Link is a Zora like him. 

And if he learns the potion/spell/whatever can’t be changed? I feel like Sidon would keep searching for a fix, even if it’s hopeless. And he would keep really quiet about how attracted he is to Link as a Zora. Sidon’s very very noble and doesn’t want to take advantage of Link. NOW, on the otherhand, if/when Link offers to take a step forward in their relationship, Sidon wouldn’t hesitate to shower him in affection and love and affirm that he loves Link no matter his form.

…And I went on for too long with this, didn’t I?

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Shizuo flirting headcanons?

When Shizuo isn’t flirting, he’s most likely being far too shy.

When he’s flirting, he’s a little bit like Masaomi.

He’s bound to use poorly made pick-up lines, even going as far as to use ones that he thinks sounds nice but doesn’t understand. Shizuo doesn’t go as far as to use the more evocative ones, though, he blushes intensely upon reading them and can’t bring himself to say them.

Also, Shizuo messes up with he’s using pick-up lines.

He keeps stuttering and going on and on about something related to what he’s trying to say, but then he ends up turning it around to something casual so it’s as if he wasn’t trying to flirt at all—he does this especially if he happens to be really, really, really really reallllly nervous.

Shizuo would also buy a drink for the (poor) person who he’s flirting with, assuming that he’s still a bartender or at a bar.

I think Shizuo would also subconsciously be flirting—like how he’d try to be gentle and not show just how strong he really is. He’d tend to avoid being in places where his crush is if he knows that he’s in a really bad mood.

Shizuo would definitely be the type to stumble on his words even when it’s just a simple ‘yes’, and overthinking things would be a daily occurrence for him if it involves his crush.

There’s also how Shizuo would smile more often, and he’d find himself in much better moods after being around his crush.

Shizuo would also be less careful than he usually is, and he’d scratch his neck more often. He’d take his crush’s words to be innuendoes more than he likes, leading to him coughing and clearing his mind, trying not to show his crush that he’s thinking of things less than pure right in front of them.

If their crush asks them something, say ‘let’s go out’, he’d think of the ‘boyfriend girlfriend’ kind of ‘go out’, and not the ‘friend’ type of go out. So he would blurt out a ‘huh?’ and clarify, face slightly red.

OOPS kinda went off topic so!!!

Shizuo would share his sweets with his crush if he gets the chance and courage to do so, so there’s most likely a lot of self-assurances and self-deprecating thoughts swarming his mind 24/7 about his chance with his crush.

High school!Shizuo would be more nervous then adult!Shizuo, so when he flirts it’s going to be really awkward. 

I don’t think Shizuo would be very much interested in flirting at all, he’d prefer spending time with his crush and just seeing how everything goes from there. (although he would love it if his crush reciprocated his feelings.) If he does flirt, then he’s going to realize how stupid he feels–Shizuo isn’t really a master at flirting after all.

He’s not too confident about himself, so perhaps that’s the reason why there won’t be too much flirting. Instead, I think they’ll be quite rare and a delight to see, so I congratulate Shizuo’s crush for being perhaps the luckiest person in the would to be able to experience such a sight!

Basically, shizuo is too much of a shizuo to flirt and he should not be the one flirting because he’s probably going to make a fool of himself and regret it—

But it also makes him look like a huge dork so he’s technically flirting but not really.

…as for Shizuo flirting with his s/o, then there’s going to be lots of physical touch. 

It’s not that type of touch where it’s clear that Shizuo lusts for them though, it’s more of the ‘i love you alot so im gonna kiss while you’re cooking/studying/sleeping/breathing/living/sitting/standing’ type of affection, and it basically showcases just how much he really loves his s/o.

Shizuo also would unintentionally flirt by talking about things could be taken as dirty, and he wouldn’t realize it until his s/o mentions it. 

Shizuo can do alot of things that are technically flirting, but not. 

However, all of those things that Shizuo feels won’t be stopping him from becoming a cheesy romantic person, so whether he’s together with his s/o or not, there’s going to be at least one time where he does something extremely romantic in front of them/to them. 

for s/o: a date with lit candles and rose petals and a lovely dinner and shizuo’s empty wallet

for crush (assuming he’s confessing): chocolates with a letter, along with the envelope being nicely designed and maybe shizuo’s empty wallet again if he decides to take it another step and but expensive chocolate. if his crush doesn’t like chocolate, then he would buy something that he thinks they like.

so it’s still an empty wallet.


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deal with the devil, either Rayna, the shaman, or Alex. It does sound like Damon could turn her into a vampire though idk.

So I am thinking is it possible that with the teams plan failing to save Bonnie that it is somehow Damon’s plan/idea for Bonnie possibly being the huntress…? The relationship is forever changed because she will be the huntress against vampires and Damon is doesn’t care as long as she is alive and well…?

“Damon makes a fateful decision that will forever change his relationship with Bonnie” what do you think it will be? It gets my hopes up tbh

If their plan leads to Bonnie being a huntress she’ll lose her magic, that could really fuck up Damon’s relationship with Bonnie, even though it’s to save her life.

Okay. So… I had a thought this morning, and it sort of plays perfectly into the 7x20 synopsis, so I’m calling it kismet. Let me set the stage for you…

As pretty much every Bamon shipper is aware, there’s this motif that has played out over the course of the entire series between Bonnie/Damon/Elena where once or twice every season Damon is faced with a major dilemma where he must choose between saving Bonnie and saving Elena.

It started in 2x18, when Klaus was threatening Bonnie’s life and that culminated in Damon blurting out to Elena that if it comes down to her or the witch again, he will gladly let Bonnie die. But he didn’t let her die in 2x18, and as we saw play out over and over across the seasons, he found a way to save them both every time. Moreover, the balance of priority/outcome tipped more and more equal (or even in Bonnie’s favor, sometimes) as time went on, starting with saving her being almost entirely for Elena’s benefit (since they needed her to take out Klaus who was threatening Elena) until we finally saw in 7x22 that Bonnie was saved to Elena’s actual detriment (while still saving them both).

Now… a lot of us, myself included, have taken to calling every instance of Damon saving Bonnie since then an instance of him “choosing” Bonnie again. But really, that’s only choosing Bonnie on the most technical level. Like, his options are “let Bonnie get murdered violently and far ahead of her time vs. wait a few more years to see Elena again.” I just mean, we probably shouldn’t be handing out cookies for that.

But it got me to thinking, because my hunch is that the “Choose between Bonnie and Elena” motif would continue to play out. But how could they do that if Elena is already basically comatose?

And then we saw 7x16 and they gave us Chekov’s gun in the form of Damon realizing that being tied to mortality at this point would essentially mean giving up his future with Elena. It was the reason he stumbled and hesitated to save Stefan by transferring Rayna’s scar..

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Now that the Phoenix Stone evil vampire souls are scattered around the world, the Armory is going to be wanting a new Huntress more than ever. Rayna’s sword is useless now, and with only one life left, her time is running out. 

I think that the Armory’s experimentation with the pills wasn’t just to create weapons against witches. I think they were trying to build a bigger, better Huntress. And (maybe as they already suspected was possible, since they were already wanting her) they’ll come across that in the form of Bonnie Bennett. She’s been accidentally dosed by those pills, and maybe that has already set her on the path towards what they’d planned for her.

Now I’m not entirely sure of the particulars obviously, but I’m still pretty certain that they’ll capture her from the mental facility and take her to their HQ or whatever at some point (end of 7x18?). They’ll kickstart the Huntress-making process, and Damon and Enzo will rescue her, but the process is already in progress. 

Okay, so the 7x20 synopsis. I’m thinking that the Armory is the devil in this “Deal with the Devil” subtitle. They’re not going to want another Huntress with finite lives like Rayna, they’ve seen firsthand how quickly/easily that can be overcome. I think they’re going to bring Bonnie to the brink of death because of the pills and the whole process, and the only thing that will be able to save her from dying is finishing the process, which requires someone sacrificing/linking their life for her, sort of paralleling the process that Rayna herself went through. But since they don’t want the finite number of mortal lives, they’ll force Damon to choose between letting Bonnie die and linking her to his immortality. 

By that I mean Damon is still undead/immortal, but Bonnie is tied to that. So when Bonnie dies, so will he.

This means that he can either let Bonnie die now, or he can save her but give up his future with Elena (though not Elena herself… both girls would be safe, and Elena would wake up whenever he and Bonnie die, whenever/however that would eventually happen). It’s him choosing between Bonnie and DE, and I think he will choose Bonnie.

This sets a lot of things into motion, all of which fall firmly in the category of “things that would change Bamon’s relationship forever:”

1. Bonnie’s life is saved, but it finalizes the process and she becomes an immortal Huntress and retains her powers (since she never technically died, and I think this would also be something the Armory was aiming for as it would make her much more deadly than Rayna was). Bonnie of seasons past might have resented him for this, preferring death over becoming a monster, but I think the current self-preservationist Bonnie would either understand, or come around eventually. (and what a way to make amends, right? Sacrificing the very thing she thought he’d carelessly abandoned her for)

2. Damon has to make peace with the fact that he will die when Bonnie dies, and therefore will never see Elena wake up. If Damon accepts that fact, it swings the door wide open for him to move on, to consider his relationship with Elena as something that must live in the past.

3. Everyone and their brother is involved in the Save Bonnie mission this time around. That means that ALL of them may be present/aware of what Damon is sacrificing for Bonnie. All of them, and most importantly Bonnie and Damon themselves, are going to have to take a hard look at why he would make such a choice. Why he would give up the one relationship that he claims makes him happy, makes him a good person… to selflessly save Bonnie’s life? (We know why.)

So that’s where I’m at right now. What do you guys think?

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I definitely think he noticed the ring either when he first saw her in the locker room (we know from HLV that she does wear it while she's working) or would have at least noticed the line left from wearing it and made a good deduction. And if he didn't then he would have noticed it straight away when he saw her, nervous or not. We know he can still deduce under stress so this wouldn't be any different.

soyeahso asked oddly-sherlockian: Oops that should be we know from TSoT that she wears it to work.

I agree, he had to see it as soon as her hands were uncovered and he was in a room with her. I just really don’t think Sherlock would ever miss a detail like that.

I find it fascinating though, that even after seeing the ring, he still asked her out on a “date,” even knowing she was engaged… almost like he was still hoping he could change her mind and “win her back.” Because yes, he could have really just been saying thanks for all she’d done two years ago… But if that was really all there was to it, and if there really was absolutely nothing romantic behind his actions, then why all the cute smirks when she wasn’t looking, and the eye-screwin’ when she was looking, and the asking her out to dinner after they were done investigating for the day? And why, why, why couldn’t she “do this again” if their relationship was strictly professional and platonic? John’s engaged and he can still solve crimes, so why not Molly?

Because it wasn’t platonic. And Sherlock basically admitted that by pointing out her engagement right then. Because he loves her so much.

*dreamy sigh*

Sorry, I just… this ship really brings the feels.

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OMFG that Clizzy Youtubers AU was legit one of the cutest things I've ever read<3<3 Pleaseeeee tell me you have Malec Youtube AUs??<3 *Fingers crossed* BTW I love your blog :)

thank you!! and oh man, i have ALL the youtube au headcanons for malec

  • magnus being a fashion blogger, he does style hauls and makeup tutorials and even some tutorials on how to make your own clothes (he has lots of subscribers bc he’s v fabulous)
  • and obviously he’s passionate about human rights, so of course he’s subscribed to izzy, who’s a social justice vlogger and vlogs about current events and social topics
  • he’s watching one of izzy’s videos on lgbtq+ rights one day when she casually mentions that her brother who she loves very much is gay, so she’s especially passionate about these issues
  • in the video she just happens to bring out alec - not of his own free will of course - and he’s blushing and stuttering like a maniac when she winks at the camera and says “he’s single by the way, boys”
  • the video ends and magnus is frozen staring at his laptop, speechless bc he just saw the most gorgeous man in his life, so he immediately brings up twitter and tweets izzy, casually complimenting her videos while also sneaking in a cheeky comment about her cute brother
  • alec’s scrolling through twitter (he’s gained followers rapidly after that video with izzy) when he sees a couple people mentioning him in a tweet from a guy he vaguely remembers izzy mentioning as a big deal
  • he clicks on the tweet from magnus bane - “isabelle, darling! thought i would mention what a fan of your videos i am. especially that last one with your brother ;)” - alec doesn’t think much of it except when he clicks on the guys profile pic and holy shit that is the most attractive man he’s ever seen
  • izzy sees the tweet about 2 minutes after alec and screams before running into his room and claiming he’s definitely coming to the next youtube convention with her
  • he gets dragged to next convention, izzy fluffing his hair and straightening out his collar the entire time, and when he accidentally bumps into magnus and manages to spill coffee all over him, let’s just say that isn’t how he expected them to meet
  • magnus is nothing but smiles when he realizes it’s alec and they spend a little too long talking - so much so that magnus is late for his meet and greet - and magnus gets alec’s number :))))))
  • during the whole convention weekend alec and magnus don’t spend a day apart and their first kiss is on the balcony of magnus’ hotel room with the LA sunset behind them and alec would almost think it was a fairytale if he didn’t accidentally step on magnus’ foot as they stumbled back to the bed
  • things ;))) happen ;))) and after that alec mysteriously starts showing up in magnus’ videos

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Connor smiles against Oliver's lips. Yeah, he's definitely up to something. (Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the next five.) (Shhhhhhh, it's two but they are short)

If you went over, well then so can I! Thanks bby! This one was really fun! <3 (From this meme thingy). I’m the worst at this meme you guys. This is sooo much longer than five sentences. Ahhh!!!

Oliver’s wary as Connor pulls away and goes around the counter to finish setting the table. Connor’s home from work at a decent hour and made dinner and (sort of) cleaned Oliver’s apartment and is now setting the table and pouring Oliver wine and what is going on? 

It’s not either of their birthdays. Is it their anniversary? Did Oliver miss some Hallmark holiday or something? The smirk on Connor’s face is growing dangerous as he hands over Oliver’s glass and Oliver can’t take the pressure anymore, “What’s going on?”

“What do you mean?” Connor asks with a wink. Oliver knows that wink; that wink means trouble.

“You’re home and you cooked and you never do either of those things,” Oliver takes a cautious sip of his wine. “Am I in trouble or something?”

Connor grins at that. “Why would you be in trouble?”

“I don’t know. Is this some sort of test?”

“I made pot roast,” Connor points out, ignoring him and gesturing to the table. “You want to sit?”

“Where did you learn to make pot roast?” Oliver asks as he takes a seat. It smells amazing.

“I called your mom. Got her recipe,” Connor answers as he sits, like it’s totally normal for him to call up Oliver’s mother to chat about pot roast.

“You called my mom?”

“Yeah. She says hi.” Connor grins again and grabs Oliver’s plate to serve him.

Oh yeah. He’s definitely up to something.


Emily: He [talking about the unsub] wanted to see if he had the same experience as before.
JJ: Once isn’t enough?
Emily: Not if Jake didn’t see what the unsub did. He wants to see if the experience can change. I can relate to that.
*Emily gets looks from the team*
Emily: Reid felt a warmth and saw a light. When I coded in the ambulance, all I felt was cold and darkness. And I would like to think there was a different future waiting for me.