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It’s been awhile, but I’m back and with a new AU idea!! You’ve heard of Devimega and you’ve heard of Blind Kara, now get ready for. … blind devimega AU. I know it sounds pretty lazy, but i’m a slow drawer so I’ve had a lot of time to think about it, hear me out.

In this world, angels are only as strong as the people that put their faith in them. And you know, Kara being the painful dumbo he is has very few people that would care to do that. After being ignored for so long, not only do his powers begin to fade, but his heath deteriorates as well- to the point where he loses his eyesight and falls from heaven. Without his sight to guide him back home, he’ll have to depend on.. someone.. *HEAVY THROAT CLEARING* to shelter him and bring him back to health.

Tell me what you think! eUe I’m really excited about this idea, so if enough people like it, I’ll do some more art of it and continue developing the story!

some of my personal favorite highlights from the Osomatsu-san seiyuu commentary on Episode 12

youkyan’s own opinions on karamatsu:

according to the others, onodai letting jyushimatsu’s popularity get to his head and adding too many adlibs…

…only for them all to be rejected:

the seiyuu of the elder matsus discussing how karamatsu might have gotten his tanktop:

youkyan apparently being the type that’s no good at making himself stop laughing once he’s started, to the point where he can’t even say his own lines:

miyu asking fukujun to read ichimatsu’s “nomination scenes” out loud, just to emphasize how terrible they are in comparison:

the seiyuu of the younger matsus commenting that ESP Kitty is maybe not as touching of a story as it seems, because it’s really rooted in bad intentions:

the younger matsus’ seiyuu trying to contemplate why totty’s a virgin if he’s “so good with women”…

fukujun’s love for the Iconic Totty Face:

youkyan pressuring onodai into saying a likely-totally-OOC adlib for jyushimatsu:

and finally, the two groups of seiyuu insulting one another:

So, I’m just going to say it: Robin’s death was 100% unnecessary. Actually, I’ll go further than that - it would have been 90 million times better if he hadn’t died, and OQ had broken up instead. Not that I WANT that, but hear me out.

Regina thinks her suffering is karma. I understand why she thinks that, but it doesn’t make sense. ROBIN is the one who died. Where’s the karma there? Robin wasn’t just a thing Regina lost. He was a person. Who by all accounts deserved better. Regina’s karma doesn’t overwrite HIS. Or his son’s. Or his daughter’s. Neither of whom deserved to lose their father.

As it stands, the idea basically seems to be “Robin was a good guy, and his kids are innocent, but Regina loved him, and Regina deserves to lose someone she loves, and Regina is the only one who matters, so tough luck everyone else.” That’s… not how it works. That might be what Regina thinks, but it makes no sense.

So it undermines the whole “karma” aspect of her motivation because anyone who looks at it closely enough can see that it’s nonsense.

It also undermines pretty much the whole thing in season 4 where she learned to take responsibility for her own actions and her own happy ending. Maybe not entirely, if you really analyse it and so on, but that’s certainly how it feels to me at first (and second) glance.

Either way, I think it would have made SO much more sense if Robin had just broken up with her. They even had the perfect reason: Zelena. Write it so that Robin is upset with the whole business, feels undervalued and overridden by Regina, and it breaks his heart, but enough is enough. So he breaks up with her and either leaves completely or goes to live in the forest with his men so he can still see his baby girl. But for all intents and purposes, he’s gone from Regina’s life. Regina is heartbroken and feels she needs to fix whatever part of her keeps screwing things up. Same plot can go ahead, only without Robin’s senseless and needless death.

And then, once Regina has dealt with her demons and learned her lessons, maybe they can try it again. But either way, there was 100% no need to kill him and I think killing him as opposed to just having him leave of his own accord, much like Belle with Rumple, actually deprived this story of the punch it could’ve otherwise had. It also deprived the character of agency and made 2 seasons’ worth of OQ sub-story feel like it just derailed and slowly sputtered to an inglorious halt in the mud.


A/N: “Internal Affairs” spec, I guess. 915 words.


“Do you accept the charges?”

Martin Deeks dreaded his mother’s hearing those words.  He wished he could think of a way to keep her out of this, but she would find out eventually.  He’d rather she find out from him.

The cop handed him the phone’s receiver, and his palms were already beginning to sweat.  He wondered how long he’d actually be able to hold his grip.  He nodded to the officer a non-verbal, “Thank you.”  He knew how this worked.  If you were polite and cooperative, you would get all the calls you needed.  They were free as long as they were local.  He’d use one for the lawyer.  His first one, though, he’d need for his mother.  Unfortunately it was long distance and would cost her money.  And grief.  God. He could only imagine the grief.  

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so i was at work today and this middle aged man was shopping for his daughter and asked me to try on this jacket for him. it was super long and covered my shorts so i whisper to my coworker that i could show up to a boyfriends wearing nothing but this jacket so when i unzipped it i would be completely naked and the customer overheard me and was like ‘oh ho ho! maybe i shouldn’t buy this for my daughter after all!' 

Just had an argument with my uncle about comic style/digital art not being real art and I think my favourite part of the talk was:

Him: and what, you think someone would want that? That people would pay for this?
me: ……..honey I got big news for ya :)))))))))))))))))))))