i didn't talk to him but like you know

Another post about Capricorn:

He texted me today and BASICALLY said (over a few different texts) “I’ve given you a few days because I don’t remember what I said the other night when I drunk called you but I feel like I said something bad… are you mad at me? What was said?”

And I just… what is with you Capricorns in memorizing every detail about people? Knowing exactly how those you love want to be treated, memorizing how they work, what makes them tick. He knew I needed a few days before I’d talk to him again, and then apologized all over himself.

Y'all are some charming motherfuckers.

  • Me, before watching the Special Episode: Karamatsu is so pure.
  • Me, after watching the Special Episode: Oop, nevermind.

Will be there a Law waiting for him?
Also for @fishu-fishu because i think she deserves it


“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore


i don’t normally post things like this here but these gdrawings i made while trying to explain jojo’s overall plot to to a friend during a skype call crack me tf up every time i see them on my screen

“Words” - A Cockles Fic

A late birthday present to the Nonny who asked me for a fic about the Cockles ring.

I hope you like it!

They never really talk about it.

Even after the first time it happened, Misha wanted to—but as soon as he saw Jensen on set the next day, he froze. And maybe he would’ve been more inclined to say something to him, if the man had actually acted weird—if he’d pushed Misha away or given him the silent treatment; but he didn’t. Jensen acted a hundred percent normal.

As soon as he saw him, he patted Misha on the back, told him “Good morning”, handed him a cup of tea and then walked off to the make-up trailer. It was almost as if the night before, never even happened—so Misha assumed that that’s the way Jensen wanted it. He wanted to forget it all, pretend everything was the same while praying to God that Misha wouldn’t mess up the illusion for him … so Misha didn’t.

He pretended too.

And soon enough, it all felt like some sort of a weird fever dream. Hazy around the edges, but still grounded with memories of touch and smell, and the sensation of someone else’s tongue running across his lips. It was fine. He would be fine. He rationalized it to himself over and over; it was just an odd moment between friends. He’s had plenty of those while growing up— with Darius, mostly … but those are something he’s used to, so this shouldn’t throw him in the least.

Misha could deal.

Vicki didn’t think so… but he totally could deal.

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some girl in 7th grade: omg you never told me who your crush is!!!

7th grade me: yeah bc i dont have one

girl: no but you have to! everyone likes a boy so you have to, too!

me: oh rlly? uhh ok *sweating* mmmm idk maybe i guess i kinda like that one boy i barely ever talk to and who is so out of reach that i don’t ever have to be confronted by him

Today I went to the coffee shop and was confronted by a man who told me all about his beliefs of the world and while he talked for like an hour, I honestly couldn’t tell you exactly what he believed in because it went way over my head. From what I gathered, here are some of the facts he’s given me, most came with little to no additional information:

  • He thinks he is God 
  • He believes if he asks the universe for something, it will give it to him
  • He believes in the matrix 
  • He has replaced his father with Napoleon (???) 
  • The Roman Empire is an “empire without borders” and “is a mindset that only the elite can achieve”
  • He believes genocide “isn’t that bad” and it’s “given a negative connotation”
  • The illuminati exist 
  • 9/11 was an inside job
  • People who are “successful” (wealthy) have evolved beyond being human and are actually more evolutionally advanced than “humans”
  • He believes 2012 was a sign that someone got extraordinary supernatural abilities and will use that to change the world 
  • All religions are the same because apparently they are part of some hive mind (???) 
  • Napoleon will rise again and take over America 
  • He wants a random person with no qualifications to be chosen as pope 
  • The Roman Empire is secretly ruling everything (idk where that leaves the illuminati tho)
  • The United States should become part of the Dutch empire (???)
  • Other conspiracy theorists “just use the banner of Truth to spread their own racist, xenophobic, and anti-elitist ideals”
  • He is an elitist
  • He is a conspiracy theorist
  • He thinks killing people is sometimes necessary, and while he hasn’t killed anyone or plans on doing so, he doesn’t believe killing is bad
  • Quote: “It’s like I have this golden key of opportunity, but I’m not going to use it yet, I am going to sit by the gate like a clever fox and wait” (???)

it’s a rainy night… which means one thing…. bad associations™


- “you heard him” <3

- Billy needs to die. i hate him.

- jesus christ Anne :( i knew it would happen because of the promo, but fuck…
  i just want her (and Jack) to be save

- bs writers: what if Thomas were still alive? me: dead
  (i was wondering why Silver reacted so strongly to Max talking about london   

- “wouldn’t you trade it all to have Thomas Hamilton back?” i am dead, this is
  too much, i hate everything

- Silver being most vulnerable with Madi… i wish we would have seen their
  relationship develope more on-screen, rather than off-screen, because as of
  right now, i still only care about them individually, but not together

- i love how Eleanor talked about Max and her back in the day… i miss these
  two together

- also, damn she is pregnant. that sure will end well…

- there were so many throwbacks to “before” Max/Eleanor, Thomas/James… my
  heart cannot handle this. especially because now it’s all turned to shit…

- “trust me” Flint, honey, what are you doing?? (also, why split Silver/Flint up
  again?? we don’t have many eps left, why can’t they just share screentime)

- the women really are stealing the show this season, even more than before:
  Max, Eleanor, Madi, Anne… i love them all and want them all save

- i have given up hope, that we see Anne/Max again… fuck :(

the new flat i moved into must be a fairly old building anyway if you want a shower you really want to switch the hot water on for half an hour before you go splash so in a morning, already alarmed by the time (I’m a heroic procrastinator) I’ll fling a book in a corner and wipe away toast crumbs and purposefully head to the bathroom with real zeal and impressive intent but ofc I’m almost immediately defeated because I’ve frog rotten about the hot water switch (ribbit) so after seeing to that I go back to the book and the crumbs and four days later I have my shower

what sound do frogs make? it is ‘ribbit’, right?

But the way Jared puts his hand on Jensen’s shoulder when he talks about his misfortunes (It’s okay, I’m alright) and the way Jensen’s head turns to watch him intently at these words (I’m right here with you, ready to take the wheel if you need me too, always).

The way Jensen reaches for Jared, quick and steady, protective. Like an instinct. (I’m so happy you’re here with me now, let me hold you, I’ll keep you safe)

And the way Jensen’s hand falls in Jared’s hair and stays a little (I’ve got you) while Jared buries his head in Jensen’s neck (Thank you). 

people think i’m nice because I don’t usually badmouth people in public. it’s not true. I’m mean as the hills; I just know better than to run my mouth when the cafe is crowded. listen i’m mean but i’m not dumb catch me alone in a quiet room where I can watch the door and i’ll throw shade so dark u won’t be able to see your way home

When bitty and jack come out to Shitty he takes it super well and proceeds to throw a party in their honor (even if the other guests don’t know it). 

Anyways, everyone is properly scwasted and Shitty gets Bitty alone and stage whispers “Jack and I have something that you will never be able to replace”

Bitty just nods and says “I’m not replacing anything. I love what you and Jack have”. And Shitty just shakes his head and slurs out 12 “no”s one after the other. 

“nah not that. I’m super secure in that. But there’s one thing that he’s done with me that he will never do with you” 

Okay so this peaks Bitty’s interest. He motions for Shitty to continue his thought. 

“Jack Zimmerman, totally wrecked and  belting Celine Dion on a karaoke machine”

“No fucking way”

“It’s the TRUTH. He wasn’t even looking at the words! He knew them all”

“If you say that to a field it’ll be fertilized”

After five minutes of Bitty screaming Bullshit and Shitty saying “nah man” Jack finally returns to them from wherever he was as confirms that, yes, he did sing Celine Dion’s “it’s all coming back to me now” in his first year. and that, no, he don’t think he’d do it again. 

Shitty and Bitty both exchanged a look, and then decided to spend the rest of the night to get Jack to sing at all. No such luck. But it doesn’t stop there. They keep trying whenever they are able to all meet up. It’s always like “hey Jack do you wanna sing along to some tunes in the car?” or “hey this bar has good drinks and…wow there’s a karaoke machine that sounds fun doesn’t it???” 

So when the newest video on Falconer’s TV is a karaoke competition between Jack and Tater, and Jack (the competitive lil shit) is going all at it is uploaded. Shitty and Bitty both text him like crazy. 

“Jack Laurent Zimmermann what the hell were you thinking”

someone: after all they had been through, han and leia deserved a better son. they actually deserved a daughter like rey. god, they must hate their own child.


in which i imply neptune is a deeper character than he is bc we all know he’s design without substance lol

anyway i always feel there should be more to neptune

you don’t give a man a connection to the ocean without giving him hidden depths and some intriguing history

i mean until you do bc… it’s not like neptune’s done much besides look pretty thus far

also you can tell I haven’t been watching RWBY because all i draw from it is neptune