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My Digital Art Experience So Far

So I got a digital tablet for my bday last month (Wacom Intuos Draw) and I’ve been messing around with it a bit. I don’t think I really draw all that well nor do I consider myself an artist, but eh, I try. So I thought I’d show around what I’ve done so far and tbh, i’m quite proud of myself.

Oswald Cobblepot (Photoshop) - Okay, so this was the first thing i did after just playing randomly with brushes. I used a drawing I had as a reference. 

Alice and human!Cheshire cat (Paint Tool Sai) - I literally did not know what to draw so I asked a friend and he said this. I used a dts tho. i would’ve loved how this turned out except for the fact that i used a canvas that was way too small and eh, cat’s face looks like shit lol living and learning, right?

Isabella and Victor Zsasz (Sai) - another dts/dtotp. frankly, i didn’t like this one much. i also miss the brushes on photoshop that sai lacks

Sportacus!!! (FireAlpaca) - okay so this fucking amazing person that i cannot thank more @batcubed showed me this marvelous program that’s FREE and i feel like photoshop and sai had this beautiful bastard kid that no one talks about, but is a prodigy. idk why i drew him in a bubble, but i like it.

My husband as an angel bear (FireAlpaca) - i’m in love with this program srsly. i’m probably not going back to either sai nor photoshop like ever ok maybe photoshop bc i know how to use it better and for more advanced stuff it might be handy again, idk why i bubbled him XD i also did this in like 5min so i’m proud of the result given the time i took.

aaaand that’s about it! now i’m thinking of doing more dts bc i suck at anatomy or maybe color some old drawing? idk anyways, tell me what you think!!


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