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Omg I didn't even realize you reblogged the Princess! Steph picture lol, I just spent like the past 30mins or so going through your blog to find it lmao

Oh pshaw it’s fine, my Stephanie tag was appreciating all the likes ❤ also clap and a half to you for braving my Chaotic and disorganized haphazard Steph tag!

Sent my wee baby girl (who isn’t so wee anymore) off to France for an exchange program today.  She is going to have the time of her life, but I might spend the next ten days sobbing quietly into my pillow.

She’s somewhere over the Atlantic ocean right now.  EEP!  Luckily, she’s a good texter, so I should hear from her often enough when she isn’t on a plane!  Still, 10 days might be a record for being away from us in her life.

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What's an ideal day between Ike and Sam?

their ideal days are pretty different but when they spend time together they like to be catty and talk shit, honestly. and just do boring stuff like watch tv and cook/fight about cooking. they’re sort of “downtime” friends, if that makes sense. aside from AUs where they’re like, a mercenary team or something (like mainverse), they don’t do much that’s *exciting* together aside from maybe going to a mutual friend’s house party together and shit like that or go to some gay bars. they hang out when they’re too exhausted to tolerate the social presence of other people. it’s kinda a domestic and mundane friendship but that’s a good thing because neither of them really have a lot of that kind of familial-ish support.

harry potter aesthetics: hufflepuff

I’ll take you, she thinks. I’ll take you. That little child with the fearful brow and the trembling fingers; the child that wants to smile and laugh and learn and play; that child that can prank like the best of them and the child that will scheme for something just out of reach and the child who wants silence and peace and the child who wants the answers; I’ll take you.

I’ll take you and I’ll mold you and I’ll tell you never to abandon each other. The smart ones will teach the foolish and the clever will mold the naïve; the impetuous will inspire joy in the shy, and the naïve will teach faith to the broken. (It won’t be like this, all anger and resentment and uncertain futures and fear and standards to live up to).

They can be children, all of them, she thinks. They can learn the magic that is theirs, the magic that turns blood into fury and joy into life. I will take you, she promises. You can be safe here.

Like anyone who has followed me for long enough knows, I’m moving all the way from Mississippi to Arizona to go live with my girlfriend the night of the 19th! Shortly afterwards, we’re going to Anime Expo! 

The hiatus is mainly going to be art-related! I’m going to obviously going to be less active as i’ll be waiting for all my valuables/heavier electronics to ship to her house, for multiple reasons. We’ll hopefully be spending a lot of time together, i’ll be job-hunting and busying myself with house work to prove i’m a good noodle to her folks ( and so i don’t feel useless ), and i’ll be looking into gender therapy, hormones, and generally starting my transition! I’ll try to keep fairly active, but I won’t promise anything. 

This is my first time doing anything on my own, and i’ll be leaving in the dead of the night away from my abusive folks without their knowing, so i’m very nervous and scared! But I have someone I love a lot waiting for me, so i’m sure i’ll be okay.

Wish me luck!

To all fanfiction writers...

I just wanted to thank you all, for the time you spend and the energy you put to create those amazing things I would gladly call masterpieces!

You saved us from so many frustrating “what’s next?” and “what if” moments. You lighten up our days and nights and you share so much of you with us all, and I will never be able to thank you enough. But yes, thank you for everything and please never stop doing what you do ❤️

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