i didn't set the house on fire

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THE HOUSE!!!!!!, it was his home, his place in the world :(. I really hope he kept THE book with him and it didn't burned with the house :(

i keep thinking about all the books, all the fine china, all of miranda’s dresses burning and i want to set myself on fire. he just… stood there. watching as his last connection to her went up in smoke. you know i genuinely dont understand how that man can still go on after all the shit they put him through. I’M exhausted. i dont have any more tears or the strength in me to make it to the finish line and he’s still going. they take and they take and they TAKE from him, not even bending anymore, they’re breaking what’s already broken. he lost eleanor, madi and miranda’s house all at once and again wasn’t even given a chance to save any of it, no, they even made it seem like it was his fault. and not only that, all he’s done this season is comfort other people even though he’s suffered the same losses and no one’s offered the same in return. he isn’t even allowed to grieve because he has to play the part and lead those people, even though he was more than ready to give up the war. it’s unbelievable. he tried to make peace once, and he set the world on fire. he tried again, AND AGAIN HE SET THE WORLD ON FIRE. it’s… im … [laughs hysterically]

Harry Potter Books Rated By Bad Things Happening To Snape:
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Early days yet, but Snape did get bitten by Fluffy on Halloween, A+, good dog, deserves all the dog treats, and of course got set on fire by Hermione, which was fucking Iconic. Yes I know that he was doing something good for probably the first time in his life, but look me dead in the eyes and tell me that he didn't deserve to get set on fire. Also, got the House Cup taken for him despite clearly rigging the contest for Slytherin. 6/10
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: I mean he has to deal with Lockheart but a) so does everyone else and b) it actually makes him look kind of cool in comparison, which isn't great. 1/10
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: We're getting into the good stuff now. He gets fucking DRAGGED by the Marauder's Map like "Mister Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape, and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business." go OFF remus and also he has to deal with the fact that he is 10000% CERTAIN harry is sneaking out but CANNOT PROVE IT which must have been torture.And of course Neville's Boggart and the subsequent pictures going everywhere like honestly, the man got turned into a wizard meme. And it just gets better from there because then, just when he thinks he's won, he gets hexed by THREE teenagers and knocked out because they would rather side with a werewolf and a convicted criminal murderer than him, which honestly, same. And of course, we can't forget getting reduced to running into the hospital wing yelling THIS! HAS! SOMETHING! TO! DO! WITH! POTTER! like the only think keeping this from a perfect score is him getting Remus fired. 9/10.
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Surprisingly little Snape content, good or bad, that is outstanding in this film. Most targets are instead Malfoy or Skeeter, which are 100% legit targets, so I can't be too pissed. 5/10.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Had to deal with Umbridge, but again, so did everyone else. Harry also exposes his worst memory which features his best friend realizing he's a racist ass, so there's some good quality content in here. 6/10
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: thERES NO NEED TO CALL ME SIR, PROFESSOR. Does anything else need to be said. Like, yes, he does win some fights at the end but does it even matter? his whole life has been utterly destroyed with the sickest burn ever conceived of by a sixteen-year-old. Nothing he does for the rest of the book matters. His life is already over. 100/10.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Okay anything would be a letdown after the last one but this one did pretty well in comparison, to be honest. I mean, he gets to be headmaster, but he's dealing with a 24/7 rebellion led in true poetic justice fashion by Neville Longbottom, and then he has to jump out a window. I hope they never fix that. I hope there remains a snape-shaped hole in that window in perpetuity. And then he dies, but he gets a kid named after him, so honestly some points have to be docked. Still, a solid 9/10.

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Cheryl Motherfucking Blossom was returned to an abusive house after trying to commit fucking suicide. She set her damn house on fire while Archie Veronica, and Betty Jughead did the dirty. Cheryl was sane enough to alert Veronica before she jumped in the river. Her life was saved. Sure the core four cared to save her but they didn't care enough to make sure she was alright

I know I was so confused when no one stayed back with her :(

Don’t Starve Sentence Starters
  • “My light just ran out!”
  • “I get crazy when I don’t sleep.”
  • “It makes me hungry just to look at it." 
  • “Did you hear that?”
  • “That sounded big!”
  • “Go for the eyes!”
  • “It’s so dark!”
  • "I don’t trust this magic business." 
  • "Food goes in, other food comes out." 
  • “It must be some kind of religious artifact.”
  • “The fire is doing its thing!”
  • "Kill the pig. Spill his blood." 
  • “Oh boy. Vegetables.”
  • “Feel my wrath!”
  • “Yay! More FIRE!!!”
  • “I feel piratey and naughty.”
  • "NOW I HAVE YOU." 
  • "The beating of this hideous heart will bring a ghost back to life!" 
  • “Mmmm. Smells like fire.”
  • “That fire is getting out of hand!” 
  • “YES! BURN!”
  • “The rain hurts my mighty skin.”
  • "Is it done yet? I’m hungry." 
  • “I’m so hungry!” 
  • “The stinging means that it’s working.” 
  • "That should do the trick. 
  • "You’re not so scary." 
  • "I did not think pigs could make houses." 
  • "Now we can catch some food!" 
  • “I’ll wear it if I have to." 
  • "Looks like the perfect place to light a fire." 
  • "I’m gonna do some serious damage with this." 
  • "Keep that tongue to yourself!" 
  • "I see no downside to using this." 
  • "I feel like I could have prevented that." 
  • "Everything dies." 
  • "It’s set up… just add meat." 
  • "Simple magic is often the best." 
  • "I’m pretty good at sewing." 
the signs as 2009-10 taylor swift tweets
  • aries: Today I found a swivel chair in the loading dock and spun around for a long time.
  • taurus: Is there really a hot tub in my dressing room right now? Really? It's probably just a hallucination. Or witchcraft. This is too awesome..
  • gemini: @ddlovato death by Demi Lovato. Best perfume name ever. "you smell like death" "thanks!". You could also make "decay" and "filth".
  • cancer: In the studio. I don't know whose computer I'm using. Pssh.. Such a rebel right now..
  • leo: The hardest part about motivating myself to run is finding matching socks.
  • virgo: I think I'm going to go rearrange my refrigerator magnets now.
  • libra: Listening to my brother try to convince my mom to let him set the Christmas tree on fire in the back yard. He's making a good case so far.
  • scorpio: My band and I just walked through a haunted house where men in masks were running after us with chainsaws.
  • sagittarius: At the fancy hotel, I may have broken the fancy curtains because I didn't know they have a fancy electric button you push to close them. Hm.
  • capricorn: Out on the lake with the band, trying my best to resist the burning temptation to scream "I'M ON A BOAT".
  • aquarius: why am I nocturnal.....
  • pisces: Got to rehearsal early. No one else is here yet. So......I'm in the production office making a necklace out of paper clips.

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What Would You Guys Do If Yami Cheated On You Two?


”Yami cheated on us?”


”With who?!”

‘I didn’t cheat on either of you-”


”What? No-”

”I knew this would happen.”

”Let’s go set his house on fire.”



the signs as things i've done
  • Aries: told a boy if he kept taking my pencils i would wear cleats to school and kick him in the shin
  • Taurus: took a 5 hour nap, ate dinner, and then went back to bed
  • Gemini: had little fruit snacks and told my friends they were cough drops so they wouldn't eat them and my friends started coughing so they could have some and i got pissed off and left
  • Cancer: cried because my celebrity crush got a girlfriend
  • Leo: used so much hairspray in my hair it looked like a crispy hair helmet
  • Virgo: wrote poems about cats and thought i would be a famous animal poet some day
  • Libra: had a colorful, carpet-looking skirt and matching backpack and wore them everyday
  • Scorpio: when people told me to keep a secret when i was little i would go and blab and tell someone because i didn't want to keep it
  • Sagittarius: said i didn't want to wear silly bands in middle school because i wanted to "be the one to bring them back in style"
  • Capricorn: woke up my sister in the middle night from laughing so hard about a butler from a TV show because i thought they were funny
  • Aquarius: accidentily set pudding on fire
  • Pisces: spilled too many things at my grandmother's house so i have to use a sippy cup when i'm there
cry-worthy shit Derek will probably say in 4x02
  • "Who are you people?"
  • "Where's my mom?"
  • "Kate wouldn't do that."
  • "I know Kate. I don't know you. That's why I trust her."
  • "Where's Cora?"
  • "Where's Laura?"
  • "You're not Peter."
  • "You don't know Kate like I do."
  • "You're a liar."
  • "Don't say they're dead. They're not dead."
  • "Have you seen my eyes? I'm a killer, too!"
  • "This isn't my house."
  • "What happened here?"
  • "They're saying terrible things about you, Kate."
  • "Did you set the fire?"
  • "Don't lie to me!"
  • "Why did you do this?"
  • "Why didn't you kill me?"
  • "Kill me."
  • "Scott, I need you show me -- show me everything."

they say i shouldn't cry over a jack-ass and a piece of shit like you. they say all you did was to hurt me, doubt on myself and cry myself to sleep every night. they say i shouldn’t waste my time on you because all you’ve caused me is trouble. they say i should stop missing you because you don’t even think of me. but fuck what they say! they might be right and what they say must be true but darling, they don’t know anything.

i may be miserable right now because of you but they have no idea how you made me happy. the kind of happiness i would never forget. the kind of happiness that would make me forget everything even my name and the things i hated about myself. the kind of happiness that brought me to oblivion about everything that matters because at that moment nothing matters but you. they don't know the ecstasy i felt whenever you're here beside me that’s why it was easy for them to say that you are not worth it. that’s why i don’t understand why’d you have to go? why’d we end up here?

you made me very happy once. that’s why i will never regret or be ashamed of the tears i shred for you. and even if things didn't end up the way we expected them to be, even if things were sort of out of place right now, i would still love you and if id be given a chance to go back to the days when we’re still together, i’d still take that even if i know
that we’ll end up here, because baby, i never ever regret choosing you.
even though you set my house on fire, and brought tsunamis in my life, you will always be a beautiful disaster that i will always come back to. its you. i’ll always choose you.

—  written for you (L.S)

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Quick Question: About the Hogwarts Houses + Fire Elements gif set, I'm guessing you (whoever made it) probably didn't write the description, but why is fire described as "masculine"? What's masculine about fire? And why are we gendering natural elements? (not a hate question, was just going through the recent posts and got curious; I love the blog!)

If you’re referring to this post, we didn’t make it. But I contacted the person who did:

the descriptions for these posts are based on wicca/pagan ideologies. in astrology they usually separate everything (and by everything i mean zodiac signs, planets, stars etc) in masculine and feminine, and they believe that two elements blend/interact/are more receptive to one another when they are of the same gender. as far as i know, fire and air are considered masculine elements because they’re more dominant and destructive. on the other hand, water and earth are feminine elements, earth because of its fertility and water because its association with passion, emotion and purification. i hope this makes sense!


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Do you think demon-summoning is okay? I tried it once and nothing really happened, although I got sick the next day. I made a pentagram, added tea lights (I didn't want to set my house on fire :/ ) and spilled some blood on it. Then I wrote my wishes (for demons to bring terror to a guy who had pissed me off) and left it untouched. After a while, I ripped up the paper because it hadn't done anything. Tips/warnings/general advice?


  • don’t do it


  • this is a bad idea

General advice

  • don’t

That’s pretty much all there is to say for that - demons are incredibly powerful and just because you summon them doesn’t mean they owe you any loyalty after they’ve done whatever it is you asked them to do.

And they don’t do those things for free, either.