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I know some people thinks Jon was cold in the goodbye scene but for me he wasn't cold, he was awkward. He didn't know how to act, what to say, and her trying to flirt with him didn't help lol You have to keep in mind that the only relationship he had in his life was with Ygritte and there wasn't any courtship involved there. It just happened. I was loling so hard when he was like: 'well, yeah, good luck with everything' because i could feel his embarassement, poor sweet summer child lol

Omg I totally agree. It was so awkward which to me was cute! Like when I gifed it I added ones between the dialogue because you can see him just awkwardly nod at her bc he doesn’t know wtf else to do haha.

I mean it was a little cold but I think that’s where they’re at right now?? I feel like they’re both still denying how they feel. They don’t really have another choice at the moment I don’t think. Because they have to separate for the time being, and they spend most of their time surrounded by other people. 

I thought the goodbye was great. I think it was as tender as it could be for two people who are still, in many ways, “strangers,” and had the eyes of everyone on them as they parted. I liked it.


Making History | 1.07

Adams and Hancock make an entrance.