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anonymous asked:

Hello, may I have a scenario where Todoroki does kabe don to his crush (it's when someone slams his hand against the wall) because he's getting jealous that his crush didn't pay enough attention to him? (Sorry if I made mistakes, English isn't my first language) Thank you in advance !! ^^

((todoroki: they aren’t paying attention to me *knocks a vase off the table*))

Todoroki knew it was irrational to get upset that you weren’t focusing on him at this very moment, but he couldn’t help it. Watching you laugh with your other classmates, smiling and giggling at their jokes, causally touching somebody else’s arm… irritated him, somehow. You weren’t so affectionate with him. He felt stupid admitting it to himself, but he really wanted your attention. And he was gonna get it, no doubt in his mind.
He caught up to you after the bell rang, ready to do… something? for you to take notice of him. You looked up from your phone and smiled at him, and any plan he had dropped out of his mind. “Hey Todoroki, what’s up?“
He felt his open hand meet the wall by your shoulder, and heard you make a noise of surprise. You were searching his face with those big, beautiful eyes, and he could only come up with one thing to say.
“Go out with me.”
Your cheeks turned red, and he felt his get a little pink too. “…What?”
He leaned forward and put his forehead on yours, immediately becoming embarrassed but deciding to leave it there anyway. “Please.”
You looked like you were overheating, the closer contact bringing more of a flush to your entire face. Todoroki worried that maybe he’d gone too far, stepped over the line, ruined this good thing you two had going, when you said, in a voice barely audible, “okay.”
Todoroki blinked. He wasn’t expecting that. “Wait, really?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “let’s do it. …Did you have any place in mind?”
He sure as shit didn’t, but at least he’d gotten your attention. The two of you could work it out later together.

  • Sakura: Naruto,slow down...
  • Naruto: Noo Sakura-chan ,I didn't eat ramen for days, I can't wait!
  • Sakura: It's only been five days since we were there last time,you know..
  • Naruto: Do you know what's 5 days without ramen?!Anyway,is Hinata comming?
  • Sakura: Yeah..
  • Naruto: Great! Ichiraku,here we come!
  • *in front of ichiraku*
  • Hinata: Hey Sakura ,Naruto-kun...
  • Sakura: Hey Hinata!And..why are you dress like that,aren't you cold? It's pretty windy...hey Naruto!
  • Naruto: What?
  • Sakura: Hinata's cold , will you borrow her your jacket?
  • Hinata: S-Sakura no,It's ok..
  • Naruto: You see,she's ok!
  • Sakura: -_-
  • Sasuke: Ah god,what great company...
  • Naruto: Sasuke teme! What are you doing he-
  • Naruto: Sasuke! Are you reatrd!!!Why are you wearing shirt with short sleeves?!!!!It's so cold..here,take my jacket!
  • Sasuke: No
  • Naruto: Take it!!!
  • Sasuke: Your "scum - orange" jacken?No thanks,I would rather go naked.
  • Naruto: Uh...then, Hinata you can take it if you nee-
  • Sasuke: *grabs jacket from Naruto*
  • Naruto: ...Sasuke?
  • Sasuke: WHAT?
  • Sasuke: *blush*
  • Sasuke: I mean.....I guess it's not as hot as I thought..
  • Naruto: *grin* Teme...come with us on ramen!I will pay for you!
  • Sasuke: No Naruto I-
  • Naruro: *grabs Sasuke* You're going whether you like it or not!
  • Sasuke: Naruto!
  • Sakura: ....
  • Sakura: Hinata.....let's go to see Ino,ok?
  • Hinata: *confused* O-ok
  • Eunwoo, having a casual conversation with Moonbin: Yeah, I think the promotions for Baby are going really we-
  • Moonbin, interrupting suddenly: I'm so sorry I didn't mean to touch his butt! It was just there and I touched it a little but I didn't mean it!
  • Eunwoo: ...
  • Eunwoo: Wait what?
  • Moonbin: I touched Seungkwan's butt! I'm so sorry!
  • Eunwoo: I have literally no idea what we are talking about right now, but okay, I forgive you.
  • Cassian: Alright guys I'll see you later! Bi!
  • Azriel: See you!
  • Cassian: ....
  • Cassian: Bi!
  • Rhys: Yeah we'll catch you later.
  • Cassian: ............
  • Cassian: I said BI!
  • Mor: Cassian what's wrong with you?
  • Cassian: Bi. BI. I'M TELLING YOU I'M BI.
  • Rhys: ...
  • Azriel: ...
  • Mor: ...
  • Rhys: Cassian you've literally slept with everyone at this table. We know.
  • Cassian: ... Well bi to you too. *walks out*
  • Amren: *walks in* Cassian's gone? Aces.
  • Ghira: Honey. Yang. We're back. *Ghira called out as he and Blake entered the Belladonna home.*
  • Blake: We brought you some dessert from the sto-Yang! *Blake started to call out as she and father entered the living only to find her girlfriend laying on the couch with a bandage around her head as Kali gently placed an Ice pack on her head. It didn't take Blake look to rush over to her love's side to see if she was okay.* Yang? Yang, Sweetie? Are you okay?
  • Kali: Calm down, Blake. Yang is fine. She just has a little bump on her head is all. The doctor said all she needs is some rest. *Kali told her daughter as she comforted her.*
  • Ghira: I don't understand. What happened while we were at the meeting?
  • Kali: Well... *Kali began, thinking back to earlier.*
  • ~Flashback~
  • Yang: Excuse me, Mrs B? Sorry to bother you but the spire bathroom is out of towel. Can I grab one from your? *Yang called out while she knocked on door to Blake's parents bathroom door, waiting a moment listening for Kali to reply as music played from the other side of the door.* Mrs B? *Yang asked again knocking slightly louder.*
  • Kali: Huh? Yes? Is that you Yang? *Kali questioned through the door, the music's volume lowering.*
  • Yang: Yeah It's me. Sorry about this but can I barrow a towel? The other bathroom doesn't have any.
  • Kali: Oh of course dear. You can come on in and get them, I'm wearing a robe. There in the closet to the left.
  • Yang: Okay cool. *Yang smiled, opening the door slightly to pock her head to to find Kali was indeed wearing a robe as she sat on the edge of the bath before enter, Keeping her eyes casted downward.* Pardon my interruption.
  • Kali: Oh there's no need to apologize, Yang. I was just finish up her myself. *Kali smiled as she pointed to the closet.* Anyway, the towels are on the left. Help yourself.
  • Yang: Thanks Mrs B. *Yang said quickly moving to the closet and opening it, spotting the towels right away and grabbing two.* Sorry again for walkinnNOHMYGOD! *Yang suddenly yelled with an enormous blush growing on her face as she turned to Kali. For before the young huntress sat her girlfriend's mother with her right leg straight up in the air as she groomed herself like a cat.
  • Kali: Hmm? Is something wrong Yang? *Kali asked when she noticed Yang's red face wide eyes.*
  • Yang: *It was at those words Yang quickly covered her eyes, trying not to peek throght the cracks of her fingers as she yammered.* I!UH! DUH! UMM! S-SORRY! I DIDN'T REALIZE! UUH My GOD!
  • Kali: Hehe, Oh Yang. Calm down. I'm only grooming myself. I'm sure you see Blake do it all the time. Maybe even let her do some grooming on you. *Kali laughed with a teasing smirk, waving her hand.*
  • Yang: Well Yeah but! Wait I mean, No! I, Ugh! It's different with Blake! Plus, She does do that with me! *Yang rambles on, feeling the wall with one hand to leave while covering her eyes with the other.*
  • Kali: Really? Huh? I would have thought Blake would have tried it with you by now? *Kali Thought out loud before a devious smirk formed on her face and spoke seductively to Yang.* In that case, Why don't you come over here and I can show you how it's done? *She purred as she thought.* Let's see how loyal she is to my baby girl.
  • Yang: *Meanwhile, Yang's jaw dropped in shock before she quickly shouted while rushing to the door.* SORRYBUTONLYBLAKECANSHOULDANDWILLUSESHERTONGUEONMETHANKSFORTHETOWELSBYYYYYAAAH! *It was towards the end of her sentence, Yang unfortunately slipped on the damped floor and fell on the back of her head. Hard.*
  • Kali: OH MY GOD! YANG! ARE YOU OKAY!? *Kali panicked quickly rushing over to fallen huntress.*
  • ~Present~
  • Kali: ... She slipped in our bathroom while getting towels from the closet. The floor was a bit wet since I just took a bath. *Kali explained, leaving out the details.*
  • Blake: Oh no. I knew I forgot something when we left. *Blake said, gentle stroking Yang's hair.* Yang, sweetie. Can you hear me?
  • Ghira: Don't worry Blake. I'm sure Yang well be fine. *Ghira assured her daughter to comfort her, placing his hand on her shoulder when Yang stirred.* Ah, She is waking up.
  • Blake: Yang? How are you feeling? Yang? *Blake asked worryingly.*
  • Yang: Mmmrr, no Mrs B. Only Blake can groom me... *Yang quietly mumbled, still not fully conscious causing both Ghira and Blake to turn their questions stares to the somewhat nervous Kali.*
  • Blake: Mom? She is she mumbling about? *Blake questions while narrowing her eyes.*
  • Kali: I-I have no idea.
  • Ghira: Kali. Tell me you didn't tease the poor girl.
  • Kali: ...
  • Ghira: Kali.
  • Kali: It was an accident.
  • Blake: Oh my god! Mom!
  • Kali: Well on the bright side you know Yang is very loyal to you. Soooo it's not all bad.
  • Ghira: *Ghira could only sigh with his daughter as they both crossed their arms and pinched the bridge of their noses.* This is Ilia all over again.
  • Blake: Tell me about it.
  • Yang: I demand a Blakey bath when the room stops spinning.* Yang randomly said holding up her metal hand.*

windybleuceleste  asked:

Hi there ! I have recently been crazy about Kuroshitsuji thanks to your blog : D . Due to the realCiel mastermind theory, real Ciel was involved in the murder and Tanaka was unfortunately the only one who witnessed the scene. Do you think his non-appearance in chapter 129 could be because RC killed him to cover the dark truth?

Omg, I hope not!! I’m not sure, there are some people in the Japanese fandom who are worried about Tanaka’s safety as he might be the only eyewitness of Rachel & Vincent’s murders *in case the real Ciel mastermind theory is true*. If real Ciel was indeed the murderer, he might want to get rid off Tanaka and since RC shows absolutely no hesitation to kill off people who are in the way and he seems to be accompanied by an extremely strong person (the knife guy/Lord Polaris?) who can even outmatch Agni… it’s really worrying!! (>_<)

On the other hand, there are also people who are suspicious about Tanaka’s absence in the latest chapter, rather than worried. He definitely hides something from our Ciel

and he said some ominous things that sounded a bit like foreshadowing:

Right now, it belongs on your chest alone”.

One could interpret these lines that Tanaka was waiting for his “true” master to come back and saw our Ciel as a temporary replacement (thus Sebastian as the temoporary butler of the Phantomhive). I do believe that his affection for our Ciel is genuine and that he really cares for him, however, he used to be Vincent’s butler which means he certainly wasn’t just a nice old guy, but could be very strict and cruel if he had to. 

So yeah, anyway, I’m pretty sure he’s one of the few people who are able to tell the twins apart, so his absence in the latest chapter could suggest that either something happened to him (I hope not) or he noticed right away that the boy who came back was real Ciel and “welcomed” him (maybe as the “true” head of the Phantomhive family). Idk, we’ll see in the next chapter if he’s safe and if he’s our Ciel’s ally or not :/

Me : Flint and Wood.. yeah, never really thought about it. Why not. Let’s check the tag.

*A few minutes later*

Me : aw my babies are so cute. Let them be happy and gay together. Come on guys, GET MARRIED AND HAVE MANY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN TO PLAY QUIDDITCH WITH. THEY’RE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER. DON’T TELL ME OTHERWISE. I have to read all the fanfictions.

anonymous asked:

Oh great! Then, if it's not that much of a problem, I would like to request how would Rex, Wolffe, Fives (and the clones you want, really) react with a de-aged s/o. (I had already requested this but through the app, so I guess it didn't make it to your inbox) Anyway, thank you I love you and your blog, it's awesome 💕

Decided to go with the general idea that the s/o was de-aged to about toddler age~

Rex: Oh yeah he seems like his usual calm collected self on the outside but on the inside he is freAKING OUT. He doesn’t even know where to begin, thankfully having to reign in Anakin and Ahsoka all the time actually gives him some confidence on handling problem children headstrong/young attitudes, so he’s got this.

Wolffe: You were surprised to see the ever cool Commander loosing it just a bit. And by a bit I mean he’s yelling at anyone nearby to get Plo on the comms, to get a blanket for their now tiny comrade, or just yelling in general because he doesn’t know what to do. He also refuses to hold you because he’s high low key afraid of crushing you

Fives: Panic mode activated! He’s never really dealt with children much so he’s at a loss as to what needs done first, should he take care of your suddenly dinky self or pass you onto another so he can focus on getting you back to normal? He’s also not sure on how to talk to you so he just opts to speaking to you in a very slow, slightly loud voice

Echo: Surprisingly, Echo is a pretty cool cucumber in all this. A little unsure and stuttery at first, just trying to get his head wrapped around the situation. He takes an emergency blanket from his belt and wrapped it around you, before securing you in his arms so he can safely take you to the ship and help Anakin work out how to get this fixed

Cody: To his credit he at least waits til you get back to the base/ship before he lets his fit of laughter out. He can’t help it, you’re just too cute in your new form and the whole situation is just so unbelievable. Of course he understands the severity of the situation too. He makes arrangements for you to be looked after first then gets to work on finding a cure, all the while snickering to himself every few dozen minutes or so 

anonymous asked:

Could we see a list of the requests you got? Would that be okay?

Yeah, of course! Better to do that to make sure people can resend if their asks get eaten. c:

I’m actually super excited because I’m loving all the diversity, there’s some characters here I haven’t actually formally written yet!! <3

  • Ciel and reader having a prank war – whoever wins has to do whatever the other wants and reader wants Ciel to be her butler
  • college AU – Agni is a foreign exchange student and reader is his tutor
  • super sweet drabble of William meeting his S/O in the hospital – fluffy, angsty, or suggestive (or all three knowing me lol)
  • reader and delinquent (but gone soft) Ronald
  • scenario – Agni confessing to his crush
  • scenario – Gregory’s S/O likes to talk a lot but Gregory doesn’t mind
  • scenario – Wolfram’s first kiss
  • spicy Grell (fem pronouns) x Reaper!Reader – long day at the office and Grell is in the mood to play
  • fem Reader taking care of Gregory after the Music Hall debacle and they end up confessing to each other – super fluffy
  • pre-P4 Gregory with an overbearing but goodhearted older sister who encourages him to make friends at a school he’s dreading to go to
  • scenario – Lau confessing to his crush
  • scenario – Reaper!Undertaker falls in love with a woman he has to reap
  • Charles Grey, Cheslock, and Edgar with a really shy S/O
  • drunk reader (fem pronouns) questions Grell’s (male pronouns) love for her because he’s always flirting with every handsome guy he sees
  • Ash finding out his S/O is an angel, asking why she didn’t tell him earlier – she reveals a broken wing; he helps her tend to it and pesters her about what happened, she tells him it was a demon whose face she didn’t see
  • Reader comforting Soma after Agni’s death
  • headcanons – Alois and Soma trying to prove that their weird S/O is an alien
  • headcanons – Cheslock having a crush and confessing to them
  • Vincent arranges a marriage between Diedrich and his sister (reader) – at first they don’t like each other but then they fall in love
  • Herman with a S/O who did something similar to what he did for similar reasons
  • Joker x Reader – him doing reader’s makeup before their first show; reader’s nervous about performing so he gives them a pep talk
  • interaction with Mey Rin in the first day of her service, she hasn’t shaken her dark side yet
  • scenario – Undertaker and his S/O on Halloween
  • Soma’s lover telling him they’re pregnant
  • scenario – Edgar falling in love with a girl of a lower social class (maybe a maid?)
  • headcanons – relationship of Snake and a very quiet fellow ex-circus performer/Phantomhive servant
  • reader cooking with Agni and him trying to teach her how to make Indian dishes
  • scenario – Gregory’s S/O is a demon and she’s confessing it to him
  • headcanons (and possibly pics) – selfies with Ciel, Gregory, Sebastian, and Snake
  • Ash meeting his human S/O who’s very pure and caring
  • scenario – Soma’s S/O tries to comfort him after Agni’s death
  • scenario – Soma and his S/O naming their first child after Agni
  • headcanons – fluffy relationship with Agni and Soma
  • scenario – Soma seeing his S/O wearing his clothes (fluffy)
  • reactions – Beast, Hannah, and Mey Rin telling their male S/O they’re pregnant
  • Agni not knowing what French kissing is and the reader having to “demonstrate”
  • audio – Sebastian finds out his S/O is ticklish and teases them about it
  • first kiss (fluffy or spicy) with Cheslock, Edward, and Snake
  • audio – Grell finding out their S/O got seriously injured
  • headcanons – Edgar with a S/O who likes poetry and romance
  • Agni just after arriving in England, going to the marketplace with S/O who shows him around
  • audio – Undertaker and his S/O having a romantic cuddly day and he shows his eyes for the first time
  • scenario – Cheslock finds out a rebellious girl disguised herself as a boy in his dorm
  • audio – Charles Grey being calm and affectionate
  • scenario – Undertaker taking a bath with his chubby!S/O
  • scenario – Sebastian comes back to the manor after a long investigation with Ciel, is greeted by a tight hug from his S/O who’s become thinner and paler because she couldn’t sleep or eat while he was gone due to being so worried about him
  • Undertaker caught cheating on his S/O
  • Undertaker being nervous on his wedding day
  • reader with Stockholm Syndrome towards Aleister after having been kidnapped
  • reactions – Bravat, Cheslock, and Gregory with a S/O who gets snarky when she’s nervous and uncomfortable
  • reader doing something reckless and Agni getting worried, scolding them for it, leads to quiet, heartfelt angst
  • scenario – Soma and his S/O taking a bath together
  • headcanons – Charles Grey, Edward, and Soma with a S/O from Norway
  • Arthur Conan Doyle and sister!reader who wants to be a writer like him and frequently asks him for advice
  • audio – Finny talking to his baby in the middle of the night
  • audio – Soma asking and trying to convince his S/O to travel back to India to live with him
  • Sieglinde meeting the reader – an actual witch – who becomes her big sister; hilarity ensues when reader’s magic and Sieglinde’s science clash
  • Ronald with a S/O who’s William’s daughter
  • Alan, Eric, Grell, Othello, William, and Undertaker with children
  • Cheslock, Clayton, Edgar, Edward, Gregory, Herman, Joanne, Lawrence, and Soma taking care of their babies
  • scenario – poly relationship with Diedrich and Vincent
  • audio – S/O waking Snake up in the middle of the night because there are snakes all over the bed
  • reaction – Alan, Eric, Grell, Othello, William, and Undertaker finding out they have a teenage daughter who’s a goofball and a menace
  • reaction – Snake with a hybrid S/O (possibly human-Wendigo hybrid)
  • reaction – Claude and Sebastian finding out they have a teenage daughter from a human woman
  • reader comforting Herman because he feels guilty about what happened with Derrick and the other prefects
  • Joker with a shapeshifter S/O who changes into other humans which is their circus act
  • scenario – William finds out his S/O has terminal cancer that she’s kept hidden for almost a year and by the time she tells him, she only has a few weeks to live
  • fluffy Finny audio
  • Bard, Finny, Mey Rin, Sebastian, and Snake telling their S/O that they love them
  • Undertaker having a bad day and reader comforting him
  • platonic reader and Sebastian fawning over cats
  • spicy Vincent
  • Undertaker – enemies to lovers
  • Agni and Soma with their children
  • reaction – Agni with a S/O who got separated from him when he was going to be executed, when they reunite years later S/O has had Agni’s child, they’ve both changed but still love each other and just have to deal with the changes, their child, and dangers in London
  • scenario – Undertaker’s S/O is walking home at night and gets attacked, Undertaker steps in to protect her
  • Sebastian and William accidentally making the reader cry
  • audio – William and a stressed/upset/anxious listener
  • audio – Ciel getting angry, yells at listener without meaning to and apologizes
  • Sieglinde and Lizzie becoming best friends
  • reaction – after becoming a Reaper, Sascha seeing their best friend attempting suicide
  • Bard x reader being reckless with fireworks on the 4th of July
  • scenario – Soma proposing to his female S/O and a bit of the wedding day
  • scenario – Mey Rin teaching her S/O how to shoot a gun
  • depressed reader witnesses Undertaker reaping someone, finds him beautiful and fascinating – meets him again and again, and he becomes a reason to live because they’ve fallen in love with him
  • headcanons – Bard as a single parent
  • Claude and a really stubborn S/O
  • modern AU – Agni isn’t a good fighter and gets cornered by xenophobic thugs, is saved by badass reader
  • modern AU – Agni was adopted by Soma’s family and goes on a journey to discover his heritage, ends up meeting the reader on the way who’s running away from her “pure blood” status
  • Agni survived the attack at the manor but has PTSD from it, one day has a bad panic attack and is comforted by reader
  • AU – Agni is a well-liked kindergarten teacher who’s married to the reader, a wealthy genius, and was ridiculed for not being “good enough” for her; he keeps it hidden until reader finds him crying one day and tries to get revenge on the culprits
  • modern college/university AU – Soma is Agni’s adopted brother/wingman and tries to push shy Agni to “just confess already!” to reader at a loud house party; reader ends up saving Agni from doing something embarrassing
  • Soma x reader – going sledding/sledging with Agni, Wolfram, and Sieglinde tagging along
  • funny (??) story with favorite OC (probably will be something with Nadya and Alois)
  • reaction – Sebastian’s S/O (not knowing he’s a demon) is REALLY excited for Halloween
  • comforting the reader after a death in the family – Sebastian and Undertaker
  • happy Knox family fluff w/ Ronnie still alive
  • any canon x OC story (this is like a blank check to me and y’all gonna regret it hAH)
  • Charles Grey noticing his crush at a ball and asking her to dance
  • headcanons – Edward, Finny, Snake, and Soma having a nightmare about losing their S/O
  • Agni and Soma with their new families visiting India again
  • Frances and child reader – reader looks up to her as a role model and wants to be like her in the future
  • Grell x depressed!reader – reader covers up their depression w/ sarcastic and self-deprecating comments
  • William x fem!Reaper!reader – reader had an abusive childhood before becoming a Reaper, she’s paranoid about other people and always defends herself w/ harsh remarks; William sometimes has to calm her down and reassure her that everyone’s not out to get her
  • Grell x reader – reader is a wallflower who hates big gatherings and social interaction
  • Alois, Ciel, Claude, Sebastian, and Undertaker’s favorite lingerie on their S/O
  • Agni w/ a badass S/O (and bonus tender moments)
  • headcanons – Sebastian discovers his S/O is an angel sent to protect Ciel’s soul
  • Grell x fem!Reaper!reader – reader hasn’t gotten sleep in ages b/c of overtime and paperwork
  • William and S/O having their first child
  • Sebastian having a love-hate relationship with his S/O
  • AU – Agni is selectively mute after a trauma and communicates w/ assisting devices and sign language; Soma drags him to a party where a famous singer falls for him, then helps him get access to better therapy so he can talk again; the singer is known to be cold and badass and them doing that is completely out of character
  • scenario – Soma’s S/O seeing him in his Funtom Five outfit for the first time
  • AU – Agni survives but the blood loss caused severe brain damage, leaving him aphasic and unable to perform a lot of basic daily functions, he has to be cared for by his S/O and needs assistance w/ simple things; one day has a frustrated breakdown after realizing he can’t hold a spoon steady and is comforted by S/O and Soma
  • modern AU – Agni is kidnapped and finds out that his lazy S/O is a feared ex Special Forces agent; they’re shorter than he is but can literally lift a car
  • AU with Agni being sensitive to spicy food while his S/O can eat it without a sweat; they try to convince him to do a spice challenge with them b/c they think his reactions are cute
  • Agni’s S/O recently passed away and he discovers she was a powerful sorceress b/c their daughter shows magical powers and the magical council comes to take her away to their world
  • scenario – Vincent and Diedrich encounter a sassy servant during a party and mistake her for a boy
  • Agni’s S/O became depressed after his death and saw his spirit who talked to her about missing her and Soma but promised to always protect them
  • Agni dealing w/ his one-year-old daughter who woke up her (tired, sleep-deprived, grumpy) mother – Agni has to keep both sides calm
  • vegetarian/vegan Agni trying to fool his hunter and carnivore S/O into eating fake meat and fails despite his cooking skill
  • Agni on a date w/ a S/O who’s the epitome of cold and calculating – at the end of the date, they sing to him in their beautiful voice a song about how he is like the sun
  • Agni has a kindergarten teacher
  • Agni being taken out by a S/O who’s wealthy and doesn’t know he grew up poor; he gets flustered and almost panics at being in such a high-end place, S/O eventually realizes, then apologizes and takes him to a more humble place
  • headcanons – poly ship w/ Beast and Joker
  • Agni w/ badass S/O
  • headcanons – relationship w/ Doll
  • Grell x Irene Diaz
  • Soma w/ badass S/O
  • Doll x reader – dancing
  • reader saves the circus members and nurses them back to health
  • Harathi and younger Agni
  • headcanons – Alois and Soma w/ their S/O who turns out to actually be an alien
  • modern AU – Harathi is alive and is one day visited by Agni’s S/O to ask for permission to marry Agni, bringing w/ them a sizable dowry; Agni is later proposed to w/ Harathi and Soma dancing happily in the background
  • Agni meets his betrothed, who he’s had a crush on since he saw her being badass and backflipping from a mango tree – he’s tall, awkward, flustered, while she’s small and chill

This is my first show, my first fashion event. The athletic styles were great. This gear that they put me in was great. It was good, it was good to see all the different themes…I like the baggy pants yeah, I like the bomber there was a bomber jacket there ya know, an there was this kind of a school kind of thing as well. It’s not nerve wrecking to be at the show I mean it’s, I’m getting to see all the people that I watch on the movies as well and to hang out with them so, it’s cool.

Yeah I like Dior. Dior makes me look good I make Dior look good as well innit.

anonymous asked:

If the headcanons thing is still open, can I request Jason with a s/o that has a wolverine healing factor, but didn't realize it until they are badly hurt?

Sure! I hope I do this justice…

–Well firstly he’d probably be mad at himself for letting you get hurt
–he’d most likely start asking you 80 questions about whether or not you’re okay
–“yes Jason I’m okay. I’m healing.”
–“Well yes you’re emotionally healing but we need to patch you up.”
–he’s oblivious for like 5 minutes
–“Lemme see–wait where did it go? Where’s the stab wound?!”
–“there was more than one.”
–“yeah. They’re gone. I healed.”
–“WHAT?!” *with like 3 voice cracks*
–you explain your ability
–he makes you repeat yourself 5 times.
–you slap him for making you repeat yourself because the concept isn’t that hard to grasp
–he gives you a hug and is just super relieved you’re okay.
–“Can I test it?”

I hope you liked it anon! Headcanons will be open ALL DAY!

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summerfred1516  asked:

UT/US/UF!Bros react to finding out that their S/O has huge bird-like wings (a bit like an angel). The skellies didn't know that because S/O was always wearing something to hide them, but then they walked on their S/O not wearing the thing so their wings were in plain view. (Does that make sense? I dunno I'm tired anyway bye. <3)

now this is a very interesting ask. i like it! it makes sense to me so yeah. enjoy the read!))

he most likely walks in early from work, and sees you without the usual thing. uh, babe? what the heck? he is very confused. why did you hide this from him? its not bad but still. he would have liked to know. he is also really curious to know if you can fly. and if you can, he may work up the nerve to ask if you can help with a prank or two~

he decides to surprise you with a day off from work. and he walks up to you to see wings? what? he asks how long you’ve had them and how you fly, hes not all that mad, just a bit dissapointed that you didnt trust him enough to share. He strokes yhem lightly from time to time, marveling at them.

WOWIE YOU HAVE WINGS?! the volume and surprise of the question makes you jump. he also took a day off without telling you, saw you relaxing in the living room with your wings out. he asks a hundred questions, trying to imagine what it would be like to fly. Hes so caught up in your wings, he forgets to be upset.

he walks in on you changing your shirt probably. woah what? wings? cool. cue a pun on the fly (ba dum tss) as he walks out and begins to scream internaly at himself for not noticing earlier. he asks to touch them now and then, and you will never hear the end of the bird and wing puns.

like Carrot, he walks in on you changing, and sees the wings. he may yell at you a bit, but after a minute hes just impressed you managed to hide it for so long. he asks a few questions, and then leaves it alone, making a pun in your direction every now and then.

hes speechless. he doesn’t even know how he came across it but wow. he marvels at your wings, petting them and asking questions softly. hes pissed on the inside, sure, but holy crap they’re soft and so cool.

AAHHH I DID THIS IN LIKE 15 MINS OMG. but enjoy anyway hun!~))


It’s been a while but i’m taking my day off in tumblr for some time now

why you ask ?

i have some problems with my parents

and my parents actually didn’t like when i draw some characters etc.

my dad destroy my wacom so that i stop drawing digi art

yeah … lots of stuff happening

good news is i’m going to start college soon and i’ll be living far away from my parents in a few more weeks !

that’s when i actually draw something

sorry for making you all disappointed for following this acc

when i live alone i’ll draw some tradi art or using mouse to draw digi art

honestly thank you so much for following this acc

i was hoping i could do more for you guys that followed me hhh

once again

and we will meet soon again

title: it’s a beautiful day
summary: piper and annabeth spend the day in new york city together. though they see each other often, annabeth loves the way the day reminds her of hanging out with piper back in high school. (title from “it’s a beautiful day” by u2, for @feastoffortuna2017)
a/n: @mystified30 i’m your feast of fortuna gifter! i really hope you enjoy this oneshot. it’s been a while since I’ve written something for pjo…

Annabeth sipped her coffee as her gaze lingered across the café table.

When she looked up out the window, she could see people walking down the sidewalk, phones or bags in hand. Some grasped the leashes of excited dogs, tails wagging and tongues out.

New York City bustled, the sounds of cars drifting through the door, while the slight chatter of people and thoughts made the streets feel alive themselves. Annabeth appreciated the city in the spring even more once the semester was over, actually being able to enjoy the movement and noise.

She checked her watch. Typical, she smirked. 

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During my R3 readthrough I kinda didn’t pay much attention to Cecily Neville but MY GOSH is she important actually. 

Because the way she’s portrayed directly influences the way the audience sees Richard and I don’t think that’s true of any other character in the play. 

I seriously can’t think of one whose existence is such that they directly affect Richard. He’s the puppetmaster, the one screwing with everyone behind the scenes, and his actions bring about the fall and destruction of everyone, in some way. Even if they survive (and that’s rare) they’re affected. No one in the play is untouched by him.

Except Cecily. 

(Okay yeah she loses her sons and grandchildren but her position as Duchess and her claim to her title? Her life as it stands? Not really affected.)

But she influences Richard. Maybe not much, maybe not enough to hinder him, but he actually tells Buckingham when he’s trying to slander Edward in his quest for the throne not to imply too hard that he’s a bastard, not out of respect for his dead brother but because his mom is still alive. 

So this is a guy who’s perfectly okay with killing children to get what he wants but pissing off his mom? Horrors.

But Cecily shouldn’t be frightening. The thing most easily gleaned from the text is that she’s a pious and noble woman who regrets bringing such a monster as Richard into the world and blames herself, in part, for causing him. 

But the really weird thing is that she’s Richard’s only weakness throughout the play… and possibly his catalyst. Regardless of whether she’s a good woman who had to bear the shame of having a monstrous son or whether she affected his monstrosity by rejecting and berating him from birth (which is hinted at as well, depending on how you read her) 

But what it comes down to is that he fears her. He’s a monstrous man who evokes terror in people just by existing and he fears her. And that’s imperative.