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a conga line of goobers

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“As long as there’s a path… nah, even if there is no path… we’ll keep moving onward in order to destroy Naraku! We’ll put on new shoes and keep going, ‘cause this adventure isn’t over yet!”

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TV wlw appreciation week ‘17

Day 4- Favorite coming out scene- Shaw kissing Root before risking her life for the team         “You’re saying maybe someday? Yeah, sure, Root. Maybe someday. Is that good enough for you? Yes, Sameen. That’s good enough for me.”


Karlie Kloss being sunshiney in the kitchen. (X)

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Person Of Interest - 5 Episodes per Season
The ultimate episode - “If-Then-Else”


Someone had a problem drawing Oikawa’s hair, so I decided to make a cheat sheet for them without asking him first hahaaha.  This is just how I draw his hair basically.

Sorry I’m not really good at explaining or if this thing is messy.  Not really voila, because Oikawa’s hair is the devil and I’m too lazy to fix anything.  Oh well, I did my best :P

Good luck!~

*Note: That marking the parting thing I learned from here, they have more detailed explanation on drawing hair.

But she was real good about taking care of people. Whenever I got beat up and started cryin’ my eyes out, Leila would go up and slap the bastard who did it. When the guy got angry, that’s when Ladd stepped in with a brick. He’d always try to beat the bastard until he couldn’t move, but Leila’d kick Ladd and say, “We’re done here!”. Guess she had to do that, or the poor bastard would die.
I always watched ‘em from the back, admiring how strong they were.
That’s the way things usually went.

Baccano! - 1931 - Another Junk Railroad


Smiling while kissing… ughh, RUDE.