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Firstly... wow you are so back. <3 <3 My dash was filled with your posts this morning and I am super happy. & I loved all those reactions,especially the one with the creepy guy. Can I request the same scenario? Except that 2PM is dating the girl & that loser doesn't know yet & since its only the early days of dating, the girl hadn't mentioned him cuz she kinda forgot since he didn't approach her recently until now. (I am slowly getting angry at the creepy guy oh my feels). "Admin" FIGHTING!!! ^^

😁 yes! It feels good to be back and writing reactions again ~ I hope you like this :)

Jun. K - once he had you he would not allow anyone to steal you away from him so he wouldn’t hesitate to let this guy know that you’re his especially when he can see that the dude is making you uncomfortable. If he spotted him harassing you from a distance he’d go up to you in a very casual but sweet manner and place a kiss on your temple and say “Hey, babe” then turn to the guy and say “Hi, I’m (Y/N)’s boyfriend, and you are?” and the guy would definitely get the intended hint

JunHo - really loves simple pda like holding hands and embracing you so if anyone still tried to bother you even though it was clear you two were together he’d probably be blunt with the way he confronts the guy while still maintaining his composure, saying “Is this guy bothering you, sweetie?” or something along those lines

Nichkhun - would handle the situation very similar to Jun. K but with a twist. Instead of introducing himself as your boyfriend to make the creep go away he’d hold you by his side and ask “Who’s your friend?” which would give you the chance to defend yourself with him being there to back you up while you said something like “just some guy that doesn’t know how to take no for an answer”

WooYoung - is such a jealous goofball but he’d turn into a suave guy and come to your rescue in a classic movie style. He’d come up to you and kiss you on the check while he takes your hand in his and says “Ugh, I’m so sorry I’m late babe.” Then look at the guy and say “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” and lead you away before the guy could reply. I wouldn’t doubt it if once you two were at a far enough distance he’d say “I was pretty cool back there huh?” and give you a cheeky little smile

Taecyeon - would go with making the guy feel just as uncomfortable and awkward as he made you feel by taking a seat beside you and wrapping his arm around your waist lightly before saying “Oh, no, don’t mind me. Keep talking.” And of course the guy would become flustered and just leave once he realized Taec wasn’t going anywhere

Chansung - would be highly annoyed that anyone would dare to bother you and simply step in between you and the guy and face you to say “Is this guy bothering you, babe?” And if you said yes he’d turn to the guy and say “Well you heard her, I don’t know why you’re still here.” But if you said something like “Yes but I’m sure he’ll be leaving now.” He’d smile at you and sit beside you, giving the guy a pointed look until he left

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: okay but chidori and tenga have the most amount of chemistry out of all the kiznaivers and yet they didn't get paired up together like did anyone even see nico and tenga getting paired up together ?? because i didn't ?? i couldn't even tell that nico liked him to begin with so that was stupid and like why would they even bother pairing up chidori and katsuhira if they were just going to have sonozaki go in anyway because now chidori is alone like who are they going to have come to her ?? hisomu ?? because that doesn't make any sense either ?? are they doing this on purpose ?? is this just for tension purposes ?? because i rly don't want to wait another week to find out and just have it be bullshit again like what are they even doing anymore i honestly don't know anyway i'm rly pissed off i hate this show

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I'm a Bellarke shipper and have been since S1. I didn't mind CL and feel for the shippers that are heartbroken right now, yet I keep seeing posts telling me that I'm not a 'true Bellarke fan' if I reblog Bellarke stuff at the moment or if I'm excited for what might come for them this season. This is making me feel guilty and I'm not really sure that I should be. I'm not tagging my posts incorrectly or hating on anyone. I'm just enjoying what I enjoy. What are your thoughts on that?

Well, hi there anon! I am so glad you brought this up because I have been seeing this too and I have Thoughts.

(I am also pulling in all of this ‘we must get the show cancelled/you are a bad person if you still support it’ nonsense because I have had enough)

To everyone saying it is disrespectful to support The 100/bellarke after 3x07:


There is a massive difference between celebrating something you love and being an asshole and as far as I’m concerned, if you’re tagging your shit appropriately, you do you. Put your shipper love in the ship tag, put your hate in the anti tags. It’s fucking simple.

Personally? I still love The 100. I still love Bellarke. I am actively rooting for them to get together. I want them to make out so bad it burns. No one is going to shame me for that. While I haven’t been here since the beginning, I have been here since season 2 shipping the shit out of them long before CL appeared on the horizon and that hasn’t changed and I’m not going to pretend it did.

I feel for the CL/L fandom, I really do. But at the same time, people knew this was going to happen. I’m sorry if it was a shock to you but there is such a thing as denial (which I totally understand, do not talk to me about Lincoln I will scream HE’S GOING TO BE FINE HE’S JUST GOING TO TAKE A NAP at you until you go away, but I also will not cry MY GOD WE WERE TOTALLY MISLEAD after whatever happens happens because hello, the signs are all there).

I’m sorry if you had a harsh awakening to the fact that JR is, in all likelihood, a massive asshole. I’d like to direct you to the people who have been in this fandom since season one, they have bullet lists of reasons and supporting evidence and would love to rage with you about it. This is not news. You can love a thing without supporting everything about it including the showrunner. You can love a thing in spite of its showrunner and want to support ALL OF THE HUNDREDS OF OTHER PEOPLE INVOLVED IN MAKING A SHOW. JR is not The 100 and by demanding it get cancelled solely because of him you’re in effect demanding to take work away from other people because he is not the entire fucking show.

I’m sorry if you feel like the show has taken away your representation and you can no longer support it. I’m not going to say I don’t think JR did L fans incredibly dirty bc that would be a lie. But I am floored by all of this ‘The 100 killed off it’s LGBTIA+ rep’ bullshit. Let me please direct your attention to Clarke Griffin, the BISEXUAL main character (among others and not to mention all of the other communities who find representation on this show). I’m sorry if L was your representation but she wasn’t mine and she wasn’t many others’ and please please please stop perpetuating the idea that she was the be all end all for all the letters in the queer spectrum and representation in general (looking at you ‘Bellamy is no one’s representation’ anon you asshole) because that’s incredibly fucking shitty and not true.

I don’t want the show to end. It has so much going for it that I love and I want it to stick around. And finally, this is personal and selfish but I want the fucking bellarke tag back. It used to be my happy place and I haven’t gone in it for months.

So, basically, do not be ashamed to love and support Bellarke. Reblog to your heart’s content, post spec, post meta, post fic, celebrate the fuck out of your ship. Idk about you but my love for bellarke had nothing to do with my feelings for CL and that hasn’t changed. Let’s make the bellarke tag the wonderful place it was back in the beginning.

tl;dr: don’t be a fucking asshole, don’t shame people for liking things, don’t demand that every person share your views and act accordingly. If you want to hate, go ahead and hate but don’t expect everyone else to. Now excuse me, I’m going to go back to reblogging the fuck out of every bellarke gifset that gives me feelings and taking that tag back because I love what I love. You do you.

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  • Him: You are just like other girls who think that all men are the same. That we are jerks. That we are all are going to hurt you sometime during the course of your relationship. That we are liars. That we always cheat. That we never get contented with our present girlfriend. Just like those other girls, you believe that no man would treat you the way you deserve because he is bound to screw you and mess you up and leave you in the air hanging without the slightest hint of remorse or regret. I've always thought you are different. But now I know you're not.
  • Her: And you are like most guys. You tend to make promises you cannot keep. You tend to let your pride and your ego rule. You tend to blame anyone, including me, but never yourself. You exert lesser effort just because you know I'm yours. You never bother to make amends or do something out of your way just to cheer me up when I'm down. You have always been so near, yet so far. Like you are really not into me now that you got me. You stopped trying to make things better for us the moment I agreed to be your girlfriend. Yes, you didn't cheat on me or abandoned me without a valid reason. But you failed to see my emotional needs. You think all those physical things you gave me would suffice. But I am telling you now. They can never compensate for all the times that you weren't there to support me. They can never fill in the emptiness inside me when you cancel a date because you have to play basketball with your friends. See, you still managed to screw me up. I've never felt so alone until I agreed to commit to you. And that my dear, is equivalent to having an arse for a boyfriend. I thought you were different too. And I was so wrong.