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hey buddy. since you're takin requests, how about a little kustard ship fluff? something cute with classic sans and fell sans bein' all lovey. love the art, btw.

Sorry, this isn’t very lovey, is it?

I hope it’s still sorta close to what you were expecting


captain america is not here to lead the country. i’m here to serve it. if i’m a captain, then i’m a soldier. not of any military branch, but of the people. years ago, in simpler times, this suit and shield were created as a symbol to help make america the land it’s supposed to be. | insp.


We [Twi’lek] females are virtually bred to be frivolous – good only as slaves, playthings, or pampered princesses!

Twi’lek females aren’t treat well in [star wars] universe - since birth they are   emotionally, physically and socially oppressed.


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

Free to use!

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

Art Source

oh something from tale of tiger claw: i’m actually?? really glad karai and shini didn’t end up living with the turtles like… karai has some major stuff to work out before she can really… accept them into her life?? and im glad that splinter never pushed her, even though he wanted his daughter with him obvi, and im glad mikey and leo didn’t take it personally? and treated her like an independent person with her own stuff???

tho i wonder now if karai will feel guilty…  

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i'm gonna join you on the kaidan defence squad tbh. people that still don't get why he's angry and hurt make me want to screeeeam

the kaidan defence squad sure af is lacking people

but honestly tho like kaidan would NEVER EVER think ‘shep is my best pal in the whole galaxy, i’ll drop everything for them at any time, consequences be damned’ and that’s something i deeply admire about him, that as much as he loves shepard, he knows dumb shit when he sees it and obviously won’t hesitate to confront you about it. and being able to communicate shit like that is key in a well-functioning relationship u guys. 

kaidan’s writers could very easily have made it so that a romanced kaidan’s life basically revolves around shepard and is always at their disposal no matter what, but they didn’t and for that, i am so grateful. he’s not some lovesick puppy who’d jump off a cliff if shepard asked him to.

kaidan alenko is a wonderful and complex character who deserves so much love and i’ll never not defend his honour. 

kaidan defence squad 4 lyfe.

conversation I heard between two guys at target
  • *holding hands*
  • guy 1: people are gonna think we're gay
  • guy 2: I don't think so
  • guy 1: Yeah dude if people see two guys holding hands they're gonna think they're boyfriends
  • guy 2: well so what then? if I wanna hold hands with my bro then I'm gonna hold hands with him
  • guy 1: yeah
  • guy 2: it's nobody else's business
  • guy 1: yeah true
  • guy 2: even if we were gay what the fuck is wrong with that dude? nothing!
  • guy 1: true
  • guy 2: fuck homophobic people man. i just wanna be able to hold my bro's hand in target without being judged
  • guy 1:
  • guy 2:
  • guy 1:
  • guy 2:
  • guy 1: can we go get the candy corn now?

Ever After High 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Favorite Relationship
Faybelle Thorn and Briar Beauty

You know what?

I keep forgetting that the people I watch on YouTube don’t even know I exist… I mean sure I’ll interact with them occasionally and they may see me scrolling by but they don’t really know that it’s me behind my name or behind my screen or really anything about me.
I know so much about them and I respect almost every quality about them and who they are as people and they make me laugh so hard I cry or take me on this emotional journey with them that brings me to tears.
But they don’t know that.
They don’t know me.
I can’t just text them and ask them how they’re doing or if they’re okay or anything. All these people are so far away from me and I’ve never felt such a platonic connection to people who don’t even know my name.. Who wouldn’t be able to recognize me in a crowd.

And I think that’s what it feels like to be lost in a sea of numbers, because even though they try to reach out to everyone they can’t and sometimes they meet people who aren’t even respectful towards them.
People who pervert who they are and make them something they’re not - despite these large numbers they’re still so down to earth and people try to twist that to make it seem like they’re not.

I don’t know how to feel about this because sometimes you’re having a really bad day and you just turn on one of their videos and start laughing until you feel better, but they don’t know that they helped you. They know they helped some people but they don’t know me on a personal level to know how much they’ve helped me. And it breaks my heart.

But I just wanted to tell all of you guys and the YouTubers I admire that you can’t save everyone and you shouldn’t feel down if you don’t. It’ll suck yeah but if you have these huge numbers you’re dealing with you can’t possibly save everyone. But in our communities we can save each other and we can reach out to the ones we admire together, and try our best to give back. They’re there for us so we should be there for them equally.
Which is kinda scary but

Everyone in the communities and everyone the communities were made for deserves to have respect and love.

“Aro-ace people are straight people”

  • Yeah, because straight people feel they’re broken or there’s something wrong with them because they don’t feel the same as other people
  • Because straight people don’t know about their sexuality until they’re old (unless they are lucky) because straightness* is barely visible
  • Because straightness* is seen as symptom of a mentally illness and/or as the result of a mentally illness
  • [tw sexual abuse] Because straight people are told they’re that way because of (usually sexual) trauma
  • [tw sexual abuse] Because sexually abused straight people have their straightness* invalidated because of the trauma-> “you have been sexually abused? Oh that explains why you say/think you are straight”
  • Because straight people lose friendships because friends can’t accept their straightness*
  • Because straight people only know one or two straight people irl, if they know any
  • [tw sexual abuse] Because straight people are afraid of coming out, not only due to fear of rejection but also of being sexually abused because of people who think their straightness* can be fixed with sex
  • Because straight people are told that “straightness*” isn’t a thing"
  • Because straight people are told ^^^ and mocked even in supposed safe-spaces for them (ltgb+ community)
  • Because being straight makes you unhappy because of all the romantic and sexual ideals society tells you you must pursue
  • Because straight people are invisible
  • Because straight people are told they haven’t found the right person

Yeah, you have convinced me, aro-ace and straight people are obviously the same

tl;dr: saying that aro-ace people are straight people is bs since the experiences of aro-ace people and straight people are vastly different.

Post data: most of the examples have been experienced by me, an ace gray-aro person, but ace-spec or aro-spec people can also experience these things, regardless of their other orientation, so hetero-romantic aces and hetero-sexual aros are also affected by these things.

straightness*: word used to meant heterosexuality+heteroromanticity, since I also use straight only to refer to heterosexual+heteroromantic people. 


Neither of them had meant to make their feelings so transparent, but somehow these Amestrians knew (Edward, Greed, Mr. Hohenheim, Alphonse, Dr. Knox… they all had a way of seeing straight through them)

maybe it was something in the way they spoke of each other, or perhaps in the way they protected each other, or in the way they each admired and valued the other

Perhaps the people of this country just have a way of recognizing l o v e when they see it.

Lingfan Week - Making it Public

(repost, because for some reason this never posted in any of the tags, and done a month later because i did not notice at first)

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All of them. And for the 60th one: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why ?

d1.) Selfie

2.) What would you name your future kids?

Female: Lucianna or Cianna for short

Male: Damien (probably)

3.) Do you miss anyone?

Yes, I miss my late best friend.

4.) What are you looking forward to?

Having enough money to do what I wish to do.  Also being married and having a family of my own.

5.) Is there anyone who can always make you smile?

The HBS squad!

6.) Is it hard for you to get over someone?

Yes, it usually is.  Especially if I was really close to them.

7.) What was your life like last year?

Uh… stressful lol.  I was in a lot of hard science classes (not that I’m not currently).

8.) Have you ever cried because you were so annoyed?

Yes, I cry very easily.

9.) Who did you last see in person?

My best friend up here! )

10.) Are you good at hiding your feelings?

I’d like to think so, but it also depends on the person.

11.) Are you listening to music right now?

No, but I probably will soon.

12.) What is something you want right now?

Money so I can do the cosplays I want to do.

13.) How do you feel right now?

Uhh…. content?  I dunno, I don’t really feel anything right now.

14.) When was the last time someone of the opposite sex hugged you?


15.) Personality description?

Uhh….playful/teasing? I dunno.  You tell me lol

Edit: I’ve been told that I am motherly, sassy, stubborn (but the good kind) very nice, but takes zero shits.  Caring and cute (although I object to being cute)

16.) Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but you didn’t?


17.) Opinion on insecurities.

There are things I wish to change and I am currently trying to do so.  Nothing major/ costly.  I just wanna trim down my body fat and tone my muscles.

18.) Do you miss how things were a year ago?

There are some things I miss from last year.  But there are things I wouldn’t want now.

19.) Have you ever been to New York? 

City?  Yeah, my great aunt lives up there so we visit every so often.

20.) What is your favorite song at the moment?

How Far I’ll Go from the Moana soundtrack

21.) Age and birthday?

20 and May 20th

22.) Description of crush?

I wouldn’t really say it’s a crush? So Idk what to put here.

23.) Fear(s)

Change, people leaving/ not wanting me, death, sharks, being happy for a long period of time

24.) Height

5′2″ of pure half Asian lol

25.) Role Model

I don’t really have one?

26.) Idol(s)


27.) Things I hate

Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, Islamophobic/Xenophobic people

Uhh… when people lie to me about want to be my friend/ leaving me when the going gets rough

When people don’t go the speed limit

and I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of them right now

28.) I’ll love you if…

You are a kind human being :D  I love everyone.  I believe everyone deserves unconditional love unless proven otherwise.

29.) Favorite films?

Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Moana, Big Hero 6, just to name a few

30.) Favorite TV Shows?

Miraculous Ladybug, Akagami no Shirayukihime, Sailor Moon (and crystal), Noragami, Akatsuki no Yona, and there are more but I don’t feel like listing them out

31.) 3 random facts

I bought illegal turtles once, I am a first generation Asian American, and I used to be a model

32.) Are your friends mainly girls or guys?

Girls with a sprinkle of guys

33.) Something you want to learn

The cure for Cystic Fibrosis, or every language ever (like speak them fluently)

34.) Most embarrassing moment

My duck mating story… -_-

35.) Favorite Subject

Genetics/ biotechnology

36.) 3 Dreams you want to fulfill?

Finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis

Traveling the world

Going to all the conventions in bombass cosplays

37.) Favorite actor/ actress?

I don’t really have one?

38.) Favorite comedian(s)

Bo Burnham

39.) Favorite sports?

Ultimate Frisbee, Track and Field

40.) Favorite Memory

DnD where one of our players fucked a chair

41.) Relationship status

Sexy, free and single and ready to mingle

42.) Favorite books?

A Court of Mist and Fury, A Throne of Glass, The Young Elites, Graceling, Cinder.  Basically, you give me a bad ass female protagonist and I will love the book.  

43.) Favorite song ever?

The Ballad of Mona Lisa (cover) by NateWantstoBattle

44.) Age you get mistaken for?

17-18, I look younger than what I am

45.) How you found out about your idol?

Meg’s Movie streams

46.) What my last text message says

I doubt that lol.

47.) Turn ons

uhhh…..I don’t know?

48.) Turn offs

People being a dick

49.) Where I want to be right now

in my bed, asleep

50.) Favorite picture of your idol

51.) Starsign


52.) Something I’m talented at

I dabble in drawing and writing?

53.) 5 things that make me happy

My friends, Miraculous Ladybug, Music, Turtles, Drawing

54.) Something that’s worrying me at the moment

I have a biochem test tomorrow that I am procrastinating studying for to do this.

55.) Tumblr Friends

@@luciferhimshelf, @foolish-idiot, @theyrejustbehindtheveil, @tialanderrol, @yiirru, @depthinfinite, @baedrien-agreste, @megatraven, @kittytish101, @pseudonymouslps, @celestialbomber, @laughingwitchsquirrel

56.) Favorite foods

I love Pho soup, Pad Thai, BBQ pork vermicelli, basically all Asian Food

57.) Favorite animals

Pandas, red pandas, foxes, wolves, uhh…. I can’t think of anything else

58.) Description of my best friend

An absolute dork who is always able to make me smile and laugh

59.) Why I joined Tumblr

My friend actually made me get a tumblr, but I didn’t start using it until I started college so like 3 years ago.

60.) If I could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Shapeshifting/ transformation.  Think about it! I could cosplay anything!

Thanks for asking! :) I hope you have a lovely day!


Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.(x)

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hi! i've sent you a lot of compliments and positive asks on anon (im really shy and the only reason this ask is off anon is because i hope it will increase the chance of you seeing it), but you have never answered a single one. i just wanna make sure you got them, so do you have any unanswered positive anons right now?

hi!!! i’m really sorry about that, I do have a bunch of super nice anons I never answered and i feel really bad about it, I read them all and I’m really happy and excited whenever I get them and super thankful bc they’re always so sweet!!! i kind of ended up stacking them at the beginning because i just wasn’t used to getting so much positive attention on here and I always thought “I’ll answer them eventually” but I never got to because I was afraid of spamming my followers… I’ve kind of gotten out of the mindset that people will hate me if I make personal post recently (you’ve probably noticed) but I’m not sure if I’ll get to answer a bunch of the older ones since there is a lot of them and lumping them all together doesn’t feel really right to me idk,, again I’m super sorry that your asks seem to have gotten stuck in the ones I ended up not getting to, I saw them (if they got through but I’m sure they have) and they totally made my day!! thank you so much!!! i’ve decided to try and answer nice asks right away when I get them from now on because I feel a lot better doing that and I won’t end up collecting a bunch and feeling guilty because i didn’t answer them. I was still getting used to getting nice asks for a pretty long time so i didn’t quite know how to best handle it yet, but from now on I’ll be better!! i hope you don’t think this means i don’t care about your ask, I do and i feel super guilty and bad for not answering bc they make me really happy. thank you sososo much to everyone who sent nice supportive things, it really does make my day and motivate me to keep going, I’m just stupid about answering stuff

Study Tips

A lot of the study tips I see aren’t always that great for how I work. So I guess these are tips that help for me. To help get around mental health issues (like having no energy from depression or getting overwhelmed from anxiety). They don’t always work me because I do still need to put effort in to actually do these things and I don’t always do that, but when you do them, they help.

1. Start assignments early. I know every study guide says this but it’s usually in a get as much done as early as you can which isn’t always great, it seems way too early, too much to do when your deadline is so far away so you never get around to it. Plus starting is the hardest thing to do, so if you can get it going before you get too stressed that’s great. But do it in little steps. Which feeds into:

2. Break it all down into little tasks. Like really little tasks. It depends on what kind of assignment you have with how you go about it. I have a lot of essays that require research. So it’ll be broken down into pick a topic, figure out the broader themes of what I want to talk about (you might need to do research before this first and will probably be revised after you’ve done more), find some resources, read and summarise those resources one at a time, plan what each paragraph needs to say, figure out what resources support those, write a paragraph at a time, intros and conclusions, editing. Etc. If you start early, these things don’t get overwhelming. I’ll get one tiny step done between episodes of a tv show, so it doesn’t feel like a massive ton of work at once but it still gets done. Sometimes I just write a sentence or two at a time. Not so great close to deadlines, but early on, not a problem. I got my first assignment in this semester that wasn’t a rush at the end of the deadline and it was amazing not feeling so incredible stressed the day it was due.

3. Follow essay plans. These things are so useful. They seem really cliche but it’s because there’s a way essays work. Intros: Snazzy intro sentence (you can always work on this), summarise what you’re going to talk about (you can even just say I’m going to show this by talking about this (though be wary of if there are preference for first or third person in your writing), paragraphs (topic sentence to introduce the point, evidence supporting that point from your research, connecting sentence to next point) and conclusion (summing up what you’ve said again, but in a more definite way because you’ve shown it now by what’s come before).

4. Accept that there are going to be days that suck. if you’re ahead, you might be able to accept that, if you’re not, you might have to work anyway to get things done. It depend on deadlines, but sometimes change what you plan to get done that day. Find things you can do with less pressure. On terrible days I just try to revise lectures or do readings, depending on how in depth this stuff is. Basically things that require a bit less effort or thinking. So then they’re out of the way when you can focus again. And you will feel a bit better for having gotten something done.

5. Know what your flaws are. One of mine is that I use sentences that are way too long. I don’t bother with this in first drafts, I just have an editing session that looks only for that. I cover topics too broadly at times, trying to cover all aspects of a question instead of specific points in depth. 

6. Check feedback. I hate doing this because I hate seeing what I’ve done wrong but it really is necessary. It’s how I know what my flaws mentioned above are. I didn’t realise I had problems with that until I saw it written as feedback.

7. First drafts don’t have to be great. I see this said a lot for fiction writing but not so much for schoolwork. But just get the info down. Make it readable later. Use headings and dot points if that helps! (it probably will help you find what you’ve written easier) Remove the headings later and turn those dot points into sentences. If you don’t quite know the right word for something at the time, highlight it so you can come back and fix it later.

8. Don’t take online classes unless you have to. The pressure of going to class can help you to keep up with your work. 

9. Don’t take early morning classes. They seem like a good idea when you sign up because then you can get it out of the way and get on with your day. But when you wake up and you just want more sleep, if that class isn’t necessary, you’re not going to go. 

10. Attend your classes. A lot seem pointless to be there. Lectures get recorded. Your tutor may ramble and take two hours for something you can cover on your own in half an hour, but they might also give tips about assignments, you’ve got a better environment to talk to peers, etc. And it’s easier to approach teaching staff if you’ve shown up enough for them to recognise you (not that I’m ever brave enough to do this, but I know I’d be more likely to approach the people I don’t feel guilty about having missed their classes).

Adrienette Moments Ep: 1-15

Adrienette moments summarized. 

Stormy Weather - Marinette goes to the park to invite Adrien out for smoothies. Not successful. Just a wave from the two of them.

Bubbler - Marinette tries to give a present to Adrien. Fails. We get a nervous/confused hi’s from them. Adrien loves the scarf Marinette made but believes it to be from his father. Marinette chooses not to say anything seeing how happy Adrien is to get a present from his father

Copycat - Marinette calls Adrien but ends up leaving an embrassing voicemail instead (calls him hot). She steals Adrien’s phone to erase the message and replaces it without getting caught. Nino invites Adrien to the Movies. Alya invites herself and Marinette to tag along with them. We get a smile from Adrien and a Marinette jumping for joy.  

Timebreaker - Adrien is impressed with Marinett’s banner that she made. He winks andcompliments her and Marinette giggles in delight. Marinette accidently drops the watch and Adrien catches it. Marinette calls him a cool kid and that he’s good at holding things with his hands. Adrien is shocked/confused. Marienette tries to correct herself but is ultimately embarrassed.

Mr. Pigeon - Marinette designs a hat for a contest and wins. Adrien is impressed with her designs but thought they were Alya’s at first. After finding out they are Marinette’s he tells her she is sure to win. When she wins he tells her great job and touches her hands that are holding the hat. Marinette smiles and blushes.

Lady Wifi - No Adrienette moment. Alya points out to Marinette how Adrien and Chat look similar. Marinette tells her that she can’t compare a nice sane guy like Adrien to someone like Chat.

Pharaoh - No Adrienette moment. Adrien starts to suspect that Ladybug goes to the same school as him though. 

Rogercop - Marinette notices Adrien’s sad when his father doesn’t show up. She also defends him when their classmates start accusing Adrien of stealing the bracelet. 

Evil Illustrator - Adrien talks to Marinette about Chat. Marinette stutters and calls Chat cool but not as cool as him. Adrien takes it as a compliment and pats her shoulder. Marinette says she’s never washing her jacket again.

Dark Cupid - Adrien writes a love letter to Ladybug but throws it away instead deciding to tell her in person. Marinette intercepts the letter and thinks it could be about her. She decides to confess to him and writes a love letter to Adrien but forgets to sign it. Adrien is surprised/excited that someone answered his letter (knowing very well he threw it away) . Hopelessly lovestruck he thinks that the letter could be from Ladybug. 

Horrificator - Marinette admits to Alya that she wants to kiss Adrien. Marinette is nervous that she’s going to kiss Adrien for a scene. Adrien tells her she’ll do great. They go to kiss but Chloe interrupts. Adrien is seems much calmer and more willing to kiss Marinette than Chloe. 

Dark Knight - Adrien says he’ll vote for Marinette if her speech is good. Adrien is seen clapping after she gives her speech

Mime - Adrien sees Marinette and Alya and admits that he didn’t want to see the show by himself and sits next to Marinette. Marinette just smiles and makes strange noises. Marinette says later that she can’t believe she watched a show next to Adrien and asks if it was dream.

Kung Food - Adrien shows up at Marinette’s door to translate Chinese for her. He bows to her at the door in a very Chat like manner. Marinette is surprised to see him and freaks out while stuttering words. Adrien and Marinette have casual conversations thoughout the rest of the episode. Marinette doesn’t stutter and Adrien seems excited to talk about Chinese culture with her. Adrien comforts her when she thinks her uncle doesn’t like her and when he loses the competition (Adrien touches her shoulders and Marinette doesn’t freak out). Adrien smiles at Marinette and her uncle when they are working/talking in the kitchen. Adrien defends them against Chloe. Adrien smiles and touches her back while gesturing her to join her uncle.  At the end they are seen enjoying Cheng shifu’s soup together. 

Gamer - Marinette participates in a school tournament of the video game Mecha Strike in an attempt to be on a team with Adrien for a Region wide tournament. She succeeds coming in 1st place having a much higher score than Adrien who’s in 2nd. Adrien shows up later at Marinette’s house to practice for the tournament. Marinette races around her room to take down posters of him that are plastered all over her walls. Adrien finds out from Marinette’s parents that she talks about him a lot. There’s accidental hand touching x 2 and both are seemingly shy about it. Marinette is shown to be much better at the game than Adrien. Adrien remarks that he’s really not needed and that she would probably do much better on her own. Marinette tries to cheer him up and gives him her lucky bracelet. They end up taking a break at the park where Adrien compliments how good her father’s pies are. The Gamer shows up and attacks the pair. Adrien grabs Marinette and saves her, falling on top of her before grabbing her hand and running away. They get separated and Adrien transforms and saves her again as Chat Noir. Marinette becomes worried for Adrien telling Chat that he’s still in danger at the park and that they have to go back for him. Chat tells her that he’s fine and not to worry. He then asks her to stay on the roof where it’s safe. At the tournament Marinette gives up her place on the team to Max stating she likes video games but doesn’t have a passion for it. Adrien then unselfishly gives up his place to Marinette stating that she’s the better player.