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Crossember Challenge Day 3 - UNDERSWAP

As many of us already know (and it has already been confirmed) the next AU we will see in Underverse is Underswap. What do you expect to happen in 0.3?

I know I’m a few days late, but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and I had to make this. My guess is that Cross’ll use Papyrus against Sans. And since Underswap Paps uses orange magic (I think that’s canon?) and you have to keep moving to avoid damage, I just fell in love with the though of poor Sans having to run for his life…waiting for a chance to attack ;)

Challenge by @byutak, Underverse and Cross by @jakei95, Underswap by @popcornpr1nce

Here’s a still so you can see Cross and Paps in the back:

Instructions: Draw your favorite character in your last outfit and answer questions below.

Draco Malfoy in my Sunday outfit (aka the I need to hibernate look)

Tagged by @upthehillart ! Thanks so much, this was really fun <3

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we’d live the life we choose,
we’d fight and never lose
for we were young and sure to have our way

❄ 2016 is coming to an end (finally) so it’s time for me to join the rest of tumblr and make a list of all the sweet and talented people i enjoy seeing on my dash everyday. i’ve been following some of you for years, others recently and you’re all amazing. happy holidays and thank you all for sticking with me trough all these years, fandoms and new obsessions  ❄

♥ now, here’s the list of my faves & friends (i hope i won’t forget anyone & if i do i am truly sorry) in no particular order:

@newtonscamandered@vivienvalentino@honourinrevenge@liziebennets@queenssaviour@martinlydias@corlgrimes@scorpiusmilfoy@katsuukis@clexasblake@onetrueslayer@mccallsscott@baebastianstan@merlinsprat@snowscharming@adamruzek@blairwaldorfings@walsholiver@iwasalwaysaromantic@coppellayla@sashapieterse@prettymysticfalls@strawberry-split@bekksrich@claryalecs@swanshope@rrahl@buckybarnesx@amorverus@colinodonoghue@phoebe-halliwell@ofkingfrank@hotchocolatewithkillian@apskepner •  @blindwitch@bhatmans@jiynerso@hermionegrangers@reginaslittleprince@swanscaptn@jyncassian@chlucifer@lydiastlinsks@brooke-davis@alectightwood@emmaswaen@rileyblu@davineclaire@tmellis@emmamorrison@barryallhen@peytonsawyers@effiestrinkets@grifinnclarke@dekerstar@haleyquinn@warriorswan

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2016 is almost over, so it’s That time of the year and i’ve decided to make an appreciation post for those of you who constantly brighten my dash and my day! 

this is just a thank you for bringing A+ content to my dash every day, whether it’s original content creators or just blogs with amazing content, thank you for just being here giving me the opportunity to be with people that share my love for bangtan ♡

i’m not following a lot of blogs but i appreciate each and every one of you, thank you so much and happy new year!!

every blog is a fave so i won’t bold or anything


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Sleepy kitten boyfriend tired from fencing practice still spins the couch around so the gf can marathon two seasons of Project Runway on his excessive computer monitor. He falls asleep 12 minutes into the first episode. /// [full res] [bonus]

Secret santa gift for ohdoki!

wip but I wanted to see what this would look like if it was actually nice to look at lol