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oh god i love that first mirror screenshot so much (subtle ym is ❗❗❗) but their faces??? are also??? so fucking funny to me?? yg looks so fucking shifty, like he's trying to convince himself he didn't move across the room just for the sake of getting his arm/hand on jm's lower back/ass, and jm?? is not having it?? his face screams 'goddammit, yoongi, not this shit again' while also, like, enjoying it lmao i just had to share that i was staring at that screenshot for what felt like five minutes

YOONGI REALLY LOOKED ALL SHIFTY TRYING TO MAKE IT LOOK CASUAL sjnsjjfj look at him before and after making his move

warning: opinions not facts everyone buckle up

humor me for a bit

we all know AU’s, right? well, for those who don’t, it stands for Alternate Universe. Basically, they take a certain aspect, and give it to all the characters in a game, or fanfic, or whatever medium. For example, theres underfell, where (almost) every character in undertale is evil. going off this knowledge, I have a bit of a complaint. it deals with the “AU” inktale. I put the quotation marks on au because I feel it isn’t an entire alternate universe. In it, there is a sole character. just one. who knows what happened to the others, but the only character, not only is one of the most popular characters in undertale, but is just a “creative” version of him. this….troubles me to say the least

now don’t get me wrong, I love ink sans style! but to say the entirety of his form is an AU, is a bit of a stretch. I feel like “AU”‘s such as inktale, and underfresh focus on drawing sans in a particular style, then just call it a day

not that theres a problem with that, but

can you really call something an AU if it only features one character? I mean, sure you can, but theres really no depth to the rest. like, “ok so heres ink sans…wheres ink frisk? or ink undyne?? or anyone else for that matter????” it really seems like a large chunk is missing

if you’re going to go so far as create an entirely different universe, I suggest you make *ahem* MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER to fit said universe. like I get it. sans is very popular with the fanbase. but hes not the ONLY character in undertale

To those girls chasing Tae in Jeju to the point that he was running to his car with clear anxiety…

  • Aaron: He shouted at you?
  • Laurel: I can take that. It's not him talking, it's the illness. It's just that before he would maybe say something, or do anything and I would just have to wait and it would get better.
  • Aaron: But not this time?
  • Laurel: Well, I was so sure he was gonna wake up and remember who I was. Listen to me. Oh dear, I sound awful, moaning on. I mean he's the one this is happening to.
  • Aaron: It's not just them it happens to, though, is it? I remember a few times with Jackson I just wanted... I just wanted to lock myself away and...
  • Laurel: Scream?
  • Aaron: Yeah.
  • Laurel: Yeah, I get that. Not that I can do that because people would say 'Oh listen, it's that mad, drunk vicar's wife again, howling at the hills'. Dad had said, erm, before all this, that we should get more care, you know? Look at homes.
  • Aaron: And?
  • Laurel: Well, I thought we had longer. I didn't have to make the decision yet, or that we'd make it together. He'd say something, do something and suddenly he would be back for a while.
  • Aaron: But that doesn't last long?
  • Laurel: Well, you kid yourself that it will. It's just... You think that you're gonna have maybe this perfect family Christmas. But it's selfish I suppose, isn't it?
  • Aaron: Yeah, I'm not sure I did have it tougher you know?
  • Laurel: What, with Jackson? You had no warning. No time to plan. At least I have that.
  • Aaron: Yeah, well he made all the decisions. I hated it, but he decided. When I had to let him go. Look, good luck with it.
  • Laurel: Yeah, I'll work it out. Thanks for, erm... well, for understanding.
  • Aaron: You know that little spot where the river runs down, by Butlers?
  • Laurel: Yeah.
  • Aaron: Well, you can cry, shout and scream at the top of your voice. No-one'll hear you.

“As only I CAN, after all…I am my mother’s son

Quick thoughts on S2 EP 1
  • Um wow...
  • 1) Tobias' performance was so incredible, I felt so bad for frank.
  • 2)I wasn't happy with the choice of Claire attempting to take her ring off
  • 3) also really didn't like frank almost hit her, really didn't like that
  • 4) baby Rodger is too cute
  • 5) Claire broke my heart screaming at the stones and again while talking about Jamie to mrs graham
  • 6) and if that killed me, how will I survive the goodbye at the stones?
  • 7)I won't
  • 8)I whooped when Jamie came into screen and he and Claire had a tender moment at the docks
  • 9)and just give it up for murtagh
  • 10)the way Sam plays Jamie's brokenness and insecurities make me want to cry bc it's so emotional
  • 11)all in all it was fantastic and I'm so exited/terrified for season 2