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“When I say I love you more, I don’t just mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us. I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us. I love you more than any obstacle that could ever try and come between us. I love you the most.” (insp.)   [x]


How could anybody ever see me and Lucas as a couple? 

Everybody does!  they’re like f i r e.

I made a Hamilton collage! :) 

Because if I’m going to be thinking about it anyway I better make something productive, right? Let me know if you put it to good use! I love seeing what yall do with my stuff <3

EVERY ONE LISTEN!!! Kiwi Byrd on youtube is an amazing artist that’s only 17 years old!!! they have tutorials on their channel about skin and hair and stuff like that! i watched them a couple times and came up with this!!! i didn’t even know i could do this >U< they uses Paint Tool Sai and has some unbelievable speed paints for you to watch! trying out a new signature… don’t like it too much.

  • Iron Bull: I'm just saying, Dorian, you carry around this picture of the Qunari in your mind.
  • Iron Bull: Like you see us as this forbidden, terrible thing, and you're inclined to do the forbidden.
  • Dorian: I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Iron Bull: All I'm saying is, you ever want to explore that, my door's always open.
  • Dorian: You are impossible. This is...(growls).
  • Iron Bull: Good. I like that energy. Stoke those fires, big guy.

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For mun: what's the program you use to draw?

//Easy Paint Tool SAI.

GIMP for editing minor things and animating simple gifs.

(I am using Wacom Intuos in case anyone wondering)

And while I am on my phone, Autodesk Sketchbook. (My phone is Samsung Note 2, it’s quite old.)

All of the programs are free and you could look it up online ‘cept for SAI. ^^ GIMP is like a Photoshop 2.0 and it’s really convenient!

I was going to say “remember when I used to make busts” but I only like 100 followers back when I did that somewhat frequently so I guess not? (in case you’re curious) Anyway I’ve always been too afraid to paint them, but today I came across some pictures I made of them “interacting” and figured I could colour the picture digitally. So here ya go, heh.


River Song Appreciation Week

Day 4 - Favourite Relationship: River & the Doctor

↳ sweet·ie: (noun) [Informal] Sweetheart : A person you love very much —used to address someone you love. An adoring pet name to call your lover.

The Doctor could have said anything definitive in order to clear up the confusion between them—but he didn’t. Instead, he watched in horror as she poured her heart out to a robot, and a criminal waiter, claiming that he never loved her. That’s when it came to him. The perfect words to say. Not just to convince her of who he was, but of who she was to him. It was a genuine epiphany. So the Doctor, in the TARDIS, the 2,000+ year-old runaway Timelord, clearly and unabashedly addresses her with the two words that have always been a testament of her love, and now, his.

“Everybody has to make sacrifices Inigo. One day, your father and I will disappear by your side, and you must live on for the both of us.”

“I don’t want you to leave…”

“If I could always stay by your side, you know I would sweetheart… Soon, you’ll grow up, and find someone you’ll want to be with foreve–”

“But I wanna be with you mother! I don’t want anybody else!!”

“….Inigo, trust me. You’ll understand when you’re older. And you’ll never want to let go. Promise me you won’t.”

“Happy birthday, father!”

“I love you, my son.”

Never let go.

Call out to fic writers

Guys! I’m doing a presentation in a couple of weeks about fanfiction (nothing big, really), but I’d like to use OC commisions to illustrate the ppt. Could any of you lend me your wonderful art for this silly thing? It doesn’t matter which fandom they belong to ^^

Thank you so much!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the assumption I've been going on is that Wish!Robin came from David's "what you deserve" wish, working on ths same idea that Regina could use Aladdin

That’s def a possibility. I’d go as far as to say the possibility that makes the most sense. Assuming that the wish treated Mayor!Regina and Queen! Regina as two separate entities, and deemed Mayor!Regina guiltless for stuff done before they were split, it would make sense that it would go, “You get your dead boyfriend back, and you’re a snake now.” 

(Which, side note. Charming, my dude, I love you but that was one of the most poorly worded wishes I’ve ever heard in my whole life. I mean, how do you know what set of morals the wish is going to use to judge what she deserves? Because, if it was using mine, Regina would have poofed into solitary in a triple security prison but, using someone else’s, it would have poofed her back in her Mayoral office with a fresh appletini, ya feel?)

It’s kind of funny though. Because, for that to make sense, the wish would have to treat Regina as both one person (for the wish to work on both parts of her) and as two people (for each side to get something different) at the same time. Genie wishes aren’t usually that nuanced.  

It’s also funny because, I just checked the transcript and this is exactly what he said, “I wish… that the Evil Queen gets exactly… what she deserves. And “Regina” encompasses both sides of her, but “the Evil Queen” has really only used to refer to the “bad” side of Regina since this arc started. I feel like Charming was pretty specifically only targeting that half of Regina, which I feel *should* be possible since he was specific enough and Aladdin wasn’t doing that genie thing where you dick around with the wisher (though, honestly, it didn’t seem like Aladdin was actively granting wishes so much as being a passive conduit for the wish granting) and, as far as I know, that’s not a limitation on wish magic. 

Anyway, we shall see how they choose to explain this, but I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that makes more sense than this.  

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I really really want Nick to get first play/ first interview, but are we sure it's up to Harry? The record company he's signed with is US-based and it was announced by a NYC radio station. I would think if Nick could have announced it he would have, you know?

Unlike most of Tumblr I’m not about to act as if I understand how these decisions are made. I’m not in the industry so your guess is as good as mine! However, I suppose when I say I’m somewhat hopeful he’ll go on nick’s show it is based in large part on the fact that Nick/radio 1 get first plays often and by major artists. Adele came back after 5 years with the most anticipation of any artist in recent memory and debuted her single on Nick’s show (like Harry, she’s a longtime friend of Nick’s. Adele is also on the same US record label as Harry). Just this year Lady Gaga premiered her new single and co-hosted the show with Nick. Many other bands and artists have given the first interview/first play to nick as well.

All this to say it’s not unusual. Radio 1 has an important place in music and is a leading station that gets exclusives. It has some prestige associated with it that a lot of other stations do not. This is why I think it’s possible and not unprecedented. When you add nick and Harry’s personal connection to the mix I think it’s a strong case but of course not certain!

You know what’s great tho? We’ll know for sure in TWO WEEKS ahhhhhhhh


#dgm hallow countdown - One day to ep 1!!

Day 06Tribulation / Sad Moments / Emotions

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Can we also donate? I don't think I could afford a full commission but I'd still like to give you a little something because your blog makes me so happy.

Oh my word, thank you so much! I’m so, so flattered by your kindness! I’m just happy to make people smile, really.

I was going to say I haven’t figured out a way to do this, but I remembered I actually have an old paypal.me link that could be used for this! 


#3 talent through YouNow

You say next to Dan as he was doing his liveshow. You were in shot and people could see you but you were too deep into editing a video for a project you were doing to be talking to the show. “Yes I am very excited to go on tour this week, I am gonna miss y/n a lot. Are you gonna miss me y/n, y/n?” Questioned Dan as he didn’t realise how deep into editing you were.“ Tonight we are victorious, champagne pouring over us, all our friends were glorious, tonight we are victorious” you started quietly singing along to the music playing through your earphones. “Is y/n singing?, yes she is.” Dan answered someone on the live show while looking back to you smirking. After the show ended you and Dan went and cuddled in the lounge while watching a film. Phil suddenly walked through the lounge with a massive grin on his face while show you his laptop screen. You looked close and saw that he had Twitter open and the hashtag #y/nshouldmakecovers
We’re trending in the uk. Your mouth dropped open as you looked back to Dan who was trying his hardest not to laugh.“what can I say you are an amazing singer” he said pulling you back into a hug. You loved this massive dork so much.

“If not TJLC, why?” Scenes

Study in Pink: “Do you have a boyfriend?” “It’s all fine.”

Scandal in Belgravia: Battersea Power Station, “Look at us both.”

Reichenbach Fall: “There’s something you wanted to say. Say it now.” “I can’t.”

Empty Hearse: Sherlock hearing John in his head. (Seriously, I forgot that one until a few days ago and it’s been effing me up since)

Empty Hearse: All the innuendos: “I prefer my doctors clean-shaven.” “Maybe I’ll jump out of a cake.” “I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes.” “Helped him put up some shelves.”

Sign of Three: Sherlock being jealous of Sholto. “Neither of us were the first, you know.”

Sign of Three: Sherlock’s entire speech.

Sign of Three: “So I’m your best–” “Man.” “Friend?”

Sign of Three: Sherlock leaving the wedding early.

His Last Vow: John being jealous of Janine. Puffing his chest and crap. Not being able to focus on the case.

His Last Vow: “John Watson is definitely in danger.”

His Last Vow: The look Sherlock gives John before shooting Magnussen.

His Last Vow: “There’s something I should say, that I meant to say always and then never have.”

Abominable Bride: The sex talk. “Impulses.” 

Abominable Bride: Sherlock reading about the day he and John met in John’s blog.

Abominable Bride: “There’s always two of us.”

Abominable Bride: “Since when do you call me John?” “You’d be surprised.” “No I wouldn’t.”

Tissues of Love

An AU where Ciel is in the movie theater and is watching a heartbreaking movie and Sebastian is the poor stranger that was sitting next to the crying male;

“This is just so sad! How could he leave her like that?! Didn’t he say he loves her?”

“Uh, uhm… Exc-”

“Did you even see how cruel he was?! Kissing her then leaving, what sort of man does that?!”

“Uhm, sir-”

“And then the girl goes in an accident! My heart can’t take this!”

Sebastian stared in disgust as a used tissue was thrown on his lap, “Ugh, this is disgusting!”

“Oh yes, disgustingly dramatic! Yet so tearful!”

“Oh no, not that. But your tissues….”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t notice, you want a tissue?”


“…. Popcorn?”

And until this day Sebastian never watches a heartbreakingly romantic movie next to Ciel unless he wanted to be bathed in used tissues, tears, and popcorn. Though he overlooks all that sometimes just to keep his little boyfriend happy.

you know i’ve been thinking about the “open ending” in the finale and i’m just??? what exactly are they planning?

(basically a novel behind the read more, don’t read if you don’t want to be seeing some discussion regarding lexa) 

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About Suzuki Tatsuhisa in FFXV ATR TGS 2015
  • Oofuji: Suzuki Tatsuhisa-san, who voices Noctis, visited the development team and he tried out the Chocobo gameplay. He said, "I'm pretty good at this, let's use my gameplay for the [TGS] presentation."
  • Tabata: He was awful.
  • Oofuji: Yes--EH!?
  • Tabata: He was awful.
  • Oofuji: Isn't that harsh?
  • Tabata: *laughs*
  • Oofuji: So I thought about it and wondered if we could use Suzuki-san's video, but at that time he was playing an earlier build of the gameplay.
  • Tabata: It was an earlier build but I would've preferred if he was a bit better at it.
  • Oofuji: Aren't you being harsh on him?
  • Tabata: *laughs*
  • Oofuji: You'll make the entire country turn against you.
  • Tabata: It was his first time playing it. He was hitting trees and rocks.
  • Oofuji: Actually, the person himself has come here today.
  • Tabata: EH? SERIOUSLY!? *proceeds to look around nervously for the next 5 seconds*