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i hope you kno that bts has worked hard and suffered something BB who get it on a platter served cannot relate to.

BB getting things on a platter and not working hard????

 Ah yes the group that mopped floors and cleaned toilets at YG, the group that slept with rats, the group that didn’t have anything to eat, the group that made YG Ent. a big 3 company, the group that pulls in $44M a year, the group that YG admitted to wanting to pull the plug out of in 2011 but was saved by the MTV award, the group who put themselves on TV and worked their asses off in 2011 despite their scandals, the group whose leader lived through death threats and the most vile comments yet locked himself in a recording studio to work on a new album, the group with members who have suffered through anxiety and depression, the group who have had to beg YG to do anything for them, the group who go on massive world tours and never complain once, the group who has dealt with the lowest of lows and the darkest times that you can’t ever imagine, the group who were shunned before Lies for being ugly and short, the group who were shunned for doing a new music style, the group who still gets name called and bullied? Ah yes BIGBANG the group that gets all their success handed to them a group that didn’t lift a finger. 

I don’t know what BIGBANG you’re talking about but it isn’t the one I’ve loved for 10 long years, the ones who’ve worked endless days and nights for every fucking penny that they’ve made every fan every award. BIGBANG’s hardwork has made them who they are and don’t you dare take that away from them. YG helping them? BIGBANG fucking made YG it’s the other way around. 

All groups work their asses off. Don’t think that you’re the only one. Success isn’t being sold at Walmart it is earned. 

Karasuno second years!

Kazuma: For today
Kouhei: From the bottom of our hearts
Shouhei: Thank you very much!!!

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“You love me. Admit it.

“You love me. Admit it.” 

“You love me. Admit it.” 

“You love me. Admit it.” 

[*screams at computer*: WE’RE MARRIED!]

  • <p> <b></b> MINGYU'S SCENE<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> Follow me!<p/><b>S.Coups:</b> You better!<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> Let's have faith in him for once<p/><b></b> *a few moments later*<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> *triggers alarm* Oh no<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> Oh this idiot<p/><b>S.Coups:</b> MINGYU YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!<p/><b></b> SEVENTEEN'S RUNNING AWAY SCENE<p/><b>Dokyeom:</b> OKAY, WHO SET OFF THE ALARM?!<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> Oh I'm doomed<p/><b></b> SEVENTEEN'S WALKING AWAY SCENE<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> I'm very very sorry! This will never ha-<p/><b>Dino:</b> You all besides Woozi owe me food now<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> YOU ALL WENT ON A BET ON TH-<p/></p>

[Callender] suggested that the most effective way for Hamilton to prove his case was to have brought forward Maria Reynolds as a witness to the love affair.  That Hamilton did not do so, accused Callender in 1798, even though her whereabouts were known, could only be explained by Hamilton having concocted the letters, purportedly written by her, which he used to prove adultery and blackmail and to deflect accusations of corruption.  The letters Hamilton showed the visiting committee have not been seen since that evening, so that their authenticity cannot be verified.  The questions that Callender raised in 1797 and 1798 continue to hover unanswered, and Callender’s belief “that Mrs. Reynodls was in reality, guiltless” retains plausibility.

-”With the Hammer of Truth,” James Thomson Callender and America’s Early National Heroes by Michael Durey

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gemma working with person who make articlewere they trashing louis and talk how amazing harry is and the most of larries and bloggers don't talk about this but imagine if this would be lottie working with someone who trash harry. people would ruin lottie on social media and my dash is so quietly lol people would destroy lottie and louis

Gemma working with them is yikes tbh bc i think this is the second time it has happened. Ik that she probably doesn’t have a choice in this but the things the debrief write about louis are really nasty. And yeah the double standards this fandom has between louis and harry’s family are pretty obvious. If this would have happened the other way I wouldn’t want to imagine what some larries would say about lottie.

Yesterday this lady about my age was talking about her job (she’s a nurse or caregiver not sure exactly) and how she’s got a depressed client and how she “doesn’t have much patience” with depressed people and how she doesn’t deal with them well because they “just perpetuate negativity” and so she hates dealing with depressed people I was like… You fucking bitch way to out yourself as an unsafe person for me to be around you absolute asshole!! Fuck you!!!

honestly it’s a shame this fandom has such a negative attitude towards ships because something I really like about voltron ships is they all have their own unique dynamic like even if some characters are similar none of the ships really are the same and that is so cool to me

They were sold out on tickets for the screening of Spirited Away today, but I went ahead and bought two for tomorrow’s showing at night :v

i wonder if one day when Jack is just lounging about in the Haus on his Kindle, reading an article on WWI history, and Bitty is in the kitchen heating up leftovers, Holster and Ransom will walk in from class and see this and chirp “Dude, domestic much. Do you guys have your future kids’ names picked out too? lol” 

Bitty’s face will redden and he’ll roll his eyes, ready to retort that he’s barely even being domestic by microwaving last night’s dinner, but Jack won’t even look up as he says absently, still half-focused on his article, “Yeah. Charlotte if it’s a girl and Jaime if it’s a boy. Maybe Richard, too, but I have to ask Bits about that.”

Holster, Ransom, and Bitty will kind of just stand there, slack-jawed, until Jack looks up and he’s like, “Why is everyone looking at me what did I say.”  

Okay. So I’ve seen some people saying that the person who Ezra’s ‘about’ to kill here isn’t Maul and it’s another Vision (And I kind of was on board with that) 

But then my friend and had this conversation…

We looked at the clip s’more and in this part: 

The background still seems awfully familiar to the few shots before; and it’s a lot brighter than the planet they go to later.

So… who knows. It could be another vision; OR it could be Maul turning up to convince Ezra to ‘Trust’ him again (something along the lines of ‘Come with me to stop these creepy ass visions’ and he goes then everything goes to SHIT)