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TQ: "I can't tell which pseudo scientific anon you are, I probably ignored you, because your science was bad [translation for people with a brain:("it said something that i don't like")]" in the same sentence "i didn't have an answer,I am a comic artist not a friggin scientist, maybe I am getting tired of your shit." Me: Woah Hypocrisy! You just destroyed yourself and didn't realise it. I think you're buyest TQ. I think you value feelings over facts. You only want your opinion to be confirmed.

I think you must value feelings over common human decency considering how much effort you’re putting into this. Here’s the thing. I’m okay with admitting my shortcomings in this “debate” because I’m really really not interested in debating you. You’re a rude little anon and I’m hungry. I’m gonna go make some toast or something.

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I just don't understand why Hufflepuff never won the house cup. Sure, they are not those kind of people who love competitions too much, but hard work is really important if you want to achieve something. Maybe they didn't care too much and didn't put enough effort in it? I just find it weird that it's all about Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Hufflepuff is the best house from many aspects (I'm a Gryffindor), they possess all the qualities to won that damn cup. :D

Because at its core Harry Potter is a childrens series, particularly the first few books, and so some things get simplified

I can guarantee that 80% of kids under 12 will say they’d want to be in gryffindor and 15% would say slytherin because they’re #rebels. It makes sense and I was exactly the same! Until Goblet of Fire, we hardly get to see the ravenclaws or hufflepuffs and as a kid you tend to root for the protagonists and want to emulate them. I wanted to be a gryffindor until I was about 12 because that’s where all my favourite characters were and the only house we really got to know 

So imagine you’ve got all these kids rooting for Harry and then at the end, hufflepuff wins the house cup and ravenclaw wins the quidditch cup. To all those children, who the books are aimed at, it would be incredibly anticlimactic and a bit of a let down

JK Rowling is an incredible story teller and knows her audience. Yeah it’s unrealistic that hufflepuff and ravenclaw didn’t win the house cup for at least 14 years, but it’s a story about a wizarding school I don’t think realism is the biggest priority here

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After my close friend went to uni she changed, she doesn't seem to want to hang out with me much unless she's bored and has no one else,she's made new friends and seems to like them more than me..we still do talk and hang but it's different u know? I tried to be extra funny and talk to her more but it didn't help much..I feel like we're slowly fading which makes me abit sad because I don't have much friends and she's really the only best friend I have :/ she even seems annoyed of me now..

a genuinely solid friendship should be a reciprocal relationship. it requires both parties to put in effort, not just one. you deserve so much more than someone who shoves you to the side when she has “better” people to hang out with and leaves you hanging like some last option.

i know how it feels to be pushed aside and overshadowed by other people… never being the first choice but always having to pretend to be ok with it bc you’re scared if you don’t you’ll lose your friends completely. but take it from someone who’s been through it all her life, love yourself enough to realize it is not your fault. it’s not bc you’re not good enough or funny enough or whatever enough. sometimes, friendships simply fall through and as long as you tried your best to save the bridge from crumbling, that’s it. i mean, what else can you do, you know?

so let your friend do her thing and you do your thing. but don’t burn down the bridge completely, just build some new ones for you to cross over on.



OH MAN, I really wanted to draw one of my favorite scenes in the fic ‘Never Looked Better’ by Por_queeee (seriously, if you like rhack, go read it –> http://archiveofourown.org/works/3953485). The effort I put into this thing is insane, alright, that’s how much I love that fic. 


i think that was the first flash you did that made me cry, it was so beautiful

We poured a lot of effort into it! As I was saying over on my personal, I felt it really achieved the mood I’ve been trying to strike with this whole adventure… something along the lines of ‘scream loud enough and make this shithole beautiful’, as I so eloquently put it over there. After the kids endured so much suffering at the hands of the game, I wanted to give them a chance to actively improve the situation the game put them in in a very striking, visually obvious way. I’m glad it resonated with people. 

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I need some advice maybe you can help me... So i saw a video on youtube ( the truth about lana del rey ) about boarding school and living in the trailer park there were some photos of her with drinks in her hand 2008/2009 and with rich men and lots of musicians in interviews she said 'we didn't know anyone who was a real singer...' But her family was really close to the jackson family too... So I don't know of i can trust lizzy anymore

Her family was close to the Jackson family?? Now this rant is not directed at you, it’s just to express how I feel about the video.

1) That video is total shit - and so is the music

2) It’s really pathetic they really put THAT much effort into making an 11 minute video bashing someone

3) WHO THE FUCK CARES IF ANY GOT A NOSE JOB OR THEIR LIPS DONE. If someone has an insecurity or just wants to feel more confident. Of course she denied it, she was literally bashed SO much around that time.. after the SNL performance and blogs ripping her to shreds - which really affected and discouraged her SO much.. who could blame her?

4) I believe she was broke at one point and then she began seeing someone wealthier, she also got $$ for her first album. Her family did not buy her career. She dated a record exec and even that didn’t get her a record deal. She made music for more than 8 years before becoming successful. If they just bought it for her she wouldn’t have been unknown for almost a decade.

5) I’d say at least ¾ of the women I know color their hair.. I love how her being blonde vs. brunette is used as such a huuuge change. Like fuck I’ve been blonde, brunette, black, and red.

6) Just because your parents are rich, does not mean they are paying for you once you are an adult. Lana did work in Europe on music but yet it STILL didn’t make her successful. 

7) She literally played gigs at bars for YEARS, did did an interview, at another time took photos, and has home footage in one of her Gramma music videos of a trailer park.

8) “I have taken taking my music to labels for years, and everyone just thought it was creepy.”

9) She might have had relapses in her sobriety.. Lana is horrible with time frames. Also it’s not confirmed that she is in fact drinking alcohol in the pictures.   

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Please stop apologizing for you English, it makes me sad that you put a disclaimer in your bio. You are speaking English really well and if you didn't say I wouldn't have known you're not a native speaker. I also didn't notice any mistakes. I don't know what your first language is but you've obviously taken the time and effort to learn a difficult language. You should be damn proud of your English and if anyone says anything negative about it then they're the ones that need to apologize. Love.

Thank you so much, darling. This message means a lot to me. Yeah, I tend to worry too much about my English. I’ll try to be more confident. :)