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How A Star Trek Convention Ended The World
  • Nervous Giggling Fan: So I have a question about Janeway and Chakotay?
  • Kate: *dully* You want to know why they didn't hook up
  • NGF: Well....yes
  • Kate: Janeway couldn't be taken seriously if she was having an affair. She was the first female captain in her child bearing years so....*sigh*...no Im so sorry dear but I can't do this anymore. I know what you really want to ask. You all want to know if Robert and I had an affair. Right? Thats what you all have wanted to know! RIGHT!?!
  • Crowd: Adjsjasdhhffasdfgh YES!
  • Moderator: Maybe we should just move on to the next...
  • Kate: We Fucked! We copulated! We did it! We had sex! We had sex and you know what it was amazing!
  • Crowd: *stunned silence*
  • Moderator: Oh no.
  • Kate: We had sex multiple times! He really is in one of my top five to be frank! But then guess what? Señor Sexy didn't want to settle down so we parted ways and that was that! We got over it! So should you!...........I need wine! *slumps back in her seat*
  • Robert: Top five? You've always been in my top three
  • Moderator: ....
  • Panel: ...
  • NGF: ...
  • Crowd: *girls burst into tears* *boys faint* *the earths floor opens up* *the sky falls* *the universe implodes*
  • Kate: *whips out her flask and starts chugging*

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can i request a funny scenario where MC gets in an argument with this person in an mmo and it turns out its yoosung? like mc had to heal the whole raid while yoosung wasnt doing much and still thought he was better or some stuff, if you want to! thank you!! (sorry if inbox is closed i dont see it said anywhere on the blog D:)


~Admin MP

“Oh my god,” growled MC as a fire bomb yet again decimated their raid group. As the healer, they felt like they were working overtime just to make sure their group didn’t all die during the raid. It wasn’t their fault– one of their warriors was failing to break through the line of soldiers ahead, instead choosing to fight one-on-one with unimportant side enemies.
“Listen, LOLOLKing2 or whatever your name is, but can you stop doing that?” MC’s fingers flew on their keyboard as they side stepped a magic attack, sending one of their own back, injuring the opposing group’s healer. Good. Now the other team’s healing ability would be lower.
“Doing what? Helping us win?” The warrior who was STILL fighting one soldier responded with a hint of belligerence in their voice. A scowl took over MC’s face as they covered their microphone to whisper, “Oh my god he just said that.”
“You’re not helping us win at all. You’re just fighting one soldier and you still keep getting injured and needing healing–”
“This is the boss soldier! If I beat him, then–”
“There are no boss soldiers!! It’s the boss necromancer inside! Just lis–”
“I’m ranked number 2 in the world in LOLOL, I don’t need your advice on how to play a game–”
“THAT’S FANTASTIC THIS ISN’T LOLOL,” MC finally snapped, taking their healing stream away from LOLOLKing2. A frustrated sigh came from one of the other players, which MC related to.
“I’m sure it’s similiar. LOLOL is superior so every other game copies it most of the time.”
MC literally took their hands off the keyboard, put them together, and pressed them to their lips. Taking a deep breath in through their nose, they let it out, throwing their hands downwards.
Grumbling dissent spread through the voice chat, everyone quietly complaining about the help they weren’t getting on the front lines.
“Ugh, fine! I’ll go help.” Finally, the guy’s avatar turned away from the soldier he had been fighting and went to help on the front lines to push through. With a click of a mouse button, MC dispatched several of the extra soldiers that were there to attack the warrior’s backs as they fought. 
After five minutes, the line fell and they were able to infiltrate the enemies hideout, earning all the XP and looting the good shit. 
“Still think it’s like LOLOL?” MC couldn’t help but smugly ask. LOLOLKing2 didn’t respond and MC felt a small twinge of guilt, but whatever. The guy had been difficult in the first place. 
After everything had been settled, MC opened their phone to text Yoosung about this ridiculousness. Surely in his days on LOLOL he had experienced this sort of thing too.
‘omg you won’t believe this but some guy was just a jerk on our raid. he kept saying that he knew what was best to do because he plays lolol a lot. and he tried to say he was the second best in the world which everybody knows is you’

A few minutes passed with MC trading some items they had double of when their phone pinged, Yoosung’s adorable face lit up on the screen with a text.

All the text said was ‘frick’.

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Can you pls do one where you start pushing Luke away, especially when he's home from tour and as he leaves for another tour you grow even more apart because you think you're not good enough for him and break it off

“I can drive myself to the airport,” You smile was tight as your grip on the gym back in your hand grew tighter. Your knuckles turned a sickly white as the skin strained against your bone, “Really, Luke, it’s okay. I don’t want you rushing to your interview.”

You left him with nothing but a kiss on the cheek and a lack of response to his breathy I love you as you disappeared out of the hotel room. 

Luke supposed he should have started seeing the signs then rather than when you were tearfully declaring you needed to break up at three in the morning over the phone while he was standing outside your apartment door with the key stalled in his hand.

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but you came along, and you changed everything

you lift my feet off the ground
you spin me around
you make me crazier, crazier


She discovers that she really, really likes it when he picks her up. 

It’s something that he does after she tells him she loves him, once everything has calmed down (at least, for twenty seconds). He smiles at her like she’s given him the world, and lifts her up like he’s lifted her heart, his skin warm and alive beneath her touch, their souls reunited despite everything that tried to keep him from her. He laughs into her kiss, whispers “I love you too” against her lips, and then sets her back on the ground, steadying her when her knees are weak. 

(Her rock, as always.) 

It’s something that he does when they’re finished moving all of his stuff into their home, his clothes tucked neatly into one side of the dresser in their room, with hers on the other. They take a step back to admire their work, and he turns to her and picks her up swiftly, spinning her around until she’s dizzy. 

(She doesn’t mind.) 

It’s something that he does when she giggles out a “yes” as he slides a diamond ring onto her finger. Tears prick her vision as the weight of it settles, and she knows her cheeks will be sore from smiling. He stands and his arms hold her steady as she practically jumps into them to kiss him, her feet coming off the ground before he really has a hold on her. 

(She would never not trust him to catch her.) 

It’s something that he does when she shows him the first picture of their baby, the surprise on his face more precious than anything she’s even seen. He takes it from her, stares at the tiny square for a long moment. When he looks back up at her, there are tears in his eyes, but his smile is wide just before his lips crash into hers, and he lifts her for only a moment before putting her back down, saying something about being careful with the little one. She smiles, assuring him that their baby is fine, that she’s loved and happy and that she’ll have an amazing life.

(And when he lifts their little pink bundle out of her arms and into his, Emma knows that he’ll be the best father in the world.) 

It’s something that he does when he’s really happy, when their life feels like it couldn’t get any better than it is, when his joy is so tangible that it takes her breath away, even before her feet have left the ground.

That’s one of the many reasons she loves it so much. 

(One of the many reasons she loves him so much.)