i didn't really care about these two as a couple until this scene

Thank You

Yondu wakes up to warmth on his cheek. Last time he checked, he’d been floating in space with Peter clawing at his jacket. The boy’s screams got fainter as Yondu struggled to breathe. Eventually, everything just faded to black. But now, everything’s awash with a bright light.

“Wha’s goin’ on?” he slurs as he blinks. Hovering over him is a beautiful woman. Terran by the looks of it. She has long blonde hair that looks as gold as Ayesha’s headpiece. Her eyes, which examine him curiously, look familiar. A cerulean with little bits of sea green, like those on Xandar.

“Thank you,” the woman whispers in an ethereal tone.

“For what?” Yondu asks as she helps him sit up. He’s surprised that he’s not still floating in space. On the other hand, maybe he is and he’s just dreaming. Death could never be so kind to him.

“For saving my son.”

Peter’s mother

Yondu blinks a couple of time. Can’t wrap his mind around the fact that he’s staring right into the eyes of Peter’s dead mother. “Where am I? What the hell are you doin’ here?”

Meredith smiles at him, a soft little thing. “On Earth, we’d call this place heaven.” She gestures to the space around them.  "I don’t know what they’d call it in your culture.“

“We just call it death,” Yondu says with a roll of his eyes. “Surprised I didn’t end up in some kind of hell dimension.”

“It don’t matter now.” Meredith’s still smiling at him, which is unnerving. The only women who ever smiled at him either wanted to kill him or have sex with him. “What matters is that you saved my son.”

“Did what I had to do, ma'am.” Yondu can feel his cheeks heating up. Ravagers aren’t supposed to care, to be soft. But in his final moments with Peter, with his son, he rejected that notion. “Ego wasn’t gonna get a hold'da my boy like that.”

Meredith pats the spot on some sort of cloud. Asking Yondu to sit beside her. “I used to think he was an angel. Ego, I mean. I knew Peter was an angel the moment I held him.” Her blue eyes, just like Peter’s, go soft and glossy as she thinks of her son. “I didn’t realize until after I died just what a horrible creature he was. Knew in death that he was the one that killed me so that he could get Peter.”

“I didn't deliver him though. Cargo, Peter was. But he was good for thievin’ and fittin’ in'ta small spaces. Wasn’t gonna let the boys eat him if we could use ‘im.”

“Yondu.” Meredith puts a warm hand on his. Her voice still sounds ethereal, like melting Xandarian chocolate on one’s tongue. Her skin feels warm, like the sunlight on his home planet, which he can barely remember. “There are no lies here. I know the reason why you kept Peter. And I’m glad you did.”

Suddenly, there’s a noise from somewhere behind the two. Yondu spins around, one hand brushing his coat back to reveal where his arrow would be. If he still had it. His other hand goes in front of Meredith as if to protect her.

“Yondu, look.” Her hand settles at his elbow and pulls his arm away, pointing at something in the distance. It looks like a holoboard, but square and there’s a back to it. “It’s called a TV. We’ve got ‘em back on Earth.”

“What’s it doing?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes it shows me images or videos of Peter. It’s how I watched my baby grow up.” She points to the screen and grins. “Look, there he is.”

Yondu blinks and finds himself looking at Peter. And, what the fuck, that’s his body. It’s wrapped in the typical Ravager funeral fashion. Yondu imagines Kraglin had a hand in it because he’d never really let Peter see a funeral. Only when he sent someone into space via the airlock. 

“Why’’s he cryin’?” He knows it’s a stupid question the second it comes out of his mouth. Meredith whacks him over the head anyway.

“'Cause he just lost his biological father and his dad all in one go.” She shakes her head. “Have a heart, Yondu. No one’s judging you here.” She points to the TV. “Now hush. I wanna listen.”

“I told Gamora how when I was a kid I used to pretend David Hasselhoff was my dad,” Peter starts, his head bowed. Tears gather in the corner of his eyes, but he doesn’t cry. “He’s a singer and actor from earth, really famous guy. Yondu didn’t have a talking car, but he did have a flying arrow. He didn’t have a beautiful voice of an angel, but he did have the whistle of one.”

Yondu’s frozen in place. Meredith sniffles beside him and he reaches into his pocket. At least his handkerchief’s still there. “Thank you,” she whispers, blowing her nose.

“Both Yondu and David Hasselhoff went on kick-ass adventures and hooked up with hot women, and fought robots. I guess David Hasselhoff did kinda end up being my dad, after all. Only it was you, Yondu.”

“David Hasselhoff is really that special to the kid?”

“Used to talk about him all the time. Watched his show whenever it was on TV.” Meredith looks up at him with those baby blues and smiles. It’s that damn soft smile that could melt even the hardest of hearts. “I can’t see the resemblance physically, but you have the same heart.” She turns back to the TV. “He’s not done. I wanna hear this.”

“I had a pretty cool dad." A tear finally falls and Gamora grabs his hand. "What I’m trying to say here is… sometimes, that thing you’re searching for your whole life is right there by your side all along, and you don’t even know it.” Meredith watches as he rubs his thumb over the back of Gamora’s hand and smiles softly at her.

“I never thought I’d see the day,” Meredith whispers. “Well, I guess I didn’t, but I’m seein’ it now.”

“What?” Yondu squints. “I can’t see nothin’ important. I mean, that speech was mighty nice, but–”

“Look, Yondu.” The scene shifts and fireworks are exploding above the trail of Yondu’s ashes. He tears up a little bit, but his eyes follow Meredith’s finger to where Peter and Gamora are standing next to each other.

On the screen, Peter turns to Gamora. There’s something in her eyes that Yondu can’t read, but Meredith seems to understand.

“What?” Peter asks.

Gamora shakes her head. “Just… some unspoken thing.”

Meredith turns to Yondu. “Do you see it now?”

Yondu scratches his head. “I’m guessin’ it has to do with that unspoken thing.” It comes out as more of a question, but Meredith’s beaming at him. His heart soars and he wishes he could punch it in the face. If it had one.

“You’re a good man, Yondu.” Meredith’s voice sounds full of sincerity and maybe he doesn’t wanna punch his heart in the metaphorical face as much as he should be wanting to. She grabs his hand and squeezes. “Thank you. For taking care of my son.”

So, this came out Not really sure if I got Yondu’s voice right, but I wanted him to have some form of redeption after death. And Meredith is always just shoved to the side, so I brought her back. Yondu needs to be thanks for what he did. And who better to thank him than Peter’s mom. 

Hopefully you guys liked this!





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Hi! Ok so the last two (and only...:/) "Fitzsimmons" scenes were clearly in the domestic abusive violence theme... and adding all other serious themes like non-con/mental rape/chilhood mistreat... and for now non of these have been treated/addressed correctly.. and no, "this was not Fitz" is not enough because he starts to feel guilty for things he didn't do. I know Liz teased a scene, but I don't see any realistic resolution for FS after that, they have gone way too dark and far. :( !?

Hi Anon,

I am not really sure how to properly respond to this.  Just because I don’t take those scenes that way nor to I believe that was how the writers intended them to be doesn’t mean others don’t.  And in no way is it my place to tell anyone otherwise, especially with such serious issues.  

This has been a long arc for Fitzsimmons fans.  And my own frustration levels are through the roof at this point because I just want the nightmare to be over and them to be reunited.  The writers aren’t even trying to hide behind contrived roadblocks right now and are going into them full force.  IE yay we rescued the team Fitzsimmons will be reun…WHAT?!   I personally don’t feel they would be doing that if they didn’t have something bigger planned.  You put a roadblock in the way of something you want to delay.  No, the writers don’t “owe” us a pay off but they are building to one.  Things are on the table and I still think we will get a good ‘reward’ at the end.  

Something I am very guilty of was thinking and expecting Jemma to get Fitz back in the Framework.  But in looking back, that was never going to happen.  This is sci fi not a fairy tale.  Science not magic.  The writers didn’t take the easy true loves kiss will solve it all route.  They were with more difficult/realistic aspect of it.  And with the level of manipulating AIDA did Jemma had no hold on Leopold.  He never knew her, in fact he only knew her as someone who hurt the people he cared the most about.  AIDA used his core traits against Jemma and the team and for her own gain.  

And with the brainwashing stories in the past we’ve seen the team fail to save someone.  Last season while Daisy was Hived, they failed to get through to her in 18 and 19….it took Lash removing the parasites to get her back.  And now in essence we have the same thing Fitz is out of the Framework (the parasites are gone) and he can make his own choices again.  And he will choose to be good.  HERE is a meta I did this morning discussing choice, free will, and how we could see things playing out.

Nor will I disagree we’ve missed this is taking WAY to long exit a couple of miles back.   The writers at least gave us hope last week when we saw Fitz was Fitz when he was awake and before he was taken.  

Since the episode aired myself and others have put out a number of metas on how we can see them starting to recover from this.  HERE HERE HERE are just a few. No one, blames anyone for what happened in the Framework.  They know it wasn’t real, they know they were manipulated, Fitz more than anyone else.  Jemma KNOWS it wasn’t him she KNOWS he was manipulated.  Its a dark story yes, I won’t deny that either.  But in Fitz having guilt it shows he is himself.  Fitz had guilt for what Radcliffe had done with the things he’d created.  He had remorse for killing Will even though Will was Hive and had tried to kill him.  Fitz also had a bit of remorse in the Framework with Agnes, until his father stepped in and re enforced the programming.  

Jemma wasn’t able to save him in the Framework but to me it means she IS going to save him in the real world.  

There will be aftermath for everyone.  Will we get to see the recovery, no.  We are going to miss 99% of it.  I will be blunt that isn’t what the show is about.  We’ll see echoes of it but they will not dedicate the time to us seeing them recover.  We didn’t see all of Bobbi’s recovery, when we came back she was at the tail end of it.   We knew it happened we know some of what it entailed, but they didn’t show a lot of it.  Bobbi is just one example too.   Daisy, Jemma, Fitz, May, and Coulson all had recoveries we missed the majority of  I know that’s not the answer a lot of people want but its what this show does.   

I don’t know if that helped at all but I really wasn’t sure what to say.  

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So I have noticed that you are very pro-revival. I'm having a hard time getting to that happiness about the revival. I was wondering if you could walk me through a couple things. First and for most, the ending. You keep saying that there was closure... I don't see closure I just see unanswered questions. Second, I really didn't understand emily's change in character. She did a total 180 and I feel like she was kind of cruel to Lorelei. Help?

I think the first thing to understand is; the word closure needs to be taken pretty openly.

I did get a lot of closure. For me there are three people you look to for this; Lorelai, Rory and Emily. There who we all want it in. So one at a time. 

I think, most obviously, we got it for Lorelai. From the very beginning of the series we see Lorelai as this woman who, despite keeping up this veneer of a happy-go-lucky wonder woman, is extremely vulnerable, insecure and flawed. One of her biggest insecurities being the idea of finding the “whole package”. I mean, how many times did we here Emily and Richard complain that she wasn’t married, or the town remark on how she was single. For me the end of the revival did two things; we finally see Lorelai work on embracing these flaws and let down her shield a little bit. I think this can be seen in her allowing Rory to go ahead with the book, opening up to Emily about the day in the mall with Richard and finally confronting Luke about getting married. Seeing Luke and Lorelai finally get married gave me such incredible closure on their arc. I think the scene in the kitchen when Luke lays out how he feels and how he will never ever leave her really gave me a sense of “everything will be okay for them”. They’ll always have issues with communication and they’ll always bitter; but they’ll be okay and they’re happy and thats what counts.

With Emily, again I felt a great sense of closure. I think for Emily its hard to describe. We see her in the beginning floundering to understand how to live her life without Richard. She’s alone in this massive house, her days are empty and nothing brings her joy because she is broken without him. I think what gave me closure in the end for her was this 180. We see her go from such uncertainty, to finally living a life she feels happy and comfortable in. her entire life had been dedicated to being Richard’s wife, without his this crucial part of her identity was removed. She found new focus with her job, she moved out to a smaller space where she wasn’t so alone and she found a little family who, in many ways, took her in as opposed to the other way around. I love that Rose Abdoo played Berta, because it brings that essence of Stars Hollow into Emily’s life. I think her final scene with Lorelai, about the loan, is also very telling. We all know it repeats the dialogue from the pilot. However, it’s Emily speaking and not Richard. This shows us how independent she now is and how she has learned in the past year to take over that role. She isn’t defined by being his wife and has learned to be independent. She’s not putting him behind her by any means, but she’s learning to survive without him. In the end, we see her finally get what she wants with that small portrait of Richard and, most importantly we see her on a journey to being okay, and finally happy. She has a support system and I know that she’ll be okay. Knowing this, gave me closure.

Rory is more tricky. For me, the growth Rory takes in the revival is what gave me closer. She is able to put leaning on Logan as an emotional crutch behind her. She realises she can do it alone. That she doesn’t need his house to write in, or to run to him when things get hard; that she’s stronger than that. This was a journey for her certainly, but I found it so satisfying seeing her come out of that. I also think the direction her career takes gave me a sense of closure. The revival showed a Rory lost and confused with no direction. We see her finally get a sense if where she’s going and once again finds something that she is passionate about; which we don’t see in the revival until this point. Crazy as it sounds, the pregnancy also was okay and not a crazy cliffhanger for me. I am okay leaving Rory with this because; I know she will be okay. I know that baby will be so loved and taken care of by not just her, but Lorelai, Luke, Emily and the entire town. It’s not Lorelai getting pregnant and having to run way at 16. It’s not this tragic thing that all end her life and destroy her potential. It’s the opposite, and I know she’s strong enough to do this, and I think she does too after her discussion with Christopher.  I know she didn’t pick a guy, but she’s 32. She has so much time to find love!! With Rory what I think is key to remember is her age. At 32, will your life be fully resolved and happy ever after? No. Was Lorelai married at, or even near settled in the Pilot at 32? Hello no! Rory still has most of her life ahead of her and I think it would be crazy to see her totally settled. 

At the end of the day this is a show grounded in reality. It’s a show about real people. And, in the real world, sadly we don’t get clear closure. Lorelai says it herself about her dads passing; there was no storybook moment. Life just happens; you can’t plan for it and it never will ever be resolved.

I think it would be bad writing for a show like this to offer a full happy ever after’s worth of closure. But, for me, here is why I think they gave us just enough; because each of them went on a healing journey and in the end we see them all okay. What’s more, we see them all happy, or on the road to happiness. That is what I derive my closure from, because life will never resolve itself and all I could ever hope for them is that they’re happy.

What I Think Happened To The Characters of Mad Men After The Finale *Contains spoilers from the show*
  • Don: After doing the Coke ad, he probably didn't stay in advertising much longer after that, and retired in a move that shocked many people and few understood. Probably went backpacking around the world and wrote about his travels and picked some other career and became an entrepreneur. I could see him being an Anthony Bourdain or Richard Branson type. Even when he gives candid interviews, there's always an air of mystery to him. Probably died peacefully like Bert Cooper. The truth about his real identity doesn't become common knowledge until after his death.
  • Peggy: Stayed with McCann until her retirement either in the late 1990s or early 2000s. Married Stan, though I doubt they had kids. Her creative work peaked during the 1980s, and she made the most money during that period. Stan was an important collaborator on many of her works and they were a famous husband-and-wife team. Stan passed away from terminal cancer, probably around her retirement. Post-retirement, she probably did some work for feminist publications like Ms., Bust, or even Sassy. Hillary Clinton supporter.
  • Pete: He's probably doing alright. I doubt he ever told Trudy about his child with Peggy, though otherwise their remarriage was happy and stable.
  • Roger: I can see him and Marie having an open marriage and both being ~très cool~ about it. Definitely Cool Grandpa to his grandson. His relationship with his stepdaughter Megan is initially awkward but they warm up to each other eventually. His daughter, Margaret, either never left her hippie retreat or came back when it was far too late and had serious problems (like a drug addiction) that deemed her unfit to be a mother. I could see Roger, Mona, Marie, Preston (her estranged husband) and Megan fighting against Margaret in a custody battle, with the former group winning.
  • Sally: After her mother's death, she takes care of her two younger brothers and gets along with her stepfather, even if they share different political views. Sally goes to college and majors in journalism, and becomes a music journalist and photographer a la Linda McCartney. She works for Rolling Stone and marries someone important in the biz. She writes Don's obituary, with her saying that while Don wasn't a rock star, he had all the characteristics of one. Sally also later confirms Don's true identity after other journalists
  • dig it up.
  • Henry Francis: Never remarries after Betty's death, and remembers her fondly. Launches a successful awareness campaign against lung cancer. Never ran for President, but became a popular and important Senator (with Republicans, at least). Had an important role in the Reagan Administration. Good friends with Rudy Guiliani. Hates the Tea Party and despises Cruz. Probably likes Trump as a businessman but not as a politician. Tolerates Kasich. He and Don probably had a little quarrel at Betty's funeral, but eventually came to an understanding and called a truce. Learned to tolerate each other.
  • Harry Crane: Probably moved to the television department at McCann, but not as head of television. As a result, he has even less influence than he did at Sterling Cooper and its variations. Universally disliked at McCann but doesn't get fired for some reason.
  • Megan: Had a good modeling career, but only a couple of film roles in somewhat memorable pictures. Not much of an actress. As I described in Roger's scenario, she probably helps raise his grandson after she moves back to New York. In California, she probably got disillusioned and put off by the Hippie movement, which is why she particularly dislikes Margaret during the custody battle. She particularly lets her have it during the case. "I've met your type before in California, they abandon people in the name of free love and come back only when it's convenient." Something like that. Her modeling career turns into a fashion career, and her previous work in advertising gives her an edge in the company's marketing campaign. After the custody battle, she helps raise Roger's grandson and marries Margaret's estranged husband, Preston, after he gets a divorce from Margaret. The divorce proceeding is a lot like the opening scene in Wanda with Barbara Loden.
  • Margaret: After the bitter custody and divorce battle, her life plays out similarly to the movie Wanda. Unknown whereabouts no one really cares.
  • Michael Ginsberg: Went from institution to institution but never successfully reentered civilian life. Died a recluse living with a family member, a la Syd Barrett.
  • Joyce Ramsay: Still a kickass photographer and lesbian. Does work for Ms. Magazine and becomes active in the feminist and LGBT movements. She and Peggy do some collaborations and remain good friends and playfully makes fun of Stan and teases Peggy for marrying a man.
Fic.  Months later Part Deux.


There was more. Sorry NotSorry.

Second part. In which everything goes to hell and back.

I’m just tagging this as NSFW just to be on the safe side, there are make outs in here. 

Word count: 7.098

Prompts filled.  11. “I almost lost you” kiss |  14. Kiss on the neck |  16. French kiss

Again, maybe NSFW. Also unedited. Sorry C: 

They should have seen it coming, really. Marinette knew Alya. Their little moment here? It was bound to end explosively. The couple was just breaking apart from their kiss when the door opened in a swift movement.

“I knew it!” She gave Marinette a look “just talking my ass”


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Just curious, do you ship steve/tony bc of comic? In MCU, steve and bucky have better deeper dynamic and more profound relationship (till the end of line), many love/care/angst/heartbreak. Between steve and tony they're more like colleagues or rival, hell even science bro has stronger chemistry. i honestly set my expectation for CA3 so low just bc the relationship between steve and tony didn't really build up to the level capable of 'civil war' hard feeling

i ship them in all universes so mcu really isn’t any exception. i mean i got into marvel because of mcu. though i will admit it wasn’t until i kind of looked around blogs that shipped stevetony and saw all these panels (contextless ofc bc i’d never touched a comic before) and things about earth-616 that i was like ‘wow that seems like a really cute ship’. (me @ my past self like u sweet summer child)

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