i didn't realize how much i was going to end up needing this too when i started making it

"I love you too, by the way"

1k, Belle and Adam One-Shot, ff.net
A one-shot of the scene (and conversation) that must have occurred between the kiss and the reunion with the servants. Set after the 2017 film, but it really applies to the original also.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any spideychelle & avengers team headcanons?? thanks <3

yes okay let’s go

-just in general, tony and michelle do. not. get. along.
-like tony doesn’t trust her dating peter, because he is obviously a protective dad, and whenever he sees them together he makes some comment about michelle
-and one time it gets aggressive when tony and pepper come to their monthly dinner at aunt may’s and michelle is THERE??
-tony is offended that peter told michelle all about being spiderman and showing her the suit, and michelle keeps criticizing tony’s coding because like, a fifteen year old cracked it in five minutes wtf
-and tony insults her hair or her clothes or something really petty (and pepper is Mad) and instead of yelling back, michelle says something really existential that literally makes tony question his identity and purpose on earth
-and then they actually start forming a good bond after that and they tease peter together and it’s all good
(-the avengers actually bring michelle in when they’re prepping to fight thanos because she’s almost as existentially manipulative as the reality stone)
-michelle lowkey gets tony’s number from peter’s phone and texts one day to ask him if he’d maybe be chill with her marrying peter and maybe he would come to the wedding and stuff no pressure
-and that’s when tony really goes head over heels for this tiny nerd child, and he finances the whole wedding and crashes the reception to have a dance with michelle

-michelle also does not like steve at all (which helps win over tony’s affection too)
-he’s just too patriotic, and he’s gotta be hiding something, and what the hell is that beard even?? the human embodiment of american capitalism
-peter is so embarrassed when he first introduces michelle to the literal legend captain america, bc she immediately starts questioning him about the sokovia accords and bucky barnes and so many other things
-but one night when peter’s in the med bay at avengers hq, and michelle’s making nutella toast at 2 am as you do, steve walks in to grab a mug of chamomile tea
-and michelle asks if that helps him sleep, because her mom always gave her chamomile, and steve admits that it’s his go-to whenever nightmares keep him up
-and at first michelle is like pfft what nightmares, but steve starts talking about peggy and michelle is ENTHRALLED
-when peter wakes up from anesthetics michelle tells him she NEEDS access to the avengers library so that she can read up on agent carter
-and peter notices that she starts wearing this red lipstick that peggy was known to wear and curling her hair and listening to jazz and stuff and she is so darn cute that he can’t refuse when steve wants to teach them how to swing dance

-so michelle was like completely in love with nat for most of her junior high experience, and still kinda crushes on her hard
-so when nat casually decides to accompany peter and michelle on a sci fi movie date, michelle cannot. relax.
-peter tries to put his arm around her and she jumps, and they spend most of the movie in awkward confused silence
-after nat leaves, peter asks what happened and michelle tries to play it off as her being starstruck because she isn’t technically out to peter yet
-peter isn’t really buying it, but he doesn’t push
-and literally, on the train ride back, michelle starts rambling about how pretty girls are, and she can’t get all the way to the point, but peter is like, “it’s chill, dude, i crushed on hawkeye for most of freshman year”
-at some point michelle is eating cereal with peter and nat and she’s also reading some russian novel and natasha is like “hey!! i love that book!” and michelle and her form a small book club, which peter tries to keep up with but they ‘read too fast’

-ok so peter and michelle actually met bruce at the same time
-and like, they’ve studied his stuff in school, and one of their dates was legitimately to the library to research dr. banner’s ultron solution
-so when he waltzes by them while they’re in the courtyard one day, they both have to stop and breath heavily for a few minutes
-and they ask tony to introduce them and peter tries to ask a bunch of questions about the other guy like “can you drink caffeinated things?? what’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep? what kind of meditation have you tried?”
-michelle is so done with him and she elbows him in the side when it’s obvious that bruce is uncomfortable
-michelle insists that they call ned and soon half of the ac dec team is there to listen to bruce talk science
-after some conversation there’s a total nerd sesh and all of them stay in the lab for like six hours straight working on the webbing formula

-again, peter didn’t meet thor before michelle did
-actually michelle met thor first because he took the last pop tart and she started yelling at him before she realized who he was
-and she got a little shy and embarrassed and walked quickly out of the dining room to find peter and yell at him for not telling her that thor was in hq
-and peter was like “thor’s in hq?!! omg man we have to go find him!”
-thor is initially confused by the tiny humans, but later he sees peter crawling around on the ceiling and lifting michelle around and it clicks that peter is spiderman
-but he also thinks that michelle is powered somehow
-so one day when michelle and peter are out in the courtyard reading, thor joins them all happy and grinning, and he just throws michelle like fifty in the air, hoping to figure out what her power is
-and peter freaks the F out on thor, who he has never actually had a conversation with before, and demands that thor do something, and he catches little mortal michelle in his ginormous arms and apologizes
-later in the night he comes to peter’s room with a bouquet of flowers and a box of pop tarts for michelle, and he awkwardly apologizes again for assuming she was also powered
-michelle plays it off, and says it’s okay as long as she can try to lift mjolnir and thor laughs and grabs the hammer and they make a night of trying to use physics to lift it (can she push it up a ramp?? let’s calculate the amount of jerk force needed to knock it over)
-peter asks thor to toss it and is able to web it and stick it to the ceiling, and everyone debates about whether or not that makes peter worthy

-so michelle is weirdly good at archery?
-peter had no idea but apparently the only other club she did besides academic decathlon was archery club
-???? who knew
-so one day peter, ned, and michelle are walking around hq and they find clint’s shooting range and bows and michelle just walks up, notches an arrow, and hits the bullseye in like twenty seconds
-peter and ned are shook
-they spend an hour interrogating her about it and asking her to shoot more arrows into specific spots and try a moving target and everything, she’s just really good at it
-so nat walks by and sees her do it, and woah she’s gotta show clint this one
-clint happens to be on base that day and he and michelle geek out about bow styles and high school competitions and stuff
-michelle knows asl too so they also geek out about that
-clint and michelle get pretty close and when clint needs babysitters, he calls peter and michelle and they play family for a night or two
-ned also comes, and he usually brings like three or four lego sets

-peter and scott like to tease each other, and michelle picks up on this pretty quick, and joins scott in pulling stupid pranks on peter
-they put a bunch of plastic spiders in his favorite cereal, and shrink his soap and shampoo and stuff, and one day peter walks into the courtyard to find his little avengers action figures are now fifty feet tall and also missing limbs
-t r a g i c
-peter decides to retaliate and now scott’s underwear is webbed up all around hq
-he can’t figure out how to prank michelle, though, because the only physical thing she cares about is books, and he’s not about to ruin her books because she’d literally kill him
-so instead he tries to engage her in deep literary discussions about the twilight series and poorly written stucky fanfiction
-and the pranks suddenly stop

-rhodey is so done with all these damn kids on base
-like tony and scott were bad enough, and now Actual teenagers? god help his soul
-and when he first meets michelle and ned, he expects total immaturity, so he’s surprised when they start talking about a robotics class project where they created prosthetic limbs
-and then someone mentions the sats coming up and rhodey is like hey! i got a perfect score on those!
-and the kids beg for study tips and tricks, and he ends up holding a mini tutoring session for them every saturday during lunch, because they pick it up so fast that it’s actually really exciting
-and rhodey chills with them at aunt may’s apartment the day that scores are released because he’s so proud of his students
-none of them get perfect scores, but they’re all in the 1500s which is great!!
-he treats everyone to chinese food and ice cream

-for some reason, sam just hates peter’s guts
-this kid can not legally drive a car but he’s out here training like he’s gonna single-handedly start and end world war three
-and he doesn’t like peter’s pretentious, weird girlfriend either
-and nothing changes that
-though he does secretly wish that one day he’ll have kids as smart and dedicated as peter and michelle

-bucky doesn’t say much, and peter doesn’t really question him about it, but michelle bonds with him right away
-they’re like the loner duo. michelle shares old books with him and bucky shares old music with her.
-one day they just show up with matching tattoos of the New York skyline
-peter is slightly jealous and mostly confused because he’s pretty sure they’ve never had an actual conversation
-he just lets it be though, because michelle can be friends with whoever she wants, and she usually picks good ones

-so wanda is hesitant to have another young person on base, because she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt
-but her room is right by peter’s and peter always has friends over, and sometimes she listens to their conversations and laughs at their inside jokes and gosh, she wishes that she and pietro would have had a childhood like that
-so one day she joins peter and his friends and it feels like she has a younger brother in him
-and though michelle is pretty guarded, wanda can sense that she has a big heart and they get closer throughout a few months and wanda actually helps michelle get ready for senior prom
-they both agree that beauty standards suck, and that michelle should wear what she wants and do everything how she wants
-but michelle wants the whole hollywood effect so she gets the ballgown and the hairstyling and the face of makeup, all done by wanda maximoff, expert at all ‘girl stuff’
-AND peter sets up wanda with ned for prom (mostly to make betty jealous) and flash and every other guy at senior prom is blown away
-wanda is such a good sport about it too, coming up with a fake story of how ned and her met and making up a fake identity as a model to impress everyone even more
-everyone loves wanda maximoff

-let me tell you
-michelle is also obsessed with black panther, and when they meet she cannot get a word out
-until he mentions the political situation in wakanda and the economic exploitation of his people’s land and michelle is all. over. it.
-she’s gone to protests with peter and ned before, but they don’t Get It as much as t'challa does
-yeah so they’re protest buddies and she accompanies him on all his dignitary duties and she loves it
-peter also comes, but he usually zones out unless someone asks him a question
-at some point people start mistaking michelle for the princess of wakanda and she does not correct them

Theory: Fukurodani To Win Nationals

alternatively: this is a shounen sports manga so literally anyone could win for any reason whatsoever but a Fukurodani win would not be the worst possible choice and could in fact be an excellent choice

The tricky thing about theorizing who could win nationals is that none of the teams talk about winning nationals. It’s all about the act of going and what they will do there. Past winners aren’t even mentioned. But we’re 234 chapters into this. For the story, for the characters, and for myself as a fan, I want our current teams to get what they want and deserve, but I want them to aspire for more in the future. Or as Coach Nekomata says in ch.96:

[Note: I’m sorry not sorry for this monstrosity of a post. This is by no means a definitive edition. Beware that below the cut is image heavy and full of spoilers.]

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zethany  asked:

I am so, so, SO very sorry if this has already been asked before. I did some digging through your tags and I couldn't find answers for my particular question... So I apologize in advance if I just didn't do enough digging. I've had a lot of issues with dialogue sequences that go back and forth between two or more characters. I find myself repeating the same phrases such as, "he snickered" and "she cried." Eventually, I just end up using very convoluted word play. Do you have any suggestions?

What you’re asking about here are dialogue tags. There are two schools of thought: Vary the verbs, or don’t fret the “saids.” This is one case where the best practice probably lies somewhere in between. How far you go with different verbs vs. said is up to you as the writer.

There’s another way to break up dialogue, too. It’s my own personal preference, and that’s the use of descriptive beats, sometimes called dialogue beats, narrative beats, etc… This article here describes the two in more depth, but essentially:

Dialogue tag: “You don’t know what I want,” he shouted.

Descriptive beat: “You don’t know what I want.” He slammed the book on the table, knocking over Gena’s wine. 

Both convey anger. Both can be “the right way,” depending on your characters, your style or the needs of the scene.

I tend to write my dialogue either without any tags or just minimal tags when I get started. Often, it literally looks like this:

A: “You’re a jerk!”

B: “Yeah, but I’m your jerk.”

A: “Can’t you stop being a jerk then?”

B: “Are you saying you want to dump me?”

Then, I try to block the scene (much like blocking a stage play) so that I know what the characters are doing, where they’re standing, or other cues that can help with the descriptions. Where no description is needed, I start with said, or asked and replied if appropriate. 

Dialogue beats also help convey something I see a lot of new writers and fanfic writers shying away from, and that’s inner monologue. Your Point of View character can have thoughts during a conversation that can add insight or seamlessly add exposition to avoid infodumping. You’ll find more than a few experienced writers whose dialogue scenes have a lot more inner monologue than external dialogue. You probably just don’t realize it. [Hint: That’s a good thing.]

Favoring descriptive beats over tags means you need to make sure your readers can follow. It’s the one thing I work on the most during editing, too. Again, don’t let fretting over saids and tags and beats ruin your creative flow on your first draft. 

Here’s another good summary of the process. 

Also, make sure you punctuate your tags correctly. Not doing so can be one of those distracting mistakes that can turn readers off and I guarantee will bug the crap out of an editor. 

Now, go. Experiment. Have fun. Enjoy your characters and let them enjoy their dialogue!

– mod Aliya

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Hello, Aga from Poland. :D I really love your fics. If you have time I have a prompt: It’s Derek birthday after he leaves town and Stiles drunk dialing. Bonus if Sheriff walks in and take his phone and wishes Derek happy birthday.

Oh, thank you!! <3

Since the fandom’s pretty much agreed that Derek’s birthday is on Christmas, I decided to use that here. Hope you enjoy!!

He’s had entirely too much eggnog to be left alone with his phone. His dad should know that. His friends should definitely know that.

But Scott’s busy, caught up in some kind of mating dance with Allison that involves hanging out awkwardly in doorways under the mistletoe and sending her sad eyes, and Lydia’s keeping Allison company at the other side of the room while she sends covert, longing glances back. His dad’s laughing with Melissa with that love-struck sort of look that’s been building up in his eyes for years long now, and probably hadn’t even noticed Stiles swiping the bottle, adding way too much rum after he’d ducked back into the kitchen with it. It’s a holiday, after all, and he’s allowed to have a drink to celebrate.

His dad just didn’t specify how much drink the drink was allowed to have.

So when Stiles ends up in his bedroom, staring at his phone, it’s everyone’s fault, really, and no one’s. Honestly it feels kind of inevitable. Him lying in his room, on the outskirts of the mating dances, scrolling idly through his contact list until he pauses on a familiar number. He has it memorized even though he probably shouldn’t, but this might not be the first time he’s opened up his contact list to stare at it these past few weeks. To look at the name typed out over the digits, to wonder at the way so few letters can leave his chest writhing with so many unresolved feelings.

He lifts his thumb, brushes across the short word fondly, and jumps as the phone registers an attempt to call and starts dialing.

Stiles seriously shouldn’t be surprised that it happened. He’s a clumsy, melancholy drunk, and it’s about time he accepts it.

The phone continues to ring while he stares, transfixed, at the tiny image of a phone blinking on his screen. Connecting… connecting…

It’s the phone’s fault, he decides. That stupid, sensitive touch screen, stirring up trouble by calling people it has no business in calling, just because Stiles had been maybe brushing his thumb across that name, thinking about hearing that stupid grumpy voice. And so maybe he’d been imagining the smooth screen was a rough, stubble-covered jaw, been half lost in imagining what it might feel like under his fingers… but that’s no reason for his phone to go ahead and call him.

And Derek’s surprised too, it seems like, because while Stiles is busy scowling at the stupid device, he answers, and there’s a startled lilt in his voice when he says Stiles’ name.

Stiles should probably just say he’d dialed the wrong number, or shoot out a quick, cheerful “Merry Christmas” and let that be that.

“You’re not here,” is what slips out instead, his hands clenching a little, his lips twisting into a pout that probably carries into his tone.

There’s a short silence from Derek’s end, and then an amused huff of air.

“Are you just noticing that?”

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Hunter’s Helper

Relationship: Sam X Daughter, Dean X Niece!Reader

Words: 2,562

Summary: After a devastating loss, the Reader turns to alcohol to help with the pain.

Warnings: substance abuse, alcohol abuse, underage drinking, mentions of suicide, depression, mention of alcohol-related death, mild swearing, mentions of vomit/vomiting, angst

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @beholders-chroniclers @deathtonormalcy56 @sis-tafics @winchesters-favorite-girl @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish @alexandriajanae4 @27bmm

A/N: I’m back! Sorry this took so long, the ending just would not let itself get written. This is for two challenges. The first is @letsgetoutalive‘s Mental Health Awareness Challenge, and my prompt was substance abuse (I really hope I did it justice. I researched it but I have no actual experience with this, so if anything is wrong let me know). The second was @nichelle-my-belle‘s 4K Angst Challenge, and my prompt for that one was “Isn’t it scary to be ready to die at such a young age?” Enjoy!

Originally posted by hunterchesters

“You stupid bastard! How could you? You were– I– God!” Voice hoarse from screaming, you knelt in front of his grave, moisture soaking through the knees of your jeans. Your fingers skimmed the engravings in the marble stone as tears fell, racing down your cheeks as if there would be a prize for first place. “I’m all alone now, you asshole! And it’s all your fault!”

Cautiously, Sam approached you and gently took your hand, his heart breaking at your pain. You looked up at him, eyes puffy and red, and allowed yourself to be pulled up until you were standing. Wrapping his arms around you, your dad hugged you tightly, his chin resting on the top of your head, and you let it happen, let yourself bury your face in his chest and dissolve into a fresh wave of tears.

“Shh, it’s okay, sweetheart,” he whispered, rubbing circles on your back. “It’s gonna be okay.”

But he was wrong. It wasn’t going to be okay, you were never going to be okay.

Because how can you be okay, how can you possibly go on with your life, when your best friend takes his own?

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soulmate! im youngmin

just a note: i’m not going to be creative with this soulmate stuff, just use the “you’ll know it when you see them” concept (i’m so sorry @ asker idk if you wanted me to create a whole au)

  • i feel like youngmin is a lowkey dreamer about all this soulmate stuff
  • like he’s always wondering who it is and worrying about how he’ll meet them and his first impression
  • but also being cheesy like imagining your life together and all that
  • but lowkey about it because he’s supposed to be a Cool Rapper and doesn’t want to get teased
  • once he got caught sleeptalking and woojin never let him live it down
  • “youngmin hyung, remember when you were practicing your marriage proposal to your soulmate in your sleep? i sure do.”
  • “shut up or i’m telling rhymer you’re slacking”
  • “i should have taken a video of it, dang”
  • he would totally be the type to write notes to his future soulmate
  • but ever since woojin caught him sleeptalking he started hiding it like,,,,,, at the bottom of his laundry hamper or something
  • googles “how to deodorize a book”
  • he’s forever beating himself up about the day he met you because he just came from practice and he had like 2 hours of sleep the night before and he just got out of a fucking dogpile with the other bnm boys because they were fighting over who had to go out and buy them all dinner
  • later on you tease him about it but like he still looked cute cmon
  • you can probably guess who ended up at the bottom of the dogpile
  • so you’ve been sitting in the store for a while alone eating and don’t notice him walk in at first because you’re on your phone
  • and then you hear a nice voice ask for 10 boxes of chicken to go in this cute busan accent and ur just like
  • “,,,,,ok who needs 10 boxes of chicken how fast is ur metabolism” not out loud ofc
  • so that catches your attention and you look up from your phone and your food
  • and that’s kinda when you feel it
  • you realize your soulmate is in this very room
  • youngmin feels it too and he goes into full panic mode
  • thank god he already finished his order because with his luck he would’ve been so nervous he would’ve ordered like,,,,, boxes of ketchup instead of chicken or something
  • so you two start looking around the store for one another (because you don’t really feel it until you actually see each other that’s how the soulmates thing works)
  • it doesn’t take long because he’s just right next to the ordering counter
  • i don’t wanna be cheesy and say it was Love at First Sight or anything
  • but like it was cmon let’s get some cliché in here
  • and youngmin was going to wait at the counter for his food but now he’s walking to where you’re sitting
  • he’d get there and the whole time you two are kind of staring at each other
  • a few other people around the store are watching you two
  • “yeah you bet those two are soulmates should we get out before any sappy shit happens”
  • youngmin stays standing and stares for a couple more seconds after getting there
  • you’d have to get him out of his daze
  • “hello,,,? my name is y/n”
  • “oH RIGHT HI my name is youngmin…… uh i think that,, i think you’re my… uh…….”
  • adorable nervous lil paca would probably blush and if he has long sleeves pull at them or ruffle his hair
  • you would have to break the truth to him
  • “soulmate? yeah i am, or at least i think so.”
  • youngmin would say something stupidly too straightforward like “oh,,,,,, i’m really glad you’re my soulmate- wait is that weird is it too soon i’m so sorry”
  • “oh no, it’s okay….uh,,”
  • awkward silence
  • honestly the whole ordeal would be so cringe
  • but endearing enough that you two laugh about it later
  • you two are interrupted (but you can’t really be interrupted when you’re not speaking can you) because youngmin’s order is ready
  • so he excuses himself and returns with like two huge plastic bags of chicken box sets
  • even though the tension is so thick between you two you don’t want him to go and he doesn’t want to leave you
  • but he knows the boys are going to get on his ass soon if he doesn’t bring them dinner soon i mean they are like starving lions all of them
  • you were just sitting there with your almost finished food and he was standing next to your table with his bags having a staring contest or something
  • so youngmin is finally able to think rationally after another minute
  • “if it’s not too far from your place, you can come with me to my agency–i forgot to say i’m a trainee–and meet the other boys??? i was kind of here to grab them dinner but then i saw you and- well maybe afterwards i can take you back home,,,, it shouldn’t be too far from here right?”
  • he’s so nervous he doesn’t know if you’ll agree
  • but of course you do because i mean you should get to know him better
  • the walk there is short, a little over five minutes but as soon as you get out of the store the conversation never stops
  • it’s amazing how much you can learn about someone in five minutes if you talk really fast
  • by the time you two get to the practice room you two are like best flirting friends or something (does that make sense)
  • you helped him carry a bag and he held ur free hand how cute
  • you two enter the practice rooms and oh god hell breaks loose
  • the rest of the bnm boys are YELLIN at you two and chasing you down to crowd around you it’s actually really scary
  • they’re just really energetic together and excited for their hyung and you learn to love it
  • you get bombarded with so many questions
  • woojin is a kind enough friend not to tell you everything he knows on the first encounter and youngmin is so grateful he gives him extra chicken
  • but don’t worry you’ll learn all about it soon enough
  • but yes you sit and talk to them during their dinner and youngmin walks you home afterwards
  • you two exchange numbers the whole schbang
  • gonna stress the fact that i don’t think youngmin is the type to do first date kisses a kiss on the cheek is the most ur getting sorry not sorry
  • but yes dating him is fun and you guys are together forever like soulmates are
  • the rest of ur lives together is history !!
Gency Headcannon

Image by @hage2013 ~ I couldn’t resist using it because they look so cute here <3

Who hogs the duvet 

  • Mercy since she likes to be warm and cuddly. Genji is too nice to even have any resistance to it. Hell, he would even purposefully wrap it all around her like a blanket burrito just to see her all cute and happy.

Who texts/rings to check how the other’s day is going 

  • Genji because unfortunately, Mercy is a bit too busy to remember to call all the time. He’d try to keep track of her schedule/breaks though.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts 

  • Genji. He didn’t have that many girlfriends in the past without knowing all sorts of tricks and ways to win their hearts.

Who gets up first in the morning 

  • Being a doctor definitely, makes Mercy wake up earlier. As for Genji, well he might not need sleep but he probably wouldn’t want to get out of bed instead of cuddling his angel.

Who suggests new things in bed 

  • See “gifts.”

Who cries at movies 

  • Neither of them actually. I don’t think they’re the type to cry at movies. They’ve seen things.

Who gives unprompted massages 

  • Genji because Mercy would often work too hard and focus too much so she might get aches and back pain otherwise.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick 

  • Mercy because she’s worried about how a cyborg could get sick (plus then both her lover’s and doctor’s instinct both kick in). When she’s sick though, Genji ends up having to fuss over her in return because she thinks she’s fine since she’s a doctor.

Who gets jealous easiest

  • Probably Mercy though not too much. Genji was a playboy after all and is still quite attractive. 

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music 

  • Probably Mercy, whatever her tastes may be (perhaps native songs or relaxing classical music). It’s not the music itself but more that she hums or sings along to them at times without realizing it (though Genji loves it of course).
  • Well, Genji has his weeb music but he’s proud of it.

Who collects something unusual 

  • Genji. For a man who climbs up buildings and wanders all over the place (old habits die hard I guess), he’s bound to find something strange now and then.

Who takes the longest to get ready 

  • Mercy because she gotta make sure she looks good. Genji, well that t-shirt seems to fit him and not dirty so it seems fine. 

Who is the tidiest and most organized 

  • Mercy because she’s used to working in her lab (though her lab itself is sometimes a bit messy). 
  • Genji has his clean habits from back in Japan too, but not his top priority nor did he really have things that he absolutely had to keep track of. As long as he knew where his stuff was in the mess, it was fine.

Who gets most excited about the holidays 

  • Mercy because she wants to make good memories with Genji plus she’s always excited over decorations and festivities (especially when it involved others too).

Who is the big spoon/little spoon 

  • Genji likes to be the big spoon because then he can feel Mercy being all cute and nuzzly against his chest. Plus who would pass up the chance to give that adorable angel headpats?

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports 

  • Genji has his passion and pride in video gaming. He gives her some mercy at times but still tries to win since he didn’t want to seem like he was going easy on her.
  • On the other hand, Mercy is trying pretty hard too. Something tells me that she gets really competitive with tennis despite Genji having reflexes that make it unfairly hard to beat him.

Who starts the most arguments 

  • Neither of them really argue, Mercy is good at communication and keeping in control while Genji has learned a lot through his time with Zenyatta. If anything, Mercy might get stressed occasionally and snap at him, though she’d apologize soon after.

Who suggests that they buy a pet 

  • Genji wants a cat. And a sparrow. And maybe a bunny too. Plus he already has a pet dragon.

What couple traditions they have 

  • First one who wakes up has to wake up the other one with a kiss and breakfast (which encourages Genji to get up early sometimes [see getting up]).

What tv shows they watch together 

  • Grey’s Anatomy because Genji is amused by Mercy fussing over medical things and making commentary about things. Other times they watch Korean/Japanese dramas (especially romance ones).
  • Disney movies too, since Genji like to see Mercy get so involved when her eyes light up at certain scenes and especially when she sings along so adorably (thanks for the idea @cyborgninjacarrot).

What other couples they hang out with how they spend time together as a couple

  • Lucio and D.va for fun! Ah, youth …
  • McCree and Hanzo to keep an eye on them and for more interesting life chats. That and to make sure they don’t kill anyone (including themselves) by drinking too much.

Who made the first move 

  • Genji because he sure knows how to ask a girl out. Mercy would probably feel too conflicted and shy about approaching him. That being said, it would be a while before Genji got his courage back and the confidence to do so.

Who brings flowers home 

  • Genji since he walks through town a lot and sees pretty flowers that might remind him of Mercy. That being said, she might buy them occasionally especially if she came home late or wanted a small gift to surprise him.

Who is the best cook 

  • Genji. See “gifts.” Plus with that skill with his sword, I’m sure he’d make a great sushi chef.

Tell me if you want to see more like this in the future!

Produce 101 Scandals

I’m so sick of seeing the trainees being bashed for simple mistakes. Some trainees didn’t even do anything wrong but still get bashed because some people hate on everything unless their fave is doing well and even then they still do it.

Scandals started even before the first episode aired, Maroo Entertainment’s Han Jongyeon got shit on for his past actions. I honestly didn’t have a problem with him leaving the competition because he deserved consequences for what he did, but what we forget sometimes is that it’s not our place to judge or say anything on the matter. Whether he did something or not we don’t know the full story so why stick your nose in a place where it doesn’t belong. I’m not saying you can’t have an opinion but don’t “take matters I to your own hands” and hate on a trainee when all the information you know came out of an allkpop article. It is not your business, you aren’t involved in anyway, so why are you over there making a fool out of yourself by cussing out a trainee that might never see your comments.

Kang Daniel got shit on for his actions, I understand that he did make a terrible decision and should have thought it through but it’s a simple mistake. He apologized and got dealt with by the Produce 101 staff so why do you think that your two cents are needed? The kid gets hated on and will continue to get hated on regardless of what he chooses to do because of a simple mistake. Get off your high horse, realize that you too have made mistakes and leave him alone. What do you get out of hating on a 22 year old that is just trying to make his dreams come true? at the end of the day he’s doing something with his life and you’re sitting at home using foul language because you lack the intelligence to voice your opinion in a civilized manner.

Lee Daehwi, better known as “the kid that did absolutely nothing to you”. What did he do exactly? “He’s arrogant” acknowledging your skills and having your best be enough to be one of the best is arrogance? He got hated on for being the center because apparently you can be an absolute mess on stage and be worshipped as long as you’re handsome. Beauty is subjective so I’m not going to fight you on your opinion, even if I’m my eyes Daehwi has a cute lil face that is idol worthy, but you know to each their own. The hate that he gets got so bad that he felt that he couldn’t be disappointed for being ranked lower than he had hoped for, it got so bad that he didn’t volunteer to be center for playing with fire, it got so bad that he felt that he had to say “I know I’m ugly but please vote for me” during his “it’s meringue time” video. Daehwi is beyond talented, I do believe that he is a force to be reckoned with and so do you because if you didn’t you wouldn’t bash him to make your faves look better.

Im Youngmin has to be the most heartbreaking for me. How would you feel if you got hated on because you were with someone you love? I don’t expect you to think about that why would you? You’ve proven that you’re about as selfish and petty as it can get, so why would you put yourself in somebody else’s place? All of those comments scolding him for dating someone are completely unnecessary, frustrating, and well stupid. It’s not his or his girlfriend’s fault that you feel entitled to a 22 year old just because he’s on the path of becoming a public figure. Princess he’s not yours to do with as you please, he’s not here to do as you say, he’s human and him and every idol out there should be treated as such. Idols, soon to be idols, and/or trainees do not give up their humanity when they decide on this lifestyle. YOU DO NOT GET TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. YOU DO NOT GET TO DESTROY THEIR FRIENDSHIPS OR RELATIONSHIPS BECAUSE YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. But you do, you do it anyways, you hurt the people you say you love because you are a spoiled brat that can’t handle not getting what they want. I hope Youngmin and his girlfriend get through this and live happily ever after just to spite you all. I hope that they shove their relationship down your throat so we can see you foaming at the mouth in the corner, but that’s the thing. You see you don’t really care, it’s all temporary. One day you love this celebrity and say that you’ll be in love forever and the next you find somebody new to obsess over (god help them). For you it’s temporary, for them it’s there forever, that situation is a part of their life. Maybe you ruined a relationship that meant the world to them, maybe you ruined their chances of being successful, maybe you damaged their mental health. You’re not paying for your actions, they are, but you don’t care. If your fave isn’t in love with you then he can’t be in love with anybody? Please rethink your psychotic mentality and stop being a waste of oxygen for the rest of us.

I’m so sick and tired of trainees/idols being bashed for nothing. They deserve to be happy just like you and me. You say you love them, how about you stop saying it and start showing it?

Time Travel | part 1

Originally posted by kook-tae

Genre: Angst, angst, angst. [smut and fluff in future parts!]

Pairing: Jungkook x reader | Taehyung x reader

Words: 10k+ yeah for one single part rip

Synopsis: You just moved into a new home to live by yourself - about to start the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You were excited to start university and become a student. However, life has its unexpected turns, and before you can even start your university life, you find yourself in a situation that you couldn’t ever dare to imagine - not even in your dreams - all caused by a malfunctioning elevator, a nerdy but handsome boy with huge glasses, and your classmate who supposedly had a short life to live.

A/N: i originally planned to post this as a oneshot, but i thought it would be better to split this in parts so it would be easier to read for yall ;; enjoy, and sorry for the lack of fluff but i promise there will be in future parts!! <3

August 18th, 2017

To you, moving out has always meant the start of a new beginning. Moving out of your parents’ house – which had been your home for a solid eighteen years – was painful, leaving behind your childhood and all these beautiful memories that were part of it. The house where you learned how to walk as a toddler, the house where you brought all your middle school friends for a movie night and where your first date picked you up and dropped you off – you didn’t realize that you actually moved out from that house until now, as you were standing in front of your tiny apartment. The brown-colored front door was closed, and you could only open it with a secret password only you were allowed to know. You were really bad at remembering passwords and such, so you could only pray to God that you wouldn’t forget the password ever.

You reminisced your landlord giving you a piece of paper with the password on it, telling you that it was necessary for you to remember the six-numbered password, and to throw away the piece of paper not just elsewhere as people could easily access the password if you’d throw it away thoughtlessly. You grabbed the piece of paper out of your pocket, before pressing the six numbers that allowed you to enter your house. You had to press the numbers even twice to get it right – and you already knew that it would take you a while to get used to this. All of a sudden, you missed the concept of simply using keys to enter your house.

As you entered your new apartment, you immediately met with an empty place – so empty that your voice would echo around thrice if you said one simple word. There was basically no furniture yet, since all of it would arrive the next day, causing a delay in your process of moving in. The only piece of furniture that was present in your new house was your bed, and you silently thanked your father for bringing your bed here two days earlier – sacrificing his free day off from work. Your hometown was a little over two hours from the capital, so you made a mental note to yourself that you had to call your father later on the day to thank him for his hard work.

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Penpal AU: What if the letters stop and Sid thinks that Zhenya died? So, when he wins his first Cup his dedicates it to Zhenya. In fact he dedicates everything to him, his awards, his Cup and even his Olympic gold. When he kisses his cross before each game he says a quiet prayer of rest for Zhenya, because Sid owes his career to him. Sid would have given up without him, without knowing that there were people out there who liked him.

“So,” Geno starts, as casually as he can. “Ever date nice boys before?”

Olli groans, none too quietly, an Geno kind of wants to groan with him at himself, just because that felt so tactless. Sidney gives him a look. Geno wonders if Sidney regrets telling the team at all.

“No,” Sidney says. “I almost had one, I think.”

“Oh? That’s great, Sid,” Geno says, sitting upright again. “What happen?”

“He died,” Sidney says, expressionless. But Geno sees his bottom lip waver a bit. He then finishes his drink before rising to head for the kitchen. “Excuse me.”

It’s quiet in the den again, save for Jake’s snoring where he’s sprawled on the bean bag.

“Great going, G,” Olli mutters, then looks as if he wants to join Jake and find a bean bag to nap on, too.


Geno finds Sidney in the guest room, long after Olli and Jake and some of the other rookies have dragged themselves out of Sidney’s house and into their respective rides. He sees to be looking at a letter.

“Hey, Sid,” he says quietly. “I’m head home now.”

“Okay, no problem,” Sidney says, tucking whatever he was reading behind himself discreetly. He calls out again, just as Geno turns to walk away. “Hey, G, hold on.”

Geno comes back. “Hm?”

“Hey, um, I’m sorry about…being weird, back in the den,” Sidney says. “I didn’t mean to say that.”

“No, is okay,” Geno hurriedly says. “Not mean to—“ Shit, what was the word? Starts with a p…pie? Pray? “Be snoopy.” That didn’t sound right, either.

Sidney chuckles. “You look like you want to ask.” Before Geno can protest, Sidney starts talking, “I had a friend, a long time ago. Pen pals. We used to write each other.”

“I’m have, too,” Geno says. He doesn’t really like to think about it; it was his first major heartbreak, and it still stings whenever he thinks about how his pen pal, a different Sidney, ever returned his letters at the end, when Geno had sent that first and final declaration of ‘I love you.’

“Yeah?” Sidney sits back on the bed, staring at the letter he has in his hands again. “It was just supposed to be a school project. But we kept writing. I needed a friend. And he was there. I think I always hoped that—it could’ve been something more, I don’t know. It’s embarrassing. I’ve never even met him.”

“Oh, Sid, is okay,” Geno says, sitting next to Sidney. “What happen then?”

“He stopped writing letters. He send me the last one when I was 17, and then nothing. I couldn’t even send him back one, because his address had changed.” Sidney shrugs. “Something must’ve happened.”

“Maybe he was joking. Maybe post office broke,” Geno says.

“He’d never joke about this,” Sidney says glumly. “I owe my entire career to him. I never told anyone this.” He sniffs, and Geno realizes with a start that Sidney’s crying, a little bit. “I always said it wasn’t a big deal, that I got over it in pee-wee, but sometimes it’d get so bad, I wanted to run away to him. He told me to wait for him. He promised we’d play hockey together one day.” Sidney wrings his hands a little helplessly. “Well. I’m waiting. I’m almost 30 now. I’m still writing letters to him, when things get hard. I just. I think it’s time. To let go.”

Geno remembers Sidney kissing his cross every time before a game, always murmuring a name and a prayer under his breath. He remembers seeing Sidney kiss the Cup every time they won it, whispering a quiet, ‘For you,’ when he thinks no one is watching. He never thought much of it, until now. And the strangest thing is that Sidney’s story reminds him of something he’s once said to his pen pal, who’d been a lonely boy from Nova Scotia, who had been desperate for a friend in a rink where he’d constantly be bullied.

“Sidney,” Geno says, his heart pounding. “Where you live, when you little?”

Sidney looks at him strangely again. “Cole Harbour.”

“Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia,” he recites like a forgotten daydream. He then lists the street address that he’d long memorized after a dozen of these letters, and watches Sidney’s eyes widen.

“Yes, that’s where I used to live,” Sidney says slowly. His entire body is frozen, and he seems to be thinking a million things at once.

“Your pen pal, he—he Russian, maybe?”

“He is.” Sidney’s expression morphs into something very peculiar.

“You—“ Geno gulps. Please, please, please let him be right, please. “You call him…call him Zhenya?”

“Yes,” Sidney whispers. “Yes, that’s his name.”

“Zhenya from Magnitogorsk,” Geno says, his hands moving as though they had a mind of their own to grasp Sidney’s trembling ones. “Last letter he send you, on your birthday, he tell you to play best hockey, that he love you.” More than anyone he’s ever loved, Geno doesn’t say.

“Yes.” Sidney’s barely audible at this point, his throat thick as his eyes grow wet. “He did.”

“I’m sorry for make you wait,” Geno says, as if in a trance. “I not know—think different Sid—I—”

Sidney kisses him silent, quick as anything, pulling back too fast for Geno’s liking. Geno ropes him back in almost immediately for a real kiss, a deep, heartfelt one that leaves Sidney gasping and breathless. He’s smiling as he pulls away. Sidney’s crying, a little bit, but he’s grinning and hiccuping like all his prayers have been answered.

“Zhenya,” Sidney garbles out, clasping at Geno’s hands like he can’t quite believe he’s able to. “Zhenya.

Geno’s helpless to do anything other than kiss Sidney again, and again, and again.

EXO Reaction when they were out last night and didn't answer your calls

XOXO, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Trying to explain* “So I was out with Baek… and he wanted to go for some chicken, but then it started raining so we ended up at the movies… but when I realized my phone was at the back of the van and the firework started so I couldn’t see a thing… but..” *What did he do last night?*


“What phone? I don’t have a phone.. phones are not my style” *So smooth*


*Takes off his shirt* “Do you want to talk about last night? Sure… but come closer… you are too far..” *Trying to distract you with everything he can*


*Actually his battery ran out because he was recording the whole thing* “Here baobei… watch! We were having so much fun, I’m sorry I worried you”


“Please don’t see me… I’m invisible.. I’m not here.. I’m innocent… oh god she’s furious” *Knows it won’t end well for him*


“I’m sorry jagi.. can I make it up to you somehow? I know you were worried but you know I’m always responsible, I wouldn’t do anything to get in trouble” *BF goals*


“I… i don’t know what happened to my phone… I think Yoda took it! Yeah he gave me his lightsaber in exchange of my phone… I’m a jedi now btw!” *This boy a swear*


*Feels like a little boy getting grounded* “Yes baobei.. I won’t do that again… I’ll be more careful from now on.. I know you worry… I’m sorry babe…” *not so manly now hm?*


“She called? What the… I haven’t even checked my phone.. I better not tell her I didn’t arrive last night… but today… ahh I’m so screwed… I better start apologizing before she finds on her own…” *Someone’s really really nervous*


*Knows how to get your hear back* “Jagi… it was just a matter of battery… I know your number by memory so if something would have gone wrong I would have called somehow. I’m sorry… now have this, I know you love churros in the morning”


*Just realized he didn’t call or answer or even take his phone from the table in the restaurant* “Baobei… would you come with me to get it back? I think I left it last night… where was my mind? Seriously…”


“Did I just… broke my rule of answering the phone… did I just fail as a person? As a boyfriend..” *Probably you won’t need to tell him anything because he already feels guilty enough* 

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Storm Before The Calm

Summary: after a fight that leaves the reader crushed and paranoid, they try to stay the night at Kat and Amy’s but Ethan still needs to explain himself

A/N: im really bad at summaries but im tryin g. also i only use nb pronouns when i write without requests so

You couldn’t quite remember what had set the two of you off. Something about a boyfriend and a messy apartment and too much stress frying your brain. You’d ended up yelling at each other somehow and gotten to the topic of, well, each other. Ethan yelled about how frustrating you were sometimes and you snapped.

“Why do you even like me then?” You spit at him. You’re shaking a little, head spinning. You feel a bit like you’re gonna throw up.

“I don’t!” His words are sharp and feel more like knives flying past you, slicing into your skin and leaving you bleeding.


Staggering backwards, you reach blindly for your bag. You need to go. Oh God, you knew it. You knew it. He hated you, he’d been faking this entire time.

Ethan’s face falls when he realizes what he’s said, how he’s just outed himself. “Y/N wait! That’s not what I-”

But you’re already heading for the door. He tries to grab your wrist but you yank it away, pulling the front door open. When you speak, your voice is oddly calm.

“It’s okay. It’s fine, Eth.” You see him flinch at the nickname. Part of you feels bad but there’s an even smaller part that revels in it. “I understand. Ev-….. It’s fine, okay? But I’m gonna go for tonight.”

This time, his grip on your wrist is much tighter and it takes you two hard tries to tug yourself away. Stumbling out the front door, you scramble to your car and pull out of the driveway before Ethan can follow you.

You’re not sure how long you drive but when your brain tunes back in you’re at a red light. The streets are abandoned, the streetlights giving the world an eerie glow. Leaning your forehead on top of the hand on the steering wheel, you pull your phone out of your pocket. You don’t know who to call. All of your friends were his friends first, they probably all feel the same way. You think about calling Laura, your first roommate in the city, but she had never been too empathetic. A second of consideration ruled out the guy you’d dated a few times about a month ago. You hadn’t really been that close and he and Ethan had really disliked each other. He might assume the worst if you called him.

Breathing out, you gave in. Pulling your phone out, your finger hovered over Kat’s contact name before you remembered how rare it was for her to be on her phone. Shit.

With even more trepidation, you found Amy’s number. You loved her, of course, but something about how close she was with Ethan made you think they’d be on the same wavelength when it came to their feelings towards you. You tapped the call button before you could back out and held the phone up to your ear. On the last ring, Amy’s groggy voice crackled out of your speakers.

“Hullo?” It sounded like she’d just woken up you realized as you checked the clock on your dash. The numbers 1:36 flashed at you and immediately you felt guilty.

“Shit I’m sorry I didn’t realize how late it was.” You apologize. Your voice is stuffy and cracking and it dawns on you that you’d been tearing up before you answered. You cough to try and cover it up but Amy’s a fucking emotional bloodhound.

“Woah hey why are you crying? Are you okay?” You hear shuffling as she scrambles to sit up.

“I’m okay, Ames. Promise. I was just wondering if I could crash at your place tonight?”

“What happened? Is everything alright with Ethan?” The worry in her voice makes you feel guilty and you cringe.

“It’s okay, Ames. I’m fine I just… I need to stay somewhere. Is that okay?” You feel shitty but you don’t even have time to take back the request before Amy is saying of course it’s okay and telling you to get your ass over there.

Hanging up and glancing at the road before you begin driving again, you sigh. Amy probably wouldn’t act this way if she didn’t like you, right? Ugh. You didn’t know and what happened with Ethan was making you feel paranoid. You trusted him so much, you’d thought it’d been mutual. Shaking the thoughts away before you started crying, you focused your full attention on driving.

Amy answered the door before you’d even finished knocking, pulling you inside immediately. “What happened? Oh gosh you were crying did someone hurt you? I’ll kill them I swear to God.” She held your face gently in her hands and stared at you like she was searching for a wound.

You laughed, but it turned into a sob halfway through. Amy pulled you forward into a crushing hug, tittering and worrying.

“Amy I’m okay. Shh it’s alright. Come on, I don’t want to wake Kathryn.” You hugged her back, trying to calm her.

“Too late.” You heard a tired voice say, making you jump.

“Jesus Christ, Kat!” You yelped, pressing a hand to your chest as Amy squeaked in surprise.

Kathryn smiled before she noticed your state. Messy hair and tears on your face. “What happened?” She asked, approaching you quickly and putting her steady hands on your shoulders.

“I- Ethan and I…” You didn’t know what to tell them. You felt kind of pathetic now, running to them crying after one fight. Kathryn, though, looked pissed. Her eyes hardened and her grip tightened. She always had been a bit overprotective.

“What did he do? I swear to God if he-”

“He didn't… Did he?” Amy’s worried voice broke in.

“No no hey he didn’t do anything. It’s okay we just…. fought a little. Some… words were said.” You scoff. “I sort of got mad and questioned why he even liked me and he said he didn’t.” You rush, biting your lip and looking at the ground once the words are out.

“Oh. Honey, no. I’m sure it was a misunderstanding, Ethan’s your friend.” Kathryn rushes towards you to pull you into a hug and you let her.

“I… I don’t know. He sounded so sure and I just- I was scared to even come here because I thought…. I thought you were his friends first and you all felt the same way.”

“How could you ever think that! You’re our friend and you know it.” Amy joins Kathryn and coddling you, petting your hair until you laugh, ducking away from them both.

“I know, I know. I just… Ugh. I don’t really feel like talking about it any more tonight. Is that okay?”

“Of course, Y/N. Come on, since we’re all up we can watch a movie.” You smile as Amy guides you to the living room and all but forces you into a pile of blankets on the couch. Kathryn ducks out of the room and returns a few minutes later with a bag of popcorn.

“If this is happening, we gotta do it right!” She says, voice determined. You all settle on the couch and the girls refrain from asking you about Ethan, which you appreciate.

Halfway through the second movie, as you’re nodding off with your head on Kat’s arm, a sharp knock at the door makes you jump. Amy almost falls off the couch in her effort to disentangle herself from the blankets, mumbling a “who the fuck” under her breath.The knock comes again, louder and more insistent and Amy yanks the door open. Immediately she looks angry.

“Dude what the fuck?” She starts but a voice cuts her off.

“Is Y/N here?”

You tense because fuck that’s Ethan. Kat’s arm tightens around you when Ethan steps into the front room. “Ethan, dude,what the h-” Amy calls but he’s already rushing towards you.

“You scared the shit out of me! Y/N what the fuck! You weren’t answering your phone. I called Mark and Tyler and nether of them had heard from you do you know how fucking terrified I was?” You look guiltily at your bag in the corner where you had left your phone.

Kat glares at him from her spot next to you. “What are you doing here, Ethan?”

”Kat it’s okay please don’t be mad at him.” You beg. Ethan looks a bit terrified under her angry gaze, gulping and fidgeting with the sleeve of his jacket.

“I-I needed to talk with Y/N.”

“I don’t think right now is a good time.”


“No, Ethan.”

“Hey!” You pipe up. “You aren’t allowed to argue because of me, stop that.” You wiggle out from under the blankets and stand in front of Ethan. “We can talk, it’s fine.” You grab his shoulder and lead him towards the front door, ignoring Kat’s protests. Amy stutters, trying to take in what the hell is happening as you slip through the front door and close it behind the both of you.

“Y/N you scared me so bad!” Ethan starts immediately. “I couldn’t get you to answer your phone and it was so late I thought you’d-” He cuts himself off, breathing deeply.

“Sorry…” You rub the back of your neck. “I left my phone in my bag.”

“God you shouldn’t be the one apologizing. About earlier-”

“I don’t know what you have to say that might make this better, Ethan.”

“If you’d listened to me you would have-”

“I listened just fine, Ethan! I’m not that stupid you said you didn’t like me so I-”

“No! That’s what I’m saying! You didn’t stay long enough for me to explain myself. That’s not at all what I meant!”

“Then what did you mean?” You said, voice ambivalent with both anger and confusion.

“I was trying to say ‘I don’t like you, I love you’. You’re one of my best friends, Y/N! I just didn’t get to finish…”

Oh my God. Oh my god, Ethan you are an idiot!” You laugh, covering your mouth with your hand. All this mess because of some miscommunication. “Why in the world would you do that?”

“I-I… It would be like in the movies! When they do the big feelings reveal!” Ethan’s mouth snaps shut at that and he blushes.

Feelings? What the fuck?

“Did you- Feelings reveal?” Ethan blushes hard and stares at his shoes. “Are you… Do you?” You don’t even know what to say.

“Love you? Yeah. In… In a more than friends way? Uh… Yeah.” Ethan still won’t look at you and you sigh quickly. Well… that sure is a development.

“Would you- Hey, Eth, would you look at me?” Ethan’s head pops up a bit, cheeks still pink. “That's… This is fine. I’m into it I… more than a friend way love you too…” You didn’t even realize it until then, but once you say it you know it’s true.

Ethan beams at you and your stomach flips. It’s like his entire attitude has changed as he stands up straighter and bounces on the balls of his feet. “Really? Like really really?” He laughs and pulls you in for a tight hug that surrounds you in the best way. He’s warm and still a little jittery and you giggle as he rests his face on your shoulder to look up at you. “Woah.” He breathes and you laugh.

It’s a split second decision as you lean down and peck his lips lightly. It doesn’t last more than a second but when you pull away Ethan’s eyes are wide and his laugh is giddy. “Nice.”

You laugh and shove him off you. “Come on, dumbass. Let’s get inside before they think we killed each other.” Ethan laughs lightly, taking your hand as you reach to open the door.

Amy and Kat are sitting on the sofa looking anxious and frustrated, respectively. You pull Ethan through the door, hands still entwined, and announce “Ethan is a fucking idiot!”

Amy gasps and points at your hands. “Did he? Did you?” She jumps from her seat and crowds you while Kathryn smirks at you over her shoulder.

You smile at Amy. “Ethan doesn’t know how to use his fucking words.” Ethan looks sheepish, agreeing with you under his breath.

“Thank God that’s over.” Kat teases, poking your side as you settle down on the couch again. “I really thought I’d have to kill him.”

“Shush! Less drama, more Disney movies.” Ethan curls up next to you as Amy presses play on the remote. Hands still entwined, you sit with Ethan and the girls until you can feel yourself drifting off again. You’d have to talk more with Ethan, about what was going to happen, but that could come later. Right now you wanted peace. And that’s what you got.

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Tfp Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Knockout, Breakdown, Dreadwing , Shockwave & Predaking realize that they are in love with their shy and sweet human friend? Would they deny it? Would they accept it? P.S. crush loves them too. Just to scared to admit

I feel like I just did this ask??? Maybe I started it at some point and forgot to finish it– Shit. I have the mind of a toddler. 
Yo, I would be scared to admit to a 40-foot murder machine too.
Short scenario thing followed by some headcanons, ‘cause I do what I want and fuck the rules.


You were meant to be nothing more than a bargaining chip and he treated you as such for the first month of your capture. He would hardly even look at you and when he did it was with such hate and disdain you felt like you should melt under the burning gaze. You’re not entirely sure when that had started to change, or even why, but it had. What had drawn him to wondering about you is that you only asked for one thing, a tv. It was a strange request when you could have demanded to be let go, not that he expected you to, you rarely talked and if you did it was near impossible to understand. He decided to provide. It started with curiosity as to what these strange tv shows were, anything from Steven Universe to Myth Busters was played. Curiosity soon turned into a willingness to just simply watch tv with you which devolved into ignoring the tv and discussing things with each other. He couldn’t define the exact moment he started having feeling for you, but he could define the exact moment he shoved them so far to the back of his processor it would take a miracle to bring them up. 
~He pretends he doesn’t care. He can’t show such a weakness to the rest of his crew.
~He does allow you more freedoms, however. 
~If anyone dares to assume they could bring harm to you they are terminated.
~While he won’t show direct weakness such as allowing you on his shoulder or in the bridge, he does show less direct ways.
~Those less direct ways are making sure a trusted eradicon watches over you at all times and that you have things you need such as a comfortable place to sleep and good food. It’s best not to wonder how he got it.
~He’s aware of your feelings, but, similar to his own he brushes them aside and tells you to do the same.
~He may be the leader of the decepticons, but Starscream is prove enough some will look for any excuse to overthrow him and you are a good one.
~He will resign himself to handing you over to Optimus if he has to, makes it look like a trade.

He was rarely in charge of keeping up with you, so rare in fact you didn’t even know his name for the longest time. The fact that neither of you talked much didn’t help your relationship blossom very quickly. You were almost certain you were going to leave that ship, dead or alive, having no idea who the big, lanky, noodle bot was. Somehow you managed to finally find out when he looked over his shoulder to the name ‘Soundwave’. You decided to try to talk to him, it was something to do and what did you really have to lose? You’re life… But you weren’t thinking about that. You talked and you were sure he was even listening until you mentioned a tv show and he flashed that across his visor, he was asking you if that was what you meant and so you nodded. A curt nod and you smiled, so he was listening. From there you talked to him and found it easier and easier to notice his posture and body language, finding you knew what he was saying without a flash of something across his visor. It meant a lot to him to have someone, even if they were human, able to read him so well, better than even Megatron. As your relationship grew so had his feelings and he was realizing, much too late, he would have to do something.
~Admits it to you, though entirely on accident. When a person can read another as well as you can read him it’s hard to hide anything.
~Makes sure you understand neither of you can do anything about it.
~You understand this, Megatron would kill you and might hurt him. It’s not the thought of death that has you scared, but Soundwave hurt.
~Similar to himself you can’t keep anything from either so you both figured out the other’s feelings very quickly.
~Will pretend to lose you to an Autobot if he thinks you’re in danger.
~Will secretly email either Ratchet or you directly to keep in touch with you.
~The bots don’t like it, but Optimus will not allow anyone to get involved in your relationship, they are simply to keep you safe.

He had just been keeping you around for company at first, it did get dreadfully lonely without the ability to fly. You were something he would get rid of eventually. No reason to keep you around once he’d grown bored. Thing was, he never grew bored of you. Though you were shy and sometimes mumbled to the point of being incomprehensible, you were sweet and you treated him with dignity and respect. You were also incredibly smart, able to hold conversations with him about science studies and war plans. He was impressed and amazed by your level of intelligence. He’d even begun to teach and talk to you about cybertronian technology and history. He was sure why that had started either, it just flowed from him naturally. As he was staring down at you, working out what he’d given you to study, he realized he… May have a problem.
~Denies the shit out of it.
~It’s bad enough to have you as a /friend/. A love interest? Nope.
~He’s also scared you’ll end up dead if anyone ever found out he was fond of you and it would only get worse if they knew he loved you.
~He’s vaguely aware you feel the same, but he’ll lie to himself and tell you don’t.
~It’s easier for him to pretend you hate him, that way he doesn’t feel compelled to confess to you.
~That doesn’t mean you don’t notice the way he looks at you or the way he seems extra gentle with you.
~He’ll leave you in civilization when he thinks he’s going to come into contact with any other bot or con.
~No one has seen you yet and he intends to keep that way for as long as possible.
~Will give you to Optimus if he thinks for a moment Megatron knows about you.
~He’d rather take a beating and having you living than both of you be dead.

You were never something he really cared about, just a creature he had to watch over. A nuisance really, like a pet he didn’t ask for. He mostly ignored you, that is until you started asking questions about his work and complimenting how good he was. How could he ignore such a sweet and gracious accolade? You’d be lying if you said you weren’t amazed how he managed to stay full concentrated while at the same boasting about himself. It was… Oddly endearing. After that he found that he could stand your company a little more, especially when you said you would willingly help him get clean, but only with his thorough instruction. You’d rather not ruin something as pretty as his finish. Honestly that’s probably when he started to fall for you. Your sweet gestures of helping him, thanking him, telling him how good he looked and meaning it. It was all too much for him. He couldn’t have stopped himself. He definitely had a huge problem and he wasn’t sure how to handle it.
~Doesn’t hide it from you, he loves you and he wants you to know.
~Tells you, you both need to keep it hidden from everyone else, except Breakdown. Who, if we’re being honest, knew KO loved you before KO did.
~Breakdown /constantly/ teases KO and KO is high-key annoyed with his shit.
~KO keeps you on his shoulder at all time unless he’s busy with a con, then it’s Breakdown’s job to watch you.
~He won’t let you out of his sight, or the medbay, much. He realizes he’s being overprotective, but he must be.
~He is very affectionate in private, but almost never affectionate in public. He finds that it’s far too dangerous.
~When Breakdown is killed his sends you straight to Optimus, he can’t watch you constantly and there’s no one around to help him.
~The decision to switch to the Autobots hinged almost entirely on you.

As with Knockout you started out as nothing more than an annoying pet he never asked for. Most often he was left being the one to watch after you and make sure you didn’t escape. Or try to escape. You never talked and that was just fine by him, he didn’t care what you had to say. In fact, anytime he could he’d hand you off to Knockout so he didn’t have to deal with you at all. However, that quickly changed the first time he heard you speak, looking up at him from a table he had just haphazardly set you on. He was just about to sneer and ask you what you were looking at when you complemented him, telling him, very quietly, how cute his face was. His insult died in his vocal processor and his sputtered indignantly as Knockout laughed in the background. If he wasn’t so flustered he would have turned around and decked Knockout in the face. He didn’t believe in love at first anything, but maybe he could change that sentiment.
~He doesn’t deny it? Okay he denies it, but to himself. It’s hard to deny it to others faces when he’s sputtering and yelling at people just for mentioning him being a little nicer to you.
~Fucking calls you pet. No, he /will not/ stop.
~He does it in private because of how pouty and red you get, he thinks it’s adorable. In public, it’s because that’s what he has to pretend you are to him.
~He trusts KO to watch you when he can’t, KO likes you enough because you compliment him and help him with your tiny human hands.
~After he comes back from getting kidnapped and you cry and tell him how scared you were, he actually admits to himself that he really does care about you.
~He makes KO agree to take you to Bulkhead if anything happens to him. KO begrudgingly agrees, he’s sure nothing could ever happen to Breakdown.
~KO comforts you when Breakdown is killed, holding you in his servo and gently stroking your head.
~You take comfort in each other until he decides it is time to keep his promise. 
~It doesn’t matter how much you hate him or what you scream at him, he’s keeping you safe for Breakdown, even if that means both of you losing your only connections to him. He will not disrespect Breakdown’s death.

You were an assignment, that’s all you were ever supposed to be. An assignment. It didn’t matter to him that you never spoke and hardly looked up. He didn’t care. You wouldn’t be his problem soon enough anyway. That didn’t stop him from being gentle with you, probably the gentlest of all the bots to hold you. You’re fragile and more useful to them alive than dead. He doesn’t bother trying to talk to you, he sees no reason. That doesn’t stop you, however. After all, eventually you get bored of the silence, it’s disconcerting at best. He almost drops you when you speak for the first time, he hasn’t ever heard you speak. He looks down at you, he didn’t hear you, you’ll have to repeat yourself. When you tell him again that he’s an amazing fighter, from what little you’ve heard, he flusters a bit. He’s not as bad as Breakdown, but he does trip over his words just a bit as he thanks you. From then on you find it’s a bit easier to talk to him, both of you talking quietly. He finds your quiet and respectful nature charming and he finds it… cute when you get embarrassed around him. When he finds himself growing more and more attached to you, he kind of panics. If someone were to find out… You’d be killed.
~He doesn’t deny it, he’s not stupid he can’t deny that he loves you. However, he never speaks of it.
~He’ll also ignore anyone that asks him about it.
~He’ll speak of it only to you and is quite surprised to hear you feel the same.
~He’s pretty much the only one allowed to watch you now. Will come up with respectful excuses to make sure of this.
~He barely pay attention to you when you’re in front of others. He doesn’t need anyone to see how he treats you.
~In private he’ll gently stroke your head/hair and allow you to sit upon his shoulder.
~He adores when you kiss his cheekplates and then get flustered about it.
~Will probably find it best to send you to Optimus, he does not trust that he can protect you.
~You find out about his death through Optimus himself.

He was sure he wasn’t meant to be capable of love. He was sure he had set that to be non-existent. However, he couldn’t ignore the tight feeling in his stomach or the way his processor tried to distract him from his work to think about you. An organic. You had been brought on board for no other reason than to provide him a guinea pig. That’s all you had intended to be. However, you talked science and you were quiet, regardless of it being because you were shy or scared. You were not overwhelmingly stupid nor loud and he enjoyed that. He began to find he liked your company far more than just as an experiment. It was illogical and what was more illogical is that he hadn’t killed you for it. The defining moment in his processor that bloomed like a punch to the light was when he needed to use the word spaghettification and where you were usually quiet and reserved suddenly you were giggle snorting and couldn’t seem to gain control of yourself. One word in his processor had him very concerned; cute.
~What is love? Baby don’t hurt him.
~He won’t deny it, per se, but he won’t admit either.
~He is aware of your feelings almost immediately after, if not before, you are. He tells you they are illogical.
~He sees no reason to be affectionate with you, but will allow you sit on his shoulder or robotitty while he works if his work is not particularly dangerous.
~He won’t give you to Megatron or Optimus, gives a compelling argument as to why it is imperative you stay with him.
~That argument is complete bullshit and the urge to tell someone how illogical he, himself, is being is very strong in him. He will tell you once you are alone. Don’t laugh, he’s being entirely serious.
~You probably laugh at him anyway and he actually says the word “Cute” this time.

Honestly, he probably picked you up purely out of curiosity, some jewelry you were wearing or a watch was bright and it caught his attention. He had been curious about the small creatures around this planet and you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Of course, you realize this until much later. Now you were just screaming as you flew God knows how high up in the air. You were being kidnapped by a /fucking/ dragon. Be careful what you wish for you, you suppose. He dropped you rather roughly before transforming to stare down at you. You’ll never forget the marvelous look of ‘what the actual fuck are you’ on his face. From then on, he kept you with him, growling and threatening anyone that dared to come near you. You were his and therefore not to be trifled with. You enjoyed the attention, though he was concerned with your quiet nature and shyness. It took a while for you to finally speak more than a yes or no or a few words. However, when you spoke to tell him how grateful you were for him protecting you and how much his attention meant to you his was amazed. It was just a few nice words, but to him it felt like a speech and it hit him like punch to the chest. Oh.
~Deny it? He doesn’t even keep it a secret. You are his queen/king.
~He treats you with such respect and dignity. You will feel like royalty.
~He tells you that he loves you quiet often and, when you say it back, he’ll smile gently and kiss your head.
~He’s very affectionate with you both publicly and privately, though publicly it stays with simple kisses and holding you in his servos.
~While he’s far more open, you’re more reserved and quiet, it’s a good dynamic for the both of you.
~He wouldn’t hand you over to anyone unless he was sure you would get hurt otherwise. And it wouldn’t be any decepticon he’d trust with you.

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How will the boys react when they find out s/o is made into l'Cie against their will; s/o then completes Focus and turned into crystal stasis (without the boys knowing what that Focus is)? (FFXIII AU I hope you don't mind! You don't have to answer this if you didn't play it yet)

I had to do quite a bit of research for this one, since I’m really only a fan of 15, but I think I got the gist of it…I think….(spoilers of end game, and DLC) ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ


A scream, Noctis’ scream! That was the last thing you heard, before you own painful wail. Watching with tears in your eyes, as your body slowly became crystal. You had lost Noctis’ to the kingdoms crystal, and yourself had complete your  l’Cie Focus.

Only to feel everything crash around you, your body hurt, but you were alive! How! Noctis was your Focus by the gods, how did you…You only realized what was happening as you glanced up, Noctis was holding you safely in his arms, yet he looked so much older.

“Y/n?” A call echoed around you, as you glanced around, Ignis, Gladiolus, Prompto, all of them! They were all safe, but so much older.

“What happened?” You inquired, as you sat up in Noctis’ embrace, noticing you were all at at campsite.

“That’s what we’d like to know.” Gladiolus replied. “After Noct was sucked into that crystal, you were turned into a crystal yourself.”

You froze, your job wasn’t done yet, moving your hair from the side of your neck, you showed a gem in the shape of a crown, hidden behind your ear, the l’Cie’s mark not just underneath. “I am a l’Cie, my Focus, my job is to lead the Final King to his throne.”

“I’m sorry what?” Prompto called, “What’s a La cry?”

You moved from Noctis’ arms, “A l’Cie is a person that had a need to fulfill, mine is to see Noctis to the throne.”

“Can’t you just ignore it?” Noctis asked, as you shook your head. “What happens after you fulfill this purpose?”

You looked up tears in your eyes, “I don’t know, it’s the gods plan, Noctis I had no idea that it would be you.”

Noctis, placed his forehead against your own staring you in the eye, “We’ll find out together.”

You couldn’t help but cry, you knew what would happen after the Final king was lead to his throne, yet you couldn’t bare to think about it again. All within your crystal cocoon, you dreamt of your adventures with Noctis, you just couldn’t bare to think of placing that burden on the man.


“Come to me!” Noctis called.

You tried to be brave as you watched the man you loved sit upon a throne that was rightfully his. You tried to stop the tears as you watched the astral appear before him, yet they came as you watched him be ran through.

You powered through your tears, you powered through your body slowly becoming crystal. Each footstep getting heavier as you ascended the stairs to be at Noctis’ side. You cursed whatever god lead you to this horrid ending, you cursed yourself for falling in love with this man, and having him fall in love with you in return.

Your body collapsed onto the throne, turning the man’s head to yourself, those blue eyes never to show you that bright light again. Cradling his face in your hands, you pulled him close to give him one more kiss, only to be denied that, as you were both engulfed in your crystal status, your lips barely ghosting across his.



“I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want this.” You muttered repeatedly, your heart hurt so bad as you scratched at your L’Cie brand on your wrist. You weren’t even certain of just how long that you’d be able to stay. Your focus was to help Prompto with Noctis. He was one of the choosen to set the King to his throne.

When Ardyn had forced Noctis into the crystal, and you didn’t turn into crystal, you had to admit you were happy, the gods couldn’t use you, but the grief all of you felt at missing such a key part of your group was too much to bare. Those ten years in the darkness, they were to come to an end, because Noctis was back.

Yet that also meant so was your time with Prompto.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Prompto asked, you had requested he meet you alone for just a few moment, prior to the start of the final battle.

You turned, embracing the man tightly, your face buried in his chest as you cried, “I love you so much Prompto.”


“Thank you for loving me, thank you for being with me, thank you for making me yours, and yours alone.” You cried, all your words coming out. “I…I didn’t want this, I want our lives to be long, and happy.”

Prompto’s arms embraced you tightly, “What’s wrong?”

You pulled back, fishing in the front of your shirt to pull out your crystal within the shape of a gun, “I, I’m a L’Cie?’

“You’re talking like you’re some kind of mystical creature.”

“Prompto, I won’t be able to join you on your final mission, I won’t even last the night.” You cried, as you forced the gold gun like stone into his hand. “Please, Prompto, live a happy life.”

Prompto gather you in his arms, as he held you close, “I don’t know what’s going on, but is there a way to stop this?”

You shook your head, “I don’t…no…” You cry not wanting to hold onto the hope that there was some way. “Please Prompto, please just hold me, until it stops.”

Prompto nodded, he had just gotten his best friend back, now to lose you too. The man cried, as he held you tightly to his chest, he cried as your body became stiff, and he cried as a wall of crystal formed between you two.



Gladiolus sat within his folding chair at the campsite, he was suppose to be happy, he was suppose to be more powerful, but he couldn’t stop this. He couldn’t stop this “Focus”, this curse that happened to you.

A note clinched tightly in his hand, your final words to him, all because he completed that trail.

My strong Gladiolus,

I had wish that I had told you this sooner, I will not be with you long. By the time you return I will be gone, my job, my focus done. I am a L’Cie, I explained it to Ignis, he’ll be able to fill you in.

Please don’t get mad, I know that you’re upset right now, yet I need you to be strong. Not for me, but for the boys, and for Noct, and Iris.

Oh Iris, tell her I’m sorry, I won’t be able to make it to her graduation. I know she’s going to grow up to be a wonderful woman, because she has a big brother like you.

Gladiolus, I love you so very much, and maybe if the gods see fit, maybe we can be together again. Maybe we can have that happy ending. You are so very strong My Shield, please protect your sister and your brothers. Please don’t ever think that I’m not dreaming of you, or that my heart could ever beat so strongly for anyone else.

I love you, Gladiolus Amicitia!

Gladiolus wasn’t sure of how many times he had read the last note you left him. Yet he knew that after he dealt with this Ardyn character he would find a way to bring you back.

“I promise, babe.”



“Ignis, my love.” You cooed, he was a little worse for the wear, but that was to be expected, you all had just finished the largest fight of your life for all of Eros.

Ignis turned his blind eyes to you, reaching out as he cupped your face. “How are you faring, my dear?”

You smiled softly, you had managed to divert the gods plans slightly, by making certain of Noctis survival, but still you would not be able to fix what followed. “I have, had better days. Are you hungry?”

“Y/N, you have been acting strange, since the end of the fight,” He stated. “Are you injured?”

You glanced at the horizon, seeing the sky turning to a soft purple, you didn’t have long, “Ignis it’s too much to explain at this point and our time is growing very short. My love, thank you for making me such a proud wife. I could not have wished for anything better.”

Ignis made to respond, only to stop as he felt you press your lips against his. The man wrapped his arms around you, holding you tight as you trembled in the kiss. Breaking the kiss Ignis removed his glasses, that single eye staring down at you.

“My heart, I do not know as to what circumstances are to pull us apart, but let it be known, I will fight gods for you.”

You couldn’t find your words as you looked to the man you called husband, everything he promised always came true. “I love you, my husband.”

Ignis pulled you into another kiss, “I love you, my wife, please understand that I will not be too long.”

“I will be waiting.” You smiled, stepping away.

Ignis hands reached out, his blind eye was only able to see movements and your silhouette was moving out of his vision. He instead felt your arms, as they slowly dragged down his, your fingertips ghosting over each other, before he felt nothing.

“I love you.” You cried, before becoming silent.

Ignis stepped forward, as his hand touched a large piece of crystal, he felt he could almost make out your body within the center, resting his forehead against the crystal, Ignis allowed himself to weep as the sun rose over Eros for the first time in 10 years.

“I love you too.”

It’s @celesoran‘s bday!!! Please accept this small Speed Demons ficlet! :D

On a scale of one to ten, one being the least worst, and ten being the absolute most terrible, a rowdy bar in the rougher part of town on a Saturday night is probably on the higher end of Asahi’s discomfort spectrum.

He knows Daichi and Suga love this place, though, because it reminds them a little bit of the old days, the scent of smoke and danger always lingering in the air, the possibility of fight or flight always right around the corner. Asahi doesn’t miss those days nearly as much, and he knows the two of them are more or less happy in the relative stability they have now, but he does understand the notion of rose-tinted glasses born from nostalgia.

Asahi likes the quiet, though. That’s why he watches from a booth in the corner of the room, nursing a soda and snacking on admittedly delicious chicken wings, while Daichi and Suga jostle for elbow room at the crowded bar. They’re both already tipsy, and are making a game out of swatting each other’s asses and then acting like one of the other rowdy bar patrons around them is the overly friendly culprit.

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hey, I was rewatching some of Yuna's programs today and I realized that, while david wilson's programs seemed to work pretty well for her, they didn't seem to work quite so well for yuzu (by work I mean, yeah he won a bunch of stuff but his non-wilson programs are SO much nicer). why do you think that is? also, do you think he's gonna get a coreography by wilson this coming season? i really hope he doesn't seeing as it is olympic season.

Yuzu, just reveal your FP and your chosen choreograph and stop our guessing!
(Just had to remind him to hurry up disclosing his choice)

Sorry for the longest delay (but as you see Yuzu still has to announce his FP so I’m still beating him on the question. AH), but I have lot of thoughts on this and I’ve always been too lazy to sit down and put some orders in them. Can’t promise I’ll put out everything, but I’ll try to give a coherent answer based on my opinion.

A skating program is a combined effort of choreographer, skater and his/her coaching team. Skater contribution is bigger or smaller depending on skater’s inclination (some of them want to get involved, some just refer to their coach, any skater is a different story). Skater and choreographer “affinity” is bigger or smaller depending how much they know and they “get” each other.

David Wilson is a great choreographer. He has done many great programs, on very different kinds of music. He is also a choreographer that I would put in “primadonna” category. Meaning, he knows his value, he knows he is good, he wants to put out programs that are first of all “his”. I often felt that Wilson programs speak first of all of Wilson himself and about the way he himself sees the skater.

According various choreographers who worked with him, Yuzu is a skater that “needs his moments” in a program. Needs his space and the freedom to explore it. Needs to understand and to own what he has to represent. Needs to take steps outside original choreographical structure. It’s a skater that - I’m quoting Brian’s words here - “has his own unique entries to jumps and timing in the composition, and it’s very important for him to be comfortable with the timing of the choreography. Even with his quads from steps, Yuzuru has an ideal form within him, down to the speed of that step and the angle of the curve. He really needs a choreographer who can share that “commitment to details” that is unique to such top skaters.”

How all this brought two competition programs like Notre Dame de Paris and then Romeo and Juliet 2?* (But also Notte Stellata three years later?)
My opinion is that various things came into place:

1) Notre Dame wasn’t really Yuzu’s first choice (he wanted to skate to POTO)
2) David proposed Notre Dame and built it according his idea. He didn’t knew much (if any) about Yuzu himself at that point, probably his own idea didn’t match much with Yuzu’s.
3) Communication between them couldn’t be at best, considering he just moved to Canada and his English wasn’t pafect for sure ;)
4) Technically Yuzu did a big upgrade between 2011/12 and 2012/13. He went from a FP with 1 quad and 2 3A and a 4+4 structure to a FP with 2 quads (one of them a new quad) + 2 3A and a 3+5 structure. On top of that NDP is a program much more packed than RJ1. It’s also a program that came along in a season where Yuzu struggled a lot with his stamina (moving to Canada didn’t help in the slightest with his ashtma either, in the beginning) and to make a long story short, end result has been often a program in which he was more focused about going through it till the end than performing.
5) The following year, Romeo and Juliet 2 was Yuzu’s choice, not much approved by David (ask him and he will tell for the umptenth time about the letter he received begging him to do a program on RJ). Contrary to NDP, Yuzu got the story, he knew what he wanted to portray, I don’t think David was much on same page and what came along was something that wasn’t truly “Yuzu’s”.
6) Communication improved, but I don’t think at that point affinity between them was as good and deep as required to produce great programs. Nor I’m sure that Wilson was ready to give him those spaces he needed.

End of Olympic Season, enter Shae-Lynn. Sometimes you click with someone without needing much time, sometimes you get to work with the right person at right time (Jeff excluded. Any time is the right time to work with Jeff). It’s hard to say what is the difference between the way Yuzu worked on NDP and RJ2 with Wilson and the way he worked with Shae on POTO, maybe just that he was older and more conscious of what he wanted to do and better prepared into communicating what he needed and wanted. Shae-Lynn and Yuzu didn’t work much together on POTO, Yuzu didn’t spent much time in Canada to start with in the whole year after Olympics, but what they did together convinced Yuzu to work with her again on SEIMEI and the result is for everybody to see.

Does it mean that Yuzu and Wilson are not meant to be? Notte Stellata proved that they can work together and bring out top-class programs. It may also mean that now it’s the right time for them to work again together, that they get each others better and that Wilson knows better how to integrate his own ideas with Yuzu’s own. I don’t know if that means they will work again on a competitive program. I think that Shae-Lynn still holds the upper hand there, especially this season, especially when she has been the one to choreo all his FP in this Olympic cycle, but I won’t rule out another competitive program by Wilson if Yuzu goes on after Korea. And I wouldn’t be the slightest surprised if David will choreo again his EX.

*which are still better than many other men’s programs in last few seasons anyway.

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So Bakugou and Todoroki's hero names didn't get decided early on I think because they're each gonna get their own little mini arcs that get em to decide them, but I kinda wanted to know your opinion on what they might end up being? 'Course they'll probably be derived from future plot that we don't know right now, but I wanted to ask anyway!

!!!! I’ve never really thought about Todoroki’s, tbh? So I have no clue, honest, but as far as Bakugou goes I’ll keep on holding onto Ground Zero until Horikoshi officially and unequivocally tells me he 100% definitely scrapped it, my friend - it’s such a cool name??? I read it and I nearly cried when I realized that probably it’s not gonna be his actual hero name rip

Anon said: You need to draw Bok.uro more (i love them so much,(you to of course)

I’m sure you didn’t mean anything bad by this ask anon, but as I’ve said more than once I really, really don’t like the word need. I don’t need to do anything, no one’s paying me for this. When I’ll want to draw more bokro it’ll for sure happen, so don’t worry about that~

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Hi, may I request a scenario where All Might meets Bakugou's girlfriend, but at the beginning he didn't know, but then Bakugou goes for her and he realize that they are dating, but he didn't really expect it because the girl is super nice and cute!

“Oh no, I’m late! I’m late I’m late I’m late!” you ran through the booths outside of the sports festival stadium, trying not to knock into people. “He’ll be so mad at me for being lat- Oof!” you slam into a solid object and fall back onto the ground. “Ow ow ow, what the hec-” you look up and realize you had just slammed into the Symbol of Peace himself. “All Might! I’m so sorry sir! I should have looked where I was going!” you blushed brightly and stood up to dust him off even though  he hadn’t even flinched when you ran into him. “It’s fine young one! Be careful running through here though, don’t want you getting hurt now do we?” he smiled down at you and you shook your head quickly.

He laughed heartily at you and ruffled your hair, “Now run along, well not literally, and enjoy yourself young one.” His bright smile made all of your stress melt away and you returned his smile as you nodded, “I will All Might, thank you so much for not  being angry. I’m sorry for running into you.” you bow slightly and quickly walk into the sports festival arena to find a seat.

You cheered for Bakugou, but you were elated when Izuku won the race. You were glad to see that he was pursuing his dream of becoming a hero. As the festival continued on you started to worry about Bakugou, he seemed to be getting more and more irritated at the other contestants and with himself. His match with Uraraka is what made you uncomfortable. Everyone around you was speaking about him poorly and you wanted to tell them that he wasn’t as vile as they were all making him out to be. Then you heard a voice over the speakers voice just what you were thinking. You smiled and thanked whoever was speaking so highly of Bakugou as you got up and went to find him in the back.

You had to be sneaky to get into the hallways without being caught, but finding him wasn’t too hard after you got in. Quickly pushing the door open you found him sitting with his back to you as he grumbled to himself. You tried to get closer to him but he snapped at you, “Go away.” “Do you really want me to?” you asked him quietly and his head snapped up and whipped around to look at you with wide eyes, “What  the fuck are you doing here?!” he stood quickly and approached you. You opened your arms and hugged him, “I saw your match and decided I couldn’t just stay seated.” you felt his arms wrap around you gently and you pressed a kiss to his jaw as the two of you stood wrapped in each other. “Are you alright? You seem angry.” you frowned and he set his chin on top of your head, “I’m up against that two quirked asshat next. Just have a lot to think about.” he growled and hugged you tighter. “You’ll do fine dear.” you rubbed his back to comfort him. He snorted, “It’s not ME I’m concerned about. He never used his fire side and that’s shit. If I had his quirk I would wreak some fucking havoc with both fire AND ice.” Bakugou growled and you laughed a little at him. “Then maybe it’s a good thing you don’t have both. I like your quirk the way it is anyway.” you smile and press another kiss to his cheek this time. He hummed and pressed his lips to yours before he let you go, “You should get back to your seat.” he headbutted you softly as he set his forehead against yours. You smiled and pressed another kiss to his lips, “For good luck.” you turned the door knob and he rolled his eyes, “I won’t need luck.” “I know you won’t. You’re my strong boyfriend that will always win.” you turn around and wink at him. He rolled his eyes again but the small blush on his cheeks told you he was happy he got to see you. At least he was in a less sour mood now.

You sighed as he raged on the podium. You were glad he had won, but he was obviously not pleased in the slightest. As the festival ended you made your way back to the room you had first found him in. “Excuse me…..” your voice died as you opened the door and found all of the boys from Class 1-A changing in there. You blushed brightly and went to slam the door shut. But a foot stopped it from closing completely. “Hey hey, pretty lady. What brings you here?” A boy with blonde hair pushes the door back open and you blush brightly since he still wasn’t wearing a shirt. “N-Nothing! J-J-us please send B-Baku-” “DENKI STEP THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER!” you hear a roar from the back of the room and the blonde boy jumps and scrambles away from you. “W-Why??” he yelps as he tries to catch himself before he falls to the ground completely. “Because she’s MINE!” you see Bakugou make his way towards you and pulls you to his bare chest. Your blush only getting worse.

“(Y-Y/n)?” you hear a small voice call your name and you turn your head slightly to the side to find Izuku. “H-Hey Zuku! Good job winning the first challenge!” you wave a little and smile, still flustered as you stare at how built Izuku had become since middle school. “Look at anyone else but me and you’ll regret it.” Bakugou growled in your ear and you turned you head back into his chest with a small squeak, “What are you doing here anyway.” He growled and pulled you closer to his chest as he glared at those around him. “I-I-I just wanted t-to say g-good job.” you felt his arms squeeze you tighter, “I fucking told you. That asshat held back. He didn’t even try! I won when he was barely even fighting!” Bakugou was raging and you placed you hands on his shoulders. “Katsu, Katsu. Calm down dear.” you ran your hands down over his back and one went up to gently rub the back of his neck. He huffed out a breath and pressed his forehead to yours, trying to calm himself down.

“What is all this ruckus???” All Might stepped in the door and paused at the scene before him. Everyone had frozen. Half of them were dressed, others were almost dressed, this was normal. What confused him was the girl Bakugou had himself pressed against and why Denki was nearly on the floor. “Wh-What is-” “I’m so sorry All Might this is the second time today you’ve caught me being a fool!” you squeaked and his eyes focused on you. “Hey! I remember you!” he grinned and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding since he didn’t seem mad. “But…. What are you doing here young lady?” he asked and you started to shake a little, afraid maybe he was angry and just hiding it before. “She’s with me, leave her alone.” Bakugou growled from behind you and pulled you tighter to him. “I just asked what she was doing here young Bakugou, nothing to fear.” “W-Well-” you tried to explain but Bakugou cut you off, “She came to see her boyfriend who just won, is there a problem with that?” All Might tensed for a second and flicked his eyes to you, “You’re dating this?” You blushed and nodded as Bakugou roared, “WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!?” You turned and placed your hands on his cheeks and looked up at him. When he met your eyes he took a deep breath and nodded slightly at you.

The entire locker room gasped, “Did she just tame the beast?” “What’s her quirk? Is it to calm him down?” “Is she even real? No one can get Bakugou to calm down like that…” Bakugou growled and turned to yell at the boys behind him but you held his face so he couldn’t turn to them. “Katsuki ignore them.” you spoke evenly and he nodded and held your gaze. “(Y/n) what IS your quirk?” All Might asked you and you laughed a little, “It has nothing to do with calming Bakugou down, he just needs to ground himself a little and he’ll calm down on his own.” you smiled and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around you and you watched as All Might stared at you astonished, “W-Would you like to go to UA?” he asked you and you looked at him shocked, “Wh-What?!” He looked from you to Bakugou who was still holding you close to his chest. “H-He’s a lot to deal with so we could really use some one who could calm him down like you.” All Might looked at you hopeful and you looked down to Bakugou. “Are you causing problems at school Katsu?” you asked him and he growled a little. You laughed a little and shook your head, “Y-Yeah I could attend UA…. Wh-When do I start?” you shifted a little and Bakugou buried his head into your neck. “After break ends. We’ll deal with all of the paperwork, don’t worry.” All Might smiled and then became serious, “But you have to get out of the changing room…..”

You blushed brightly now that you remembered where you were. “O-Of course!” you say and run your hands down Bakugou’s back once more before letting go as he grumbled. “Be nice, I’ll be waiting for you outside that door.” you pressed a kiss to his forehead and walked out. “How did you manage to get someone like her?!” Kirishima yelled from his locker and Bakugou whipped around, “None of your business!” All Might sighed as the loud and troublesome Bakugou returned.