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Marichat drabble: Subconscious Pull Part 1

So I’ve had this idea for a Marichat scene for a while right, but I’m not the best with writing. Plus I’m kinda afraid to write because of some stuff that’s happened in my past; but I finally decided to write this out. Originally it was only gonna be like 100 or 200 words, then 1,000. But it just won’t stop growing, so I’ve decided to post the first portion now. 

Good luck, I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry for how bad it is. :p

Also gonna tag a friend @kittytish101

       Adrien had long ago taken over the night shift between ladybug and himself. The two had decided early on to be there for even the smallest of things, but had quickly realized how hard it was to be out at all times of day. For his part he tried his best to be of service to his lady during the day, but with such a busy schedule, and the night vision he gained from his powers it had become apparent that he was better suited for the night. Adrien smiled to himself as he quickly transformed and headed out over Paris.

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“What are you doing here, bridgeboy?” Adolin hissed from within his helmet. 

“Playing one of the ten fools.” 

Adolin grunted. “Welcome to the party.”

Sometimes love is red. Sometimes it is black. Sometimes it is a spectrum between the two. This is a mix for the rough and tumble relationship between a stubborn bridgeboy and his infuriating princeling.

It’ll Still Be Two Days Till We Say We’re Sorry [8 Tracks]

1. Get Off My Back - Bryan Adams 
Get off my back and into my game / Get out of my way and out of my brain / Get outta my face or give it your best shot / I think it’s time you better face the fact / Get off my back 

2. Hello, Goodbye - The Beatles
You say yes, I say no / You say stop and I say go go go, oh no / You say goodbye and I say hello

3. Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman) - The Glitch Mob 
No wonder, you’re so stubborn / Nobody ever made you dig deeper / No wonder you’ve got demons / Everything you ever did is coming back around 

4. Heartkiller - Kat Graham
I don’t wanna be ya, see ya, hear ya / You’re a heartkiller / I don’t wanna feel ya, can’t be near ya / You’re a heartkiller

5. I Can’t Decide - Scissor Sisters
Oh I could throw you in the lake / Or feed you poisoned birthday cake / I wont deny I’m gonna miss you when you’re gone / Oh I could bury you alive / But you might crawl out with a knife / And kill me when I’m sleeping

6. Danger - Third Eye Blind
Deliver us from the chumps and suckers / You and me killing time in the present tense / Bound together by someone to fight against 

7. Push - Matchbox 20
This ain’t over, no not here, not while I still need you around / You don’t owe me, we might change / Yeah we just might feel good / I wanna push you around, well I will, well I will 

8. It’s About Time - Lillix
I hate you, I love you / I just can’t remember to forget you / Who are you, who needs you? / You make me feel alive, I die, so high / I’m crawling on the ground / And I found I can fly

9. Growing On Me - The Darkness
I’m being punished for all my offences / I wanna touch you but I’m afraid of the consequences / I wanna banish you from which you came / But you’re part of me now / And I’ve only got myself to blame

10. The Minnow & The Trout
Please, I know that we’re different / We were one cell in the sea in the beginning / And what we’re made of was all the same once / All the same / We’re not that different after all

11. Easy - The Barenaked Ladies
Easy to be with you / Easy to obey / Easy to forgive you at the end of the day / Easy now to judge you / Easy to betray / Easy to adore you, though you want to run away

12. Kiss Me ‘Til It Bleeds - Nina Gordon 
I’m stupid, a sucker, he’s a loaded gun / A lover, a leaver, just a hit and run / When our worlds collide breathe deep and hold on tight / Cause he’s so rock and roll, I’m a tortured soul with him in my bones / And he leaves me shattered like a rolling stone

13. Battleships - Daughtry 
And I don’t wanna fight this war / Bullets coming off our lips / But we stick to our guns and we love like battleships / Like battleships

14. Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine 
My black eye casts no shadow / Your red eye sees no blame / Your slaps don’t stick / Your kicks don’t hit / So we remain the same

15. Believe In Me - Rooney
I don’t know what to say / Every word just makes you turn away / And I don’t know what to do / Every day I want to be with you

16. One Week - Barenaked Ladies
It’s been one week since you looked at me / Threw your arms in the air / and said “You’re crazy” / Five days since you tackled me / I’ve still got the rug burns on both my knees / It’s been three days since the afternoon / You realized it’s not my fault / not a moment too soon / Yesterday you’d forgiven me / And now I sit back and wait til you say you’re sorry

17. Make Up Your Mind - Theory Of A Deadman
Let’s wake up, let’s make up and do this for the last time / If we break up, we’ll wind up losing both of our minds / Let’s wake up, let’s make up

18. Wild - Poe 
Tell me what you’ve come for / Moving like a hunter through my back door / Leaving the perfume of all you adore / To die nameless on my floor / Yeah, well we both know you don’t play fair / I guess you really think that you get me there / Let’s be honest perhaps this little ride / Is too much for even you to bear

19. It Never Happened - The National 
We look younger than we feel / And older than we are / Now nobody’s funny / No god, they took our fashion week / That’s a real bad thing / Cause we have scars to cover / Now I forget how to think / So crack my skull / Rearrange me

20. Mercy - Saint Saviour
When you are falling / I will follow you down / A thousand miles to the ground / Calling out your mercy

Preference #79: He proposes on stage
  • A/N: I know I somewhat posted this already but I didn't finish it because I accidentally posted it then it was deleted and I have to rewrite it ok enjoy
  • Michael: "Thank you, Sydney! You guys were an amazing crowd tonight!" Ashton said into the microphone. Michael smiled at his band mate then brought his microphone to his lips. "It's amazing that we got to start our tour right here in our hometown and end it here, too." He walked along the stage and the other boys watched him. "So, I wanted to end tonight's show with something I really hope no one forgets. I want to end this with a bang. In order to do that I will need to bring my beautiful girlfriend on stage." He waves his hand gesturing for you to come onto stage. You stand there shaking your head and he keeps waving his hand. You sigh and walk out onto the stage, the crowd erupting, screams piercing your ears. You had no idea how they did this all the time. Michael greeted you with a kiss on the cheek and turned to you. "I want to end the show, no this tour by asking you the biggest question I will ever ask in my life. I love you, (Y/N), and you know how much I do and you know that I can never find the right words to say to you sometimes, or that there are no words strong enough to express my love for you. But by doing what I am about to do and ask you I hope you know how much I do love you," Michael lowered himself onto one knee, smiling up at you. The crowd started to scream even louder and your hand flew up to your mouth. You couldn't believe he was doing this in front of all of his fans. He pulled out a small black box out of his pocket and revealed a very expensive looking ring. "So, will you marry me?" He grinned as you nodded your head extremely fast. He slid the ring onto your finger and once he stood up you wrapped your arms around him tightly. The other boys all cheered and soon joined in on the hug. What a great way to end a tour.
  • Ashton: There he was, on the stage with his band getting ready to end the concert. You were incredibly proud of how far he had come. You were there ever since day one and you were hoping to be there till the last day. It was crazy to think that four years ago they were putting videos on YouTube of themselves doing covers, then they were touring with one of the biggest boybands right now, and now they're touring the world. You weren't just proud of how far Ashton had come, you were proud of how far they all had come. "Thank you, Paris, you've been sexy!" Ashton smiled into the microphone, his eyes searching the crowd with a large grin on his face. One of the girls beside you smiled at you, "You're so lucky you have him." She said through a very thick french accent. You turned to her and returned the smile. "You have no idea." You shook your head and turned your attention back to the stage. "So, since Paris is the city of love I decided to fly my girlfriend out here. It was my treat. She is somewhere here I think she's in the back somewhere, but besides that I brought her here for the few days we are in Paris for a reason," All the girls that were near you started to look at you, but you ignored it and just focused all of your attention on Ashton. "This is a little difficult for me to do, but, well, here I go. (Y/N), I love you so much. It's really nice to have someone love me for me and support me the way you do. You don't only support me and my decisions, but you support me in the bands decisions. You are an amazing person and have an amazing heart. It's hard to believe that I somehow managed to get you, but I did. I never want to let you get away from me and because of that I am asking you to be my wife." Your eyes widened as you stared at him. The crowd started to scream their heads off and all the girls that were near you were nudging you and shouting yes in both English and French. You felt tears forming in your eyes and you were shaking from excitement. "I just realized this was a pretty stupid idea because I have no idea what your answer it, wow I did not think this through..." He scratched his head and then pulled his phone out, pointing at it. "Call it!" He said and the other boys just laughed at how silly he was. You grabbed your phone immediately and called him. He answered the phone and you told him yes very quickly. He frowned and looked at the crowd then at the boys. "She said no..." The crowd booed and awed then he smiled, shaking his head. "Just kidding she said yes. I'm getting married!" He screamed and the boys all attacked him. Paris really is the city of love.
  • Calum: "This has never been done during a concert I don't think, but I am willing to make this a first time thing." Calum grinned as he held onto the microphone. "I'm going to do a small skype call at a concert, such a weird thing, I know, but it's very important and cannot wait." Calum told the audience as a screen pulled down and skype was projected onto it. The call was made and you answered it, sitting in your living room with a coffee in your hand. Your eyes widened as you saw all of the people in the audience. "Please tell me why you couldn't call me after your concert because this is ridiculous if you ask me." You shook your head and you heard some people laugh. "I agree." Luke said, eyeing Calum down. Calum ignored the two of you and smiled. "Well, no. It can't wait. I had to ask you a very important question which has been bugging me for a while now and I needed to ask you that right now." "And it literally couldn't wait?" You asked him, giving him a disapproving look. He nodded his head and you sighed, placing your coffee cup down beside you. "Okay go, but hurry because I have to be at work in half an hour." You told him and he nodded his head. "If I timed it correctly you should have gotten a package from me, correct?" He asked you and you nodded your head, holding onto a brown box. "Right here. And you didn't want me to open it either?" Calum nodded his head and smiled. "Don't open it just yet. It has to go with what I needed to ask you. You sat there unamused and leaned back against the couch, waiting for him to continue. "I've never loved someone as much as I love you. I have never met anyone like you. You're so sweet and caring and beautiful. You're every mans dream and I never want to be with anyone else. You are the one for me, (Y/N), and this important question that couldn't wait is," He paused and smiled up at you. Your eyes were wide as you stared at his small body on the screen, "Will you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), marry me?" He smiled and you just sat there frozen. "You can open the package now." He nodded towards the screen and you reached for the package and ripped off the packaging. You saw a small blue box. Inside was a gorgeous diamond ring. You gasped at the sight and placed it on your ring finger and nodded your head, tears falling down your cheeks. "I will! I'll marry you. Oh my god." You stared at the ring and looked at Calum who was grinning ear to ear. The crowd was going crazy and he smiled at you. "Okay, fiance, I now have a concert to finish. I'll call you later." He smiled and the boys all patted him on the back. He ended the call with you and you sat there and squealed, still not believing what just happened.
  • Luke: "So, lately the boys and I have been listening to a lot of Jason Derulo and there was one song that I thought we should sing tonight." Luke spoke into the microphone and smiled out into the crowd as thousands of girls screamed extremely loud. The boys all looked back at the pianist and waited for the first note and as soon as he started the girls started screaming and Luke smiled, searching for you in the crowd. He brought the mic up to his lips and began to sing the song. "A hundred and five is the number that comes to my head. When I think of all the years I wanna be with you. Wake up every morning with you in my bed. That's precisely what I plan to do." Ashton played a soft beat on the drums along with the piano as Michael and Calum smiled at Luke while playing their guitars quietly along with the music. Luke continued singing while he started walking down the stage and into the crowd. Girls were reaching out to him as he sang, "And you know one of these days when I get my money right. Buy you everything and show you all the finer things in life. We'll forever be in love, so there ain't no need to rush. But one day I won't be able to ask you loud enough." All of the fans were screaming and flashes were going off as he walked down the aisles to get closer to you. ONce he finally reached you he smiled at you and you couldn't stop smiling at him. He took a took a deep breath and never took his eyes off of you as he reached into his pocket and held out a large diamond engagement ring as he got on one knee and sang the lyrics "I'll say, 'Will you marry me?' I swear that I will mean it. I'll say, 'Will you marry me?'" He stopped singing, but the music in the background was still playing. "So, (Y/N), will you?" He asked as you stared at him and began to tear up, nodding your head extremely fast. "Of course I will!" You jumped into his arms and kissed multiple times. He slipped the ring onto your finger then pulled you onto the stage and continued singing to song to you while twirling you around and giving you kisses.
[Fic Series: Head Canon]   # 2 - Hell Is Other People; Heaven Is You

Author’s Note: Welcome to the Drabble Series: Head Canon. 

Shout out to @eternal-steroline-flame for giving me the idea to start a series. What would I do without you?? I realized the last fic i posted was a request to change the ending of 715 (by @amykinz13), so head canon in a way, and this is my idea of how Seaosn 7 should end, i.e. my personal head canon, so decided to club it together and start a drabble series named Head Canon !!  

Head Canon will basically have different scenarios (fics/drabbles) set in/after 715. If you have a head canon you want to see as a fic (set in/after 715), let me know, I will write it. 

You can check out Fic #1 here - I Would For you 

Special shout out to my lil stero-sisters Enisha - @enishaeuphony1996 and Sakshi for asking me to write it and for patiently waiting for it. Enisha thank you so so much for volunteering to make the edits ! You are super talented and super sweet !! You rock !!  

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LUKE ACCIDENTALLY OUTING THEM ON TWITTER like posting the wrong image and he doesn't realize it till it blows up and his mom calls like "Lucas hemmings why didn't u tell me u were dating ashton" while ashton and the others laugh their asses off in the background


this is gonna be really shitty but whatever whatever

“Lucas Hemmings why didn’t you tell me you were dating Ashton?”

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