i didn't realize how many pics there were of it until now

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Does Darren even realize that the SK reunion at his rented house (staged to look like he lives there), was CALCULATED and A PLOY to get him to come to LA, as he was deliberately avoiding the beard since Elsie, but for two events in LA? Darren has already outgrown SK and see them only for weddings etc. For a smart guy, he never sees their CONS and the TRAPS that beard & Ricky set for him. She got you to spend time with her (and got her private cozy pics), didn't she? The joke's on you, Darren!

The whole thing is getting exhausting.  I keep thinking we are turning a corner, and then its the same shit, different day. It makes me sad that Darren literally had 48 hours in LA and it was spent with SK and his fake girlfriend.  The party was one thing, I was kind of ok with that (not really, but I could rationalize it). But the video of him dancing, with her now very well known laugh in the background, was the breaking point for me. The man is not even allowed to have lunch (or whatever meal) without her present?  Its out of control.  And clearly he is paying for his nearly 3 weeks of freedom.

I understand that perhaps having to play straight and having a beard is something he may feel like he needs to continue. And honestly I think he is still under contract and this is held against him and I do think Fox will hold him to that contract until the bitter end for fear of the repercussions when he does come out to both the network as well as their golden boy, Ryan.  

But we all know the primary reason she is still in his life is not the contract, is complete manipulation coupled with whatever power she has over him and Ricky.  

Because if the primary motive is to keep up the straight persona, he would  fire her (she certainly has committed more than her share of fireable offenses) and get a beard with with a little class. Someone he would be proud to take to events and to network with.  

Because at this point, she is absolutely bringing him down and is an embarrassment.  I know I have talked about this before but the Hamptons was the perfect example of exactly who she is and quite frankly, she is not a person I want him to be associated with, an entitled brat that has relied on mommy, daddy, and Darren for everything she has but acts like a elitist despite the fact that she not has earned it. 

I cannot tell you how many fans I have met, who could care less who he dates or whether he prefers to sleep with men or woman, but that absolutely cannot stand the woman he holds out to the world as his girlfriend. 

As for SK I used to think they were trying to help him.  But honestly at this point, I think many of them use him constantly.  They are sure to  post pictures and videos with either him or his beard whenever the opportunity arises, knowing that will get them attention to their IG or twitter. And this too is getting exhausting.

I am having a particularly bad morning. Overwhelmed with my own life and I’m sick on top of it.  So perhaps I am being a bit harsh, but honestly, everything here needs to be said.

Here is hoping that Darren has a plan and that there is an end in sight.  As I always say, he is too damn talented for this nonsense.   I honestly don’t know how much longer he will survive this charade or how much longer Chris will choose to remain if it continues. It is long past its expiration.