i didn't post a selfie for a while


I haven’t posted any selfies in a while sooo here’s one of my makeups from halloween! ♥ 


Soooo here’s week old pics of my blue pearl cosplay ,, unfortunately I didn’t take any selfies or pictures when I put the face paint on wtf

please read: catfishing :-)

so we pretty much all know tristen aka alltimelw/punkarths, and while he’s a great dude i liked to think i was good friends with, he’s so completely catfishing everyone and it’s seriously time people knew. 

there’s this guy - Zachary Coles. here’s his twitter and here’s his instagram. full of the same selfies tristen posts. remember a few months ago, when tristen got a new dog? nope - zachary coles posted that picture of his dog in 2013. nearly two years ago. 

all of these pictures are of zachary. 

tristen’s got a lot of tumblr friends and he’s becoming more and more popular, so me and a few others figured this needs to be spread around before people get close to him and get hurt :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 

if anyone has any more info, please add to this. catfishing is never cool or justified and i don’t care who you are, someone has got to call you out. 

Been a while since I posted a selfie, I think? Been a lot of extreme ups and downs lately. Also people keep complimenting me when I tie my hair back for some reason? It’s kinda confusing because I worry about being misgendered more having it out of sight.

(E+2.07 years)

[Selfie-style photo of a white, 30-year-old smiling trans woman with tied back lavender hair and blondish-brown roots, wearing a lilac t-shirt, a purple collar with a bell, and red glasses.]