i didn't originally want to do these in black and white

i was asked to do a tutorial on how i make my icons by anonymous, so here’s my super easy way of doing it. there’s no major editing or backgrounds simply because i’m super lazy and i prefer the look of clean, bright icons. i’ve only ever used this method on cartoons (voltron. i’ve only ever made voltron icons lol), so i can’t say for sure whether this method would work well with real people. just keep that in mind!

for some examples of what you can make, here’s my icons page.

please like/reblog if you try it out, and feel free to ask me any questions.

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Let’s talk about TO’s increasingly Racist Narrative with the Mikaelsons and Marcel Gerard.

Disclaimer: This is VERY long. I’m putting most of it under the cut because of length. I thought about cutting it short but this is a topic that’s very important to me so I decided to not cut words.

So after Friday’s episode many viewers, especially black viewers were left with a very real feeling of discomfort following Elijah’s speech to Marcel. Because of that discomfort many of us have expressed how the narrative, and Elijah, has skewed into racism, an accusation that makes some viewers feel uncomfortable.

Here’s the truth though, in a way it should make some people uncomfortable. If you didn’t feel uneasy about the idea of racism in a narrative that you like then I would have to question some things about you. With that said, I’ve seen a lot more efforts to shut down discourse about the accusation or explain away the behavior many people find problematic than I’ve seen to actually understand it and why we might feel that way. That’s a problem, it’s a big problem when this discussion is something that’s actually very necessary for this show, and many TV shows. When writers take on the task of crafting a narrative that includes minority characters, there is a certain level of awareness and delicacy that many are going to expect then to have when it comes to these characters. When they offend their audience and mishandle the characters they have been entrusted with then they deserve to be taken to task for that. It doesn’t matter if the offense was intentional or unintentional. This is especially the case when you have a writing staff who pats themselves on the back for trying to be aware of social and racial issues that are currently at play in our society.

I personally don’t think that writers are obligated to treat every black character or every character from a marginalized group like a delicate flower that can’t be harmed in any way shape or form. That’s not what I’m talking about here. What I’m talking about is when you take characters from marginalized groups and carelessly handle them in a way that ends up pushing a racist narrative.To give an example, killing a black character doesn’t automatically make a narrative racist but pushing an idea where a black character is consistently targeted by white characters, denied humanity and is treated as disposable flesh then that is indeed a racist narrative. That kind of dynamic has historically been an issue in this world and it is still an issue. We can discuss whether the racism that seeps into our fiction a little too often is intentional, and I don’t personally believe it always is, but we have to acknowledge that it’s actually there first.

That’s why we need to talk about The Originals and Marcel.

What they did to Marcel in Friday’s episode, what they had Elijah say to him, and the narrative that built up to that moment was racist.

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megansarah11  asked:

Soulmate au where they don't see color until they meet klaroline(and if you make them vampires that would be interesting since klaus did lots of painting before he met Caroline)

Ugh this took me so long and it still turned crappy, sorry :/ hope u like it anyway! I always have a hard time writing canon lol On FF

I Hate You, But Thank You

Klaus had drawn for a millennia, most of them crayon based portraits - black and white, as that was all he could ever see; for him, it still held unimaginable beauty, after all it was all he knew. Even if he had heard the wonders of color and how much it intensified the world surrounding them - Klaus thought everyone mad for thinking such silly things. As if someone else could change your life so fully - soulmates giving color to someone’s life - how could that ever be true?

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pbjlox  asked:

If it's ok to ask, how do you draw hair? I've always wanted to draw hair that detailed but I can never do it right

Hey! I’m not very good at explaining how I draw but I tried my best

First is figuring out hair shape. I do it this way

1. Block out head shape. You get the most realistic shape by knowing what is underneath.

2. Draw the hairline. This is where the hair starts to grow.

3. Pick an origin spot. Hair pushed back? I use the hairline. Hair down can come from a point or a part, decide that.

4. Draw some lines radiating from the origin spot. Remember the head is round so you want to show it curving around!

5. Adding body - instead of drawing every single strand of hair, plan several chunks of hair.

6. Make sure they interact with each other to give depth, some chunks falling behind others.

7. Long confident strokes are going to be your best friend with hair. Try to always have lines that start and end intentionally - no x tips, just erase it so that the strand eases to a fine tip!

8. Add shading to the blocked out sections of hair before adding accent strays. I especially love black shadows and then use a smaller brush with white to add those flowy strays.

I hope this helps some? As always, practice and looking at real life hair are the best bets to success! Good luck!

fatpinkhairedfeminist  asked:

hey, I just saw this in your ask "So I recently learned about the origins of intersectional feminism and why a non-black person claiming it is appropriative. " I had no idea.. i did a quick google search, but didn't come up with anything on appropriation. Do you have recommendations on articles/blogs/resources to read on this? If not I'll continue to google and see what I can come up with, but i want to be SURE I get the right resources from someone who knows.

Of course! This seems to be a hot topic right now, so I’m happy to provide you and anyone else with resources.

Tumblr user strugglingtobeheard wrote a piece about a year ago on how White women using the term “intersectional feminist” to describe themselves is appropriative. The general gist of it is that because the term “intersectionality” was coined by a Black woman seeking to discuss and analyze the intersection of oppression specific to Black women (gender+race), White women cannot use the term because they do not live at that intersection. Because White women cannot understand how it feels to be Black, they cannot do justice to the original intent of the word. 

Here’s an excerpt for those who cannot read the full post now:

intersectionality is meant as a bottom up approach, not a top down approach. those with power cannot be “intersectional”. you are also not living intersectional experiences. intersectionality was always about exposing the ways Black women are caught up in multiple systems of oppression, namely race, gender and class, but often many more. it is meant to help Black women understand their experiences in a white supremacist patriarchal culture like the U.S. or much of Western nations that have applied this model onto most cultures from the outside. 

Shortly after that post, theroguefeminist made a PSA about it, saying that White feminists shouldn’t use the term because they experience privilege and try to use the term as a shield from being called out, etc. 

Here’s a snippet from that post:

Some of us like to think if we call ourselves “intersectional” then we’re not like ~THOSE~ white feminists those ~non-intersectional~ white feminists, but that’s not true. We are white feminists–we have white female privilege. We benefit just as much from white supremacy as anyone else and we are just as able to be racist and exclude, talk over, invalidate or ignore woc.

Another blogger, timemachineyeah, was doing research on the topic (just like you), and drew from both theroguefeminist and strugglingtobeheard’s posts, and others. The post was answered by strugglingtobeheard, who made a very interesting point on white women wanting to call themselves intersectional feminists:

White women really are not hands on. they want to be saviors and they want to be named and praised for what they have said but not what they do. and i think the focus on the naming is really an extension of that reality. what do you do? for women? for women of color? how are you applying the knowledge that women have intersectional experiences to your application of feminism? is feminism just an identity or is it how you live and do things?

And finally, here is a post from gradientlair, commenting on how Black feminists’ work in the field is often erased, while the credit is given to someone else. 

An apt bit here:

Womanism. Intersectionality. Matrix of domination. Misogynoir. Four of the many concepts that are fought tooth and nail to not exist[…] Subject to the scrutiny of imperialist White supremacist capitalist patriarchy (this is bell hooks’ combined term) and how it shapes epistemology. Eventually once accepted, then they are disconnected from its originators often for the purpose of silencing other Black women. There’s people who use the terms and ideas to push their agenda (agendas that usually exclude Black women) yet none of the originators are anywhere on their sites. […] when they discuss modern issues in feminism, they refuse to name Black women currently doing the work. They gladly name any White woman they’re referring to.

As for my thoughts on it, I’m of the belief that because anti-blackness is pervasive in every group, only those who can call themselves Black should be able to lay claim to the term “intersectional feminist.” This way, the term will always bring to the forefront the origins of the word. Though I also believe that everyone should apply intersectional theory to how they analyze oppressive institutions in general. 

I know this is a lot to read, so for a quick TLDR;

If you’re white, don’t call yourself an intersectional feminist because-

  • you do not experience the type of oppression that the term was coined to discuss
  • it has been used by white feminists as a shield to avoid being held accountable for bigoted actions or words
  • some white feminists fixate on it as a way to separate themselves from other white feminists in order to seem less problematic without putting in actual intersectional work (again, avoiding accountability)
  • intersectionality is often used without proper credit being given to the creators of the concept (Black women)
  • claiming it as a white woman erases Black women and pushes away the issue of anti-blackness

Hope all of this helped! And fellow Black/intersectional feminists, if I got something wrong, please add a response or send an ask!

-Mod T

pupeyepiggy  asked:

hello! I just wanted to ask how you do that 3d effect in your drawings . I already looked at a turorial, but I didn't really understand it. So if you find the time.. maybe you could explain it to me?

Well I don’t know what tutorials you looked at so i don’t want to link you to any so I guess I’ll make one myself ! 

I have only ever used paint tool sai so if you are using a different program you will have to ask someone else

1) First make sure you are done with your drawing so you can combine the line art, colouring and whatever else into one layer

2) Go into your layer tab and click copy 3 times 

3) once you have 4 layers of your drawing, for the first 3 put blank layers on top of them and select clipping group for each blank layer  

4) select your bottom layer and go into your filter tab, select hue and saturation and turn down luminescence alllllllllllllll the way so that it is completely black       ( make sure to hit okay ) 

5) In your white blank layers, take your bucket tool and put pure red, blue and green into each one. after that set each of them to shade in mode

6) once you’re done that merge the coloured layers to what they are clipped to

7) then in mode again set red blue and green layers to screen and your drawing should return to its original colour 

8) then you can move the top 3 layers however you like! you can move them slightly 

or you can make it seem like you’re tripping balls 

Well I hoped this helped! i’ve never made a tutorial so this might be shit 

ghosties00  asked:

hey!! i'm getting into editing sprites and all, but i have a question! how do you....well, change the color of sprites? such as their skin? or their hair? ; v ;

There are three ways to recolour things. All three ways sometimes require a bit of fixing, but let’s look at the two ways.

The first is to change the hue and the other is to make an overlay layer over something that is gray. The third is to use a multiply layer, but I usually do not recommend this.

For this demonstration, I’m going to be using my unit, Haruki. We’re going to ignore the error in his sprite where some of the gold parts are blue because I only noticed that while making this tutorial and I didn’t want to recapture the snapshots I had beforehand. See, even I make mistakes.

Disclaimer, this got a lot longer than I intended it to be.

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I’ve had this idea of a Finnish magic school for a while, and I got inspired by asheathes’ beautiful gifsets depicting wizarding schools around the world. So I gathered some pictures (since I’m too lazy to learn gif making and finding pics is easier) and wrote up what I’ve been thinking about, mostly as a reference for myself if I ever got around actually using this idea for something. It would be amazing to organize a larp in which all the characters would get sorted without the players knowing which House they go to in advance - maybe one day…

Without further ado, let me introduce to you:

Kyöpelinvuoren Noitaopisto - Kyöpelinvuori Witch Academy 

Kyöpelinvuori Witch Academy is a very old magic school in the Finnish Lapland. It was originally for witches only since at the time it was founded, women were thought to have far greater magical abilities than men. Wizards were mostly left uneducated or sometimes home schooled. Nowadays the school accepts male students, although they are still a minority, but has kept its old name. Muggles have occasionally overheard careless witches talking about going to Kyöpelinvuori but mistakenly assumed that it was a place where Witches’ Sabbaths were held. This is why you can sometimes hear a muggle talking about witches flying on broomsticks to Kyöpelinvuori, even though witches are believed to be folklore these days. Because of the matriarchal history of the magical community in Finland, there are no mentions of wizards in Finnish muggle mythology. 

The school is located inside and on top of a nondescript fjeld in the wilderness of Lapland, near the lake Inari. It’s built in a single floor and every classroom and hallway has a glass roof to maximize the amount of natural light. Of course, artificial lighting has to be used during the long polar night when the Sun doesn’t rise at all. The fjeld is enchanted so that the glass roof can’t be seen from afar and occasional hikers planning to go over the fjeld decide to walk around it instead for some strange reason. The spell only works on humans, so sometimes reindeer and other animals will walk on the roof, much to the students’ delight. The interior of the school is very modern, mostly black and white, and geometrical, creating a stark contrast to the untouched nature outside. The school has also adopted all kinds of useful muggle inventions, since all Finnish witches and wizards live amongst muggles and interact with them a lot. 

The reason why the school can be hidden in such plain sight is that all of the traffic takes place through the floo network. Finland has never had a culture of boarding schools, so everyone goes home for the night and the school doesn’t have dormitories. To accommodate hundreds of people using the floo network at the same time every morning, there is a big, round entrance hall in the middle of the school lined with fireplaces that are labeled and assigned so that only about a dozen people use the same fireplace. The hall has four doorways, each of which is imbued with a spell similar to the ones in Gringotts that activates if someone enters with ill intent. The northern doorway leads to the library that reaches deeper in the ground in order to fit the huge bookshelves. Beyond the southern doorway lie the dining hall and the teachers’ quarters. The classrooms are through the western and eastern doorways. 

On either side of the library there is a common room of a House, and similarly there are two common rooms next to the dining hall. Many students like to do their homework or just spend time in their common room before going home after school. There are four Houses: Kontioiset, Sudentassut, Lumisulat, and Viikaniinit. Their symbols are a copper bear on forest green, a silver wolf on black, a golden swan on white, and a tin rabbit on purpure, respectively. The students wear a badge with their House sigil and often have accessories in their House colours, but the school doesn’t have a dress code. The symbol of the school is a white reindeer on blue, which can be seen in the form of reindeer head and antler motifs scattered around to bring life to the otherwise simple and angular interior design.  

In addition to the subjects taught in Hogwarts (except for DADA that’s integrated to Charms, Divination, and Muggle Studies), the school teaches ancient Finnish singing and ritual based wandless magic, traditional Saami magic and culture, and shamanism. Students learn how to carve and enchant powerful amulets from reindeer bone, how to construct and use a witch’s drum, how to heal wounds by mixing herbs and chanting, and even how to enter the spiritual realm and communicate with animals. There are many native spells that are in Saami languages or ancient Finnish. However, new spells and forms of magic are developed all the time, as the Finnish magical community doesn’t want to get stuck in the past, even if it values traditional magic and strives to preserve it. 


ultimate dragon age meme: five warriors (1/5)


“I know I want a world where people trust the Chantry, and that trust is respected. I want to respect tradition but not fear change. I want to right past wrongs but not avenge them. And I have no idea if my wanting these things makes any of them right.”

anonymous asked:

Why do you usually talk shit about Marvel? DOn't you like their movies? Pls explain

i mean, yeah i do, but it’s no secret that marvel has some glaring issues and has made some pretty big mistakes. 

up until now, there are a grand total of three main poc superheroes in the entire mcu (rhodey, sam wilson, t’challa). there are a grand total of 0 latinx/asian/middle eastern/etc. superheroes. where are they? it’s not like the comics have a lack for any of them, not really. plus the whitewashing of the maximoffs, and the ancient one in the upcoming dr strange movie is just really, really gross. 

this issue leads us to lack of gender diversity as well, because literally all of its current franchises are headed by straight white men: captain america, ant-man, iron man, thor, hulk, doctor strange. where are the women? fans have been calling for a black widow movie for years. yes, we do have some pretty kickass women already, like the aforementioned black widow, but after the embarrassment that was aou (don’t even get me started on joss whedon) she deserves so much better. and janet van dyne, one of the original founders of the avengers and the only founder who won’t get a solo movie, was horribly fridged in ant-man; she’s dead before the movie even starts. she deserves better. helen cho, the brilliant scientist who had like five minutes of screentime in aou and was then basically used as a prop to inadvertently help ultron? she deserves better. i could go on.

where are my lgbt+ characters? there’s plenty of suspicion in fandom that steve and tony, for example, aren’t straight. not to mention that it’s actually canon in the comics that loki is pan and genderqueer and that gamora is bi/pan but we don’t get to see any of that. that’s not to say that there needs to be evidence in the comics that someone isn’t straight (or a different race/gender/etc.), but it kinda goes to show that the writers pick and choose the facets of characters they like and conveniently ignore other parts.

speaking of the writers picking and choosing, marvel also does not handle disabilities well. clint barton is canonically deaf. it’s already been established in the mcu that tony has anxiety issues and ptsd but it seems like marvel has conveniently forgotten about that. honestly, given all their pasts, i expect pretty much all of the avengers to have some form of mental health problems, but, once again, we don’t get to see that.

and yes, we are getting a captain marvel and black panther movie coming soon, but it just feels like we’re accepting the bare minimum, because guess what, marvel’s very foundations were built on social justice as put very nicely in this post. marvel’s comics are way ahead in terms of diversity for the most part, and i understand that the comics and the mcu are different and it’s supposed to be that way, but sometimes the discrepancy feels so extreme that it stings.

i do enjoy marvel movies most of them at least but sometimes it’s hard to look past its issues. yes, i understand that you can acknowledge the issues of something and still like it, but at what point do you keep letting them get away with it and stop saying it’s okay? i talk shit because i hope that one day i’ll be heard. i know i will never get marvel to change by myself, that’s just unfeasible, but i hope that adding my voice to the chorus of others who also feel the same way will force them to listen. this isn’t an accurate representation of our society. it mostly boils down to social justice for me, because i know now that as a bisexual latina woman i deserve better. 

if you want to read some articles that probably explain better than me, here’s a few

so tldr: those of us in marginalized groups deserve better.

  • chad: being a weebrony is the worst man
  • tony: ikr. noone really appreciates meninists or nice guys now... :/
  • chad: yeah like those femenesineist bitches are so crazy man they already have the right to vote so like ??? what else do they want
  • tony: i know man. theyre always opressing us cishet white males. what have we ever done?? we discovered america, we made the world the perfect utopia it is today (-: what have us whitecishetmales ever done wrong???
  • chad: ik man ik it's so fucking unfair I think we should just shoot girls now as well as black ppl
  • chad: like honestly why limit the deaths to black people lets just kill everyone
  • tony: us intelligent nice guy cishet males can survive on our own. who needs thugs and sluts????? not us
  • chad: totally yeah we can totally just have kids from our huge muscles and they'll all be white dudes like us bc we only want respectable people on our utopian planet
  • todd: We came from a female? Ha, a slut has never had me in them. Those girls always try to date me though. Playing games like when they say "hello" and don't want sex? Those sluts all mess with us bros before hoes
  • tony: does anyone know how to get Mountain Dew stains out of my original Hatsune Miku silk body pillow??
  • chad: yeah man just cum on it it'll come right off lemme link u to some hentai
  • tony: I politely asked a girl for nudes?? and she didn't send them to me?? so I told her that she was a slut and she deserved it tbh - I was nice to her. I gave her the right to vote?? and she doesn't send me nudes??
  • todd: Man have you seen the lesbian porn? I love lesbian porn. But I would never be friends with a gay guy. Gotta love that lesbian porn guys.
  • chad: omg gay dudes are so gay it's disgusting get them out of my country
  • chad: and lesbian porn is the best lmao
  • tony: I can't believe that gays have the right to marry?? Like I love lesbian porn, don't even get me started, but them marrying??? disgusting
  • todd: Man let me tell you I just called Nicki a fake skank and this ugly SWJ said that she has a right to dress and act how she wants?? Please, you will not be respected if you act how you wish to. Fucking ugly SWJ and feminazis get out.
  • chad: oh and tony yeah well bitches who don't give u nudes when you ask nicely are total whores man just stab em all
  • tony: This is why we need meninism tbh
  • todd: Don't even get me started on those girls who claim to be lesbians, but won't make out with their friend for me? Like, uh, I'm sorry, you owe me this since I hit on you but you aren't into guys.
  • tony: Like I'm respectful to a girl and I don't stab her, so I kindly ask her for nudes or to make out with her friend?? And she fucking says no? Like without a white cishet male like me, she could probably be dead right now.
  • chad: yeah we are so much more important than girls and so much more entitled and no feminism doesn't exist
  • todd: And like those guys who hit on me?? Like, can't they tell I'm not a fag like them??? I mean I don't swing that way!!!
  • todd: What do you mean that describes what I do to lesbian women
  • tony: We need meninism because when we ask a girl for nudes she says no and we gave her basic human rights, like we deserve nudes.
  • chad: what no way lesbians are different bc they don't exist and they're all doing this for us it's all to entertain us cis straight white males
  • todd: And like, have you seen how women react to me just feeling their boobs? I mean, if you don't want them squeezed, than cover them!

anonymous asked:

Can you explain Ivan Petrovitch Bezukhov, I don't really get him, I have read that he went crazy when Natasha didn't fall in love with him and that he just shoved her into the Red Room versus her going in to save him..? Thank you!

Ok, so for everyone who hasn’t heard of the character before, Ivan Petrovitch Bezukhov is Natasha’s foster father in the comics. In 1928, Ivan is part of the Red Army fighting against the remains of the White Army in Stalingrad, when he is given a baby!Natasha by a woman trapped in a burning house. The house then collapses and here is Ivan, a young soldier, left holding a baby. But instead of dumping her off at the nearest orphanage, Ivan decides to raise her as his daughter. So for the next ten years, Natasha grows up living with Ivan and his fellow soldiers.  Unfortunately ten years later puts us at 1938 and the start of World War II. Ivan knows he can’t bring Natasha with him, so he was trying to find a family that would take her in. Which is when Stalin himself gets involved:

Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1

It was at this point that Natasha was put into a military training school which was not the Red Room. That’s where Natasha first met Wolverine (who was on a secret mission there) and received some training from him. This is also why Natasha sometimes refers to Logan as her little uncle. Natasha was only at the school for two years, running away after Logan kills the head of the school, Taras Romanov (no relation). That’s when Ivan comes back into the picture.

Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1

At this point, Ivan doesn’t even care that they’re in the middle of the greatest conflict in human history – there’s no way he’s letting Natasha go back to Moscow after that. Better for Natasha to become a child/teenaged soldier than to go back to any of Stalin’s special schools. Which is how Natasha became a soldier in the Red Army fighting the Germans in World War II (see Black Widow: The Name of the Rose)

Jumping ahead to 1956. Ivan has been severely wounded, dying, when they are approached by the Winter Soldier (ignore the steampunk arm. It makes no sense and literally the next page it’s shown as normal so idek). He has been sent by Department X offering them a special chemical that will save Ivan’s life if they join the KGB.  Ivan tries to say no, but Natasha agrees.

Black Widow: Deadly Origin #1

This is the point at which Natasha finally enters the Red Room. (This is a little off-topic, but I just want to point out that in 1956, Natasha is 28 years old. We don’t know what MCU!Natasha’s childhood was like, but 616!Natasha was not raised in the Red Room. She was an adult when she was given the chemical that stopped her aging and when she entered into the Red Room and the Black Widow program.)

So back to your question – Ivan did not put Natasha into the Red Room because she did not fall in love with him. She chose to enter into the program. But. But.

Ivan did go crazy.

We don’t know a whole lot about the chemical Natasha was given to stop her aging, but one of the few things we do know about it is that program to use it on female agents  - the Black Widow program – worked and the program to use it on male agents – the Wolf Spider program – didn’t.

Captain America #617

Not only did it not work, but all the men given it go crazy. This includes Ivan and Alexei, the Red Guardian and Natasha’s ex-husband (the man she was supposed to be marrying when she first got involved with the Winter Soldier). The main victim to Ivan’s insanity is his love and affection for Natasha, which becomes twisted up as the years ago by. This all eventually lead to a really gross storyline with all of Natasha’s past loves being inflicted with nanobots (only Bucky and Alexei are immune), weird satellite bases, and Ivan putting himself in a giant robot body complete with creepy robot mustache:

Black Widow: Deadly Origin #4

So yeah…that’s Ivan Petrovitch Bezukhov - from loving foster father to creepy old man robot. =/

dapastamastah  asked:

KAMEKAME!! Thank you sO much for translating Mafu's 'Berserk'!! Even though I didn't understand hearing the song at first, you could feel Mafu's feelings resonating through the song :') Ah, so I have a request/question! Though I can grasp it generally, I want to really deeply understand what Mafu was trying to say. What do you think Mafu was trying to convey through the song? (Like, what was the 'story'?) What does he mean by 'underclass'? Thank you! From one Mafu fan to another, xoxoxo!

Hello, thanks for reading my “Berserk” translation, and sorry for the long overdue reply! ((><)) I’ll try to write out my personal interpretation (which may end up pretty long), so I hope it helps your view of the song!

Song Interpretation of Berserk

In this world of distorted values, the narrator is so restricted in his thoughts and actions that he loses control over his own identity, thus creating a double consciousness where his external personality is separate and conflicting with his internal one. This is where the song title “Berserk” comes in, as the job “berserker” in video games often refers to a state in which the character gains massive amounts of power and vitality but has no command over his actions. In this case, the “power” that the narrator of “Berserk” receives is his rage, signified by the intense chorus of the song. 

From the video, the white persona represents his internal “pure” self, while the black persona represents his external “corrupted” self. His internal self consists of naivete as well as his untainted feelings & ideas, but as he continues to be exposed to “this prison we call life”, he starts to lose this original identity. This is shown by the phrases “Like a puzzle that seems to have missing pieces / I’ve become unable to recall my memories”. His current self, consisting of a mix of the two white & black halves, finds it impossible to find peace because the outlooks on the past and the world don’t match. In addition, the phrase “It’s scary; before I had even known you / I had already killed you, you know” refers to how the creation of his black persona from immorality has killed his pure, white one. Because the longer he lived the more corrupt he was painted, the narrator had never been able to come to fully understand his original feelings & ideas as a youth ― his words were unwillingly snatched away by society/others before he could. 

In place of his lost white persona, a black persona fills its place as “a twisted me” the narrator never wanted to become. However, because he only wants to return to his white ideal, or a time when he felt happiness and expressed laughter, this creates a never-ending internal conflict that is sung about in “Berserk”. The narrator is frustrated and unable to accept this self that adapts to the existing corrupt society, which is why he would rather “let anything and everything disappear” and be pierced through (and die) with a finger of judgment. He does not feel “human” because of this conflict and awareness within him that the darkness is spreading and overwriting his pureness, and the awareness causes him to feel incomplete ― “as if something more important than all else [is supposed to] exist here”. Believing that there is no hope for someone as tainted as him, the narrator explains that it is why he is so obsessed with the virtual world (i.e. “the inside of a computer screen”) than reality, and continues to describe fantasies about burning down both himself and the world that caused him to turn out this way. Although he is turning into a fully black existence like the surroundings around him, the narrator continues struggling to free himself of the influences, as seen by the ending phrases “once I unfasten / these hateful manacles”. He tries to break away from being the “underclass”, usually defined as the lower classes in society who are underrepresented, overlooked, and unable to effect change to the environment they live in, no matter how slim the chances are. By bidding it goodbye, the narrator wants to determine who he is and his future by himself.

Sorry for the length again, but this is how I interpreted the story of “Berserk” to be! Mafumafu has said numerous times that this is one of the songs he treasures the most, so hopefully my interpretation somewhat gave it justice (^^;;)

[”Berserk” Song Translation]

anonymous asked:

Sorry if you've answered this before (didn't see an FAQ section), but how did you develop your style? Was it something that you just envisioned or did it evolve over time? I find I'm always copying what others do but have a lot of trouble imagining original characters/style etc. Any advice? Thanks!

No problem!! I have been asked this a few times, but I feel like the question is common and a VERY IMPORTANT ONE WITH A VERY IMPORTANT ANSWER.

And the answer is kind of the exact opposite of the thing you want to hear when you’ve got an underdeveloped style. I didn’t envision it. I wasn’t trying to make it. The thing about personal style is that it happens when you’re not looking, when you’re not trying, and when you’re not forcing it to.

Style is just a fancy, categorized way of saying ‘how the fuck you draw something’. It’s just how you draw. It’s how YOU process something and put it on paper. It’s how you see things, how your muscles react, what feels good, what you think looks good aesthetically. My best advice is to look at a LOT of art, and draw a LOT.

Try and draw everything. And most importantly, DRAW FROM LIFE. That’s your purest form of reference, and where you’re going to learn the most. I found that with me, the way I think and the way I processed things and broke them down was easiest with shapes. And with that, making shapes and distinguishing them worked best and flowed best by using purely black and white (totally just for me, personally). THIS is where my whole current ‘style’ started. I was trying to figure out how the fuck to break things down and it was like something clicked and suddenly sketches weren’t so hard to force out and work was fun and more importantly, I started being able to think and solve problems visually. 

By thinking visually, I mean there stopped being a huge barrage of words going through my brain, everything sort of got quiet and it was just the movement, the carving, and the making that actually pushed the work further.

Too, don’t think you’re not allowed to have influences. You are! Absolutely. Be inspired by people. Look at work that you think is better than yours and pick out WHY you like it, WHY you think it’s good, and if not, WHAT YOU DISLIKE about it. Analyzing this is a cool little exercise in knowing yourself. And take those influences, mash them all up together and eventually, you’ll be like a super monster made up of all those little parts. I can absolutely say I wouldn’t have stumbled upon using a brush to ink if it hadn’t been for Becky Cloonan, I definitely stole Francesco Francavilla’s Orange in the past (sorry, buddy), and Dore and Leyendecker are the fucking BOMB. Also taking a second to mention Margaret Brundage because I feel like I need another lady up here. I’m influenced by a lot of people, and what’s cool is they don’t have to all be from the same medium as you. I take A LOT of influence from film and artists in other areas. 

And if you are going to take from another artist, don’t make it JUST one. Don’t just copy someone. If you do, you’re never going to be able to do it as good as they do it, and trust me: you have a personal voice and you have something to say. And whatever that is, it’s going to be 100X better than being someone you’re not. You’re made up of a unique set of influences and experiences that culminate in a completely different way than anyone else.

Don’t stress about getting there. It’ll happen. Just be open, and be willing to study and learn from just about anywhere.

I tried to be thorough, I could honestly talk about this stuff forever, but it’s kind of long and I hope this helped!!! Cheers!

bronx-granddaddy  asked:

Yes hello, I saw your post that was calling out to black tumblr. I read through and actually didn't as much as I thought I did so I thank you for that. I only have one question, cause it seem to me but do you find black as a superior race?

No brother, not superior. Just the original. From what I understand, black people are more naturally inclined toward spirituality/manifestation because of the ‘Melanin’ in our DNA; but It’s important to realize that each person is an individual. The creator will always look more favorably on an individual who’s heart wants to do good, regardless of race/gender/status etc. A White/Asian/Hispanic person who prays meditates, works on his or her ‘chakras’ and actively looks to ascend spiritually, will always mature faster than the black man who does nothing…

Wearing Pearl Necklaces in Forensics: A Not Quite Solicited Guide

Thank you for the question! Unfortunately, I’ve been having some difficulties answering with pictures in question-answer format - so this will have plenty of pictures, and have to be a text post.

Pearls work with whatever image you’re constructing for yourself - they should either add to the persona you’re building or serve not to actively diminish it. That means something different between classifications of events. I can be sort of helpful with both.

The thing to remember is that the congressperson, the debater, the orator, the interper - it is all a construction. This doesn’t have to necessarily reflect who you are. You reflect your judge’s expectations for you, and you win because you are the best - at meeting those unspoken expectations. There are a lot more invisible stumbling blocks for a competitor the judge perceives as female. Be aware of those, but likewise be aware that your persona within forensics doesn’t have to compromise your identity extrinsic to forensics.

I might dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween, but no one expects me to whip out my invisible jet for a trip to the theater - I am not Wonder Woman. It is a costume I wear for Halloween. Disassociate yourself with your forensics self as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

Disclaimer: I am actually Wonder Woman. The above statement in which I profess not to be is misleading.

But with that said, here are some ways to pair pearls with suits, based on my individual views and not necessarily reflective of anything beyond one person’s experience with societal perceptions of what they’re wearing.

This is my favorite suit. I met this suit and I bought three of them. I own three of this suit. It’s understated, fits properly, and settles well around a collared blouse. I love this suit.

That said, I pair it - a dark blue pinstriped suit - with any number of things, but this is a general starting point. A blouse that buttons all the way up, with a button-down collar, in a color traditionally associated with power.

This is modulated by the completely modest, don’t-look-at-me white round uniformly shaped pearls. It comes off professional, ish.

This is the sort of conservative jewelry-suit-blouse combination you’re gonna want to go with in a debate event where you’re likely to be judged against the standard ideal of a professional businesslady, if the judge is looking at you as a lady.

In Congress, for example, I absolutely never diverge from this formula and top it off with opaque black tights. Sometimes it’s more useful to have a lighter colored blouse underneath. Heck yeah, do it.

With a white blouse, there’s a bit more leeway with necklace style. You’re no longer 100% bound to ‘uniform white pearls’ - from here, so long as it’s understated enough to be in keeping with the formality of your objective self-presentation, you can go with any number of different necklaces.

Here, there’s a nice seed pearl necklace interspersed with little gold beads. Subtlety and nothing too shiny.

Because the white is a more baseline color, you have a little more room to mess around with jewelry and stay within a judge’s comfort zone. Also, pairing a white blouse and plain white pearls is a little basic.

From there, though, there’s nothing to stop you from having a little fun with the style of the blouse itself - provided you end up looking and feeling professional, there’s room to adjust according to what you like or already own, or what is affordable.

Case in point: fun secretary-neck blouse, back to straight up nondescript pearls that don’t make much of a statement beyond 'I’m trying really hard not to make a statement with these’.

I’m personally a really big fan of secretary-neck blouses. A lot of more traditional judges like them - it registers 'feminine’ but without some of the negative socialized views of femininity you sometimes get with judges who lived through Mad Men before Mad Men was a thing.

But there are other ways to wear bows - though the next two examples are more what I’d wear for speech events, they’re about as fashionably sound as anything else I’d wear. Which is to say not very. I dress like my clothes were picked out for me by a ten-year-old deep in their Barbie phase.

While my tournament suits are usually an exception, not always!

Here, for example, is something I absolutely would wear the heck out of during Original Oratory. You’ve got a nice cream blouse layered with a kinda moss-green tweed that’s nicer-looking in person. Couple with a pink pearl necklace because it’s a little offbeat and balances well enough with the suit to not be overwhelmed by the other elements you’ve got going on.

Similarly, on a high-necked blouse - just a style observation in general - you want a shorter-strand necklace. Think more like 12-16 inches rather than 18-20.

But the main point being, pieces working well and professionally together doesn’t necessarily mean color-matching - shade is often enough (pastel, for example) to keep an outfit looking cohesive.

Finally, for a nontraditionally colored suit, particularly one that buttons fairly high in the collar like most of what Le Suit does, you’ll need something lower cut to wear under since button-down collars tend to fit poorly.

Not necessarily lower cut like 'low cut’, unless that’s what you’re about, in which case you’ll get no negative judgement from me! What you want is for your collar to sit flat against your clavicle area without bunching, which is uncomfortable. however you choose to accomplish that is great.

The thing about lower-cut necklines on blouses/dresses is it takes some of the interest away from your face. You lose the neat lines that point straight to your expression like 'hey check out what’s going on up here’ and that spreads the interest of the judge/observer elsewhere when you could be focusing it up.

That’s why I like to wear a more statement-y pearly necklace here - pink again, but in the right shade to work with the white-pale brown and with a neat geometric pattern that provides an observer something to rest their gaze on so they don’t feel awkward about staring you full in the face for ten minutes.

You could also do this with an off-white double strand or something larger in size, but be careful about keeping the collar flat. Suits with collars close to your neck can get super uncomfortable if there’s any friction going on with a chunky necklace and literally the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable!

Conclusion here: ultimately, wear what you want, and don’t let anyone who isn’t you make the final call on what is or is not the right way to wear a pearl necklace. In fact, I heartily endorse wearing as many pearl necklaces as possible - a suggestion which is not limited by a gender binary or heteronormative assumptions about wardrobe choice.

Have fun with pearls and have fun with tournament attire and just have fun, period. Ultimately, while image counts for a lot in debate, there is always room for trailblazers and challenges to the norm!

I’m not kidding, wear all of the pearl necklaces.


And you’ll win at debate because you’ll be winning at life.

anonymous asked:

Do you think the OVA was good in terms for Juvia, somehow I felt they added a few unnecessary words and vibes from Gray and others, and things that might not be beneficial for Juvia so it felt like the animators didn't really like her or gru//via. I think their scene was alright, but I just got the weird feeling and got me worried, so I wonder if you thought so too or was I overthinking too much.

I understand why you would feel that way, anon. The anime has always exaggerated Juvia’s behavior, and not always in a pleasant way. That’s why manga Juvia > anime Juvia.

However, for me, I always expected them to add some filler to Gruvia’s scenes in this OVA. They needed to stretch it out, so I was looking forward to what else Juvia would do to Gray. We knew it had to be things that would make Gray upset, because the manga ended with Gray not wanting to look at Juvia anymore, too. 

They also did that whole filler “monkey business” with Gray at the start, so he had reasons beyond Juvia as to why he was already upset lol. So, mostly, I found what they added perfectly fine, and even funny.

However, my problem wasn’t what they added, but what they took away. Gray BLUSHED in the original manga version. It was there in both the black and white and officially colored versions of that omake. 

Taking away the something positive from that scene, when we get so little from Gray (and thus every bit counts) in the first place, is something I do not understand.  

Gray blushing and being kind of into the Juvia feeding him situation, before she ends up choking him, was the whole joke in the original. Juvia was about to have a cute moment with Gray, but her nerves ended up ruining things. That’s why it was funny. But that original joke became lost in this version, because Gray was miserable right from the start.

So that’s really what I didn’t like. 

That being said, I seriously doubt the animation team don’t like Juvia or Gruvia. They always promote Gruvia whenever there’s any in the anime, and judging by the VA interviews in the past, both staff and cast really seem to love Gruvia and Juvia. And if anything, tend to add more Gruvia to the original material if they can. 

So, no, I think this is just an animation fail. It wouldn’t be the first time they missed something like this when adapting the series (Gray’s lack of smile after the anime’s unison raid moment, anyone?)

King Of The Lab

Summary: Dan and Phil are forensic anthropology students. Phil makes a tv show reference that only Dan understands, they go back to Dan’s flat and have a marathon.

Genre: fluff and smut

Warnings: swearing, handjobs, mentions of death and murder

A/N: the reference is out of a tv show called Bones. Extremely good show 10/10 would recommend. There’s a couple terms you may not understand if you aren’t into bones and medical stuff so the ones that come to mind that I’ll define for you are:

Maxilla - upper jaw bone
Zygomatic arch - cheekbone
Forensic anthropologist - scientist who studies bones and helps determine how victim died
Para-mortum - before death

I really liked writing this! Hope you enjoy!


It was the early hours of Thursday morning when the group of students got called into the lab. They were studying to be forensic anthropologists and often got called into the Madison Lab to analyze bones. It just so happened on this particular morning though, that two students got switched into the group. It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence, but these two specific students hadn’t ever been together, and soon after, they forget what it feels like to be apart.
“I found a small fracture on the maxilla, adjacent to being punched, but this still isn’t cause of death.” Jared grumbles as he looks over the bones. It’s been a long morning and all the students were getting really tired of looking at the same fractures and breaks and discoloration that they had found 3 hours ago. Missy was falling asleep standing up, Jared just stormed off the platform, and Olivia had gone to get coffee. Now the only two left working on the bones were the two students who got switched in, Dan and Phil. Dan was working on the pelvis, trying to find evidence of cause of death from getting hit by a car, but so far coming up dry. Phil was working up at the spinal cord, not looking for anything specific, but just hoping and praying he could find something.

Dan sighs, abandoning the pelvis as there’s no more evidence to be found there and moves onto the feet and ankles. There were tons of breaks there, all para-mortum, but none indicating cause of death.

Phil continues looking at the skull and spine, squinting as he brushes his finger over the zygomatic arch. There are lots of fractures, but not bad enough to be cause of death. He swings the magnifying camera around and positions over the fractures. He peers into the lens and his eyes widen.

“So Phil, the only conclusion I can come to is the victims feet and ankles got run over by the murderer’s car as he drove away. But that can’t be cause of death so I’m stumped.” Dan says.

“I-I’ve got it! I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it!!” Phil exclaims. Dan rushes over and high fives him.

“Yes! Finally! What is it??” Dan asks.

“Okay so we know that our victim got hit with a metal pole, which caused the fractures on his zygomatic arch. Just fractures can’t kill someone on that part of the body. But, intercrainial bleeding can. So what happened is that the murderer hit our victim with the metal pole, which caused him to black out. Blacking out causes intercrainial bleeding. He stayed unconscious long enough for the bleeding to kill him. But before he was dead, the murderer ran over his ankles and feet with his car as he drove away, so that if he did become conscious again, he wouldn’t be able to move. And I know all of this because of the staining that you can see if you look in between the cracks. It’s slight, and that’s why I couldn’t see it without the magnifier!”

“Hell yeah Phil!!” Jared exclaims.

“Good job mate!” Missy says.

“King of the labbbbb!!!” Phil shouts.

Dan starts cracking up, tears of laughter rolling down his cheeks.

“Oh my god Phil, who are you, Hodgins?”

“Of course I am, he’s king of the lab, I’m king of the lab, we are one.”

Dan chuckles, wiping the tears off his face. The two of them turn towards the other students, and are met with very confused faces.

“Wait” Phil says, “have you guys never watched Bones before??”

Jared shakes his head. “Sorry mate I’m lost.” Missy nods in agreement.

“You guys are forensic anthropology students and you’ve never seen Bones?? Are you sure you belong here?” Dan inquires.

“Nope. But since Mr. King Of The Lab here figured out cause of death I’m gonna go take a nap so I don’t fall asleep on top of a skeleton. See you guys later.” Missy says as she walks off the platform.

“Same here. Good job mate.” Jared says, following Missy down the stairs.

“Dude that honestly made my day. I can’t believe they’ve never seen that show.” Dan says to Phil as they tidy up.

“Me either. That show is my life. It’s what made me wanna study forensic anthropology.” Phil answers.

“Same man.” Dan says. He hesitates before speaking again, he just met Phil but he’s already developing feelings for him. The chances of him liking guys are slim, but might as well try anyway.

Dan turns to face away from Phil, takes a deep breath, and speaks.

“Any chance you’re interested in a Bones marathon at my place? I’ve got popcorn.”

Phil smiles and responds with, “I’d love to! I don’t even have any coursework that I need to get done so I won’t be panicking the whole time. It’s been a while since that happened.” Phil chuckled.

“Awesome!” Dan responds, a flood of relief washing over him that Phil agreed. He didn’t think anything would come of it, but hey, at least he has someone to fanboy with.
The drive from the lab to Dan’s flat is short. Phil hums along to the radio comfortably and glances at Dan every once in a while. They share small innocent smiles, Dan jumping to conclusions like usual. Oh he’s smiling at me bet he wants to fuck. Yeah, of course that’s what that means.

Dan unlocks his flat and Phil is greeted by a small room littered with little trinkets Dan has collected over the years, most given to him by family and friends.

“I’m gonna go make some popcorn. Make yourself at home!” Dan calls out, heading into the kitchen and leaving Phil alone to snoop. He walks over to the couch and picks up a coffee mug that is on the end table. It has the Jeffersonian Institute emblem wrapping around it. Phil grins, thinking about the same mug he has in his cupboard at home. He places it back down on the table just as Dan walks in with a huge bowl of popcorn.

“Like the mug?” Dan asks.

“Yeah it’s awesome, very familiar. I have the same one at my house.” Phil responds.

Dan grins. “Well you have quite the taste in mugs. I was thinking we could have the marathon in my room. Sorry if that’s weird, but Netflix takes forever to load out here and the wifi in my room is pretty good and-”

Phil places his hand on Dan’s hip, causing him to stop mid-sentence and take in a sharp breath.

“Dan, it’s fine. I don’t mind at all.”

Dan smiles and lets out the breath he was holding. “Oh okay. Um let’s go then. It’s just down this hallway.”

Phil follows Dan down a dark hallway lined with little framed pictures of funky modern art. They seemed to fit Dan’s aesthetic quite well. Even knowing very little about him, Phil could feel that there was something between them. And though the chance of Dan liking guys was slim, he hoped that it might work out anyway.

Dan flipped the switch on in his bedroom and Phil was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. The bedsheets were checkered with black, white, and gray, and he had fairy lights around his headboard. There was a piano against one wall, and a huge mirror across from it. And it the corner, there was a plastic skeleton with a sign taped to its ribcage reading, “Joe”.

“I like your room” Phil says with a smile. “Very aesthetically pleasing.”

Dan blushes. The words sound so sweet coming from Phil’s lips. The lips he wants presses against his own, becoming swollen from making out on his bed for hours on end. But of course, those thoughts had to be pressed way way down.

Phil hops onto Dan’s bed and he gets a sudden thought. This is Dan’s bed. The bed where he probably sleeps in nothing but boxers, the bed he’s probably jacked off in, the bed where he’s probably fucked girls. Because the chances of Dan liking guys, are slim.

Dan clears his throat to end the awkward silence. Phil snaps his head up, realizing he’d been staring at the bed for way longer than appropriate.

“Sorry I had a stare, um shall we start?”

“It’s okay, yeah let’s do it.”

Dan switches off the lights and sits on the bed next to Phil. He grabs a tissue box off his nightstand and leans his phone against it so neither of them would have to worry about holding it. Phil shuffles down the mattress, laying on his side with his head propped up on his hand. Dan stays in the same position, thinking it’d be a bit weird to copy him.

“So should we start with the first episode or…” Dan asks.

“Nah, let’s do season three. That’s one of my favorite seasons. As much as it pains me to see Booth and Brennan not together, I love the episodes.” Phil answers.

“Same actually alright let’s do season three.” Dan selects season three episode one and hits play.
It was 4 episodes in where the cliché, “we both reached into the popcorn bowl at the same time and our hands touched this is awkward but my heart actually skipped a beat”. It was 6 when Dan’s arms got tired from holding himself up for so long. It was 8 episodes in when Dan and Phil were curled up together and had moved the phone so they could still watch while cuddling. And it was 9 episodes in when Dan’s arm had fallen asleep from it being wrapped around Phil’s torso for so long.

“Phil, hey I’m really sorry but my arm is asleep.” Phil laughed and sat up.

“Sorry” he whispered.

“No no it’s okay believe me, I am quite enjoying cuddling with you.” Dan replies. Phil smiles and snuggles up into Dan’s chest, grabbing Dan’s hand and playing with his fingers.

It finally came to the part in the episode where Carolyn was forcing Booth and Brennan to kiss under the mistletoe in order for her to do what they wanted. This was one of Dan’s favorite parts of season 3, as he shipped Booth and Brennan more than any couple in the world. The camera panned up to show the mistletoe and Phil let go of Dan’s hand and paused it, the mistletoe staying on the screen. Phil sat up and just as Dan was about to ask what the hell he was doing, Phil raised the phone into the air and looked up at it. Dan looked up, then back at Phil, then up again. He swallowed and tried to keep his breathing steady. Was this actually going to happen? Is this Phil trying to get me to kiss him? Am I supposed to lean in? Is he going to lean in? Oh my god universe help me what on earth am I supposed to do??

Phil opened his mouth slightly and faintly whispered, “can I kiss you?”

Dan had gone speechless. All he could do was nod. Phil leaned in, still holding the mistletoe above the two of them, and pressed his soft lips onto Dan’s. They both took a second to realize what was actually happening, but soon they had a rhythm, and could taste the butter and salt on each other’s lips. Phil put the phone down and grabbed Dan’s jaw, deepening the kiss. Dan wrapped his arms around Phil’s waist and pulled him closer, wanting to be as close as physically possible. Phil began to move to the left, rolling himself down so he was laying on top of Dan. He moved his hands from Dan’s jaw to his stomach, lifting his shirt a bit and pressing his thumbs into Dan’s hips. Dan bit Phil’s bottom lip, earning a small moan from Phil. He detached from Phil’s lips and Phil began to whimper, but soon stopped as Dan flipped them over so now he was on top.

He sat up and removed his shirt, tossing it onto the ground, and then played with the bottom of Phil’s, asking permission to do the same. Phil nodded and Dan tugged it off. He latched his lips onto Phil’s jaw, sucking and biting to leave hickeys. Phil let out a breathy moan as Dan moved to his neck and found his sweet spot. Dan continued to suck and bite and lick on the hickeys, blowing on them every once and a while to send a shiver of pleasure up Phil’s spine. Dan kissed down Phil’s chest and left small bruises that faded away easily. He went back up to Phil’s mouth and kissed him hard. Phil was getting harder by the minute. He decided to take matters into his own hands and flipped them over again. They could hear the faint sound of the episode of Bones playing but ignored it.

Phil started grinding on Dan, eliciting deep moans from Dan and breathy ones from Phil. Phil started sucking on Dan’s neck and Dan’s breathing got erratic. He arched his back off the bed and bucked his hips up, begging for friction, needing Phil to grind on him again. Phil kissed his lips again and fumbled with the button on Dan’s jeans. He popped it open and pulled the zipper down, Dan’s cock springing free from the restraint. Phil continued to kiss Dan, now simultaneously palming him through his boxers. Dan moaned into Phil’s mouth, Phil’s already aching dick starting to leak precum at the sounds. Dan undid Phil’s jeans and slid them down his thighs. And in that instant, Dan and Phil’s worries were gone, and that slim chance of either of them liking guys, was actually proven correct.
Dan grabbed the tissue box they had knocked off the bed and wiped off their chests. Both boys were sweaty and had extreme cases of sex hair. Dan threw away the tissues and pulled Phil into his chest, letting out a content sigh as he held the boy in his arms. Phil turned slightly and pecked Dan on the lips thinking, hey he might’ve fucked girls in this bed, but he’s also fucked me. Dan’s nerves had completely gone and were replaced but happiness and security, knowing that no matter what happens after this, Phil will be by his side. And as the sun sets and turns the sky pink and orange, Dan and Phil fall asleep, cuddled together, bodies pressed up against each other, not wanting any space between them self and the boy they loved. Their breathing evens out and soon they are both asleep, dreaming about adventures to come, all done together. And as the sun fully sets in London, a message appears on Dan’s phone, “Are you still watching, ‘Bones’?”



mouthofmistruths-blog  asked:

Hey, I'm sure, sure, sure that person was well meaning, but I (Jew of color, btw) cannot stand the whole 'well, I'm x, and you didn't do anything wrong.' What gives them the right to speak for all Jews? I, likewise, do not think you are antisemitic at all, but the fact that one admittedly non-practicing Jew says you haven't done anything antisemitic is...well, that it doesn't mean anything. Sorry. I love this blog and everything about it, but indulging that thinking makes me hella uncomfortable.

Every week, multiple Whites accuse me of bigotry without proof. These are Whites who read the same content as that particular subscriber that you are referring to (I’ve spoken to that person via Tumblr message sometimes, they aren’t a “random” person). So to me, that was one reader saying “uh no, this person is lying on you.” At least that is how I took it. Not as they became a representative for all Jews globally. My genuine apologies if it came off that way. 

I took it as ONE White person NOT calling me a bigot for THE DAY. I don’t think people who blog at the level (not implying quality, implying frequency and scope) I do understand what I am facing on a daily basis. I have 50-250 Whites PER MONTH I have to block on Twitter and Tumblr. Hundreds of emails of lies and false claims and demands for content and reports of plagiarism of my work and people expecting a mammy therapist. I am not being hyperbolic. I wish I were. 

This situation is basically this: A FUCKING LIAR made a claim, I responded (Anti-Blackness And Accusations Of Bigotry), someone else (doodledinmypants) responded in defense of me, your response and now this one. In a space for BLACK WOMEN. This is what people want. For this space not to be for us. 

My blog is for BLACK WOMEN. The fact that people who aren’t BLACK WOMEN expect this blog to cater to them on a daily basis is a plethora of types of privilege I won’t even list. 

While if I make a mistake and say something bigoted (which did not happen in this case, reminder), I should be called out, I honestly really am tired of people who aren’t BLACK WOMEN on my blog. I am. I tried to be “nice” about it and say non-Black women of colour and other people as long as not voyeurs, plagiarists and bigots can come but truthfully for 2014 I am considering a password protected space for Black women. I have had enough.

Again, I didn’t reply to doodledinmypants as a “representative” of all White Jews or Jews but as someone I’ve spoken to individually a few times. Since intent is irrelevant, again I apologize if responding to this person came off that way.

The best thing to do (for anyone who reads my blog) at this point is if not catering to Judaism (something I never attacked in the first place and do not practice or ethnically ID as Jewish; again the origin of this whole situation is a FUCKING LIAR doing shit to get their rocks off, which I am sure all of this derailment is pleasurable to them right now) and not apologizing for bigotry I did not commit (again, based on regular false claims without proof) is a problem, LEAVE this blog.

This is a PERSONAL blog run by ONE person. Black woman for Black women on issues relative to Black women and things I personally like/resist etc. If people do not like the content or feel that lying on me is an acceptable method for trying to get me off of social media through both random and coordinated attacks, they need to LEAVE. 

I will NOT address ANYTHING further about this topic. AT ALL.

This won’t carry into 2014. 

Guys I passed my Foundation Science Degree in Travel and Tourism Management!!!! So have this, ps I didn't do as well in my degree

Y/N stood in the hall of the college she’d been studying at for the past year. Superhero by day and student by night, that was her. Sure this would have been easier if she’d brought someone, anyone, with her but none of the other Avengers knew that she’d been attending night school. Well Pietro did, and he would have wanted to come with her. Y/N chuckled as she imagined the speedster jumping up and down , struggling with the idea of standing in a queue.
When Y/N joined SHIELD, she had tried to keep up her studies as she was half way through the first of the course. It had been damn hard to get into and she was determined to finish it. But unfortunately, being at SHIELD and trying to go to college didn’t work. But being an Avenger and studying did. Which was why she was now standing in a queue, waiting to get her results.

Y/N’s knuckles were white as she held on to the white envelope with everything she had. Her original plan been to open it there and then but once the envelope had been handed to her, she couldn’t. She needed her family around her and so she ran home.
The elevator wasn’t moving fast enough for her liking, when the doors eventually opened Y/N ran straight into Tony, “hey kid where’s the fire?” Instead of answering she just grabbed his hand and dragged him back into the lab where Bruce was tinkering.
“Okay, so, don’t be mad but I’ve been taking night classes-to-finish-my-degree-and-I-got-my-results-today-but- I-can’t-open-it” the guilt of keeping it from the team, her family, plus her nerves about her results meant that her voice sped up and the end of her sentence just ran together. The two scientists just looked at her, Bruce was the first to answer,
“Why didn’t you tell us?”
“Oh Banner who cares, there’s an envelope to open!!!!” Tony stood up, ringing his hands together. He was such a kid. He took the envelope from Y/N and ripped it open, as he was reading it Y/N’s nerves were becoming unbearable and she started inching closer to the elevator. Tony looked at Bruce and handed him the letter and looked towards Y/N, “oh kid” that was all he got to say as Y/N jumped in the elevator and closed the doors. The word “failed” was going around her head in big black letters. She was in the middle of making her way to her room when tony’s voice came across the comms,
“anyone got eyes on y/n?”
At that point Steve poked his head out of his room and seen her, clearly upset, as she slammed her door closed.
“she’s in her room, what did you do?”
“nothing spangles, Just make sure she doesn’t leave”
“Tony she’s upset. What did you do?”

Y/N groaned as this conversation continued, Clint had joined in once Steve had said she was upset. He was her big brother and a protective one at that. He’s going to be so mad I didn’t tell him she thought as Clint’s voice got more annoyed.
“yes miss y/n?”
“can you mute the comms and play some All Time Low please?”
“Of course”

Kicking and Screaming had just begun to play when loud knocking started on Y/N’s door, she tried to ignore it but the knocking became more insistent and louder. She was about to get up when it stopped, “FINALLY” Y/N sighed just as he door was blasted open and Tony strode in, wearing his Iron Man gauntlet, he was followed by Steve, Clint, Natasha, Wanda, Bruce and Thor. They all made themselves comfortable in the room, Tony stood beside Y/N, Steve sat on the chair at her desk, Clint sat on her bed while Wanda jumped in beside Y/N, Natasha sat on the floor in between Steve and Clint while Thor was standing at the end of the bed and Bruce was leaning against the doors frame.
“Did you seriously just blow my fucking door off?!”
“Language” Tony smirked and Steve groaned, he really wasn’t going to be allowed to forget that.
“Tony that’s not funny”
“Neither is this” and he held up that dreaded letter. Y/N groaned and fell back into her pillows, Wanda leaned in so she could whisper into her ear, “You passed.” At this Y/N jumped up, “I’m sorry, what did you just say?”
Tony started grinning, “you passed kiddo”
“but, but, but you said-”
“1) you didn’t give me a chance to finish and 2) I was so proud. I knew you’d pass but with honours?”
“WITH HONOURS?!” the other Avengers started to laugh, Clint grabbed her hand, “with honours, top of your class.” He was wearing such a wide, genuine smile.
“you guys are messing with me right?”
“take a look for yourself” Bruce said as he pointed to the sheet of paper in Tony’s hand.
“oh, my, God.” Y/N was too shocked to say anything else. The Avengers left her to come to terms with it, but told her to be dressed to party at 7pm as Clint was determined to celebrate it.

As Y/N walked in, everyone turned to face her. She smiled, “look guys, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was taking classes i-”
Clint interrupted her, “hey hey no, nothing to apologize for. We’re sure you had your reasons, all that matters is that we’re all here to celebrate how awesome my little sister is!”
At his mention of everyone being there, Y/N went to look at Wanda, who wasn’t there.
“ Yeah we get it Barton, Y/N got the brains of the family.” Tony smirked as he pulled Y/N into a hug, “I’m proud of you kiddo”
The next hour went by with Y/N getting hugged and congratulated by everyone and eventually she found Wanda.
“Hey! I was looking for you earlier.”
“Yeah sorry I just had to sort some things out, well done Y/N you should be very proud.” Wanda pulled her into a hug.
“Thanks Wanda”
“Pietro knew you were studying didn’t he?”
“Eh yeah, he found me one night and obviously I wasn’t quick enough to hide my books.” Wanda chuckled as she imagined Pietro speeding towards Y/N, like he always did. As if something would take her away before he could get to her.
“He’d be proud of you.”
“You think?”
“I know.” Wanda pointed behind Y/N and she turned around. Walking towards them was the tall, silver haired speedster. No one seemed shocked to see this, Natasha was holding onto Clint so he clearly wasn’t happy about what was happening. Y/N stood up to face Pietro, he stood in front of her with a grin on his face, “you didn’t see this coming?” His thick accent, the way his hair was sitting, the glint in his eye, that grin, it was all too much. So Y/N slapped him. Clint was now the only one grinning.
Pietro’s hand went to the side of his face, now Y/N was the one smirking, “what? You didn’t see that coming?” He took a step towards her, Y/N thought he was going to grab her wrist so she moved it but he grabbed her waist instead, pulling her to him. “I am proud of you”
“Don’t Pietro,” she was shaking her head with her hands on his chest, she could feel his heart beat. Her brain was in shock but her heart was in ecstasy.
He grabbed her hands, “i came back to you”
She looked up into the ice blue pools that were his eyes, she knew the same thing was going through his head. Their last conversation.
They were under heavy fire from Ultron’s robots, he needed to check on Wanda but Y/N had a bad feeling about him leaving,
“I’ll come back to you.”
“Promise me Pietro.”
He walked towards her, grabbing her hands, “I’ll come back to you, I’ll move heaven and hell if I have to but I will come back to you.
Moments later Y/N had heard Wanda’s scream.
Y/N smirked, "you’re late.”
Pietro smiled back at her, resting his forehead against hers, “Okay, So maybe I was slow for once.” And with that, he kissed her. He put every way he’d thought of saying sorry, of saying I love you, of saying how much he loves her, since he woke up into that kiss.

Wanda was now standing beside Clint, “you know I’ll kill him if he hurts, again.”
Wanda turned to face Clint, “I know. so will I.” Clint put his arm around her and kissed her forehead.

Tony clapped his hands together, “oh look, Brainy & Speedy!”
Without breaking the kiss, Y/N flipped him off and Tony turned to Steve and clapped him on the back, “quick Spangles, we haven’t covered rude hand gestures. Say something”
Steve groaned and walked to the bar as everyone else chuckled.