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He’s still got Niall’s voice reverberating in his mind, a gruff curse drowning in that Irish lilt that makes him relive his shock every time the phantom pressure of it beats against his eardrums. It’s what keeps his heart beating too fast in his chest – the overwhelming sense of dread that came with the disruption of the silence keeping his blood rushing through his veins even now that his worries have been subdued, his anxiety settled by the confirmation that Niall is okay.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” he says, repeating the same words over and over again as if it will sedate his mind and mute it until the shock wears off. He brushes his thumb over Niall’s left eyebrow, follows the shape of it back and forth while he aims his gaze at the irritated skin that shows in his wake. “Guess you’re right about me not handling my liquor very well.”

The flat smells of burnt chicken, but all Harry can sense is his own guilt as he curls his fingers around Niall’s ear, flexing them carefully as if he needs a better grip of Niall’s head while he keeps brushing over the angry spot over Niall’s eye, ever so focused on it as if it will bloom into a bruise within seconds. A cork-shaped mark to show where he’s been – to tell of the fool who tried to be romantic but ended up ruining the evening instead.

The palm of his hand shifts on its own accord, Niall’s cheek rounding up under his touch before it moves – fits itself more carefully in Harry’s grip until it’s fully cradled there, Niall’s smile blinding him once he looks up. It makes the guilt fade a little, makes Niall’s skin taste even sweeter than usual when he presses another apology to the mark and breathes out against it.

2 days passed since the last show and there are still new HL moments found and immediately GIF’-ed thanks to the dedicated GIF makers! You definitely deserve a shout out not only for going through the concert videos but for creating quality GIF’s with witty comments and subtitles, describing the situation so we all understand what’s going on in them. 


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today was gr8 I saw the scorch trials poster on 13 different buses and my geology teacher gave me two cool rocks B)