i didn't need my heart today anyway

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HOLY SHIT that handmaiden!anakin au. It's okay, I didn't need my heart or anything. Poor Obi-Wan. It feels like he's on the knife's edge of Something, but literally anything could happen now. What does he do now? leave the Jedi? Does he train Anakin anyway? How on earth does Anakin end up a handmaiden? SO MANY AMAZING QUESTIONS!!!!!!!

go me, I DID manage to update today! ❤

also, I am so sorry for this. :X so very, very sorry. 

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I have been in the 1D fandom not quite a year yet (dropped in when I saw the Louis got a girl pregnant articles and I was like, I know nothing about him but thought he is...). Anyway, I didn't really listen to their music until recently. I'm slowly making my way through songs in no particular order. Today I listened to Something Great. What the actual fuck?! How have I missed this song until now? Holding Louis until the very end, by himself, answering the voice of the rest of the song?!

I’m so sorry, how is your heart? Are you coping? Have you had some water? Do I need to send tissues? Shall I make some chicken noodle soup and come cuddle you in warm fuzzy blankets? That song is a beautiful type of pain. It hurts and is so beautiful.