i didn't mind the host

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Something is missing from the new TFS podcast. The core members of TFS! I didn't mind it when Antfish started hosting. He kept it on track and helped it stay frequent. He brought in other side members (Masako, Gan, HBi2K, and LK), but now he just filled it with third tier members with none of the core ones. When it was just you three you had such chemistry I could listen to you talked about non-sense and it'd be funny. The new one was just so boring, with only one part I laughed at.

Remember: It’s the TeamFourStar podcast.

Sometimes, it’s going to be many different members, and the main three aren’t going to be there at all. Also, LittleKuriboh is not a “third tier member”, nor is Antfish. Faulerro would only practically count because he’s not been with the team as long, and his character is relatively minor, but he himself has a lot going on, and is an incredibly funny, interesting person who deserves attention.

Give them a chance!

Edit: Also, fuckin’ tiers? What, is the TeamSmashStar? Should the podcasts be Final Destination, 5 Stock, no items, all Taka?