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Headcanon: The Slytherin Prefects having a rough batch of first years who are crying/upset about being in Slytherin when they reach the dungeons. So they go get Professor Potter, who is not much better with crying first years, until he's honest with them. "Look I didn't want to be in Slytherin at your age either, but I can tell you I'm proud of each of these Slytherins, and I know I'll be proud of you too." The Prefects being at first annoyed, then reluctantly enjoying his frankness.

Even now, so many years later, Harry remembers what it’s like to be eleven years old. With near painful clarity, he remembers standing in the entry way to the Great Hall, listening to the nervous shuffling and whispering from the other students around him. “What house do you think you’ll be in?” “Anything but slytherin. I’ll take hufflepuff before I take slytherin.” Harry only has a basic sense of what those words mean, but he recognizes all too well the tone they’d said “slytherin” in. The same tone Uncle Vernon used when he talked about “hippies”. 

When the Sorting Hat was dropped over his ears and the Great Hall disappeared, the anxiety was enough to nearly choke him. He listened to the hat whisper in his ear, saying “slytherin” like some dark promise. He’d begged at the time, anything but slytherin, anything but slytherin

Now, sitting in front of eleven year old equally as, if not more, upset than he had been, he decided to be honest. He’d been honest with the Sorting Hat and they deserved that same level of honesty. 

The Prefects had trusted him the least when he’d become their House Head. It hadn’t been easy for them to protect their younger housemates from the scorn of the other houses and even harder to fulfill their duties as Prefects when three fourths of the houses refused to listen to them half the time. What was Harry Potter, the boy who lived to defeat Voldemort, the heir to Slytherin, going to do for the young snakes crying in front of them? They’d seen no other option though, so they reluctantly marched the sniffling first years to Harry’s office and barged in the door without knocking. 

“We’re just not sure what to do.”

Harry looked down at the six students in front of him, tears stained faces with red rimmed eyes. There was awe in some of them, fear in others. Harry swallowed past the nervous ball in his throat. 

“Uhm, ah, everyone sit down. Prefects, you may return to the dungeons, I’ll escort them back in a little while.” They were halfway to the door when he rushed to add a, “Thank you.” They looked at him with unfathomable eyes before shrugging and disappearing out the door. 

“So,” he started after a beat of awkward silence, “Tell me what’s going on?”

They all rushed to explain, tripping over their words and speaking over each other. Harry held up a hand when he’d heard enough, effectively silencing them. 

“I’m going to be honest with he,” he said seriously, “I didn’t want to be in slytherin either. The only reason I was in Gryffindor was because I asked the Sorting Hat not to put me in slytherin. 

He rushed to keep speaking when they started to open their mouths again, undoubtedly about to ask him if they were allowed to go ask the Sorting Hat too, “I asked for that for the wrong reasons. I thought that slytherin house was bad. I thought that it was the house for dark wizards and witches. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends because how could I be like them?”

A sense of panic overtook the first years, as if he was confirming all their darkest thoughts. Harry smiled reassuringly. 

“I was wrong, though. Some of the bravest, best people I’ve known have come from slytherin house. Some of the most cowardly of men have come from gryffindor. There is no right or wrong house to be in. If the Sorting Hat thinks that you’ll succeed in slytherin, it’s because you have all the potential and traits to do so. And I’m here to help you do that.”

The first years calmed, thinking this over and staring at him with calculating eyes. One by one, they slowly nodded and wiped away tear tracks from their cheeks. Harry grinned triumphantly and stood from his desk. 

“Now, why don’t we return to the common room. I’ll introduce you to some of the mermaids that like to sit by the windows.”

The walk to the dungeon was filled with excited questions and bright eyes. 

Keith’s heritage, Lotor’s affiliation with the Galra, the previous Red Paladin & Shiro’s escape

It’s been two months since Season 2 came out (Two months! Five more to go!) and I’ve finally gathered enough evidence for another one of my shitty theories. Get something to drink, make yourself comfortable, and listen to me ramble about Voltron for a while.

Before we get to the cool conspiracy theories though, let’s list some short speculations about the person in the Weblum.

First, take a good look at Mystery Person’s fighter jet:

That thing was tangled up there for a long ass time. Not long enough to lose all of it’s power though; the lights are working, so its main power source seems to be intact. After all - it still served as a bomb and bought Keith and MP precious time. (Keep this in mind, we’ll need it later)

I’ve seen a lot of people point out that MP’s outfit design and colour scheme resemble that of a villain’s, and some have speculated that the person might be Lotor.

MP is slightly taller than Keith, but shorter than the Galra we’ve seen so far. If Lotor remains half Galra/half Altean like in the original, he could very well be shorter than the average Galra. It’s plausible.

I’ve already pointed out in this post (x) that Altean magic can convert scaultrite energy into usable fuel. Surely Haggar can do it. MP took some scaultrite with them, which means they know someone who can make use of it.

In order to know them, though, they’d have to have been alive when Zarkon attacked Altea, and who’s to say that Haggar wasn’t the only one to side with the “enemy”?

That crest on MP’s suit, we’ve seen it before. In the very first episode, actually, when the paladins infiltrated Sendak’s ship to get the Red lion:

…and Keith seemed to recognise it from somewhere. I’m not saying he knows where exactly it’s from - but when you think about it, there could very well be a connection between MP and the Red Lion.

What does this tell us? Well, there are several options:

  • a.) The person in the Weblum is, in fact, Lotor, who was supposed to pilot the Red Lion. It would only make sense if Zarkon had trained him to be a paladin. The Galra were looking for the other lions, and assuming Zarkon was going to pilot Black like he used to - he’d still need four other paladins. But when Lotor went missing, Zarkon didn’t bother to rescue him because the new paladins had stolen the Red lion. Lotor wasn’t needed anymore.
  • b.) A random alien, possibly the original Red Paladin. Maybe King Alfor or another Altean. Alfor’s last words to Allura were “If all goes well, I’ll see you soon.” and I highly doubt that Zarkon wiped out the entire Altean race. Allura and Coran are still alive, yes - but so is Haggar, and possibly other Alteans that allied with the Galra before their planet was destroyed - if it was destroyed at all. We’ve seen the remaining pieces of Planet Galra in S2E7, but we don’t know what happened to Altea. I’m saying it’s possible that the Alteans had something to do with the destruction of the Galra’s home planet (if you think this is a Reach™, check out this post: x) and practically forced Zarkon to attack them, sparking his determination to “wipe out the foul [Altean] race”.
  • c.) Keith’s mother. Remember how Keith’s dad said “Your mother will be here soon” before the screen cuts to a frame of the Red Lion?
  • Maybe Keith’s mother used to pilot Red before the Galra got their hands on the lion. Maybe, just maybe, she left something other than her Blade on Earth - something that triggered Keith’s memory when he was looking at the symbol on Sendak’s ship.

We know that she was affiliated with the Blade of Marmora, obviously. And in episode 12, right before Thace blows up the main engine of Zarkon’s ship, we get this moment:

Sound familiar?

The writers were obviously trying to put emphasis on the connection between Thace and the person in the Weblum. I’m not saying they’re the same person, but rather that MP is affiliated with the Blade of Marmora somehow.

Something that’s been bothering me about Keith’s BOM hallucination - besides the Red Lion’s presence - is the panel of an army of sentries, backed up by a Galra ship.

It’s directly tied to Shiro’s abduction and escape. I’m wondering why Shiro, Matt and Sam Holt were taken as prisoners. How would the Galra profit from taking three small humans captive when there’s an entire populated planet in the same solar system?

The Blue Lion was there. The Area 51 dude in “Space Mall” has been to Earth. So has Keith’s mom. And when Keith asked Coran if a Galra had piloted the Blue Lion, Lance barged in.
Keith never got an answer.

Why is Shiro’s abduction the point, though? Well. I can’t think of a reason why the Galra wouldn’t bother to pay planet earth a visit. It just doesn’t make sense, especially since Shiro proved himself to be a valuable fighter.

Unless, of course, Keith’s hallucination was someone else’s memory. Unless the Red lion was trying to tell him that Earth doesn’t need protection from the Galra.

Because they’ve already conquered it.

  • INTJ: *plays Dragon Age: Inquisition for the first time*
  • INTJ: *runs around the Emerald Graves*
  • INTJ: ...just sneeeeak past the giants, sneeak past the giants, sneeeak-
  • INTP: Ah, wait, your next mission is over there!
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: ...you mean...
  • INTJ: ...you mean right next to the giant?
  • INTP: Yep.
  • INTJ: ...I'm not ... particularly keen on fighting a giant?
  • INTP: *laughs* Well, it seems like you'll have to. Kill the bandits? Kill the giant.
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: *noise of disapproval*
  • INTP: *laughs* C'mon, be brave! You're ridiculously OP anyway!
  • INTJ: *turns around, serious face*
  • INTJ: Sidequests.
  • INTJ: Are.
  • INTJ: Important.
  • INTJ: Sidequests.
  • INTJ: Need.
  • INTJ: To be.
  • INTJ: Finished.
  • INTP: *laughs* Yes, yes! But you need to prioritise!
  • INTP: I mean, /I/ thought I was a completionist, but look at you, doing every sidequest in the bloody Hinterlands before leaving.
  • INTJ: I-, wha-, I mean, they needed my help! There was a marker on the map! Now the map is perfect and pristine.
  • INTP: *snorts*
  • INTJ: Anyway.
  • INTJ: I don't want to fight a giant:
  • INTJ: ...maybe the bandits will attack it if I wait long enough?
  • INTP: Hm?
  • INTP: ...no, I don't think the game is programmed that way. Look, they're standing so close to each other but nothing is happening.
  • INTJ: True. Anyway, I need a better read on the situation. I'll just sneak up to this rock and then check out his level in tactical mode.
  • INTP: *flashback to just barging in with a huge grin, staff a-blazing*
  • INTP: Yeah. Yeah, good idea.
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTJ: Okay, so...
  • INTJ: ...wait...
  • INTJ: ...they ARE attacking the giant!
  • INTP: What, no way!?
  • INTJ: Look!
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...wow.
  • INTJ: Damn.
  • INTP: Are they dealing it any damage?
  • INTJ: Wait, let me zoom in...
  • INTJ: Yeah, they actually are. Look, it's lost a third already.
  • INTP: That reminds me of that one Dragon vs Giant fight on the Storm Coast. That was so awesome.
  • INTJ: Yeah, it was! I just stood there like in a dream.
  • INTP: Same! Then I went down and collected the giant's remains so I got the codex entry way early.
  • INTJ: Oh, that's clever, I didn't do that.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...they're still going at it.
  • INTP: They sure are.
  • INTJ: It's a bit sad, isn't it? Because the giant doesn't really defend itself.
  • INTP: Yeah. It's more like a slaughter than a fight.
  • INTJ: ...ah, it's gonna die any moment.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...WAIT.
  • INTJ: What?
  • INTP: If you attack now, don't you think you'll get all the experience?
  • INTJ: So you think I should step in now?
  • INTP: Yeah, before it dies.
  • INTJ: *grins* Worth a try.
  • INTJ: *runs forward, defeats giant with one blow, gets all the experience and defeats bandits within a few seconds*
  • INTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTP: ...wow.
  • INTJ: ...I can't believe we just did that.
  • INTP: ...it was such a good idea to let the bandits attack it.
  • INTJ: ...but it would have been worthless if you hadn't thought of stepping in at the last moment.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTP: ...together, we're like one (1) full brain.
  • INTJ: *laughs* I'll drink some water to that.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTP: ...can you also give me some? My heart is still racing.
  • INTJ: Mine too!
  • Both: *laugh in disbelief*
take this burden - part 19

[ ends of the earth - lord huron ]


They woke to Rou flinging the door open and loudly informing them that there were pancakes downstairs.

‘Jesus, Rou, what if we’d been naked?’

‘Absolutely nothing.’


She walked off.

‘Should I be offended?’ He Tian asked.

‘That’s a safe bet.’

They’d shifted slightly as they slept.

Somehow, Felix had acquired the majority of the blanket.

When He Tian didn’t get out of the bed, Mo Guan Shan climbed over him.

He Tian followed him to the bathroom.

Mo Guan Shan said something unintelligible, his mouth full of toothpaste.


Mo Guan Shan spit.

‘Did you bring a toothbrush?’

‘No, I completely spaced. I’m fine until we get home.’

‘You can use mine if you want.’

‘Isn’t that kind of…gross?’

‘Compared to what? Spending the day with un-brushed teeth?’

He Tian had no response.

He took the toothbrush when Mo Guan Shan offered it to him.

Mo Guan Shan sat on the edge of the tub while he cleaned his teeth.

‘Sorry about last night.’

He Tian glanced at him out of the corner of his eye.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I try not to drink that much on a regular basis. I hope I wasn’t too bad.’

‘What’s the last thing you remember?’ He Tian asked warily.

‘Taking a shower.’

He Tian sighed in intense relief.

‘Shit, did I do something stupid?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

‘Nope, you just went to sleep.’

‘Are you lying?’

‘Only a little.’

‘We didn't…’

‘No. I like to think that you’d remember that.’

‘I didn’t mean it like-’

‘I know, I’m kidding.’

He Tian spit out the toothpaste and rinsed his mouth out

‘So what’s the plan?’

‘I’m going to get some more of my stuff packed up and get Felix ready. We can head out after breakfast.’

‘Is there anything else you want to do while we’re here? Visit friends?’

Mo Guan Shan considered that for a moment before shaking his head.

‘I’d rather just go home and get settled in.’

He Tian followed him out of the bathroom to help him pack.

‘Home it is, then.’

They ate breakfast and said their goodbyes.

He Tian was surprised when each member of the family hugged him warmly.

‘Come back and visit soon.’ Mo Guan Shan’s mom told them firmly.

‘We will.’ Mo Guan promised.

He Tian tried not to smile.

We, huh?

Mo Guan Shan loaded Felix into the car in his carrier.

He was nothing but a fluffy, ginger, ball of anger and claws.

Mo Guan Shan didn’t ask for the keys this time either.

He relaxed with every mile He Tian put between their car and the city.

‘Sorry about telling my mom that we’re together. She just looked so happy…’

‘It’s ok, really. She wants to know that you’re safe and taken care of. It’s understandable.’

Mo Guan Shan nodded.

‘Yeah, i suppose so. You’re not mad though?’

‘Not at all. Why would I be?’

‘Well…you haven’t been in a relationship for thirteen years and I just barge in and tell my parents that you’re my boyfriend. I don’t imagine anyone would like that.’

‘It doesn’t bother me.’ He Tian assured him.

‘Well, thank you.’

‘Any time.’

The redhead rolled his eyes with a small smile.

‘Really? Even Christmas?’


‘I…can’t tell if you’re kidding.’

‘I’m not. They seem really nice. I liked them a lot.’

‘Just be careful. They might get attached and we’ll have to get married.’ He teased.

He Tian laughed.

‘I can think of worse fates.’

There was a long pause.

‘I’m going to tell Jian Yi you said that.’

‘Oh lord, please don’t.’

They both smiled.

‘You seem like you’re feeling better.’ He Tian observed.’

‘I am.’ Mo Guan Shan admitted.

‘I’m glad.’

They spent the next few hours in silence, listening to music, lost in thought.

Mo Guan Shan broke the silence.

‘So, what’s up with them? Jian Yi and Zhan Zhengxi.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Are they planning on getting married or anything? You said they’d been together for, like, a decade.’

‘Ok, I’m going to tell you something, but if you tell Jian Yi I will murder you.’

‘Jesus, I’m not sure if I even want to know now.’

‘Zhengxi has been planning to propose for over two years but hasn’t come up with the right way to do it.’

‘It’s not like he’s going to say no… right?’

‘Absolutely not. Zhengxi just feels like he has to make it special somehow, after all they’ve been through.’

‘Like what?’ Mo Guan Shan asked.

He Tian winced, realizing he’d said too much.

‘I’m…going to have to let Jian Yi tell you about that. I wouldn’t know about any of it if I hadn’t been around for it.’

‘Are you really going to build it up like that and not tell me?’

He Tian sighed.

He never really talked to anyone so he wasn’t used to censoring himself or keeping secrets.

‘You have to PROMISE me you won’t say anything. Ever.’

‘I promise.’

He Tian hesitated.

‘Zhengxi cheated on him a few years ago.’


‘It wasn’t a huge thing, he didn’t sleep with her or anything-’

‘Her?’ Mo Guan Shan interrupted.

‘Yeah, that was the issue. Jian Yi is a remarkably understanding, forgiving person. But after so many years of Zhengxi telling him he was straight, it was pretty brutal.’

‘I can imagine.’

‘What ended up happening?’

‘Zhengxi stayed with me for almost three months. The girl, she was a friend of theirs, went to Jian Yi taking full responsibility. She was going through her own shit with some guy and said it was entirely her fault and Zhengxi had turned her down.’

‘And Jian Yi forgave him?’

‘Eventually, yeah. He said they should start fresh and let it go.’

‘What happened with the girl?’

‘She quit her job at The Wolf and none of us have heard from her since.’

‘What’s The Wolf?’

He Tian chuckled.

‘That’s my club. The Black Wolf.’

‘Oh…I’m sorry. I feel like I should know that.’

‘I doubt anyone has said the name. Everyone typically just says He Tian’s place.

‘It’s weird, I just realized I’ve never heard you say your own name before.’

He Tian thought about that.

‘I guess I don’t really say my name often. Does anyone?’

‘Probably not.’

‘You do it.’

‘Say your name?’

‘No, yours.’

‘…Mo Guan Shan.’

‘Ok, now mine.’

‘You want me to say your name?’

He Tian flushed.

‘Well, not now that you’ve made it weird.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed softly.

‘He Tian.’

The man in question smiled, his face still bright red.

‘Your turn.’

He Tian tried to clear his head.

‘Mo Guan Shan.’

‘I like your voice.’


‘Really.’ Mo Guan Shan assured him.

‘No one’s ever told me that.’

‘Something tells me there’s a lot of nice things about you that no one’s ever told you about.’

‘Should I be offended by that?’

‘No. I can tell you what I like about you so far, if you want.’

‘You really don’t have to do that.’ He Tian said, tightening his hands on the steering wheel.’

‘But I really want to.’

‘Ok…’ He was expecting a few generic compliments.

‘I like the way your eyes sparkle when you smile.’

‘…thank you.’

‘And the way you squeeze my hand when you laugh.’

He Tian had no idea how to respond to these facts.

‘And the way you offer me a cigarette when you don’t want to smoke alone.’


‘And the way you look away when you’re embarrassed.’


‘And the way you try not to smile when you’re lying.’



‘And the way you turn someone away when they’re clearly drunk and being an idiot.’


‘The way you’ll sleep on the floor because someone selfishly asks you to stay the night.’


‘You. I like you. I really, really, do.’

‘You shouldn’t.’ He Tian whispered.

‘Why not?’ Mo Guan Shan asked, defiant.

‘I have… a lot of baggage.’

‘I don’t care.’

‘You don’t understand.’

‘You’ve handled everything I’ve thrown at you so far.’

‘I guess…’

‘Let me do that for you.’

‘It’s different.’

‘I. Don’t. Care.’


He Tian, you drove me home. I could have stayed there. But I didn’t.’

‘Why didn’t you?’ He Tian asked.

‘If I don’t stick around and, at least, try to figure all this out, I’d hate myself.

‘You’re going to hate me, Mo Guan Shan.’

‘Why don’t you let me figure that out for myself.’

‘I’m not going to-’

‘I’m not asking you to fuck me.’

‘What are you asking me for?’ He Tian asked, honestly confused.

‘Give me a chance. Baggage and all.’

‘Do you want me to be your…’

‘I just want you to be with me while I sleep. Even if it’s on the floor.’

Mo Guan Shan’s confident words didn’t match the way his voice shook.

‘I can do that.’



Valentine (A TTFOU One Shot)

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT connected whatsoever to the current timeline of TTFOU, it’s just a fluffly little drabble to break up the angst and to celebrate Valentine’s Day! And YES I am aware that technically John and Alex are currently not together but hey. whatever. :-) enjoy! (and let me know if i could continue writing these!)

WORDS: 1,013

TAGS (im tagging my regular ttfou readers, but PLEASE GUYS let me know if you only want to be tagged in the regular TTFOU chapters because i can start a separate tag list for drabbles if you want!!): @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @georgewashingsin @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @mynameisalexanderhammyham @panda-powers @lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook @hamrevolution @alexander-did-you-know @sun-tree @angelizaandpeggy @isis278 @idk-destiel @engulfedinstars @hamiltrashuniverse @ahrupe @just-me-an-asshole @readfizz @skeletonmelodies @gum-and-chips @iminwaytoomanyfandoms @hadleyelizabethuley @fictionalboyfriends @ridiculousn3ssfangirl @pleuxvoir @liallow @kanadianwithashippingproblem @bucket-of-kittens @welcometohamilton @forth-schuyler-sister @fanwaffles @ariadne1004 @inspacewmorty @marshmallow-satan @anbu1997 @sinmineral

“Tie or bow tie?” Lafayette mused, holding each up to his chest in turn.

Alexander and John were laying entangled on Lafayette’s bed watching him get ready.

“How about…neither?” Alexander asked, leaving John laughing into the pillow.

“Yeah,” he added. “Stop being lame and stay here to watch movies with us.”

Lafayette stuck out his tongue and threw the tie on the bed, opting for the pale pink bow tie. 

“No way. I’m taking Herc out and there’s nothing you two freaks can do about it. If you want to waste the most romantic day of the year laying in bed and watching movies, go ahead, but I’m not going to do that.”

John and Alexander exchanged a knowing glance and started laughing. “Laf,” Alexander explained, leaning forward over his criss-crossed legs. “We are not going to just be watching movies. Don’t kid yourself, my dear.”

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Like, Graves needs help on a case, and he's utterly desperate, alright - he researches books in his library and stumbles upon this thing about demons who supposedly know everything ? and he shouldn't, really, but he does anyway. blood, pentagram, candles, he feels silly and then he feels sillier when the demon who appears is - is cute as hell. what the heck. he didn't order that. oh shit.

Ahhhh Demon!Newt!!! I started writing this on my lunch break bc i couldn’t wait. Read it here or read it on Ao3

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  • Robert: I'm gonna be honest with you, you know, of all the things we've done together, this is up there.
  • Aaron: Yeah.
  • Ross: (barging in) Where is it?
  • Robert: What?
  • Ross: You know what.
  • Aaron: Do you mean, like, Wally? Like where's Wally?
  • Robert: Wally? I don't think I've seen Wally.
  • Ross: Yeah, that's great. Where's my taxi?
  • Aaron: Oh, you meant your taxi? Why didn't you just say?
  • Robert: Actually I don't think you could have timed it any better. (gets up) Come on, I think she's just arrived back. (they go outside, taxi is crushed) There you go. She's all yours.
  • Aaron: To be honest with you, I'm not sure how many passengers you'll get in the back of that.
  • Robert: Yeah, might be a tight squeeze that.
  • Ross: You crushed my car?
  • Aaron: Looking a little bit upset there... Hormones, is it?
  • Robert: It's not all bad. We've actually come up with a new name for your taxi firm. Cuber. You see what we did there?
  • Aaron: See, I think he's still only seeing the bad side of this.
  • Ross: Too far. Too far.
  • Robert: No, no, no, no, no, Ross. You see, you took two and a half grand of my money. That cube of metal right there, that's us quits.
  • Ross: Quits? This was worth well more than that. Ha ha, this is not over... Not by a long way.

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You are one of the only people I could find that still really believe destiel could become canon. I'd LOVE for that to happen, but I mean... We've had much more obvious romantic storylines between Dean and Cas before (looking at you season 8), and they still didn't make it canon. I'm really hoping you're right about this, but I don't see why it would happen this season


Well, I follow quite a few people who I believe are pretty positive about canon Destiel, but I think the important thing to most of us (including me) is that it is clear to us that the story is there, that we are not making it up.

Whether they decide to follow through on what has been laid down in the text and on screen is another matter and while I am cautiously positive I also am not deluding myself that it is a certainty.

Personally, I don’t have a lot of knowledge of the production side, but from what I can tell since Dabb took over (I believe officially since s12 but really since mid s11) the Dean/Cas story has really ramped up and I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to ramp this up without following through at this point. It has already been a PR disaster for the show, Supernatural is the no 1 show that comes up on google when you search ‘queerbaiting’, the fandom is divided, it is a controversial subject. Why would you even touch it with a barge pole let alone increase the subtext and lead it even into the text at this point?

TBH I got to early season 11 feeling like they had decided not to follow through and it was only with the Casifer / Dean’s reaction / Sam’s reaction to Dean story that I started to sit back up and think hang on, I feel like there’s been a turning point in TPTB here and then found out the showrunner had changed? And now we have a whole host of new writers too, under this showrunner, who when he writes, writes AMAZING DESTIEL EPISODES. So perhaps I’m reading too much into it but as this is how I felt at the time it felt like it was kind of obvious to me?

Listing my favourite episodes recently I realised many of them are written by Dabb. Most of these are extremely heavy on Destiel (either between them or by paralleling them with canon couples), so I feel like Dabb gets it and is working towards this as endgame.

So, mid s11 onwards made me sit up and notice this again. Now the story so far this season has heavily rested on focusing on the emotional side of the characters (as Dabb said it would).

With Dean it focuses on the dropping of his façade and his wanting to be honest, also letting go of his brother and letting him grow up. With Sam its his self forgiveness arc and his misunderstanding of his brother. With Mary it’s the guilt. With Cas it’s his sense of belonging and family.

Meanwhile we have whole Cas-centric episodes resting on stories about Angels loving Humans, the whole Lucifer arc rests on the result of ‘love’ between Angels and Humans. The whole BMOL arc rests on (dis)honesty. The honestly arc for Dean, the love arc for Cas - these are things they didn’t have to have the whole season focusing on repeatedly, nearly every damn episode!

Do I think they’ll end this season in each others arms kissing and declaring their undying love to each other? Hell no. I believe in endgame Destiel. In the meantime it’s gonna be painful. Because that’s how narratives like this work and that’s how this show works. But I will be surprised if it’s not endgame given everything we have now seen since mid s11 and the choices they have made regarding their story.

Am I right? Who knows! We shall see!

Honestly though, joking aside, but also in no way to I expect it, I just really want this for this season finale as Cas gets dragged off to I don’t know where ;)

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"I didn't mean to fall in love with you but I did. And now you're a target because of it. I'm so sorry." Frank Castle?

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He barged into your home, murmuring something about being sorry, “Frank, what- what are you doing here?” You asked him, closing the door behind him, “What’s wrong?”

“I-I…” It was the first time you’d seen him look scared. God, was he scared. He was terrified. He’d let himself care; let himself become reckless, “I didn’t mean to fall in love with you but I did.” He said gruffly, “And now… (y/n), now you’re a target because of it… I’m so sorry.”

You blinked, “What?”

“They’re- They found out about you. I don’t know how they did it but I do know that they’re coming. Red’s holding them back but he’s one guy compared to the tens of them.”

“Frank, slow down. Calm down-” You reached for him but he shrugged your hand off.

“I can’t!” He yelled suddenly, “I’m not having another person I love die because I was too weak to protect them!” And just like that, your heart broke and his walls shot back up, “You have to leave.”

“Frank, I’m not-”

“(y/n), please.” There was a wild look in his eyes, a look that made you understand everything, “It’s the only way to keep you safe. You have to leave Hell’s Kitchen.” And despite yourself, you nodded.

I think it’s important to note and interesting that I can’t recall it being mentioned in discussions on Wufei that his colony, L5-A0205, was going to be the colony they dropped in the original Operation Meteor.

Let that sink in.

It was Wufei’s home they were going to drop on Earth.

I think this a wildly huge factor in understanding Wufei and his motivations/actions. So let’s get all up in this shit.

(also just an fyi, all of what I say is based off of the english dub at this time, since I’m finding it hard to find subs that don’t feel like they’re dub script subs.)

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Just read through your baby jeon tag for the thousandth time and was just imagining teenage kook getting his first gf and namjoon catching them out in public and he comes home and has A MELTDOWN and the boys are having A MELTDOWN and then they tell y/n and she's like "you think I didn't know already" cause obvi kook won't hide anything from his noona. Your style of writing is so good btw, I get so excited to read everything you post :)

namjoon had expected a normal day out. and by normal he means just taking a quick trip down to the grocery store, grab some milk (and some chocolate, let’s be real) because seokjin’s been going on and on about how the bottles are always empty so namjoon’s grabbing the biggest one yet. just as he gets what he needs, he stalks out to the streets, heading straight back to the apartment but stops dead in his tracks when he sees a too familiar looking uniform on a very, very familiar looking physique and his jaw drops.

that’s jungkook.

as in, the jungkook he’s known for since day one and he’s holding a girl’s hand.

he almost let the bottle of milk and the pieces of chocolate bar drop to the floor but he’s quick to collect himself to fish out his phone. after snapping a quite decent amount of photos from the opposite side of the road and a few feet distance away, namjoon sprints back home.


namjoon creates a havoc as he barges through the door and yoongi is about to complain about the ruckus but when namjoon’s shoving the bottle of milk to the arms of seokjin who conveniently opens the door and throwing the bars of chocolate onto the table, he’s gathered the attention of everyone in the living room.

“jungkook has a girlfriend!”

at the exclaim, you peek from your laptop, watching as six guys scurry over to the phone that namjoon’s holding and the rest of them are losing it.

“what the fuck?!

"that kid’s too young to be -”

“he’s sixteen, let him go,”

“but still! how come we don’t know about this?!”

“more importantly…” at the sound of jimin’s voice dying off, six heads turn to look at you and you stop your typing, only to look up with a calm expression - one they didn’t expect.


“don’t fucking what us! why aren’t you freaking out?!”

you scoff a laugh, pushing your laptop aside as you stand up form the sofa, “you think i didn’t know about that by now,” you take long strides to reach where they are and using two fingers to zoom into the picture of the girl’s face that’s blurred but you’ve seen a clearer version of it before on someone else’s phone, “her name’s jiyoon.”

((“okay what the fuck.”

“she knows everything, this isn’t fair.”

“shut up. you’re too loud,”

“you’re taking her side?! hyung! she didn’t tell anyone!”

“that’s what secrets are for and-”

jungkook blinks at the sight of six people sprawled out on the floor, you by the sofa on your own and he gulps at the thick tension.

upon meeting eyes with you, you’re giving him a heads up, pointing with your eyes at namjoon’s phone that he manages to squint his eyes at, realizing that’s him by the sidewalk earlier, “jungkook… you might wanna run,”

and when the six of them start getting up from the floor, jungkook makes a run for it with wide eyes and a paled face. “oh fuck,

“oh fuck it is, boy!”

“come back here!”

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The door to the loft shut with a slam as you stormed into the apartment, completely drenched and dripping from head to toe, leaving a trail of rainwater in your wake. Isaac-who had been lying on the couch, messing around with his phone until the sudden bang had caused him to jump and sit up abruptly-didn't even try to suppress his laughter at your misfortune. You narrowed your eyes at him, "Shut your damn pie-hole, Lahey," you snapped, crossing your arms defensively. He didn't though, -

-a sly, sardonic grin forming on his face as he eyed you up and down. “Oh, I’m so sorry, it’s just kind of hard to take you seriously when you look like a drowned sewer-rat.” You growled, a droplet falling from the tip of your nose, which only set him off again. Before you could pounce on the aggravating pest, however, you were distracted by the thudding of footsteps on the nearby stairs, or more accurately by the person to whom the footsteps belonged. Peter let out a low, amused chuckle.-

-“Well, well, well…” He drawled in his typical sinister manner. You scowled, bad temperately at him as he reached the bottom step and made his way toward you, no doubt revelling in the convenient opportunity to be an ass. “Don’t.” You warned gruffly, as you frustratedly swiped at a strand of hair that had stuck itself to the side of your face. “I swear to god, Peter.” But he, rather than taking heed, leaned forward and gave you a nefarious smirk. “Ah yes, I thought I smelled wet dog down-

-here. This explains the stench.” Isaac practically snorted at this. You, on the other hand, felt your jaw tighten as you gritted your teeth, summoning your deadliest death glare and shooting it at the both of them. Peter shook his head, brows raised, “Oh-ho-ho y/n, y/n, y/n, if only looks could kill… I wouldn’t have to go to so much effort.” You felt your eyes flash briefly and you gave him a hard shove as you barged past him, “Go to hell Peter!” You snarled, only serving to amuse him more,-

-aside from the damp patch you’d left on his jacket, which he’d grimaced at. He pivoted to face your direction, “Ahh, the irony. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, gave it back.” He flapped his hand in a dismissive manner at your retort, while you groaned in irritation, throwing yourself backwards onto the couch and dragging your hands down your face, before flicking the excess water from your fingers. Isaac scrambled to the farthest side of the seat, complaining that he ‘wasn’t-

-pre-warned that he was in the splash zone.’ Meanwhile, Peter made a face, “Ugh. That’s a communal couch, you know. Don’t make us all suffer for your idiocy.” You rolled your eyes, “I honestly don’t give two shits about your crappy ‘communal couch’.” You bit back bitterly, then sniffed and wrapped your arms around yourself, suddenly aware of how cold you’d gotten, the air-con making the saturated clothing that clung to your body, lose any of the heat it had once retained. You began to shiver a-

-little, just as you heard Isaac murmur, “You obviously don’t give two shits about staying dry either..” You cast your fellow beta a menacing look, “And as for you,” you jabbed your finger in his direction, “listen here and listen good, 'cause this is your final warning, wise-guy. One more peep outta you, and I’m gonna tackle you, kick your ass, shove you into one of the 'communal’ showers and see how you like being drenched in cold water. Capisce?!” The threat had barely left your lips when a-

-deep laugh bellowed from behind you. Not even bothering to look, you slumped down in your seat petulantly. “Now, I hate to say 'I told you so’ but, I mean… I told you so.” Derek stopped behind where you were sat, his hands coming to rest on the back of the couch, to the sides of each of your shoulders. He leant forward slightly and peered down at you, though you refused to tilt your head backwards to make any form of eye contact with him. You could already picture his smug expression in your-

-mind, and that in itself was annoying you enough already without having to bear witness to the real thing. “What was it you said again? 'Whatever Derek, it’s not going to rain just because you feel like it might.’” He mocked, quoting your words from earlier in the day, “I told you that you still should’ve brought a coat or an umbrella just in case-but no no, y/n’s far too stubborn to take someone else’s advice if it means her being wrong.” You huffed, kicking both of your feet up from the-

-floor, before letting them drop back down with a heavy thump. “There were no coats or umbrellas that even remotely go with what I’m wearing! I didn’t want to look stupid!” You whined in protest. “And how’s that working out for you then?” Isaac snickered from beside you. That was it. The final straw. You lunged-or at least, you would have, had you not been deterred by Derek unceremoniously chucking a blue towel over your head; from where it had-

-apparently been previously slung over his shoulder, totally obstructing your vision. You swatted blindly and uselessly at his hands as he proceeded to ruffle your now towel covered hair.

You continued to swat at the towel, not daring to push your luck any further by swatting at your alpha’s hands, freezing at the sudden stop of the cloth that left you in darkness, and made everything a little muffled. “Oh, I’m sorry,” Derek said in mock sincerity. “Does this towel go with what you are wearing?” His voice was suddenly right beside your ear, his mocking tone causing you to growl lowly. “Wouldn’t want you to look stupid or anything.”

Isaac and Peter both snickered, and you snarled. “Cut it out, guys!”

“Oh! The towel talks!” Peter cried in pretend surprise, Isaac mimicking him through a chuckle, “Where can we buy these magic towels, Derek?”

You didn’t even really know what you were doing, but in one fell swoop and an accompanying growl, you had swiped the towel off of your face, thrown it in Derek’s, risen from the couch, grabbed Peter and Isaac each by an ear, dragging them close with a smirk at their little whimpers of pain as you let just the tips of your claws come out to assist in your grip.

You practically hissed through your teeth as you walked, “You two are the most annoying, most obnoxious, most irritating werewolves I’ve ever met.” Their protests were soon quieted as you let your nails extend a little longer, and began dragging them toward the bathroom. Once they realized your intentions, you quickly quieted them once again with a flash of your eyes. Looking over to Derek, who still held the towel clutched tightly to his chest, his expression was unreadable, some weird mixture of awe, amusement, and a tad bit of fear. “Derek, be a dear and open the bathroom door for me?” You lifted your hands slightly, tugging on your hostages ears gently, and smirking at their whimpers. “My hands are full.”

“Derek, do what she says,” Isaac whispered exasperatedly.

Peter attempted a nod of agreement, grimacing as he tugged his own ear in the process, speaking through a groan with his eyes closed. “Yes, please, Derek. Do what the she-wolf wants.”

When Derek just blinked back, you turned toward the door quickly, dragging your roommates with you, and having to hide a smile. Giving a half hearted demonstration of a swing of your leg, you looked over at Derek. “Or, if you’re too busy gawking, I could just kick the door down.” You shrugged again. “It’s up to you.”

“Will you please stop making her shrug, Derek?!” Isaac sounded more annoyed than anything.

“Open the damn door, Derek!” Peter growled out beside you, sinking slightly as you dug your claws in deeper, and looking up at you with a sheepish smile, adding a soft, “Please.”

Something in that exchange got Derek moving, and he walked over quickly swinging the door open, and tried to walk away, slowing to a stop at the sound of your voice. “Nu-uh. Now, please go in first and get the shower going on it’s coldest setting.” He glowed his eyes at you, but he still looked terrified. “Please?” You added, shrugging one last time, almost laughing at the mumbling you induced.

He did what you asked, and hovered, not really wanting to piss you off anymore. Resigned to their fate, Isaac and Peter didn’t protest when you shoved them both under the cold stream. In fact, they took it in stride, and even inched closer subtly to try and maintain body heat. Taking the towel from Derek, you motioned with your finger, sneering. “Get in.”

He hopped in without a question, earning raised eyebrows from the other two shivering werewolves.

Drying your hair with the towel, scrubbing it roughly, you draped it around your neck, sniffing the air and making a face of disgust. “You all need to bathe more often. The stench of wet dog is overwhelming.” Peter growled at you, but it sounded funny through his shivers. “And since I am in the splash zone,” you smiled at Isaac, catching a snarl at the comment, and you slid the shower curtain closed. “I’m just going to do this.”

Then, waking over toward the toilet on your way out, you let your finger hover over the handle. “And because the towel did not in fact match, here’s this.” Flushing the toilet, knowing the water in the shower would be instantly hot, you walked out of the bathroom laughing as they all scrambled out of the shower muttered curses and cries of surprise, along with thumping as they fumbled out of the tub and slipped and slid across the bathroom floor.

They all stared at you from the hallway as you sat on the couch smirking. Drenched, they were making a puddle as they huffed at you. “Oh yeah. And because I’m evil. Sorry.”

You almost fell off the couch laughing as thunder and lightning went off right as you said 'evil’, causing them all to look outside with a terrified expression.

Let’s do that 5-sentence meme!

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the end of that imagine actually got me a lil teared up, it was really touching! if you wouldn't mind writing about it, how do you think gladion would react if it was instead the reader who approached him first to state their feelings? _(:3」∠)_

Crazy Little Thing Called Rotom

A/N: I was so excited, I had to post this as soon as I finished. So, here you go, un-proof read and straight from the brain.

Pairing: Gladion x Player or Gladion x Moon/Sun if you prefer.

You’d say you didn’t know what possessed you to come to this place except you do know. About ninety percent of the reason you’re stood outside the entrance to the Aether Foundation is the fault of one Z-Powered best friend of yours.

Lillie had been writing to you more lately since you shared your concern about not having seen Gladion recently. You put it off for as long as you could but after the second week of checking that motel he lived at for two years you were getting a tad worried. Mail was quick enough to Kanto through Pidgey or Fletchling or any of the countless other flying type Pokemon in Alola. But, you decided to send out your own bird Pokemon. After all, it didn’t do to have someone read it before Lillie did.

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Tease (Emison Prompt)

Prompt: Prompt about alison just barging in one of the girls room (i imagine spencer cause they are kinda alike) and babbling about sexual frustration and that em’s a tease and that they’re ready for that step and spence being all traumatized like wtf all just go talk to emily about that!

“What’s on your mind?” Spencer said looking up from her books to see Alison staring into space. “What?” Alison said, snapping back into focus. “Well you asked for help studying, but you’re just staring into space,” Spencer said, slight annoyance in her voice. “Sorry, I’ve just got a lot on my mind.” “Like what?” Spencer said eyeing her books below her, and Alison had to remind herself not to snap at the brunette for pestering her. “Nothing important,” Alison said casually, although the thought was eating away at her brain. “Fine, but I thought we were past that.” “Past what?” “The lying. The secrets. All of it,” Spencer said, locking eyes with the blonde for the first time. “Spence, it’s nothing. Seriously.” Spencer didn’t look convinced, but she moved her focus back to her textbook. They spent the next ten minutes in silence, Alison not wanting to say anything, scared that the question consuming all her thoughts would slip out, and that would definitely not be good, but at the same time praying that Spencer would say something, anything, even something about her dumb history homework, if it meant pushing this dumb thought out of her head. “Is it about Emily?” Spencer finally said, tilting her head slightly up and cocking her head to the side with a concerned look filling her dark eyes. “No,” Alison said, glad that she could keep her voice steady. She wanted to tell Spencer, to ask her, Spencer would know the answer, she would know what to do, she was like Alison, she could help her. But she didn’t want the brunette to get involved, she didn’t want to make things worse. “Does Emily still like me?” The words spilled out of her mouth before she could stop them and she bit her lip, immediately regretting letting the words slip from her mouth. Spencer’s head shot up and the brunette stifled a laugh, “What? Where is this coming from?” “Well, does she?” “Of course she does! She wouldn’t be dating you if she didn’t,” Spencer said, putting a hand on Alison’s shoulder. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” “Well I never thought I would hear those words come out of Alison DiLaurentis,” Spencer said with a laugh. Alison rolled her eyes, but her head still wasn’t clear. She felt Spencer’s eyes on her but she didn’t want to say the words out loud, she didn’t want to say them to Spencer of all people. “What else is going on?” Spencer asked, her hand still lingering on Alison’s shoulder. “If she likes me, why won’t she have sex with me?” Alison blurted out. The brunette’s eyes went wide and she pulled her hand away from Alison’s shoulder. “Uh,” she stumbled, a lost look covering her face. “I mean, we’ve been dating for like five months, and I think we’re both ready, but when we’re making out and I try to take it to the next step, she always stops me, and then-” “Ali. Ali! Stop! I don’t want to hear this,” Spencer said, cutting the blonde off and putting a hand over her face. But Alison was too far, and she couldn’t stop now. “She’s such a tease! When we’re making out she will put her hand under my shirt, but then when I go to take it off she whisks her hand away and acts like nothing happened. And when I go to put my hand under her shirt, she’ll pull it away!” “Ali!” “And she must have slept with Paige or Maya, right? Has she said anything about sleeping with them to you?” “No, Ali, no, I, uh, I don’t think we should talk about Emily’s sex life,” Spencer said, scrunching up her face. “She must of slept with one of them at some point. So why won’t she sleep with me? I know we’re both ready for the next step but she just won’t do it and I don’t understand-” “Ali! Ali! Stop! You need to talk to Emily about this. Not me.” “Fine,” the blonde said, “but you’re the one that asked.”

INTP Cognitive Functions (in a nutshell):
  • Ti: If you think about it though, there's really no way to deny the existence of the supernatural. I honestly don't think it's a science vs. faith thing. I'd say to either believe or deny the supernatural would require at least some amount of faith. In fact, the only way you could probably put a complete lack of faith into this would be if you were to say, "I don't know, and I don't care" and be totally indifferent about it. The human brain is extremely infantile compared to the universe and there's probably tons of stuff we'll never even know because our brains simply lack the ability to comprehend them.
  • Ne: Aw man, isn't it cool to think about the avenue of possibilities though? Like, what would a spiritual realm even look like anyway? And if some kind of higher deity created our world, why would he (or she) stop there? I mean, there has to be other intelligent life out there in the universe. And there's no way we can really prove that alternate universes don't exist either. What if everything in life is like a mix of predetermined destiny and freewill, and every time we make a decision, new alternate worlds are created to compensate for the decisions we DIDN'T make? Heck, what if human ideas all exist in some literal form somewhere? I know it's rather abstract, but literally anything within the scope of the unknown is possible.
  • Si: Hey, guys? Can we think about this later? I just stumbled across this old television series from our childhood and someone uploaded all the episodes to Youtube. I'm kind of in the mood tonight to just consume an unhealthy amount of caffeine and go on a huge nostalgia binge.
  • Fe: No. NO! We can't do that tonight. Remember that old friend who stopped being our friend a while ago? Well HE MESSAGED US AGAIN. He still thinks we hate him! Oh my god. OH MY GOD. He's right though. Sometimes we do act really aloof and keep to ourselves too much. Is that okay? Is it okay to seclude ourselves like this for too long? Oh man, no. NO. We're hurting everyone we care about. This is not okay! We have to let everyone know we still care about them! Quick, what do you say when you want to tell someone you care about them but you want to sound genuine? We can't mess this up again! WE CAN'T. I don't know what to say to console this person AND I'M KIND OF FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW.

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Hello, it's me again :* i saw u didn't have a punk tag, and my question is if u know any fics that include punk!derek and punk!stiles? Remember to smile because it's worth it, okey? :* i love u! <3

punk!derek | punk!stiles


And Also, I Love You by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 7,155 | NC17)

Derek didn’t look at all like Stiles expected. After all, he deliberately chose a school where being a nerd was cool, so he certainly wasn’t expecting his hotter-than-a-thousand-stars roomie to be an actual cool person. Derek has muscles, like everywhere, which he has a tendency to display in skin-tight, sleeveless t-shirts for bands Stiles has never heard of; his jeans are always tight and ripped too, and he has an impressive five-o’clock shadow, the tips of his jet-black hair dyed purple. And his eyes. Stiles is pretty sure he’s only seen eyes like that in comics, or on a movie screen, or in his freakin dreams. They’re somehow simultaneously all of the colors and none of them, transcending something so pedestrian and insignificant as words to encapsulate their beauty. Stiles would come to learn that he’s also wickedly smart, and he plays the guitar and speaks multiple languages, and his sunshine smile is even more alarming that his resting murder face.

Cliche by adult_disneyprincess (orphan_account) (2/2 | 9,305 | PG13)

It’s cliché as shit, Stiles thinks. The nerd in love with the punk. He figures he wouldn’t want Derek Hale so much if he didn’t have those fucking tattoos everywhere, didn’t give a shit what people thought about him, and didn’t wear those stupid leather jackets. They’re not the same jacket either, Stiles has counted at least four different ones that the resident punk owns

If We’re Talking Body (You Got a Perfect One) by alisvolatpropiis (1/1 | 3,891 | NC17)

“What? Paint me?” At first, Stiles thinks that maybe Derek wants to paint a portrait of him, which is hella freaking weird, but then, judging by the heat he sees in his eyes, he knows that’s not exactly what Derek has in mind. Okay, so the guy is hot, talented, rude, and probably a little insane. Stiles is really regretting not running background checks on all of the building’s tenants before moving in. Laura Hale offered him such a good deal, he should have known there was a catch.

Like having to live underneath her obscenely hot brother who gets stoned and paints all night and says ridiculous things to the half-naked cop that barges into his apartment unannounced in the middle of the night.

You Are My Home by orphan_account (1/1 | 2,302 | G)

Loosely inspired by oakseer’s post on Tumblr: “what would happen if punk au combined with daddy derek i think it would result in my body shaking apart”.

We’ll Weather the Storm by hazelNuts (1/1 | 2,572 | PG13)

anonymous asked,“Punks can get scared of thunder storms too”

When Derek and Stiles get paired up for a school trip, Derek thinks it’s going to be disaster. Because Stiles is mouthy and smart and gorgeous, and that’s exactly Derek’s type.


Birds of a Feather Fuck Together by calrissian18, maichan808 (maichan) (1/1 | 26,144 | NC17)

Laura is a crusader without a cause, Stiles dances like the whole world’s betrayed him and Derek’s having trouble getting both feet outside his door.

cute little spawn from hell by wearing_tearing (2/2 | 2,169 | NC17)

Derek blinks, surprised. “Are you—”

“Leaving, yes,” Stiles nods vehemently.

“—afraid of babies?”

Enemy of My Enemy by calrissian18 (1/1 | 8,043 | NC17)

Stiles blinks hard. He can’t argue that he’s not quite all there, a little woozier than he would like, but he’s done more difficult things a lot worse off. The wolf didn’t know shit and Stiles sure as hell didn’t need him. He huffs out a little laugh into his own chest, leaning back against the armrest and chin dropped to his sternum, head lolling slightly. His eyelids are heavier than they were a minute ago. “What makes you think I wouldn’t use the opportunity to gut you? I hunt werewolves for sport, and so does everyone I have left.”

A careful claw tilts his chin up and it takes Stiles’ eyes a second to bring the face in front of him into stark relief. “You can barely keep your eyes open,” the wolf says softly, “I don’t think you have the upper hand now, human.”

The End As We Know It by PrinceKavi (12/? | 15,630 | NC17)

Stiles is kicked out of the pack. Well not intentionally but combined with being left behind by his bestfriend , Jacksons bullying and his Dads disappointed looks, Stiles is pretty ready for it. That doesn’t mean it hurts anyless. So he ditches the layers, makes friends with the punk rock feminists in Beacon Hills and even jumps into a mosh pit. But, for some reason Derek Hale is still on his mind, his hands keep sparking and theres this weird book in his moms closet that has some weird witch brews in it.

Why is junior year so complicated?

BORN VILLAIN by whokilledcodyosmond (15/15 | 110,823 | R)

Stiles is a troubled young hacker at odds with his father, the Chief of Police in Beacon City. After a chance meeting with a handsome but dangerous man, he learns it isn’t always obvious who the bad guys are.

and again by punkhale (1/1 | 3,471 | PG13)

Stiles likes Christmas, he does, but there’s only so many times a guy can hear “Jingle Bells” before seriously contemplating taking a bat to the radio and smashing it into a hundred pieces.


Write Me a Song You Tortured Soul by dearjayycee (1/1 | 2,129 | R)

The first time Stiles ever saw Derek he was standing at the back of a dingy bar, trying to not get caught, Scott at his side. Stiles fell in love instantly, what a cliche. There was just something about the way the man sang…It made his heart melt. 

Hale Storm by iamfrenchy (1/1 | 4,686 | G)

Stiles Stilinski wowed the world when he stepped on stage, he took the world by storm with the help of his band and they were famous, they got to play music and be punk rockers every single day. Derek Hale is in the up and coming punk rock band and when people start calling him the new Stiles, Stiles takes notice.

Or the one where Stiles and Derek are famous and they like each other and write music together.

Tokyo Ghoul Characters First Spoken Words
  • Hide: Scary. The Takada building's pretty close to here. You'd be eaten up in a second, Kaneki, a scrawny kid like you who's always reading incomprehensible books.
  • Kaneki: Wh...What do you mean, incomprehensible? Hide, if you would just pick up a book you might get it.
  • Juuzou: Ahhh. I'm the one who should be sorry. I was lost in thought for a second there. Well then, goodbye, I'm in a hurry.
  • Shuu Tsukiyama: Sorry to barge in so rudely.
  • Uta: I thought I'd try to scare him.
  • Ayato: That meathead can't do shit. Jeez, what is that dumbass doing? Useless fucking trash. Like this, Yamori and that fag are going to surpass me. Since the merit of securing Rize is huge.
  • Shinohara: Oi, crybaby Amon! Yo, you about to burst into tears again?
  • Touka: For the table in the back.
  • Rize: No.
  • Yoriko: What is it, Touka?
  • Yoshimura: Touka, that's enough for now.
  • Nishiki: Blondie coffee is the best of the instant brands, you know, has a real flavor you could say.
  • Hinami: Hello.
  • Yomo: I've already heard about it. Hurry up and get in.
  • Ms. Ryouko: Oh a new worker?
  • Arima: Marude, please keep your scornful words towards the dead to yourself.
  • Amon: We should hurry up and find that parent and child quickly.
  • Mado Kureo: The 20th Ward? Haven't been here since the Owl case. How nostalgic.
  • Kimi: Um...Nagachika.
  • Banjou: Hagi, Kamishiro hasn't gotten used to them yet. You're being too strict. The investigators haven't started to make their move yet. So there's no need to dog her so much.
  • Yamori: Yo, Ayato. I was waiting for you.
  • Tatara: Yes. Come here.
  • Nico: I had heard that your sister was here but I didn't think she'd be a shop employee. You're both so beautiful. I'm jealous.
  • Eto: Okay
  • Akira Mado: Hey. Do you have any business with my father? Amon Kotaro.
  • Naki: Hey, hello there nurse
You // Sehun

// Twenty — “You’re tense, let me rub your shoulders.”
// Suggestive
// Requested by @sehunsmile and three Anonymous

A/N: I didn’t follow the prompt to exact detail—just the tense and shoulder part.

I don’t think much of it when I enter Sehun’s room late into the night. His sleeping back is faced towards me while I shrug off my tightly fitted dress and heels from a horrendous evening with colleagues. I would normally change, shower, and sleep in my own room but Sehun and I have a peculiar relationship. We rely on each other in an unusual way when we absolutely need it. 

We sleep together, just sleep, when the loneliness of our beds is much too great to bear on our own.

Tonight is one of those nights. 

I abhor after hour company functions from the forced socialization to the coerced pleasantry smiles. Throughout the duration of the party, all I could think about was coming home to Sehun. How I want to sleep next to my roommate and hold onto him because he’s my comfort whereas everyone else is merely a stranger trying to win my favor for all the wrong reasons. 

They’re not what I want or need. What my heart longs for is Sehun as I take in his masculine form under the thin sheets perfectly hugging his every outline.

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anonymous asked:

I feel like this blog has a hate for Christians just because "History and LOLZ we can and we are going to exploit the suffering to yell at people and berate them!!!!". Seriously though, if you look at history, Christians actually came from Jewish people who believed that Jesus was actually the Messiah. They didn't even call it "Christianity". It was called "The Way". So, yeah. Just food for thought.

Christianity actually mostly developed in the Roman Empire through the efforts of Paul to evangelise Gentiles and bring them into his vision of the Jesus cult.  It shed its Jewish roots very, very early, and by the second century, Christianity was trumpeting how Not Jewish it was in order to distance itself from the rebellious activities in Roman Palestine.  Christianity grew out of a milieu where there were many self-proclaimed Messiahs running around first-century Roman Palestine.  It simply managed to survive.  So yes, 1800 years ago, Christianity was Jewish.  And then it decidedly was not.  At all.  So that argument — Christianity comes from Judaism!  Jews should love Christians!  Jews 1800 years ago thought Jesus was the Messiah! — is rubbish, as Christians spent the next 1800 years doing everything possible to eliminate Jews as an ethno-religious group, from wholesale slaughter to forced conversions to expulsions from Christian countries.  

But I’m sure all of that is water under the bridge in light of those first couple of decades, right?  200 some years versus 1800.  Those 1800 and millions of murdered, silenced Jews don’t matter, right?  Nevermind that they’re family members we will never meet.  They’re just so much less important than those early 200 years, I’m sure, especially to people who don’t have swastika-shaped holes in their family trees.

This blog doesn’t have a hatred of Christians, and we sure as hell aren’t exploiting our own suffering.  But I find it absolutely fascinating that Christians get really angry when Jews dare to talk about their own histories, the way we’ve been abused and oppressed by goyim, and have the gall to declare that it’s not remotely okay.  It’s as if pointing out all the things Christians have done is offensive to the people who have done them, and who continue to benefit from them!  Shocking!  If you want to talk about history, try reading something more than Christian apologetics about its origins.  I’d recommend Reza Aslan’s Zealot and Diarmaid MacCulloch’s Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years to start.  Read some fucking history of Christian-Jewish relations.  Read about blood libel in Europe and in America.  Read about lynchings and forced conversions.  Read about the utter silence of the Catholic Church during the Holocaust and widespread inaction by Protestants during the same.  Read the damn history you want to lecture us about.  Until then, don’t barge into our fucking ask box to lecture us for being too mean to Christians when they steal from our culture and our liturgies in order to feel more connected to the history they’ve deliberately distanced themselves from and trumpet the shared history that was so important to the early church until it became politically inconvenient.  Jews are always politically inconvenient to Christians until they have some need of us, then it’s all about our “shared history” and “family ties.”  And we Jews do not forget this.  We can’t.